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Funeral Service of the late Anthony Knox Johnson Jr. held at the first Baptist Church


Funeral Service of the late Anthony Knox Johnson, Jr.


Land Dispute Continues In Catholic Community District #10

Happy Bless Birthday To All April 12th Celebrants Namely: Anthony Jiffan, Daniel Ankrah, Darius Konton, Precious Gaye an...

Happy Bless Birthday To All April 12th Celebrants Namely: Anthony Jiffan, Daniel Ankrah, Darius Konton, Precious Gaye and Trokon Flahnma Jr. We wish Your More Grace And Many Happy Years To Come.

Liberia's Renowned,  Historic, Professional and Independent Social and Atheletic Club, Records Social and Atheletic Club...

Liberia's Renowned, Historic, Professional and Independent Social and Atheletic Club, Records Social and Atheletic Club - Records FC Will Hold A One Day Fantastic Tournament On Saturday As Seen Below

The Transformative Success Story Of The Raji's Administration That Needs To Be ToldBy: Julius Konton Unlike before Liber...

The Transformative Success Story Of The Raji's Administration That Needs To Be Told

By: Julius Konton

Unlike before Liberia's Football sector has experienced visible and massive transformation.

The transformation still continuing under the leadership of Mustapha I. Raji and his crack team has greatly benefited individuals and institutions nationwide and globally.

With the vision and unique desire to do more, Mr. Raji and his energetic team has worked tremendously hard to bring visibility and relevance to women football which is one of the key focuses of FIFA globally.

The visionary leader has placed a Spotlight on Women’s football beginning with the
development of a women's football strategy including the establishment of a department dedicated exclusively to Women’s football.

Working to prioritize such sub sector, the LFA's Boss and his team has Increased Women’s participation evident by the increment in the number of female employees in the LFA Secretariat from two to eight respectively.

The creative and empowerment oriented leader also dedicated a position at the helm of the LFA's leadership with the creation of 3rd Vice President with Madam Jodi Seton as the current third Vice President of the LFA.

The impactful and transformative leader also set another record of being the first administration to establish a Women’s football regional league in four Counties: Nimba, Lofa, Maryland, and Grand Gedeh thus leading to Increment in the participation of girls playing football especially competitive women's leagues with relegation and promotion among others.

"Players development pathway from eight teams in the Upper League for nearly two decades to now twelve teams in the upper league and twelve teams in the lower league as well as eight teams in the community league", are additional transformation worth commending.

Currently, Women’s football teams are very active in seven of Liberia's fifteen Counties unlike before.

As his transformation has touched all key areas within the sector, the issue of equipment as a cardinal tool of empowerment also affected the direct beneficiaries as all Women’s team in the seven Counties received balls, boots , bibs, as added support to them.

Raji's administration at the same time made some impact with the provision of Office equipment supply to upper and lower league Women’s teams including twenty three teams with laptops and printers.

Additionally, Tablets were made available to twelve Women's Lower League Teams.

As a take home at the end of the league season, Raji as part of his transformation put smiles on the faces of female clubs with the provision of Cash prize of US $ 20,000 to Women’s Upper League champions and also Cash prize of LD $ 1,000,000 plus 30 smart phones with US $ 120 per phone for a period of a year to Orange cup champions.

On the other hand, Cash prize of LD $ 500,000 for second place winner plus 30 phones and US $ 60 per phone for a year for runners-up in Orange cup.

As a means of providing more cash support to Women’s football: Raji's Administration with approval from the Executive Committee of the LFA allocated
US $ 9,000 to each of the 12 Women’s upper league team annually including
more money to clubs.

To help reduce the burden from on struggling clubs, Raji very knowledgeable about the issues cancelled the registration fees for the league in the tune of US $ 200 including the cancellation payment for free agent certificate including the Reduction of yellow cards payment from LD $ 750 (1 player) to LD $ 750 (3 cards).

On the issue of Transportation, very important to the clubs especially as part of rotational games, Raji's Administration is providing buses to clubs for game movements at a very low cost.

Cash support and subsidy for lower league teams transportation, Financial support to Women’s upper league team champions in the CAF Champions League campaign.

Over US $ 70,000 support to Determine Girls in 2022 are all tangible transformations, the sector and beneficieries can boost of.

In a historic milestones under the Raji's administration, a Women’s football club participated in the first edition of the CAF Champions League in Cape Verde.

