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Special Remark by National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NAFAA) Director General Madam Emma Metieh Glassco....The...

Special Remark by National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NAFAA) Director General Madam Emma Metieh Glassco....

The lack of scientific data has undermined the performance of Liberia’s fisheries sector over the years as it’s a critical factor in informing management decisions and attracting potential investment especially from the private sector. This initiative is timely as Liberia seeks to industrialize its fishing sector to provide socio-economic growth to its populations like most of our are sister countries.

Liberia a coastal state and a post state is geographically advantaged with a coastline of 579km and has an enviable history of exporting shellfish such as shrimps, lobsters and other high value species during its pre-war era, precisely in the 1970s.

We were exporting these high values species to international markets such as Japanese, American and Asian markets.

However, since post-war era our fishing sector has been characterized by subsistence and artisanal fishing activities which yield less returns to the country as compare to other fishing nations.

This Fish Stock assessment exercise is basically an activity which seeks to collect information on the abundance and distribution of various kinds of fish species within our waters in terms of its commercial value and ecological importance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today marks a major achievement of a milestone as we endeavor to collect the requisite data of our marine resources and ensure the sustainable management of these valuable resources.

Our efforts are to guarantee that everything counts including the taxonomy of the fish stock, the breeding ground, the biomass, habitat and distribution of the stocks across our coast line.

We see this process as an opportunity to connect the economic viability of the whole chain to human development, improve livelihood opportunity, maintain healthy fish stock and catches that will support economic development and food security.

Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, let me reiterate that Data is a key tool to fisheries management. It is significant in determining the best fisheries management approach to apply. Over the years, we have applied the precautionary approach in managing our fish resources, to avoid over fishing.

This gap has limited our ability to engage into full industrial fishing. As we kick off this exercise today, I believe that we are a step away from going into full scale commercialization, depending on the reports from research.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to give you a little history on the how we got here today. NaFAA has been exploring means to open up the fisheries sector to its pre-war era. However, the key to jump starting this was to acquire current and accurate scientific data on the stocks, to guide us in decision making. We were privilege in 2020, to have gotten support through the World Bank, the Liberia Sustainable Management of Fisheries project to finance the conduct of a comprehensive and independent stock assessment.

We also, reached out to our partners and neighbouring countries including the Kingdom of Morocco through a regional fisheries body such as ATLAFCO, The Peoples Republic of China, Senegal as well as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN) including other regional partners. However, all our efforts seemed to have hit the wall. Although, Liberia through NaFAA later signed an agreement with FAO to form part of the list of countries to undergo routine assessment; it was not as comprehensive or country’s specific like this detail research activity that we are about to commence, however, it provided the basic information needed for precautionary fisheries management measures the we employed today.

With consistent follow-ups and negotiations, finally on January 31, 2023, at the margins of the second session of the High-Level Conference for a scientific, economic, and environmental integration in favour of the Blue Belt Initiative by the Kingdom of Morrocco, the Government of Liberia through the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority and the Kingdom of Morocco through its Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forestry signed an MOU for cooperation and the conduct of this Research here today.

Moreover, Liberia was selected through a competitive process by ATLAFCO through funding provided from the Japanese government (the Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation Among African States Bordering the Atlantic Ocean) to form part of countries selected for the conduct of this comprehensive research assessment; a cost intensive initiative, with technical support from the Moroccan government through its Research Institute Nationale de Recherche Halieutique (INRH) as well as their technical expertise for accurate reporting and the used of their new state of the art research vessel R/V AL HASSAN AL-MARRAKCHW, which will be commissioned today.

As a nation we are excited of this generosity from the Moroccan government and we expect that this independent stock assessment will harness our effort for sustainable fisheries management and conservation of the marine resources as well as establish the commercial viability of Liberia’s marine resources.

Also, we anticipate that the study will survey demersal (bottom dwelling species) fish resources with an emphasis on shrimps and the pelagic (mid-water dwelling species) resources of the continental shelf of Liberia to determine the distribution and abundance of fish resources within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

In addition to determining distribution and abundance of demersal, pelagic and shrimp resources, the research will also determine the physical, chemical and biological conditions, sampling of micro plastics and recording the occurrence of marine debris. Data will also be collected, and recorded, of sedentary and mobile bentos.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, this research is poised to provide Liberia with a full detail on the actual status of her territorial water, establishing the kind of fish we have, where to find them, the conditions of their habitat, food, and breeding.

