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Address by Senator Amara Konneh: Upholding Constitutional Principles and Commitment to Gbarpolu County and Liberia

Date: January 15, 2024

For Immediate Release

Monrovia, Liberia – As I stand on the threshold of a new chapter in my public service career, I, Amara M. Konneh, Senator for Gbarpolu County, wish to address you, the people of Gbarpolu County and Liberia, on a matter of great constitutional significance and personal commitment.

As I prepare to be sworn in as a Senator on January 15, 2024, I find it imperative to resign from my role in the Joint Presidential Transitional Team (JPTT) effective immediately. This decision, though bittersweet, is in strict adherence to Article 3 of our Liberian Constitution, which emphasizes the separation of powers and the checks and balances essential for a thriving democracy. Among other things, Article 3 states:

“Consistent with the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances, no person holding office in one of these branches shall hold office in or exercise any of the powers assigned to either of the other two branches except as otherwise provided in this Constitution; and no person holding office in one of the said branches shall serve on any autonomous public agency.”

To ensure no appearance of a conflict of interest or grey area, I am publicly making these declarations.
My tenure with the JPTT, particularly in collaborating with President-elect Joseph N. Boakai to organize resoundingly successful high-level international meetings US government and business leaders, and international financial institutions in Washington DC, to build early support for the incoming Liberian government has been an immensely rewarding experience. I also contributed to technical discussions and drafting of a white paper on the transitions, terms of reference, and questionnaires to help guide engagements with institutions in the Economic and Fiscal clusters.

I supported President-Elect Joseph Boakai with no conditions, and I delivered on my commitment. He owes me no favor. I did it for my country because I was disappointed in the poor governance of the outgoing administration. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity, and I want to thank the President-Elect for allowing me to serve on his transition team.
And now, the sanctity of our constitution and the principles of democracy it upholds demand that I transition into my senatorial role. As I do so, my focus intensifies on the people of Gbarpolu County, who have placed their trust and aspirations in my hands. Your expectations for improved living conditions, better governance, and a brighter future are now my primary responsibility. I am committed to diligently working with the Gbarpolu legislative caucus and other members of the Honorable Liberian Senate to bring about the change and development we all yearn for.

The top five national legislative priorities I will champion are as follows:

1. An accountable, open government with efficient public budgeting and expenditures for better service delivery to our people. This is a continuation of the work I did in government to enhance fiscal governance at MFDP.

2. Drug enforcement and rehabilitation to save Liberia’s future. We risk losing the next generation if we do nothing to protect them.

3. Empower Liberian businesses by enforcing the quota requiring the government to procure 40% of its goods and services from Liberian-owned businesses through legislation. The government must take the lead in the Buy Liberia agenda.

4. ⁠Political and fiscal decentralization. The setting up of County Consolidated Accounts and election of local mayors or superintendents will hand power back to the people and create more seats at the table for women, the youth, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups.

5. Enhancement of the justice system to ensure the protection of women, children, and other vulnerable citizens from violence and marginalization.

The top seven priorities for I will champion are as follows:

1. : Improve access to quality education in all districts, prioritizing infrastructure rehabilitation, teacher training and instruction, and implement scholarship and incentive programs to encourage academic excellence with a gender lens.

2. : Strengthen healthcare infrastructure and services in all of Gbarpolu’s six administrative districts leveraging the opportunities of the newly constructed Emirates Hospital to serve Western Liberia – Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu Counties. Increase awareness and access to preventive healthcare measures, emphasizing community health education. Develop a robust emergency response system for timely healthcare intervention, especially the safe delivery of babies. Foster partnerships with non-profit organizations to address specific health challenges.

3. : Promote and leverage opportunities in smallholder farming by identifying subsidies for farmers and other support including access to technology. Launch the 1 million cocoa plants program to make Gbarpolu a major cocoa producer to help alleviate poverty in the county.

4. Mining and Forestry: Ensure that the current mining concessions operating in the Western Liberia Cluster including Bio-Chico fulfil their commitments to our people and country, and develop responsible mining and forestry practices, adhering to environmental regulations.

5. Roads and Weekly Markets: Advocate for increasing the County Development Fund to $1 million and together with the Social Development Fund financed by mining and forestry companies operating in the county, improve road connectivity within and between districts, emphasizing infrastructure maintenance and markets to boost commerce and agriculture productivity. Facilitate the establishment of weekly markets to boost local economies, providing necessary infrastructure and support.

