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Rev, Joseph T.Marsh of the Faith Revival Temple Church Pipeline Super Market in a Special Interview


Sunday Worship Service of the Faith Revival Temple with the Senior Pastor Rev, Joseph T. Marsh in Paynesville....

Photos from SPARK's TV LIVE's post

Photos from SPARK's TV LIVE's post


Special Interview With Tarlee A. Nuahn Educator, Project Manager and Author of the book 3 Facets for Effective Classroom Management: planning, procedure, routine management.


Build Up of President George Weah Save Arriver From the UN General Assembly Continue....


Build Up To President George Weah Save Arriver From the UN General Assembly

The Monrovia Open Bible Standard School has frowned according to what had been said in the News of recent that the Schoo...

The Monrovia Open Bible Standard School has frowned according to what had been said in the News of recent that the School over the past has been operating with out permit and the hiking of tuitions over the past academic years.

Speaking recently to our television the Principal of the institution Isaiah P. Gbotoe said the illegation is false and misleading adding that the Monrovia Open Bible Standard School is a faith base School such a School done have the tendency to undermine the education system of Liberia.

The Liberian educator Gbotoe emphasize that "the issues of operating a School without a permit is illegal and against their faith.

He explained that an individual that have a love for Country having the mind set to promote the Pro-poor Agenda will desist from hiking School fees to assist Parents in sending their Child or Children to School, for which they faith base School believe in.

The Monrovia Open Bible Standard School Principal Gbotoe said he believes that the recent information on the Media are from detractors they want to bring the School to public relique but they will not succeed he added.

He at the same time calling on the Ministry of education to do Justice to the Private institutions when ever the are illegation.

Meanwhile the Vice Principal for Administration Daisy B. Vanbo said they are facing serious problem with electricity in the institution.

She also use this medium to call on the Ministry of education to do a tourious investigation on the issues of electricity to various institutions especially institutions that are operating Computer labs, electricity is hampering those institutions.

Writes, Chris F. Pewu


Breaking News Special Interview with the Principal of the Maretha High School 3rd Street Sinkor Mr. Cornelius King clearing the information on Hike in Tuition...


Breaking News Monrovia Open Bible Standard School Clarifies on Hike in Tuition




Royal Christian Foundation Institute Celebrate 17 Graduation Ceremony

Breaking News one of ELBC simple English Newscaster is dead I pray that your soul rest in peace fallen big brother Mulba...

Breaking News one of ELBC simple English Newscaster is dead I pray that your soul rest in peace fallen big brother Mulbah Kessellie made the simple English News live forever.


The President's Yong Professionals Program (PYPP) "Building the Next Generation of Liberia's Leader's"


Special Interview with the President of the National Custom Brokers Association of Liberia James L. Hinneh Jr....

Breaking News 🙏🙏🙏Reports emerging from Nimba County Says, A three year old child is reported drowned in an open well in ...

Breaking News 🙏🙏🙏

Reports emerging from Nimba County Says, A three year old child is reported drowned in an open well in Ganta, Nimba County

Little Peelue Wahquoi met her untimely death during the evening hours of August 4, 2022.

Explaining to reporters, the father of the child Prince Waquoi said the deceased had left their Old Car Garage Community residence and had gone along with another little girl believed to be about 7 years old in the People Street area to play with friends.

Prince further noted that the biological mother of the deceased is currently in Monrovia and the child was living with he (Prince) and her step mother.

Meanwhile, a 15 men jury was set up by the community to examine the body and reported that the child died as the result of drowning.



Special Interview with the Senior Pastor of Faith Revival Temple Church Pipeline Road Super Market Community He is Joseph T. Marsh Speaking on the recent issues that occured July 26,2022 Independent Celebration Making Liberia 175 years among others issues ....

Photos of the 2021-2022 DEXWWOAH International School of Excellence closing Program.....

Photos of the 2021-2022 DEXWWOAH International School of Excellence closing Program.....


A Little boy at the age of 4 years get double promotion from the K-1 to the First 1st grade class doing the closing Program of the DEXWWOAH International School of Excellence 2021-2022 closing Program, Located at the Police Academy Junction...


Special Interview with a Four years old male child of the DEKWWOAH International School of Excellence from K-1 to first grade double promotion....

Breaking News a 4 Years old Child of the DEKWWOAH International School of Excellence took double promotion from K-1 to 1...

Breaking News a 4 Years old Child of the DEKWWOAH International School of Excellence took double promotion from K-1 to 1st grade doing the School 2021-2022 closing Program today in the Police Academy Community....


Continue-ration of the Dexwwoah International School of Excellence closing Program....


