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Bility replies to question about his tribe and religionWhen asked by panelist Keff Hassan about his tribe and religion w...

Bility replies to question about his tribe and religion

When asked by panelist Keff Hassan about his tribe and religion while appearing last night on popular "Spoon Talk," Musa Hassan Bility gave a rather emotional but real life answer, below:

“Me, Ian’t pay no money to be Mandingo man oh. There’s nothing I can do about it. My mother, Mano woman from Nimba, my father, Mandingo man from Sakapea. I was not there when they were borning me. I played no part. I just saw myself in this world. If that’s a crime, there’s nothing I can do about that one. As a Muslim, culturally, we all found ourselves in the religion that we are in. I’m very proud to be a Muslim, I will exercise my religion, anywhere, everywhere, and whoever does not appreciate that, you can go with whatever you have to offer me. I have been married for 26yrs to a Christian. I got married in the church, at St. Stephens. My wife, I’ve never ask her one day, to be a Muslim, she has never ask me one day, to be a Christian. I’m proud of her, I know how much she holds God dearly, and that is it. If you don’t see life that way, I am sorry for whoever thinks that way.” Musa Hassan Bility.

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Huge consignment of sophisticated modern surgical equipment had arrived at the soon-to-be dedicated Karnplay Operation T...

Huge consignment of sophisticated modern surgical equipment had arrived at the soon-to-be dedicated Karnplay Operation Theater at the Karnplay Health Center, Nimba.

The gigantic theater is being constructed by Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung of Nimba in fulfillment of a campaign promise made during the 2020 mid-term senatorial election.

When dedicated, the facility will serve as a great relief for residents of densely populated Gbehlay-Geh Statutory District who constantly travel for miles to undergo medical operation in Sanniquellie, Ganta or Tappita.

The estimated cost of the project is in six digits United States dollars.

Similar facility is expected to be built in Bahn City, Zoe-Geh Statutory District in April of this year, holding all factors constant.

Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung, according to political and local development experts is no stranger to undertaking community infrastructure developments, evident by the construction of 100 beds' Esther and Jerryline Medical Center in Ganta which was turned over to national government.

Photos courtesy: Edwin Korden

Saclepea-Bahn road nearing completion as several corridors to follow. It’s an initiative of a charity organization, Bili...

Saclepea-Bahn road nearing completion as several corridors to follow.

It’s an initiative of a charity organization, Bility Development Foundation of Petroleum mogul Musa Hassan Bility. The 16kilometers road rehabilitation (Saclepea-Bahn) is part of the foundation’s infrastructure project which was launched on November 29, 2021 in Saclepea.

Foundation’s Speakersman Sam Biago in a radio Saclepea’s interview declared that the Saclepea-Bahn road project is “80 percent” complete and would be followed by subsequent rehabilitations of major feeder roads across the Nimba.

Biago lauded the efforts of enthusiastic beneficiaries for taking ownership of the project.

Rep. Domah tours D#7, presents annual legislative report, as citizens assured resounding victory comes 2023Saclepea, Nim...

Rep. Domah tours D#7, presents annual legislative report, as citizens assured resounding victory comes 2023

Saclepea, Nimba (UTV-2-3-22): Representative Roger S.W.Y. Domah l, has concluded weeks of legislative engagement tour in District#7, Nimba.

Rep. Domah, as part of his statutory obligation also presented an exhaustive annual report to his constitutes at an elaborate citizens engagement program in Saclepea.

The annual report, among others things highlighted ongoing clinic project in Behyeepea, and concrete bridges Miaplay Yeezlay Gbeyii Fleedin Bridge, respectively. These projects are being funded through allotments under Nimba County Social Development Fund.

Other projects under his personal assistance and intervention scheme include: soon to be dedicated Saclepea Guest House, ‘work-in-progress’ market projects in Gbeyii Fleedin, Tengbein, and Buanplay, respectively, while annexes of the Saclepea General Market, Blapa Peace Hall, finishing touches on the Blah and Garwonpa clinics, respectively, Sackor Public School and the Gbanquoi School Extension, all-set-for dedication culvert bridge in Yenpa, ongoing construction of the Miaplay Bonnah Peace Hall are well on course.

He at the same time reassured citizens of his unwavering desire to providing more scholarship and financial aide opportunities to thousands of students across the district in a bid to mitigate the troubling ill-literacy.

Wehla, Christian, Peace, Monoplay, Airfield, Civilized Quarter, Sanquoi and Luopa communities as well as Ylamba School, among several others are to benefit from safe drinking water as part of his Water and Sanitation initiative, while grounds were broken for the construction of a Peace Hall in Gbanla Town, as he accepted citizens of Mehnpa request among other things, to complete their Guest House, refurbish their Peace Hall and help the Youth of the community with their Office Project.