6. : Connect Gbarpolu County to the national electricity hub and explore renewable energy sources for sustainable power solutions, such as solar. Harness the opportunities in the West African Power Pool electrification project.

7. Internet and Digital Financial Inclusion: Expand mobile and internet connectivity to bridge the national digital divide, focusing on remote and marginalized communities. And promote mobile money services for farmers to enhance transactions transaction with urban buyers.

I know I am not alone in the belief that these are matters claiming our national attention. And I believe in a collaborative and regional approach to development. This is why I advocate for the strengthening of a Western Region Legislative Caucus, enabling the counties within the region to unite in our development endeavors. By working together, we can ensure that our collective efforts bring forth greater benefits than if we were to proceed individually.

As a proud Liberian, my dedication to good governance, the rule of law, and inclusive development extends beyond the borders of Gbarpolu County. I am committed to a stable economy that generates the resources to support national development initiatives and ensure equitable progress across our country. My experience has prepared me to be a collaborative and effective member of the Senate, and I eagerly anticipate building strong and productive relationships within this August body. These relationships will be pivotal in advancing the welfare of not only the people of Gbarpolu County but of all Liberians.

To my esteemed colleagues in the Executive branch, I look forward to maintaining open lines of communication, consultat, and in collaboration with you. Together, we share a unified goal – the betterment of our people and our nation. I am more confident than ever in President-elect Joseph N. Boakai's vision for Liberia, and I pledge my support, in every way possible, to the realization of this vision.
Before closing, I would like to thank my esteemed colleagues of the Liberian Senate for electing me Chairman of the Public Accounts and Audits Committee. We will ensure every nic, kale, dime and dollar of public money is accounted for.

As I embark on this new journey in my storied career, I assure each of you, my fellow citizens, of my unwavering commitment to transparent, accountable, responsive, and responsible governance. Some of the constitutional powers I now share with twenty-nine other Senators include proposing legislation; drafting or amending bills; delaying or blocking legislation that is not in the country’s interest via constructive debate; osight of the national budget to ensure that every dollar the Legislature approves is spent for its intended purpose and accounted for; and oversight of the executive branch by approving or rejecting presidential appointees for ministries and agencies. I hold sacred the trust you have placed in me. It is a duty that I accept with humility and determination. I am ready to serve, ready to lead, and ready to make a difference for Gbarpolu County and our beloved country, Liberia.

For more information or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to my office at 0888245351.
Amara M. Konneh, Senator, Gbarpolu County
- END -


Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday in the United States!

In observance of MLK Day, the U.S. Embassy will be closed, and regular embassy operations will resume on Tuesday.

To honor the memory of those who fought against racial discrimination, Americans remember civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. through community service. We volunteer for charitable and other service organizations dedicated to helping people in need.

How do you serve your own community?


Representative Johnathan K. Koffa has been elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives with 36 votes out of 67 votes

Unity Party-backed candidate Representative Koon obtained 31 votes.
Total votes: 67
Invalid votes : 0
The leaders of the 55th Legislature are :
Senator Nyonblee K. Lawrence - President Pro Tem of the Liberian Senate.
Representative Johnathan K. Koffa - Speaker of the House of Representatives


Over the weekend, Naymote Project Management Team under its Democracy Advancement Program (DAP) conducted monitoring, evaluation and learning visit to B**g, Lofa and Nimba, as well as held engagement meeting with Mr. Aaron Sackie-Fenlah, Chairperson, B**g County Council in Gbarnga, B**g County.

The meeting with Mr. Sackie-Fenlah was educative, it provided us the opportunity to access the General State of Affairs of the B**g County Council including the workings, current interventions, challenges, prospects as well as areas for possible collaboration. The discussions cut across deep insights on the full implementation of the Local Government Act of 2018 and establishment of County Councils across Liberia mentioning the B**g case won at the Supreme Court of Liberia.

We had a great time learning about the County Council activities, inception meetings, advocacy work etc. Indeed, the B**g County Council is now a shining light providing technical support to other County Councils’ during establishment and their functionalities.

This activity is supported by the Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

Happy birthday to the president-elect of the Republic of Liberia Amb.Joseph N.Boakai

Happy birthday to the president-elect of the Republic of Liberia Amb.Joseph N.Boakai


President Weah congratulates Joseph Boakai

Monrovia, Liberia - The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah has congratulated Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai as winner of the 2023 presidential runoff election.