Today Marking the Closing Program of the DEKWOAH International School of Excellence [email protected]


Good Morning My Fellow Liberians Please I Urged Everyone To Create The Spirit of Unitsm For a Better Liberia...

This is the GreeTree Guest House Entertainment Center Du-Port Road Cow Field Community or call cell # 0777557739/ 088655...

This is the GreeTree Guest House Entertainment Center Du-Port Road Cow Field Community or call cell # 0777557739/ 0886557739 for more information....


Let's Talk Liberian own businesses Comes Live at Green Tree Guest House Entertainment Center, Duport road Cow filed Community Contacts us on 0777557739/0886557739 for your relaxation


The GSA road Church of Christ Sunday Worship Service under the Theme: Freedom in Christ Galician 5:1-12 By, Pastor Alfred Z. Beyan...

A Representative hopeful of District #17 Montserrado County Konrad Barjuahwant Liberians to prioritize Primary education...

A Representative hopeful of District #17 Montserrado County Konrad Barjuah
want Liberians to prioritize Primary education.

He used this medium to called on Liberians to be supportive of his dreams to promote and develop grass-roots education.

Aspirant Barjuah refred to early childhood education as solid and a key to greatness in every society.

Speaking as guest Speaker Saturday Over the weekend under the Theme: EDUCATION IS THE BED ROCK OF SOCIETY... at the Souvenir Program Marking the Fifteenth graduation and Closing Exercises of the Augustus F. Caine Public School Held at the Shiloh Baptist Church Central Virginia Montserrado County, he said there is no way he can over emphasize the importance of education.

He used this Medium to extend thanks to the Kingdomgaden graduates role on ensuring that education is important.

The Independent Candidate Barjuah mentioned that to uptian education is required a lot of secrafases.

He urged the graduates to continue their efforts and move forward, urging the graduates to obeyed their Parents.

The District #17 Representative Aspirant also appreciate parents for their tireless efforts over the years towards their Children.

"So I want to say again thanks to you parents for championing the cause because if it's wasn't you as parents there was going to be no graduation he added.

He frown as saying voters over the years had be giving the Country to People that done have the interest in promoting the issues of education in the district and the Country at large it's about time they changed their mantality.

The Montserrado # 17 Political Mordred thanks the Teachers and the School administration for such a wonderful educative work done.

Meanwhile he awarded a one year scarlarship to the Dux of the institution promising that his door is open to the School administration.

Writes: Chris F Pewu...

A concerned Liberian Business Man Nathaniel Williams Commonly known as Dictor has embark on a major street project in Pa...

A concerned Liberian Business Man Nathaniel Williams Commonly known as Dictor has embark on a major street project in Paynesville district #5.

Speaking Thursday the CEO of white flower Business Center said he started his initiative for more than a year, adding that his Initiative is to promote the Pro-poor agenda of President George M. Weah Government.

A Liberians Business Man explained that President Weah can not do it all but rather calling on Liberians to be part of development making.

He used this medium to appreciate the Weah led Government for the development on going in the Country.

The Liberian Business Man Williams said since the Presidentcy of President Weah development continue to rain in the Country.

He added that Liberians continue to the feed the impact of the Pro-poor agenda be it opposition or not, adding that Liberians should put Liberia first.

According to him he will used his little cash to make Paynesville clean and green, Doctor as he been called by many Liberians over the years planted several flowers, cleaning of drainages, including the painting of the street in Paynesville.

He frown as saying the Problem with Liberia is Liberians, adding that his effort will never died as he will continue his work.

Mr. Williams Meanwhile clarify that he had been in Paynesville for more than a years and will not relent to see the ugly ness of District#5.

Writes: Chris F. Pewu...


Nathaniel Williams A Concern Citizen taking self Initiative in District # 5 Commonly Called Doctor....


JFK Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jerry Brown Speak to the media...


John Fitzgerald Kennedy Medical Center Celebrates 51 Anniversary....


John Fitzgerald Kennedy Medical Center Celebrates 51 Anniversary....








July 10, 2022

Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor,
Vice President of the Republic of Liberia;

The Dean and Members of the Cabinet;

Development Partners and Special Guests;

Officials of Government;

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I wish to welcome you to this Presidential Cabinet Retreat and thank you for your active participation in the governance of our great Nation.

While I commend your hard work and dedication to duty, it is noteworthy that a lot still remains to be done to bring our nation to the promised land, as enshrined in the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), our national development plan.

Accordingly, we have carefully selected a set of priorities for consideration during this retreat, namely:

1. The PAPD performance.
2. Outlook of the national economy.
3. Management and coordination of foreign aid.
4. A review of the 2022 Legislative Agenda.
5. Increasing accountability and transparency in Government.
6. Enshrining a culture of performance and delivery of results.
7. Improving coordination and teamwork in government.
8. A review of Presidential priorities for the next 16 months.