Women Football giant thus far, Determine Girls qualified for the final tournament and was awarded a cash prize of US $ 100,000.00, The first Liberian club in history to win cash awards in a CAF competition.

At the same time, Raji's transformation saw the promotion of Liberian Women in international football to include;
CAF Woman Committee,
CAF Match Commissioner,
WAFU Women Football,
WAFU Security Committee and WAFU Match Commissioner among others.

As a means of further exposing the young female talents , Raji's Administration worked with the Minsitry of Youth and Sports to introduce Women’s Football in the National County Sports Meet as well as the Introduction of Women’s Football in the Montserrado District League including the introduction of Under fifteen School Football League.

As highly requested by the fans and Liberians in particular , Raji and his team as leaders who listen to the cry of the people over the period ensure that Liberia participated in International friendlies exclusively sponsored and financed by the LFA:Namely; Gambia U-20 vs. Liberia U-20,
Liberia Senior vs Guinea Senior, Liberia U-20 vs Morocco U-20,
Sierra Leone U-20 vs. Liberia U-20.

Others are: Liberia U-20 vs Sierra Leone U-20
Sierra Leone Senior vs. Liberia Senior.

WAFU tournament 3rd place
Liberia vs. Senegal
Mail vs. Liberia
Liberia vs. Cape Verde

Mano River Peace Cup, CAF and FIFA qualifiers
Liberia vs Niger U-17
Niger vs. Liberia U-17
Liberia vs. Guinea U-20
Guinea vs. Liberia U-20
Liberia vs. Ghana U-17
Ghana vs. Liberia U-17
Liberia vs. Senegal
Senegal vs. Liberia
Liberia vs Guinea U-17
Guinea vs. Liberia U-17 among others.

On the front of capacity development to ensure productivity, the current farsighted administration headed by Mustapha Raji organized numerous of trainings in strategic areas to including Marketing Training sponsored by UEFA
Grassroots coaching with support from UEFA Administration and club licensing workshop with support from FIFA as well as Club Licensing workshop with support from CAF.

On the margin of additional attraction of support: Lower league development US $ 50, 000 per year - 2-year project with FIFA,
Women football club licensing US $ 25,000 project with FIFA.

At the same time, coaches assistance Program saw the LFA covered the salaries of coaches and assigned them to upper and lower league teams.

Under the Women players protection, the transformative leadership
Introduced and made it obligatory that players must have a contract with minimum salary from LD $ 5,000 unlike before.

He also Introduced the category of players Amateur, Amateur under contract or professional as well as the
Introduction of equal awards comparative to the male.

As an evident impact of such now see that Women’s MVP takes a car every season for their extraordinary performance over the course of the season, Payment of equal subvention in all divisions,
Payment of equal sponsorship with second division among others, were all noticeable achievements to be highlighted.

For the first time and with the creativity and farsightedness of the Raji's Administration, a Live coverage of league matches through FIFA+ and Liberia's exclusive Sports Television Station, Intel Sports was effectively implemented.

At the same time and for the first time in the history of Liberian football, the Raji's Administration appointed a foreign coach of the senior female national team.

Selam Zeray, former Coach of the Ethiopian Women’s National Team now Head Coach of Liberia's Women’s team will also oversee the activities of all the female national teams.

Indeed the Raji's Administration has transformed and continue to transform the sector with direct beneficiaries feeling the impact from all spectrum of the sector as such milestone achievement needs to be told for the benefit of the global village.

President Boakai to Act on a Joint Resolution From the Legislature to Establish War and Economic Crimes courtBy: Amos P....

President Boakai to Act on a Joint Resolution From the Legislature to Establish War and Economic Crimes court

By: Amos P. Korzawu

The Honorable House of Representatives has concurred with the Liberian Senate on the resolution for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia. This decision according to Speaker Fonati Koffa marks a significant step towards ensuring accountability and justice for past atrocities and economic crimes committed in the country.

The plenary decision to concur with the Senate's resolution follows a thorough review and consideration of the Senate Communication transmitting the joint resolution, which was recently signed. The House of Representatives acknowledges the Senate's amendment to the House's original resolution, titled "JOINT RESOLUTION # JR-001/2024 OF THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA ON THE MECHANISM FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN EXTRAORDINARY CRIMINAL COURT AND DOMESTIC CORRUPTION COURT FOR WAR AND ECONOMIC CRIMES, RESPECTIVELY."