President Weah called Mr. Boakai via telephone following the announcement of provisional results by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on Friday, November 17, 2023.

The Liberian Chief Executive said Liberians are the winners of the elections and called on his supporters to accept the results.


November 16, 2023, NEC Liberia reported 5,107 of 5,890 polling places consolidated and follow:
UP 712,741 (50.58%) CDC 696,520 (49.42%)


The management of Coal Bay Media News is getting intel that the project management committee of Gbarpolu is considering giving the Bambuta bridge contract to Mr. Bar. Though the bid is up they are discussing it with him behind closed doors.

Mr. Bar does not have a construction company nor does he have a construction background.
Like the solar panel project that was given to him by the same project management committee which is not even going for four hours to effectively operate the station, On several occasions, the management of the voice of Gbarpolu wrote the very PMC on the status of the panel but to no avail. Up to current the status of the panel is still the same and it was Mr.Bar who implemented that project.
The citizens are watching you if such a decision is to be taken by you to award this contract to Mr. Bar. The outcome of the first project that was implemented by Mr. Bar is not good and you are contemplating giving him another one.

of Gbarpolu

Happy Birthday to the Iron Lady of Africa former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Happy Birthday to the Iron Lady of Africa former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf



ALICOR condemns and describes as unacceptable, Physical attacks on Liberian Journalist Michael Wroh…. Calls for speedy investigation into the matter

October 24, 2023: The Association of Liberian Community Radio has strongly condemned the alleged physical attacks on the Station Manager of Voice of Pleebo, reportedly carried out by men believed to be supporters of Speaker Bohfal Chambers.

Mr. Michael Wroh had gone to the old sodoken Polling Center to collect results that were being posted by the NEC temporary staffs when a commotion erupted amongst Supporters of Speaker Chambers and Representative Elect Anthony Williams.

While filming the incident and also making live radio call for the intervention of the police, Journalist Wroh was reportedly slapped in the face by some supporters of Speaker Chambers who accused him of being a supporter of Representative Elect Anthony Willaims.

Even though Journalist Worh had on his official NEC identification tag, he was severely beaten and at the same time lost his equipment and valuable items in the process.

ALICOR is calling on the Liberia National Police to speedily investigate the matter as Journalist Wroh is still suffering from multiple bruises since the incident.

ALICOR join forces with the US, EU and other media development partners in protecting free press coverage and the safety of journalists during elections.

Meanwhile, the Association of Liberia Community Radio wants to assure Community Radio Journalists that the leadership of ALICOR will work with international partners to ensure that unprovoked attacks against the media do not go unnoticed.


Coal Bay media news update

* Bomi County
D1. Obediah J. Varney - UP
D2. Manah B. Johnson Jr. - UP
D3. Sam P. Jallah - IND

* B**g County
D1. Prince K. Koinah - IND
D2. James M. Kolleh - PUP
D3. Josiah Marvin Cole - CDC
D4. Robert Flomo Womba - UP
D5. Eugine J.M. Kollie - CDC
D6. Moima Briggs Mensah - IND
D7. Foday E. Fahnbulleh - IND

* Gbarpolu County
D1. Zinnah A. Norman - CDC
D2. Luther S. Collins - IND
D3. Mustapha Waritay - UP

*Grand Bassa County
D1. Isaac G. Bannie - MPC
D2. Clarence J. Banks - IND
D3. Matthew Joe - CDC
D4. Alfred H. Flomo- UP
D5. Thomas A. Goshua, ll - CPP

*Grand Cape Mount County
D1. Bintu Massalley - CDC
D2. Mohammed Dosil- IND
D3. Gbessie Soni Feika - VOLT

*Grand Gedeh County
D1. Erol Madison Gwion - CDC
D2. Marie Johnson - LRP
D3. Jacob C. Debee LINU

*Grand Kru County
D1. Nathaniel N. Bahway Sr. - CPP
D2. Fonati J. Koffa - CDC

*Lofa County
D1. Thomas P. Fallah - CDC
D2. Fartorma Julie Wiah - CDC
D3. Siafa Momo Kpoto - CDC
D4. Gizzie K. Kollince - UP
D5. Augustine B. Chiewolo - UP

