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Things are getting Intense in Liberia. Read!  Read!Where is JNB? Is Joseph N. Boakai dead or alive?Dr. Clarence R. Pears...

Things are getting Intense in Liberia. Read! Read!
Where is JNB? Is Joseph N. Boakai dead or alive?

Dr. Clarence R. Pearson, Sr. Writes:

Liberia - Unity Party (UP) Risk Lawsuit to Produce the Living Body of the President Elect
Dr. Clarence R. Pearson, Sr.
LET ME BE CLEAR, differences in public opinion or political criticism may not be associated with hatred. Matter of fact, criticism has the potential to bring out the best in us. You’ll stop that weak counter and get use to the pressure that is naturally associated with being an in-position.
LET ME ALSO BE CLEAR, there are legal issues surrounding a constitutionally elected president should there be any consequential changes in his health or personal security. You will agree with me that the minute an individual is pronounced president elect, his security becomes the burden of the state. As such, any endangerment to his person affects the entire country. On this premise I am concern over the prolonged absence of the president elect from our political and social/public space. More besides, upon his departure, it was publicly announced that he was departing for the USA to appreciate partisans on his victory and to visit family members. Going onto two weeks, he has not attended a single one of the events organized in his honor, nor has he been sighted in a formal or informal public function. These are genuine reasons for concern.
ADDITIONALLY, upon our persistence for him to make any form of public appearance, the UP Secretary General (SG) has had a press conference stating that the itinerary and photos of the president elect in live events would be made public, and that has not happened. Meanwhile, we are getting press release quoting the president elect and still photos with no time stamp to suggest that he is okay.
NOW THEREFORE, because I feel I will be directly injured as a citizen: emotionally, psychologically, practically, etc., should there be a constitutional crisis on these grounds, I am planning to file a lawsuit at the Supreme Court under advisement, to ensure the UP account for the president elect with proof that his person and security is not under threat. Make no mistake, this is not a joke. This is a patriotic effort in the interests of the Liberian people and the peace and security of the motherland.

A man established a zoo and made the entrance fee $300 but no one went there.He reduced it to $200 but still no one came...

A man established a zoo and made the entrance fee $300 but no one went there.

He reduced it to $200 but still no one came.

He then reduced the fee to $10 but still people didn't come.
Finally, he made it Free entrance and soon, the zoo was filled with people.

Then he quietly locked the gate of the zoo, set the lions free and made the exit fee $500 and everyone paid!

Moral of the story : As you go about in life, beware of cheap or free offers. No business is free, my friends.

Fake or Real? Advancement in technology has made it incredibly easy to digitally manipulate original images. Within spli...

Fake or Real?

Advancement in technology has made it incredibly easy to digitally manipulate original images. Within split seconds one can crop a person head from an image and place it on another body in another image. In fact, there is a term for these type of images - it’s called photoshop.

The growing use of this technology is causing many people to find it hard to tell the difference between an original picture from a digitally manipulated image.

In the case of the pictures you see below, some users on Facebook are claiming that the image of Joseph Boakai is not real. They claim it was photoshopped. The head of Joseph Boakai - Unity Party Standard Bearer and main opposition figure was cropped from a different place and pasted on the picture of another person. Their argument is that there is disparity in the skin tone between Boikai’s face and his right hand.

Do you believe it?? Is it common for the former Vice President and standard bearer to post on his official page an image that was photoshopped?

Firstly, common sense tells us it’s very weird for a man with such high profile to knowingly post a fake image of himself.

However; let’s assume he did.

But then we discovered other images of Joseph Boakai, the leader of Unity Party, wearing the exact same outfit but in differ positions and different environment.

On the contrary, we didn’t see any different version of the image that’s being presented as the original.

Based on these findings, its reasonable to conclude that Joseph Boakai image is real. His image was manipulated solely for the purpose of spreading false information.

Verdict: JNB picture is real and not fake.


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