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House Gives MFDP A Week Ultimatum To Make Staffers' Salaries Available CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA:The Leadership of the Hous...

House Gives MFDP A Week Ultimatum To Make Staffers' Salaries Available

CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA:The Leadership of the House of Representatives has mandated the Ministry of Finance Development Planning to collaborate closely with its Ways Means and Finance Committee to ensure the prompt payment of salaries to the dedicated staff of the Legislature before the week concludes.

During the 5th Day Leadership Meeting, House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa emphasized the urgency of addressing the issue of salaries for legislative staffers, highlighting the importance of their work.

In a statement from the House Press Bureau, Speaker Koffa has assured the staffers that the Ways Means, and Finance Committee is actively working with the Ministry of Finance to expedite the salary processing, demonstrating a commitment to resolving this matter swiftly.

This decision was made following the appearance of the Minister of Finance, Boimah Kamara, and his two deputies for Budget and Fiscal Affairs respectively on Monday, 11 March.

The Leadership urges all stakeholders to recognize the gravity of the situation and appreciates the collaborative efforts between the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Finance to address the matter promptly.

Happy Birthday, Liberia's Former First Lady Clar Marie Dekontee Weah.

Happy Birthday, Liberia's Former First Lady Clar Marie Dekontee Weah.

Liberia: War Crimes Court Establishment Insight? As Global Criminal Justice Office Paid a Courtesy Visit To Speaker Koff...

Liberia: War Crimes Court Establishment Insight? As Global Criminal Justice Office Paid a Courtesy Visit To Speaker Koffa

CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA: House Speaker Jonathan Fonati Koffa early today at his Capitol Building Office, received a delegation from the Office of Global Criminal Justice (J/GCJ).

Posting on his official page, the Liberian House Speaker wrote,

"Met with Ambassador-at-Large Beth Van Schaach and her team from the Office of Global Criminal Justice (J/GCJ), earlier today at my Capitol Building office."

According to Speaker Koffa, he made clear to the Ambassador-at-Large, that Liberia supports Justice for war victims but the nation won't be rash or insensitive to the concerns of people who feel targeted.

"This will be done right, and if it is what our people want, their elected representatives will say so through their votes."

"As Speaker, I will make sure the debate is thorough and that it considers everything; reconciliation, maintenance of peace, and fairness to alleged perpetrators."

Speaker Koffa Concluded.




“Robert Kpadeh is a Sexual Predator”
PACA Asserts....
Group Warns Pres. Boakai on Kpadeh Appointment to the IMO

LIBERIA: House of Representatives Convenes Emergency Leadership Meeting to Address AFL Wives' ProtestCAPITOL HILL, MONRO...

LIBERIA: House of Representatives Convenes Emergency Leadership Meeting to Address AFL Wives' Protest

CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA: The House of Representatives held an emergency leadership meeting on Monday, February 12, 2024, to address the ongoing and persistent protests by the wives of Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) personnel.

According to a release, the meeting was convened to collaboratively work with the Executive branch to find a resolution to the concerns raised by the AFL Wives.

The release further states that recognizing the importance of a swift and comprehensive response to the grievances presented by the army personnel Wives, the House of Representatives, as the elected representatives of the people, is determined to foster dialogue and find effective solutions that address the concerns of all stakeholders involved.

It also indicated that the leadership of the House acknowledges the significance of the Armed Forces of Liberia and the sacrifices made by its members in safeguarding the nation's security. Understanding the challenges faced by the AFL Wives, the House is dedicated to working in the best interest of all Liberians and ensuring that the issues at hand are resolved in a fair and just manner.

The House of Representatives emphasizes its commitment to upholding the principles of democracy, transparency, and accountability. The emergency leadership meeting reflects the sense of urgency and responsibility with which the House approaches the current situation, and it underscores the importance of collaboration between the legislative and executive branches of the government.

In the spirit of unity and national harmony, the House of Representatives calls for calm and restraint from all parties involved, urging them to engage constructively in the ongoing dialogue process.