*Maryland County
D1. Mike P. Jurry - CDC
D2. Anthony Williams- CPP
D3. Austin Blidi Taylor - IND

*Margibi County
D1. Opee Opennd Cooper - IND
D2. Ivar K. Jones - CDC
D3. Ellen A. Attoh Wreh - IND
D4. Emmanuel Yarh - CDC
D5. Clarence G. Garh - CDC

*Montserrado County
D1. Yatu Rugie Barry - CPP
D2. Sarafoday Sekou Kanneh - UP
D3. Sumo K. Mulbah - ALP
D4. Michael M. Thomas - IND
D5Priscillaia A. Cooper - UP
D6. Samuel R. Enders - IND
D7. Emmanuel Dahn - IND
D8. Prince A. Toles - UP
D9. Frank Saah Foko - CDC
D10. Yekeh Y. Kolubah - IND
D11. Richard Nagbe Koon - UP
D12. Jerry K. Yougboh - IND
D13. Edward P. Flomo Jr - CDC
D14. Muka Kerkula Kamara - CDC
D15. Abu Bana Kamara - CDC
D16. Dixon W. Seboe - CDC
D17. Bernard Blue Benson - CDC

* Nimba County
D1. Samuel N. Brown, Sr - IND
D2. Nyahn G. Flomo - CPP
D3. Nehker E. Gaye - MDR
D4. Ernest M. Mansseah Sr. MDR
D5. Samuel G. Kogar - PUP
D6. Twain D. Gleekia - MDR
D7. Musa Hassan Bility - CPP
D8. Saye S. Manah - MDR
D9. Taa Z. Wongbe - IND

* River Cess County
D1. Alex J. Grant - IND
D2. Steve Tequah - IND

* River Gee County
D1. Alexander Poure - CDC
D2. Isaac B.Choloplay Wuo - CDC
D3. Johnson S.N. Williams Sr.- CDC

* Sinoe County
D1. Romeo Thomas Quioh - NDC
D2. Samson Q. Wiah - CDC
D3. Alex S. Noah - CDC


CPP political leader writes : today, I was pleased to separately host both Pres. George Weah and former Vice President Joseph Boakai at my residence, at their respective request.

The CPP will continue to engage both the CDC and the Unity Party as we determine our position for the runoff, despite our concerns raised with the NEC. We will be speaking to the nation tomorrow in detail as to what will inform our decision as the CPP.

I want to thank both leaders of their parties for visiting and for the fruitful discussions we had today.

May God bless Liberia.

Thank you and good night.

  - "We need peaceful solutions in the  ."The world-renowned   filmmaker Amos Gitai talks about how Israel is a "traumat...

- "We need peaceful solutions in the ."

The world-renowned filmmaker Amos Gitai talks about how Israel is a "traumatized society" after the events of October 7.

He says the savage attack on civilians by is even worse than what happened in the of 50 years ago, during which he was injured.

Yet, Gitai remains highly critical of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin .

Watch the full interview 👉

The world-renowned Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai has told FRANCE 24 how Israel is now a "traumatised society" after the events of October 7. Likening the plight of Israelis to the American population…


China's foreign minister has told his Israeli counterpart that "all countries" have a right to self-defense, Beijing said Tuesday, in the first call between top diplomats from the two countries since the Israel-Hamas conflict flared this month. French President Emmanuel Macron is expected in Israel on Tuesday. Follow our live blog for all the latest developments. All times are Paris time (GMT+2).


Citizens Threatened Lawsuit Against Lone Star GSM!

In Bopolu City, Residents, and business people found themselves amid a frustrating ordeal.

The Lonestarcell-MTN HQ Monrovia Liberia, which had always been their lifeline to the outside world, had suddenly collapsed, leaving them disconnected and isolated for over five long days.

The breakdown of the network had caught everyone by surprise. No prior notice had been given, and the sudden loss of communication services is causing inconvenience throughout the capital of Gbarpolu County.

People are not making important business calls, checking their emails, or even connecting with their loved ones. It is as if the city had been cut off from the rest of the world.

For the business community, this network breakdown is more than just an inconvenience—it has a severe blow to their operations.

Entrepreneurs who relied heavily on the Lone Star GSM network to conduct their businesses found themselves at a standstill.

Orders couldn't be placed, transactions couldn't be completed, and customers couldn't be reached. The loss of revenue has begun to pile up, and frustration has turned into anger.