Honorable Minister SADIKI, we are grateful for this support and cannot express how important this research will be for Liberia fisheries. Over 300 thousand Liberians directly and indirectly benefit from our fisheries sector providing different form of livelihood opportunities along the fisheries value chain. We look forward to strengthening this partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco at all levels, especially in relations to ensuring the sustainability of our ocean resources.

Let me thank the Ministers of Fisheries from neighboring Cote D’Ivoire, Honorable Sidi Tiemoko Toure, who is also the President of ATLAFCO, and Guinea, my own sister, Honorable Charlotte Daffe, for gracing this historic occasion. As Mano River Union Countries, I call on us to build a stronger cooperation in managing the marine recourses in our region.

It is high time that we start to consider harmonizing our legal regime, regulations and policies for the better good of our peoples.

We will need to strengthen our collaborative approach in addressing Illegal Underreported Underregulated (IUU) fishing as well as developing a stronger fisheries management regime as a Union.

Additionally, we would like to appreciate presence of all our regional and international partners who are here today, especially Mr. Abdelouahed Benabbou the Secretary General of ATLAFCO who was very instrumental in helping Liberia through its selection process to achieve this milestone and Mr. Amadou Telivei Diallo, the President of the International Whaling Commission (another regional fisheries body) thank you for gracing the occasion. As well Mr. Pierre Coussey, owner of one of the biggest fleets of Tuna Vessels operating within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The Honorable Vice President H.E Jeremiah Kpang Kuong , Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to seize this moment and recognized the tremendous efforts of our development partners in supporting the transformation of Liberia’s fisheries sector.

We appreciate the support from the European Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Bank, the Japanese Government and many more. We are also delighted to recognized the investment from our private sector investors, specifically, Mr. Sidy Kanji (who flew from Senegal to grace to this occasion), who was very helpful in availing his vessels for the last 18months to conduct an experimental fishing where we acquire the basic information/ scientific data on the potential of commercial shrimp fishing within Liberia waters as a means to venture into a new fisheries program.

Finally, let me again express my heartfelt thanks to ATLAFCO, The Kingdom of Morocco, and the Japanese government for making this comprehensive research possible.

Thanks to the research team from Morocco and Liberia and we look forward to a successful research. Liberia eagerly awaits your timely and accurate report.

I thank you.


Program Marking the Commission of the Research Vessel of the First -Stock Assessment in Liberian waters.


City of Answers Ground. Besides Mother Pride School Shara Community Mikkey Grey Road Paynesvile City.

SPECIAL INVITATION @ CITY OF ANSWERS GROUNDBeside Mother Pride School Shara Community Mikkey Grey Road Paynesvile City @...

Beside Mother Pride School Shara Community Mikkey Grey Road Paynesvile City @ 10am


Mr Edwin G. Kwakpae Jr VPSA of Dr Abraham S. Borbor Memorial School of Excellence located Mount Barclay


Education Matter...
N'duwor Daniel head of the Mount Barclay Christian school


Meatta Fahnbulleh, JNB Inaugurating Committee Head speaks to the media on recent updates from the Inaugural Program


JNB/JKK Volunteers remove garbage from Red Light.


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Body of an unknown man discovered around 72nd Junction.


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Special Invitation @ City of Answers GroundBeside Mother Pride School, Shara Community, Mikkey Grey Duport Road Paynesvi...

Special Invitation @ City of Answers Ground
Beside Mother Pride School, Shara Community, Mikkey Grey
Duport Road Paynesvile City

This Saturday 27th Jan. 2024@ Ghetto

This Saturday 27th Jan. 2024
@ Ghetto


The Liberia National Children's Representative Forum is calling on the Liberia National Police to provide Justice for little Darius Nyema who was flogged unmercifully, burned in a boiled water on his face and was abandoned in the house without being carried to the hospital for medical.

According to Little Darius he was burned by his Granduncle David because he repaired an old unused button phone of his grandfather's and sold it for 600 LRD so as to get food for he and his little brother who were brought from a village in B**g county live here in Monrovia at lower careburg. According to the victim, their Granduncle David doesn't feed them many days.

Little Darius needs Justice!!
He is currently at Remedy medical center with his biological mother Yamah from B**g County.
To follow the sorry and to support his medical treatment you can contact his mother Yemah on this number 05552 38307.


Former Liberia President George M Weah departed the country for France


Inauguration day in Liberia


Duazon Margibi County


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