The engagement is ongoing in other parts of the District.

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Ukraine city three days back and now 😭😥

Ukraine city three days back and now 😭😥


Live Sunday service at the United Liberia Inland Ganta central Church

Nimba Football Team receives heroic welcomeGanta, Nimba (UTV-21-01-22): The Streets of Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimb...

Nimba Football Team receives heroic welcome

Ganta, Nimba (UTV-21-01-22): The Streets of Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba and the fastest growing city in Liberia is currently locked down and have turned red, white and blue as up to hundreds of the thousands flag-waving fans cued in to welcome home the county’s National County Sports Meet-winning football team and Sports Steering Committee.

Nimba County Team departed Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, where the beat Gbarpolu County on Sunday to secure their 5th County Meet trophy, which made them leveled with Grand Kru as the “All Times” winners of the competition.

Jubilant fans at every major city along the Monrovia-Ganta route also lined up to give the team a heroic welcome.

Ganta is currently “outside down.”

It took 11 years before Nimba clinched this prestigious trophy and Steering Committee Chairman Adonis David Menlor, Head Coach Mouctar Fofana, and Superintendent Nelson Korquoi have all reasons to celebrate, as it is their first time lifting the award in their respective capacities. This year's competition attracted huge supports from Nimbaians as petrol guru Musa Hassan Bility lavished a total of a whooping US$21K on the team as his contribution.

Liberia mourns, as 30 feared dead in a crusade stamped in a suburb of its capital- MonroviaMonrovia, Liberia (UTV-20-01-...

Liberia mourns, as 30 feared dead in a crusade stamped in a suburb of its capital- Monrovia

Monrovia, Liberia (UTV-20-01-22): President George Manneh Weah has declared three days of national mourning in honor of more than 30 church crusade enthusiasts who are reportedly feared dead following a stamped that occurred during the climax of a crusade at a jam-packed Dee Tweah Football field on Wednesday, January 19, in New Kru Town, a suburb of Monrovia.

Dozens more are said to be in critical condition at the Redemption Hospital.

The crusade was organized by prophet Abraham Kromah of the More Grace International Ministries.

The Unity TV is yet to independently verify the cause of the incident. However, several media outlets including the Frontpage Africa are reporting that the stamped occurred when criminals and thugs, otherwise known as “zogos” (disadvantaged youths) attacked worshipers with machetes and other deadly weapons that caused people to run for their lives.

The Church has since released a statement, expressing its condolences to the bereaved families and said it is working with the Liberia National Police to conduct a full scale investigation to establish the root cause.

But Police Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue speaking to the press after visiting the scene of the incident and viewing the bodies of the deceased at the Redemption Hospital offered the government’s condolences to families of the victims, while at the same time appealing that “organizers of events of that will attract huge crowd must consult the Police" so as to ensure public safety and security.

IG Sudue said few individuals have been arrested in connection to the incident and are under Police investigation to establish the actual cause. He also disclosed that authorities of the church that organized the crusade have been invited for questioning.

Christianity constitutes 85.6 percent of the total population of Liberia, according to the 2008 National Population and Housing Census.

This is not the first time that Liberia has experienced such fatality. It can be recalled that more than 40 miners were buried underground in a fatal accident at the Gbanepea Gold Mine, near Tappita, in Nimba on February 14, 2019, when a shank partition or chambers of the mine collapsed and trapped more than 40 miners.
On September 18, 2019, residents of densely populated Paynesville woke up to the tragic deaths of 27 Islamic school kids in a fire disaster.

In May 2020, at least four miners died after been trapped in a collapsed gold mine in Jackson Village, Jorquellej District, B**g County, while some miners also died in another gold mine collapse on May 5, 2020 in Grand Capemount.

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Bility makes good his promiseDonates a check of US$15K to NCSSC for mini busMonrovia, Liberia (UTV-17-01-22): Musa Hassa...

Bility makes good his promise
Donates a check of US$15K to NCSSC for mini bus

Monrovia, Liberia (UTV-17-01-22): Musa Hassan Bility has presented a cheque of US$15,000.00 (fifteen thousand United States dollars) to the Nimba County Sports Steering Committee in fulfillment of promise made to the committee.

Bility had promised to buy a mini bus should Nimba County win this year’s National County Sports Meet competition, a challenge the County Team perfectly executed with a brilliant 2:1 win against Gbarpolu in the finals.

Hon. Bility, who chairs the Board of his Charity group-Bility Development Foundation has earlier presented US$1K and US$5K as separate motivation packages to the Nimba County Team and this latest move has brought to total, a whopping US$21,000.00 the embattled Liberty Party Chairman and CEO of Petroleum giant Srimex Oil & Gas has donated to the Nimba County Sports Steering Committee in less than a week.