The ordinary residents of Bopolu City are equally affected. Students struggled to complete their online assignments and research projects, while parents worried about the safety of their children without being able to reach them via phone.

Medical professionals face immense challenges, unable to access vital information or coordinate with their colleagues during emergencies. The network breakdown has put lives at risk, and the people of Bopolu are growing increasingly desperate.

As the days dragged on, their frustration gradually turned into a determination to seek justice.

The affected individuals and businesses are exploring options and consulting with legal experts.

They are determined to hold the service provider accountable for the breakdown in services without prior notice, which continues to cause significant losses and inconveniences to the ordinary customers of Bopolu City.

As we speak, the public sentiment has grown in support of their cause, with residents expressing their solidarity and demanding answers from the service provider.

Meanwhile, the Lone Star stationed in Bopolu City remains closed with a generator beating inside the fence hosting Tower, even though there is no available Lone Star GSM Service in Bopolu City, the capital of Gbarpolu County.


First round final result:
Official campaign starts today and end on November 12,midnight. Election is Tuesday, November 14.



The second day of the hearing about the complaint lodged by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) concerning alleged discrepancies and irregularities observed during the Senatorial elections in Lofa County has concluded. During this session, four out of the ten prosecuting witnesses were called upon to provide testimony in support of the CDC's claims.

The witnesses were subjected to cross-examination by both the prosecuting and defending lawyers. These witnesses revealed a concerning issue regarding the valid votes of Moses Y. Kollie, a Senatorial Candidate from the CDC indicating that several valid votes cast in favor of Kollie were unjustly deemed as invalid votes.

They said, despite their efforts to rectify the situation by approaching the election officials, the witnesses, who were acting as poll watchers for the CDC, were advised to file a formal complaint with the NEC's Magistrates if they felt aggrieved by the vote counts. According to their testimonies, they claimed to have received instructions from NEC polling officials to sign the vote count sheet as a mandatory requirement before obtaining the complaint form.

Following the completion of cross-examination and the submission of testimonials from the four witnesses, the Election Magistrate of Lower Lofa, Mr. Robert Sele, who also serves as the presiding officer for the case, adjourned the hearing to Thursday, October 26, 2023.

During this next hearing, six prosecuting witnesses are anticipated to provide their testimonies before the hearing officer, along with the legal representatives from both the defense and prosecution teams.

The highly anticipated hearing held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, witnessed the presence of Senator-elect Momo Cyrus, whose victory has been subject to dispute, and Moses Y. Kollie, the Senatorial Candidate representing the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). The hearing room was filled with supporters and well-wishers, including various officials affiliated with the ruling CDC.


Breaking news!

The motion filed by the lawyers representing the defendant in the case CDC VS NEC, Momo Cyrus, requesting the dismissal of the matter, has been denied by the hearing officers at the National Elections Commission in Monrovia.
The Coalition for Democratic Change has recently lodged a formal complaint highlighting various irregularities in the recently concluded Senate election in Lofa County. The CDC has stated that these irregularities played a role in the defeat of their Senatorial candidate, Moses Y. Kollie and as such,they need a recount of nine out of four hundred and twenty four pooling places across Lofa County.

In the initial hearing, the lawyers for the defendant argued that the case lacks merit and was filed too early . However, in response, the lawyers representing the CDC countered that the case is based on merit and has sufficient evidence. They also stated that the case was filed within the legal timeframe, taking into account the information provided by the National Elections Commission regarding the finalization of 424 polling places across Lofa County.

The presiding hearing officer ruled in favor of the motion made by the prosecuting lawyers, granting them permission to provide their witnesses by 2:00pm on Tuesday, October 24,2023. Additionally, the motion made by the defender was dismissed.

The case is scheduled to proceed tomorrow at 2:00pm at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission in Monrovia.

Are you following the results being announced by the National Elections Commission? Stay updated

Are you following the results being announced by the National Elections Commission? Stay updated

Liberia award-winning comedian Angel Michael celebrates his birth anniversary. Happy Birthday 🎉 angel

Liberia award-winning comedian Angel Michael celebrates his birth anniversary. Happy Birthday 🎉 angel

The former coach of Lone Star Frank Jericho Nagbe is dead

The former coach of Lone Star Frank Jericho Nagbe is dead


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