The House remains optimistic that through open communication and a collaborative approach, a resolution that serves the best interests of the AFL Wives and the nation as a whole can be achieved.

The House of Representatives will continue to update the public on the progress made in addressing the concerns raised by the AFL Wives and remains committed to ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Liberia.

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LIBERIA: Sasstown Community Honors Speaker KoffaMONROVIA: The Sasstown Community, in collaboration with the Sasstown (Jr...

LIBERIA: Sasstown Community Honors Speaker Koffa

MONROVIA: The Sasstown Community, in collaboration with the Sasstown (Jroa) Statutory District in Grand Kru County, came together on Saturday to honor House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa for his historic election as Speaker of the Republic of Liberia.

Speaker Koffa, the first son of Sasstown, has made history by becoming the Speaker and is the second individual from Grand Kru County to hold this esteemed position.

According to a release from the House's Press and Public Affairs, the event, held in Monrovia, was marked by traditional dancing, singing, as well as the ceremonial presentation of gowns and certifications.

The occasion was graced by notable figures such as former Grand Kru County Senator Dr. Peter Coleman, Superintendent Doris Ylatuh, Development Superintendent Joe Segbeh, the General Chief of Sasstown Quarter in Monrovia, and the Governor of the Borough of New Kru Town, among others.

Born to Stephen Jaitoh Koffa (Sasstown) and Margaret Mona Koffa (Buah) on September 18, 1966, Speaker Koffa expressed gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him.

He acknowledged the significance of his election, being a proud representative of the Southeast and Sasstown.

"We are blessed that the Southeast was awarded the Speakership in this government," Speaker Koffa remarked.

The release further noted that the Speaker assured Southeasterners that the region would be a priority in all infrastructure and developmental plans, emphasizing his commitment to ensuring the Southeast plays a vital role in the nation's progress.

"And certainly, we will be here to make sure of that," Speaker Koffa asserted.

The Sasstown Community takes pride in celebrating Speaker Koffa's achievements, recognizing his dedication to public service and his commitment to advancing the interests of the Southeastern region.

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Rep. Thomas A. Goshua, II Speaks to Reporters Following his Legal Victory and Subsequent Induction into Office....


Maryland County District #2 Representative Anthony Williams Interacts with Legislative Reporters...

LIBERIA: "The People of District 17 did not elect me based on my Dress Code" - Rep. Bernard DJ Blue..Provides job opport...

LIBERIA: "The People of District 17 did not elect me based on my Dress Code" - Rep. Bernard DJ Blue
..Provides job opportunities for District Residents...

MONROVIA: Montderrado County District 17 Representative Bernard DJ Blue has reacted to criticism about his costume on inauguration day.

Representative Benson wrote on his official page saying,

"The people of District 17 did not elect me based on my Dress Code but rather my passion and capacity to bring development and sustainable deliverables to the District including Electricity and Roads Development.

In the meantime, We’re looking for a few qualified Residents to join our District Broadcast entity as News Editor, Reporters, News Presenters, etc. Attractive Compensation.

* Must be a Resident of District 17
* Must have minimum Computer experience
* Previous Broadcast experience is a Plus.
* To apply send your CV to [email protected]."

He posted.

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LIBERIA: President Boakai Freezes While Delivering Inaugural MessageBy: Blamo N. Toe/Contributing Writer+231775963245/+2...

LIBERIA: President Boakai Freezes While Delivering Inaugural Message

By: Blamo N. Toe/Contributing Writer
[email protected]

LIBERIA: In a dramatic turn of events, Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai nearly collapsed while delivering his inaugural speech on his first day of work.

The incident occurred Monday, January 22, 2024, in front of a stunned audience comprising government officials, foreign dignitaries, and the media.

Despite multiple claims that he has been faced with poor health since the campaign season, 79-year-old Ambassador Boakai was constitutionally sworn in by the Chief Justice of Liberia a few minutes after former President George Weah turned power over.