The Senate's amendment, adopted on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at 13:08 G.M.T., reflects certain provisions aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed courts. The House of Representatives expresses its commitment to ensuring timely concurrence with the Senate's amendments, reaffirming its dedication to advancing the cause of justice and accountability in Liberia.

The Joint Resolution, now endorsed by both chambers of the Liberian Legislature, will be forwarded to the President for his signature, signaling a unified legislative effort towards addressing the legacy of war crimes and economic malfeasance in Liberia.

SWAL Concludes Day Long Training For Its Members.By: Richmond Kelvin DunnThe Sports Writer Association of Liberia ( SWAL...

SWAL Concludes Day Long Training For Its Members.

By: Richmond Kelvin Dunn

The Sports Writer Association of Liberia ( SWAL) in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Wednesday April 10, conducted a day long training for members of the association.

The training brought together over forty sports journalists from Montserrado, Nimba, B**g and Margibi Counties respectively.

According to the leadership of SWAL the training is the leadership commitment to develop its members about various sporting disciplines.

Serving as one of the facilitators, The Deputy Minister of Sports G. Andy Quamie used the occasion to encourage sports journalists to be civil in discharging their duties especially during national events.

Minister Andy at the same time educated participants of the day long workshop about the seventeen laws of the game.

Also speaking at the day long event, was Veteran Sports Journalist and now Deputy Director General Designate for media Services at the Liberia Broadcasting System Hassan Kiawu who drilled young sports reporters about his experience and encouraged them to remain steadfast in executing their jobs as sports journalists.

According to him, if sports in Liberia will be developed like other African Nations, Sports journalists will have to play a pivotal role in the development process.

Emmanuel Surprise Whea President of the Liberia kickball Federation also used the occasion to explain to sports journalist about the various laws of the game.

Closing the day long event, Benjamin Garkpah as part of the facilitators give more insights on live coverage and sports jargons.


Minister J.Cole Bangalu Respone to Question from Journalists at the MICAT Regular Press Conference.


Youth and Sports Minister J. Cole Bangalu Speaks at MICAT Regular Press Conference.

President Boakai Nominates and Appoints Additional Officials To GovernmentBy: Julius Konton In a search of more crack te...

President Boakai Nominates and Appoints Additional Officials To Government

By: Julius Konton

In a search of more crack team members to join the Rescue Mission train to ensure that the ARREST AGENDA is implemented to the core, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has nominated and appointed additional members of government affecting the Liberia Medical Health Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), the Liberia Institute for Public Administration (LIPA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National AIDS Commission, the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), the National Port Authority (NPA), the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Independent Information Commission (IIC), the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, ((NaFAA), and the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFK).

These nominations where applicable, are subject to consent by the Liberian Senate.

The institutions, nominees and appointees are:

I. Liberia Medical Health Regulatory Authority (LMHRA)

1. Dr. Luke Bawo, Managing Director
2. Dr. Patricia Quaye-Freeman, Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services

II. The Board of Liberia Medical Health Regulatory Authority (LMHRA)

1. Dr. David Sumo, Chairman
2. Chief Pharmacist of Liberia (representing Ministry of Health), Member
3. Pharmacy Board, Member
4. Ministry of Justice, Member
5. Commissioner for Customs (representing the Liberia Revenue Authority), Member
6. School of Pharmacy (representing the University of Liberia), Member
7. Liberia Medical and Dental Council, Member
8. Pharmaceutical Association of Liberia, Member
9. Yana Boys Association of Liberia, Member
10. The Managing Director of LMHRA, Secretary, Non-voting member

III. The Board of Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA)

1. Dr. Cecelia Cassell, Chairperson
2. Georgette N. Gray, Member
3. Marie V. Hayes, Member
4. Atty. Martus Kotatee Williams, Member
5. Moses Blonkanjay Jackson, Member
6. Ministry of Education, Institutional Member
7. Civil Service Agency, Institutional Member

