NO to WW3

NO to WW3 End the war!

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President Biden does what it means to prevent WW3


Kenya is great at hosting refugees. There has been various neighbouring wars where it took part in that humanitarian aspect and with great success: War in Somalia, War in the Congo, War in South Sudan and most recently war in Ethiopia.
Ukrainians am sure our President will attest are most welcome!


Putin Soldiers are running down Ukrainian cities with no remorse. Civilians should not be subjected to this kind of war.
He definitely is sure he will not survive to get justice when all is over!

The Ukrainian resilience is outstanding!💪 Bravo Ukrainian forces!The Russian invasion and henious attacks are coming fro...
Ukraine: Russian forces attack civilians near Kyiv, as Mauripol evacuation halted for second time

The Ukrainian resilience is outstanding!💪 Bravo Ukrainian forces!
The Russian invasion and henious attacks are coming from unwarranted Russian Bombardments!
Honestly what did the Old aged men, Women and Children do to you to warrant this aggression!?

Warning: There are distressing scenes from the beginning of this report. (Subscribe: They were trying to escape the wrecka...


Russia is for now pushing hard because they know that no military consequences will come from anyone but the underscored Ukrainian military. What action is EU, NATO, US and other allies giving in?


Imagine this for the next 2months.. 😈😈


We have to say no to our Leaders deciding who is going to war or not and more so for selfish interests! Wake up world!


We are now faced with what we did not expect. stay home! WW3 is not happening if we all keep safe!


Beseeching the political elite that time for war is over and we must start rebuilding the countries we destroyed with war before destroying others we will have to rebuild..


The unsure impact of the US retarriatory attack towards the Iranian General will sure be a moment in history that will ultimately shape this world in one way or the other.. Let us be an impact with our numbers in strength by saying that we do not wish for war!





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Soo sad!
It's time for the World to act!
Ukrainians now have this apparently reason why Russia is losing much of its Soviet era tanks
What the bananas. give them jets to Ukraine
No one wants this and even Russians civilian population will definitely be against individuals using their resources to fuel war 🙏

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