According to our reporter, swift action from healthcare professionals was necessary as they rushed to the president's aid, providing assistance and administering oxygen to restore his well-being.

Amid the unfortunate happening, the Liberian leader is again expected to return to the Capitol on Monday, January 29, 2024, to deliver his State of the Nation Address (SONA) to the 55th Legislature, as the speech often lasts for 2 or more than 2hrs depending the president’s agenda.

The inaugural speech was abruptly interrupted and ended prematurely to the dismay of the foreign guests, members of the legislature, and other Liberians when President Boakai upon wiping profuse sweat off his face, halted while officers of the Executive Protection Service used a program sheet and his cap taken off his head to fan him some fresh air.

This unexpected event sent shockwaves throughout the assembly, leaving many concerned about the president's health.

Health workers swiftly responded to the distressing situation, and their timely intervention was instrumental in stabilizing President Boakai's condition.

Accordingly, oxygen was administered to aid his breathing, with medical professionals working diligently to provide the necessary care and attention.

The president had been delivering his inaugural address for a little 30 minutes when it was perceived that he was facing toughness in expanding more.

However, there have been claims and counterclaims among political pundits and many Liberians who took to their individual pages to express their thoughts on the happening.

While some blame the writer of the President’s inaugural speech, stating that the writer failed to consider the length and condition of the place of delivery, others in reaction believe that the Liberian leader has the option to either cut or leave the speech as it is written before its presentation.

On the other hand, some citizens are pointing accusing fingers at the organizers of the event, stressing that the planners of such a historic ceremony should have considered climate change to avoid heat exhaustion.

There are also unconfirmed reports that a few individuals as well as officers of the EPS fainted due to the unprecedented heat and were rushed to the hospital to seek medical attention.

But in a unified tone, the citizens have termed the situation as an embarrassment, a sad moment, and a bad precedence set by Liberia before the presence of international guests, including heads of state.

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Speaker Kofa Constitutes Inaugural Adhoc Committees; Appoints Representative Richard Nagbe Koon As Chair of the Inaugura...

Speaker Kofa Constitutes Inaugural Adhoc Committees; Appoints Representative Richard Nagbe Koon As Chair of the Inauguration committee

CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA: The Speaker of the 55th National Legislature, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has made a designation of two ad-hoc committees on Inauguration and Administration.

Speaker Kofa appointed Montserrado County District 11 Representative Richard Nagbe Koon, his rival during the just-ended speaker election as Chair of the Committee on Integration.

The Committee on Inauguration will closely collaborate with the Joint Transitional Inaugural Team from the Executive to ensure the seamless ex*****on of the inauguration program on the grounds of the Capitol on Monday January 22, 2024.

This committee is also responsible for coordinating various aspects of the inaugural proceedings, aligning with the joint transitional inaugural team, and contributing to the overall success of the inauguration ceremony.

Members of the Committee on Inauguration are
Rep. Richard Nagbe Koon (Chairman)
Rep. Moima Briggs-Mensah (Co-Chair)
Rep. Samuel Enders (Member)
Rep. Emmanuel Dahn (Member)
Rep. Julie F. Wiah (Member)

B**g County District 3 representative J. Marvin Cole was also named Chair of the Committee on Administration by Speaker Kofa.
The Committee on Administration is entrusted with finding suitable offices for newly elected lawmakers and managing other administrative matters significant to the smooth functioning of the House of Representatives.

Members of the Committee on Administration are:
• Hon. J. Marvin Cole (Chairman)
• Hon. P. Mike Jurry (Co-Chair)
• Hon. Priscilla Cooper (Member)
• Hon. Bintu Massalley (Member)
• Hon. Austin Blidi Taylor

The term of the ad hoc committees according to House Speaker Koffa will conclude on January 23, 2024.

According to Speaker Kofa, he will appoint statutory and other standing committees to continue the workings of the 55th legislature.

Speaker Kofa has at the same time expressed confidence in the abilities and dedication of the appointed committee members, adding that they will contribute significantly to the success of the inauguration and the smooth administration of the legislative process.

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