IV. Environmental Protection Agency Policy Council
1. Minister Amin Modad, Chairman
2. Madam Lucia Massalee Yallah, Member
3. Anthony Konneh, Member
4. Klubosumo Borh Johnson, Member
5. Council of Chiefs (one representative), Statutory Member
6. House of Senate (Two representatives), Statutory Member
7. House of Representatives (Two representatives), Statutory Member
8. Ministry of Health, Statutory Member
9. Ministry of Agriculture, Statutory Member
10. Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection, Statutory Member
11. Ministry of Finance & Development Planning, Statutory Member
12. Ministry of Transport, Statutory Member
13. Ministry of Public Works, Statutory Member
14. Ministry of Education, Statutory Member
15. Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism, Statutory Member
16. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Statutory Member
17. Liberia Chamber of Commerce, Statutory Member
18. Liberia Standards Authority, Statutory Member
19. Liberia Maritime Authority, Statutory Member
20. Forestry Development Authority, Statutory Member
21. Liberia Electricity Corporation, Statutory Member
22. Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation, Statutory Member
23. Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation, Statutory Member
24. University of Liberia, Statutory Member
25. Federation of Liberian Youth, Statutory Member
26. Liberia National Student Union, Statutory Member
27. Inter-Religious Council of Liberia, Statutory Member
28. Liberia Marketing Association, Statutory Member
29. One representative of all environment-related Non-governmental Organizations selected by the NGO memberships or from their umbrella organization as statutory member.
30. Association of Architect and Engineers (one representative), Statutory Member
31. Liberia National Bar Association, Statutory Member

V. National AIDS Commission
1. Dr. Cecelia J. Nuta, Chairperson
2. Dr. Mohammed Swaray, Vice Chair, Commissioner for Policy and Program
3. Dr. Alexander Zogbaye, Commissioner for Decentralization
4. Tracy Newon Pency-Kyne, Commissioner for Partnership
5. Rev. Patrick Noah, Commissioner for Monitoring and Evaluation

VI. National Port Authority (NPA)
1. Mr. Siafa Hage, Co- Chair
2. Mr. Bedell W. Sandi, Member
3. Imam Ali Krayee, Member
4. Dr. Alvin Nah Doe, Member
5. Hon. Julius J. Goodings, Member
6. Mr. Peter Dahn, Member
7. Madam Theresa M. Davies, Member
8. Mr. James L. Hinneh Jr., Member
9. Mr. Sahr Johnny, Member
10. Ministry of Transport, Member
11. Ministry of Finance & Development Planning, Member
12. Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Member
13. Ministry of Justice, Member
14. Managing Director of the National Port Authority, Secretary

VII. Liberia Broadcasting System
1. Mrs. Alexandra B. Amnon, Deputy Director General for Public Affairs
2. Mr. Hassan Kiawu, Deputy Director General for Media Services
3. Mr. Borgfeldt Lloyd, Deputy Director General for Technical Services
4. Mr. D-Flow Flomo, II, Deputy Director General for New Media & Rebranding
5. Mr. Thomas Guwor, Deputy Director General for Administration

VIII. The Board of the Liberia Broadcasting System
1. Minister of Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism, Chairperson
2. Ms. Olivia Shannon, Vice Chair
3. Cllr. Kwame Clement, Member
4. Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Member
5. Rev. Fr. Phillip W. Tickey, Member
6. Ms. Hawa Andrews, Member
7. Imam Mohammed M. Konneh, Member
8. Mr. Cyrus Wleh Badio, Member
9. Ms. Welma Campbell Mashinini Redd, Member
10. Cllr. Bushuben M Keita, Member.
11. Mr. Eugene L. Fahngon, Director General (LBS), Secretary and Non-Voting Member

IX. Independent Information Commission
1. Mr. Togar Joash Hodges, Commissioner
2. Ms. Lorpu P Page, Executive Director and Head of Secretariat

X. Board Members of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NAFAA)
1. Minister of Agriculture, Chairman
2. Ministry of National Defense, Statutory Member
3. Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Statutory Member
4. Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Statutory Member
5. Liberia Maritime Authority, Statutory Member
6. Director General (of NAFAA), Statutory Member Ex-officio, and Board Secretary with no voting rights.

XI. Ministry of Health
1. Dr. Catherine Thomas Cooper, Deputy Minister of Health Services

XII. John F. Kennedy Medical Center
The President has approved the appointment of the following individuals who were vetted and appointed by the Board of Directors of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center:

1. Dr. Linda Birch, Chief Executive Officer & General Administrator
2. ⁠Dr. John Emmanuel Tamba, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Health Services (Chief Medical Officer)
3. ⁠Mrs. Dama Yekeson Koffa, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Administration
These nominations supersede any previously published in similar agencies and positions.

President Boakai further calls on all those nominated and appointed to continue to demonstrate diligence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty in service to country.