Over the last four years of this Administration, we have made great strides in the implementation of development projects across the country. It is therefore imperative to review the status of these projects, to ensure that they are fully aligned with our goals and intentions to take our country to its desired destination.

Accordingly, I have included a Presidential Development Tour in the retreat activities, so that I can inspect key development projects and initiatives in Nimba County.

It is my expectation that all of you participants will actively engage in this Retreat, as we are now entering a crucial period for this Administration. In October 2023, just 16 months from now, the Liberian people will have the constitutional opportunity to reward us for the results we are achieving. It is therefore imperative that all hands are on deck with a full commitment to ensure that we get a resounding victory.

Accordingly, I commend your active participation in the Performance Management and Compliance System, which requires all Ministries, Agencies and Commissions to develop a comprehensive, critical, and analytical report of policies and programs that are under their direction, with particular emphasis on those that have been instituted during the period of our stewardship.

You are also expected to develop Service Delivery Charters for your institutions, to provide clarity to the public of the high-quality services we are providing. It is also of critical importance that you develop Institutional Strategic Plans that are well-aligned with the national development agenda, the PADP.


Before I close, I would like to brief you on a number of significant developments that have taken place in our Region and on our Continent in the past week.

Last Sunday, I attended the 61st Regular Meeting of our regional body, ECOWAS, which was held in Accra, Ghana. During this conference, the Chairmanship of ECOWAS was passed on from His Excellency Mr. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, who had served two consecutive terms, to His Excellency Mr. Umaro Sissoco Embalo, President of the Republic of Guinea Bissau.

The leadership of the ECOWAS Commission was also changed, with the Presidency being passed on from Mr. Jean-Claude Kassi Brou of Cote d’Ivoire, who had served in that capacity since 2018, to Dr. Omar Alieu Touray of The Gambia.

Additionally, significant progress was made in dealing with the military interventions in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, through the direct and vigorous engagements of ECOWAS with these regimes, in order to hasten their return to civilian rule and constitutional governance.

Sanctions were lifted against Mali, in response to the declaration by the military of a fixed timetable to turn over power in 24 months, by 2024, which date was acceptable to ECOWAS. Burkina Faso released the former President, Mr. Roch Marc Christian Kaboré from all forms of detention. And in Guinea, in order to make progress, the Authority of Heads of State and Government appointed a new ECOWAS Mediator for that country, in the person of Mr. Thomas Boni Yayi, former President of Benin.

All of these developments are the result of persistent engagements by ECOWAS in order to ensure stability, democracy, and peace in our sub-region.

But peace without prosperity is an unfinished agenda. That is why last Thursday, I attended the African Summit of the International Development Association of the World Bank in Dakar, Senegal, along with twenty-two (22) other African Heads of State and Government. The conference was also attended by the World Bank Group leadership, heads of regional and UN institutions, and representatives of IDA donor governments.

This Summit was a follow-up to a previous IDA20 Summit which was held in July last year in Abidjan, La Cote d’Ivoire, which I also attended, and where African leaders made a joint plea to the IDA and World Bank for a robust and ambitious replenishment of IDA resources to support our recovery agenda and to drive the sustainable development and economic transformation of our continent.

Our deliberations in Dakar were successful, as we championed a strong start to IDA’s twentieth financing cycle (IDA20). We called the attention of the World Bank and its agencies to the fact that our continent is experiencing reversals of development gains triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and compounded by climate change, food insecurity, conflict in the region, and the war in Ukraine. We therefore welcomed their positive response by their decision to approve an IDA20 financing package of US$93 billion to help all countries supported by IDA recover on a greener, more resilient, and inclusive path.

In view of this new development opportunity, I hereby instruct all Government Ministries, Agencies, and Commissions to vigorously engage the IDA and World Bank to ensure that Liberia will benefit from these funds during this transformational period, particularly in the areas of health, education, agriculture, digital economy, youth and women empowerment, roads and ports, energy and gender. Please be informed that the funding available under IDA20 will expire and revert to the donors if not utilized within the stipulated time-frame.


The official theme for this Retreat is rightfully framed as "Pushing Forward for A Better Liberia." As I said at the Bicentennial Celebrations, it is imperative that we ask ourselves, "what are those things that we must do to ensure that Liberia is a better place than when we met it?" The answers to this question must be the primary focus of your thinking throughout this Retreat.
I welcome you once more and look forward to frank, constructive, and productive deliberations in the national interest.

I hereby declare that the Retreat is now open for business, in accordance with the approved agenda.

I thank you.


Paynesville, Police Academy





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