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Happy New Year 2016, pals!

Before facing this newest day of 2016, we would simply ask you a question. What are your greatest accomplishments during the 365 days that has been passed in your life? Many things you’ve been passing of course. Well, Access also has many things to share with you.
Here are the results of having chit-chat with the Access’ Crews :

Christian Paskah Pardamean Situmorang ‘13
“This is the third period I have been working in Access Magazine. I really enjoy of working as columnist, especially in this Access Magazine because I’m not getting too pressured. So, I feel convenient to write anytime, and I’m very comfortable because the crews are full of the crazy people. Really. So, Access is the magazine that really has a good potential. That’s why I love working in Access, eventhough I always fail to find out the idea, there is such difficulty to find the informant, somehow I don’t know what I’m gonna write about of the article. Hopefully, Access would be an inovative magazine, which full of many more fresh rubrics (especially I really want to recommend the fashion rubric, hehehe). At the end, Access always be in my heart.”

Siti Badriyah Desy Amalia ’13
“I’m so grateful for have been working here (Access-red). Many things I can learn here like how to write well and collecting many knowledges. I really excited if our / my article can be read by people and give more advantages for them. Sometimes, I’m feel so confused to get the idea. So, become a writer/journalist is not easy. However, I love writing so much although I’m always forget to write the Access’ Online Article. I do hope for the Access’s Crews to be more enthusiastic to do their duties and I wish I would never forget to write the Access Online Article. My expectation for The Access Magazine is to be more famous with the good content itself, just wish Access to be better than before.”

Desy Risky Lukitasari ‘13
“I love working in the Access Magazine because I have learnt many experiences. It’s really fun to write routinely within the many various topics in each of the month. Somehow, the exhaustion of doing the college tasks and other activities make me hard to write down the article, so I could not find the inspiration. However, because I love writing very much, even I didn’t realize the exhaustion because I keep enjoying writing. I wish Access’ Crews would be more unified so the production would be better on the exact time.”

Sandra Priskilla ’12
“For the first time, I really excited and enthusiastic of being in the Access’ Crews. I can deliver many ideas through the article-writing and in this part I can write about many things. However, I’m disagree about the concept in each of the month that had not been made or well-prepared yet, and there was no particular tutorial and special training for the new journalists/columnists. I suggest for the next year, Access Crews should have twice meeting in a month. In the week two, we can choose the main theme for the next month and the crews can choose which article/s they like to write. In the week four, each columnist has to share their own concept and they will get the correction to revise their article. For the new Access’ Crews, in the first time and first step, they should have given a tutorial and Press Ethics. Even though previously, they always have been writing many journals or articles, but they need a briefing because they have to know more what Access Magazine looks like and how Access show its personality through the articles inside. However, I’m still need to develope my writing skills and I want to help Access progressing. I hope Access Magazine will be more successfull, more people to read and more creative concepts inside.”

Wow, there such many great opinions from them. They have shared their experiences and many things we can learn about. Hopefully Access will be greater and better in the next year ahead. Have a great day in this 2016, pals!

AY '13

How's life, Access Readers? Feliz Natal, Merry Christmas! Hope that you can give a suitable meaning to our Christmas. To...

How's life, Access Readers? Feliz Natal, Merry Christmas! Hope that you can give a suitable meaning to our Christmas.

Today, I want to give a reflection due to our 2016 which can be counted by giving a poem with a butterfly. Can you give a suitable meaning to the poetry given? You can share it in commentary column. :)


WHAT MOVIE TO WATCH?Hello Access’ readers! How’s your Christmas celebration and holiday? We hope that it will be epic, f...


Hello Access’ readers! How’s your Christmas celebration and holiday? We hope that it will be epic, full of wonderful memories and so much love. Anyway, do you have any plan to do with your family and friends on your holiday? If you don’t have any plan, then we recommend watching movies. Watching movies might be typical plan on holiday, but if it is done with your family or friends then it might be a special holiday and be superb memories. There are ton of movies that can be watched with your family and friends, and here are ACCESS will give you recommendation of what movie to watch on your holiday. We've included some classic family movies for your time. Some will be familiar, some will be strange, but none of these movies will be strangers in your home:

Now you can choose one of them to watch with your family and friends and have a great and wonderful holiday! What are you waiting for? Go get some popcorn! :D


*to see the description, click the picture!

LOVE OF MOTHER ALONG THE WAY, LOVE OF CHILDREN ALONG THE POLE“I remember my mother's prayers and they have always follow...