Liberia Culture Ambassador Juli Endee Tours Providence Island with Assistant Minister Designate for Cultural Affairs of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism, Hon. Rufus Paul

Happy Bless Birthday To All The April 11th Celebrants To Include: Mrs. Tetee G. Gebro, Mr. Augustine M.  Manoballah, Ms....

Happy Bless Birthday To All The April 11th Celebrants To Include: Mrs. Tetee G. Gebro, Mr. Augustine M. Manoballah, Ms.Wilma Quitonic Bemah and Little Clarence Max Varney Horton II. Cheers To Many Fruitful Birthdays To Come.

"No Need To Panic ", CSA Boss Joekai Assures Civil Servants By: Julius Konton In the wake of mix views, fear and multipl...

"No Need To Panic ", CSA Boss Joekai Assures Civil Servants

By: Julius Konton

In the wake of mix views, fear and multiple reactions in the public about the ongoing process at the Civil Service Agency, The Director General of the Civil Service Agency Josiah Joekai has assured Civil Servants Nationwide that there is no need to panic as they are working on a number of measures to ensure the smooth employees status regularization process.

As part of that process, Mr. Joekai further announced the extension of the compliance process from ninety days to one hundred and twenty days which begun from April 2, 2024 to August 2, 2024 respectively.

The move he told reporters is to ensure that spending entities do the needful while the CSA will use the time frame to deploy the needed logistics and analysts in order to complete the process.

He said that since the process started, dozens of Civil Servants have been eager to regularize their status which he pointed out is the right thing to do.

"They have been inquiring daily about the steps and procedures in the regulatization process ", he added.

According to the CSA boss, the crucial exercise among other things is to enable the CSA to have accurate data for each employee with regards to their qualification and processing of pension as well as other benefits.

Providing some legal backings, he stated that Section 35 of the CSA standing order of 2012 provides, among other things, that personal action notice is a process for new employment, promotion and transfer among others.

However, he disclosed that his predecessors have violated such thereby creating the current problems which he described as a share responsibility one.

"I assure all Civil Servants affected by this problem that it is a share responsibility", he noted.

Mr. Joekai speaking further stressed that a bigger portion of the responsibility should be blame on government line Ministries and agencies for failing to comply with the crucial employment requirements while employees themselves should be blame for also failing to asked the necessary questions about their statuses.

He at the same time indicated that massive awareness through the media will be carried out nation wide to have the public adequately informed about the process.

Additionally, Mr. Joekai told reporters that they will share dates, timeliness and desiganted teams to begin the ex*****on process at all spending entities as he assured all Human Resources departments Heads that they will be informed in order have them adequately prepared for the process.

As the personel action notice compliance process is said to be continuing, the new CSA Head encourage all Civil Servants to comply with the requirement process which they are doing while also re-emphasizing that there is no need to panic because the CSA is working in their interest and for the betterment of Liberia at large.

He made these remarks when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday April 10, 2024 at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism regular press briefing.

CSA Boss Takes Drastic Action In Keeping With GAC Audit Report Of 2018- 2021 Which Uncovers Frauds, Financial Mismanagem...

CSA Boss Takes Drastic Action In Keeping With GAC Audit Report Of 2018- 2021 Which Uncovers Frauds, Financial Mismanagement Among Others

By: Julius Konton

The Director General of the Civil Service Agency Josiah Joekai has taken a number of gigantic actions in keeping with the 2018- 2021 General Auditing Commission's report , findings and recommendations respectively.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism regular press briefing on Wednesday April 10, 2021, Mr. Joekai told reporters that the January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2021 audit report uncovers financial Mismanagement, fraud, and waste.

According to him, the auditor General alledgedly presented such report with findings and recommendations included but was not implemented by the Weah's led administration.

The recommendations he stated were divided into segments with some requiring a multisector approach while majority needed a simple and straight forward action which and alledgedly, former President George Weah failed to implement.

As a means of implementing the auditor General recommendations, the CSA boss said that the CSA will place a moratorium on 122 employees across 20 line Ministries and agencies salaries as of April for illegally and fraudulently sharing bank accounts which cost the government to lost about 30, 795.09cents USD monthly for said discrepancies.

The CSA at the same time encourage those concerned to form part of a month verification process if not the affected people will be permanently removed from the government's payroll as of May 2024.

The decision was reached following an audit report conducted by the GAC from 2018- 2021 respectively.

The audit report in two instances for scenario one shows that one employee with the same name, same National Identification Registry number , same date of birth is listed twice under the same entity with the same position but with one bank account and a single bank , this the CSA head described as double dipping , meaning the employee along receiving two salaries.