The cheque was presented to Chairman Adonis David Menlor of the Nimba County Sports Steering Committee who guided the team to clinching the trophy of 2021/2022 national county sports meet soccer category of competition for the first time in more than a decade.

Nimba County is now leveled with Grand Kru as joint all time carriers of the Competition since it was inaugurated in 1956.

Carry your rice, our players are not hungryEditorialUnity on-line television is yet to comprehend the actual motive of a...

Carry your rice, our players are not hungry

Unity on-line television is yet to comprehend the actual motive of a so-called group linked to Senator Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence of Grand Bassa County struggling to donate 1 bag of 25kg “fen fen” rice and 3 “tiny-tiny” sacks of bottle of mineral water? Was it a mockery, or were they actually sincere with this last minute gesture, or they just wanted some access to camp hosting the team to apply some “juju”? Where they forced to donate, especially given the timing?

What a broad day dried face; characterized by unseriousness from a group, whose sponsor is a certified and celebrated party dues delinquent for which she got suspended, would even attempt to present such insignificant and infinitesimal amount of “chicken change” to a county of Nimba caliber, whose citizens are well and strategically placed and as well fortified financial rectitude? Was she attempting to score some political goal at the expense of the Team? What a political offside goal and kudos to our “VAR” for outrightly canceling the fraud.

If you actually zoomed the physical morphologies of the individuals making the donation, one can surmise that they even need the items the most due to lack of carbohydrates and protein which had resulted them to drain. Just look at their malnourished faces.

But wait oooo, Did Nimba Team complain to them that our players never had food to eat ahead of a crucial match against “Nyonblee's” Grand Bassa County?
Your bad luck will leave on your! Your came to spy and tell your slaves master you did see Nimba!

Law 35 of the Robert Greene 48 Laws of Power teaches us to “master the art of timing.” This wasn’ta smart move at all, especially given Nimba’s bitter past experience about receiving donation from president GMW in 2020 on the eve of this same county meet finals with the prezo county-Grand Kru. The memory of that visit on that fateful day which subsequently ruined everything the county worked for that year still remains fresh to all Nimbaians and only a fool would fall prey to such temptation again.

Don’t lecture us about sportsmanship or the biblical interpretation/connotation of giving your widows might or bla bla bla…keep it for another day. Because, the same Bible teaches us about bringing our best to God (The story of Caine and Abel). Materiality concept, if you will is also key!

It was insensitive, disrespectful, devilish and waste of time for such ill-advised venture and it’s only fair enough to give big two thumbs up to Coach Mouctar Fofana for doing the needful by out rightly rejecting that induced oriented offer.

Carry your rice and water..we are not hungry and tasty. Our gutt full. Your chanted over laa we nah want ayy!

PC unknown

Bility to donate a mini bus to Nimba Team, IF...-As he presents US1K cheque, with a US5K promise for a win over BassaMon...

Bility to donate a mini bus to Nimba Team, IF...
-As he presents US1K cheque, with a US5K promise for a win over Bassa

Monrovia, Liberia (UTV-11-01-22): Petroleum giant and Nimba-based philanthropist Musa Hassan Bility has given his word to provide a mini bus to Nimba County Team if the County won the trophy for this year’s National County Sports Meet competition.

Transportation cost accounts for more 15% of the total budget Nimba Sports Steering Committee used to run the participation of teams during the county meet, especially when Nimba is not hosting the competition.
Bility, who is also Chairman of opposition Liberty Party also committed to provide $US5K to Team if they beat Grand Bassa in this Wednesday,s semi finals match dupped as County Meet “Eclassico.”

“Chairman Bility-a born sports enthusiast, is an ever present talk and do contributor to Nimba affairs and this move could just be considered as one of his regularly inherent attributes,” an unanimous texter is quoted as saying.

Nimba trashed Grand Capemount 4 goals to sorrowful 1 (one) goal on Sunday, January 9, in the quarter finals of the ongoing County Sports Meet 2021/2022 and are to meet their toughest rival Grand Bassa on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 in the semi finals at SKD whom they have failed to beat in county meet for than a decade

The “win the trophy and get a mini bus challenge” when achieved would set Bility as the highest lone donor to the Nimba County Team. Bility recently purchased 9 pieces of road building equipment and are currently making major interventions at critical feeder roads and streets in Saclepea and part adjacents. The machines are expected to work in all nine electoral districts of Nimba.

The fate of Nimba mini bus that will ease the transportation constraints now lies in how effectively and efficiently players of Nimba Team would utilize their legs couple with grace from God.

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