“I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” -Abraham Lincoln-

Indeed. A mother’s prayer is just like an everlasting friend that always be with us as long as we live. It is one of the strongest powers that give a big influence toward our life. Many stories from inspirational people such as Pak Jokowi, Pak SBY, Pak Chairul Tanjung and even Thomas Alva Edison who have a great mother who support their career have proven that the power of mother’s prayers can affect someone’s success. Here we can see that the role of mother for her children is very precious. However, seeing that our mother has given so many things to us even sacrificing themselves for the sake of our happiness, have we done anything to make them happy and proud of us? In this edition, Access will invite you to have a little bit reflection about what we can do for our mother as our gratitude and appreciation towards their loves and affections for us. Moreover, in this Mothers’ Day, it is such a right time to do some important and meaningful things that maybe we have not done before to our mothers.

The very first thing to do and of course the most important one is apologizing. In a family, especially between a mother and a child, it is usual for us to have some different opinion or perspective towards something. Sometimes we will argue each other and sometimes as children we accidentally say something rude towards our mothers which hurt their feeling. Many of us sometimes do not realize that we have done a big mistake by hurting our mothers’ feeling and then forget to apologize. As a human it is very common for us to make mistakes and of course it is also very common for us to say sorry or apologize to others including our mothers. So, we do not need to keep our dignity because apologizing to our mothers is such a glorious thing to do as a child.

Then, another simple yet meaningful thing that we need to do for our mothers is making her smile or happy. There are many ways that we can do to make our mothers smile. The simplest one is by trying to obey what our mothers want as long as we are able to do. For example, when our mothers ask us to study, sometimes we are just too lazy and prefer to do other things such as playing with our gadgets, watching TV, etc. However, when we are willing to throw away our selfishness and just do what our mothers want, it will make her happy and later on it will also give a good impact for us like we will have a good achievement from what we have studied. Of course it will become other happiness for our mothers to see their children have a good achievement in their study. See? This kind of simple thing can be very meaningful for our mothers if we want to yield a little bit from our selfishness.

Well, maybe that’s all that Access can share to you about the simple things that might be meaningful for our mothers. Actually there are still many other things that we can do to make our mothers happy. We will be glad if you are also willing to share yours in the comment box below. Again, the question is have we done one of them as our gratitude and appreciation to our mothers? Hopefully, after reading this article, all of us can be motivated to do anything that makes our mothers happy. Finally, Access wants to say Happy Mother’s Day for all mothers in this world and thank you so much for all mothers who have given us so much love and affection. We love you, Mom! :)

VR '12

Good afternoon ACCESS Readers !!!How are you? How was your holiday so far? I hope you have a wonderful holiday this year...

Good afternoon ACCESS Readers !!!
How are you? How was your holiday so far? I hope you have a wonderful holiday this year
Speaking about holiday, this article would share about holiday which held recently by our very own ED-Venture. They spent their first week of the “free-assignment-day” with interesting activity held once a year, so called as ED-Venture Touring. This year touring is rather different than before. Previously, ED-Venture used to choose Yogyakarta as their destination, but this time they went to Banyutibo and Kijingan beach in Pacitan, East Java.
Sendy ‘14, the chair person of ED-Venture said that he wants to try something different this time. He said that last year the destination of the hiking activity was different than before, but this year he and his crew want to make both of the hiking and touring destination even more special than before. The chair person also wants to emphasize the feeling of a true touring and giving an unforgettable memory for the participants.
Even though the touring gave such a great experience for the participants, sendy said that he is less satisfied. The reason is because the campfire and talent night that is supposed to be held in the night was cancelled because of the bad weather and storm. Actually, they were prepared for such things, but it could not be done since the place was not large enough. Thus, the participants were told to rest themselves and enjoy the cool breeze on the beach.
Sendy ‘14 also said that even the campfire was cancelled; the air was getting much warmer since each participant, which consists of different years and faculty, bonding even more closely by having cheerful conversation. Just like what yayas ‘12 said that this touring has become another way to get closer with another friends from another angkatan. This is actually the main purpose of the touring, aside from cleaning the beach from any trash thrown away by the visitor, thus encouraging them to care about their environment, which is to make every member of ED-Venture feels like they belong to the family of ED and sendy said that this purpose has successfully achieved even without campfire. It is safe to say that the rain pouring down were actually a blessing in disguise.
Thus, this is ED-Venture way to make their jolly December become even more memorable month. After all, everyone needs a breath of fresh air after the struggling they faced in the last term.
What about you? Do you have any other activity to make your own verse of “December to Remember”? Feel free to share with us in comment
Credit : Wck

ACCESS TO HANGOUT: SUGAR CONES (ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE)Hi, ACCESS Readers! How’s your holiday? Are you planning to go b...