As for scenario two, he explained according to the GAC's audit report that two different individuals have the same bank account number, different positions and are working in the same entity , this he said was ghosts names representing ghosts employees who are not working but are receiving salaries .

During the audit report he stressed that mobile money payments were made to 127 individuals whose names on the GSM mobile numbers were different from the names on the payroll.

According to him the government is losing 12, 040.14cents USD and 550, 852.70LD monthly. In order words he said people are being paid for services they did not render.

As part of the CSA latest decision all individuals concerns will not receive salaries as of April and should participate in a one month verification process if not as of May 2024, their names will be removed from the government's payroll.

Speaking more, he pointed out that the audit report also Uncovered that 9287 employees representing 13.7% of employees records across 91 spending entities were not available for the physical verification process during the audit something he stated shows that payments were made to ghosts employees leading to fraud, waste and misappropriation.

Mr. Joekai told reporters that said action caused the government to lose 3, 764, 204 usd monthly and as a result of such, a comprehensive verification for a period of one month will be done and after which, anyone who fails to comply, their names will be removed from the government's payroll.

The CSA Boss commended development partners to include, US government, the European Union, the Swedish government and the World Bank Groups for supporting such vital comprehensive payroll compliance audit process.

It can be recalled six years ago that the public sector modernization project was implemented by the Civil Service Agency and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning including other spending entities of government.

The overall goal was a major reform to ensure prudent public financial management.

Among other things, an integral part of the PSMP was the National payroll management and central system to ensure accountability and transparency in the usage of public funds to pay government employees.


Success A. Minor Foundation Identified with the Muslim community of district #13.

Picnic Styled Movie Night

Picnic Styled Movie Night


MICAT Press Briefing:

CSA Director General Josiah Joekai Addresses The Press, Provides Current Updates On Progress Made On The Payroll Verification Process At The Civil Service Agency (CSA)


QUIZZING: "Pleebo Inter-High Schools Quizzing Tournament hosted by the Young Energetic Scholars Association (YESA), held at the Pleebo City Hall, Pleebo, Maryland County. VIDEO 2

Date: April 10, 2024

President Boakai Declares Friday, April 12, ‘National Fast and Prayer Day’; To Be Observed as a National Holiday By: Jul...

President Boakai Declares Friday, April 12, ‘National Fast and Prayer Day’; To Be Observed as a National Holiday

By: Julius Konton

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has by Proclamation declared Friday, April 12, 2024, as “National Fast and Prayer Day” and is to be observed throughout Liberia as a National Holiday.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the Day is to be observed as a Day of supplication, prayer, fasting and meditation so that our efforts as people may be crowned with great achievements to the common cause of the Nation, the State, and its humanity.

The Proclamation further calls upon all Prelates, Priests, Elders, Deacons, Evangelists, Imams, and all residents, regardless of religious creed, to gather with one accord in their places of worship, in each city, town, village, hamlet and home within the territorial confines of the Republic of Liberia, in simple and non-costly apparel to fast, pray and meditate from 8 o’clock in the morning.

The release says all public offices and business houses as well as market places are to remain closed during the observance, while all citizens and foreign residents will cease from their usual daily occupations and avocations in recognition of God’s love and guidance.

“Through the patience and unwavering commitment to democratic principles, Liberians turned up on Election Day in large numbers and exercised their right to vote peacefully that laid the groundwork for the country’s second democratic transfer of power in over 70 years; the resilience of Liberia’s democratic institutions was instrumental to achieving this milestone and serves as an example for the region and the world”, the Proclamation stresses.

The Proclamation further recalls there have been unusual and extraordinary outbreaks of natural phenomenon and man-provoked national crises that have caused much harm, devastation, and destruction in many parts of the world from which our Nation has been spared by the Grace of God.

The Proclamation recounts that there are large numbers of the nation’s kith and kin living in uncertain conditions in the Diaspora, and the need for remembrance in prayers of those who have made the supreme sacrifice remains unfulfilled.

The Presidential Proclamation stresses that the people of Liberia have always submitted themselves, in humble supplication to the Almighty God for guidance and protection as well as for peace in their national life and affairs.

The Proclamation is in consonance with the Patriotic and Cultural Observances Law of the Republic of Liberia, Chapter one, declaring the second Friday in April of each year as a “National Fast and Prayer Day”, as a day of fasting and prayer for the prosperity of the nation.




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