Hi, ACCESS Readers! How’s your holiday? Are you planning to go back to your hometown to celebrate your christmas or just stay in Salatiga? For you who are going back to hometown, it must be very exciting to be at home and gather with your family, aren’t you? But, for you who stay in here, hmm... everyone will say “what a boring holiday!”. Hehehehe. But hey, don’t worry, guys! In this article, ACCESS will give you a review of a new “hits” cafe in Salatiga as one of references to spend your holiday; Sugar Cones Ice Cream and Chocolate. Tadaa! Check it out! :D
The first time you enter Sugar Cones, you will see how cozy the place is. It is dominated with white and black colors decorated with some sayings and wallpaper hanged on the wall. If you want to take pictures like a tumblr girl, this is a very recommended place! Like some of ED students who accidentally ACCESS met at there. hehehehhe :D
As it name, this cafe has many variants of ice cream and chocolate. The ice cream in Sugar Cone is served on a plate and simply in scoop (you can choose it by yourself). The scoops of ice cream are served adorably beautiful and cute. And how’s the taste? Hmmm.... yummy! :D
Anyway, you can’t only eat ice cream and chocolate, but you can also eat rice and snacks as well as coffee, milkshake, and any other beverages. So, you won’t be starving hanging out there.
To sum up, Sugar Cones is recommended for you to kill your boredom staying in Salatiga. Since this cafe is still new, so it is actually very exciting to hang out and take pictures with your friends while enjoying ice cream here. So, what do you say? No where to go? Sugar Cones at Jalan Osamaliki 7 which opens at 3-9 pm is ready to rock your mouth. Enjoy your holiday all and God bless you!

-AKW ’12 & drl ’13-

Access Magazine's cover photo

Access Magazine's cover photo


Editorial: December to Remember

Hello to all of our readers! Time flew by really fast, and without even realizing, we are already entering the last month for this year! Don’t you guys know what it means? It means a lot of course. One of the most important thing is that 2015 will end really, really soon. At this moment you’d probably start thinking of what had happened throughout the year, and we are sure there must be a lot of memorable things that you can think of. Also, since it is also the end of the semester, you must have your own plans on holidays already, right? Oh, and don’t forget about the Christmas and also New Year celebrations! All of the things stated earlier are what inspired us to pick this month’s theme, December to Remember. Aside from the beautiful rhyme it creates, we would like to take our readers to remember the year of 2015 by creating a beautiful finale. We hope through this theme, our readers will get inspired to create the most memorable December of their life!

For this month, we really can’t miss out the celebrations: AIDS day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and also New Year’s Eve. Also, we would like to headline the Christmas decoration for our faculty, which is currently still a work in progress. We are sure all of you would be curious about the result! Other than that, we’ll talk about how to make your December merrier, by talking about some leisure activities to do during your holiday, and also tips for preparing Christmas celebration at home!

There will be more that will be discussed throughout the month of December, but of course, we wouldn’t spoil it all to you. To find out more (and perhaps to get more inspiration on spending your quality time this December), stay tuned on our page, Access Magazine, and look forward to more articles to come this month!

Jeje '12

Don’t Worry, My Child...Don’t worry my childI just worrying about your sleepingHolding your tiny body is better than you...

Don’t Worry, My Child...

Don’t worry my child
I just worrying about your sleeping
Holding your tiny body is better than you cried
As long as I can feel your heartbeating

When I have to take those necessities
I always forget about the thicking clock
Switching on a home and do all of the possibilities
I should solve everything as fitting a key into a padlock

Don’t worry, my child
My love for you is bigger than my pain
Grow up and stay healthy, my child
God never let us living in vain

Don’t worry, my child
How wiseful you are and how pitiful you are
Remember, you’re still my child
A bright hope, a bright star

Brief Interpretation :
In the first stanza, it told that woman is the first person who recognizes firstly about something wrong in her life. She is symbolized as a mother who gets awakening by the crying of her baby. And then she tries to calm her baby down. The moment also symbolizes that a woman has to neutralize the bad atmosphere that occures in her life. In the second stanza, woman always illustrated as a person who does the multitasking chores, especially in a family and home. In the third and the last stanza, it symbolized that woman always does and wishes the best for the next generation, no matter how painful she has been through all of the conditions. Overall in this poem, woman might be illustrated as one of the angels that God has been sent into the world to give a strength, hope, new color and love.

By : AY '13
Painting art by Gioia Albano


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