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Breaking News The Leadership of the Press Union of Liberia has received an action of injunction and a Declarative Judgem...

Breaking News

The Leadership of the Press Union of Liberia has received an action of injunction and a Declarative Judgement on the ongoing congress of the Union.

The leadership is working with her lawyers to lift the injunction for the conduct of the 2022 election of the Union on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

The leadership is therefore asking all Journalists to remain calm as the legal issues are being addressed.

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Press Released By Julius Kullie Kanubah:Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, fellow colleagues, and Comrade Leaders.It is ...

Press Released
By Julius Kullie Kanubah:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, fellow colleagues, and Comrade Leaders.It is a pleasure seeing and speaking with you all today. We have called you to address some fundamental issues regarding the 2022 Congress of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL).

The Congress of the PUL is a Constitutional necessity, required every three years. Article 10 of the PUL Constitution, running from Section 1 through Section 9 articulate the functions, roles, responsibilities, structures and schedule of the Congress. Section 2 of Article 10 states that, “Congress shall meet in the second week of November every three years for not less than one day and not more than three days knowing full well that the last day of Congress shall be the second Saturday of November.”

The current leadership of Charles Coffey and Daniel Nyakonah has been struggling to convene the 2022 Congress of our Union. Just last week, the Coffey–Nyakonah leadership unilaterally postponed the Congress, using the publicly declared National Census Day (Friday) as an alibi. This postponement was done without our input as leading candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of our Union.

Notwithstanding, the Coffey – Nyakonah leadership, through Musa Kenneh, released a statement falsely claiming that as candidates, we were consulted. That was and is a blatant lie by the Coffey – Nyakonah leadership along with Musa Kenneh. In postponing the Congress, it was announced that this week, from 17 to 19 November, the Congress would be held. Key to the convening of any Congress of the PUL is the Membership Register since the Congress, as “the supreme decision-making body of the UNION”, brings together “the entire membership.” As of this press conference today, the outgoing Coffey – Nyakonah leadership has failed to produce and publish any credible Membership Register of the PUL for 2022, despite occupying and serving the Union for nine (9) solid years.

Their failure is similar to the ugly situation of 2019, which, based on a fraudulent Membership Register, led to a rigged electoral process even before the day of voting; thereby producing an illegitimate leadership. In the face of the repeated systematic violations of the Constitution of the PUL in relation to the convening of the 2022 Congress by the Coffey – Nyakonah leadership, we would like to again inform and urge all our supporters, members of the Press Union of Liberia, and those interested in the democratic development of the PUL and Liberia to stay put and stay clear of any and all activities surrounding the 2022 PUL Congress. Staying put and staying clear of the Congress means, please do not venture going to Gbarnga as yet, as doing so, would amount to condoning and crowning an illegitimate process, characterized by fraud and being orchestrated by what is revealing itself to be a network of fraudsters.

There are several germane issues we have flagged out regarding the 2022 PUL Congress:First, the membership registration was characterized by irregularities amounting to fraud.Second, the Membership Committee, which is a permanent/standing committee of our Union, has not officially published the Final Membership Register of 2022. What was published under the signature of the Membership Committee Chair, Ms Fabine Kwiah, was the provisional Membership Register.Third, we have seen the release of several membership listing since 07 October. One listing had a membership of 1,372; followed by a list of 1,410, and an addendum of 36.Fourth, the latest Membership Register or what is being referred to as the Voter Roll was released on 13 November 2022 under the signatures of Carolyn Myers-Zoduah, Chairperson of the 2022 PUL Congress Committee, and Attorney-at-Law Ade Wede Kekuleh, Chairperson of the 2022 PUL Elections and Inauguration Committee.Unlike the previous provisional membership registers, the current register or voter roll has a total of 1,426 persons.

We do not know how this number was produced and how the number increased over time. Yet these persons listed are deemed as Full Members of our Union, meaning they are considered as eligible to participate in the 2022 PUL Congress and to vote in the Union 2022 elections.Disturbingly, however, we have found that the Voter Roll (Membership Register) has not been disaggregated in line with Article 10 Section 7 of the PUL Constitution. Article 10 Section 7 states that: “The Membership Committee, with the approval of the PUL leadership, shall publish in not less than two local dailies registered members of the Union not later than 30 days before Congress. Lists of all registered members of the Union shall be disaggregated into categories of membership; males and females; due paying and non-due paying (delinquent) members; editors, reporters, etc.” Article 4 Section 1 spells out the Membership Categories of the Union. It says, (i) Full Membership of the PUL shall be granted to Liberian journalists who hold degree(s) in journalism or mass communication from a recognized institution and have practiced for two years. (ii) Full membership shall also be granted journalist with degree(s) in any other discipline who have practiced for a minimum of three years. (iii) Full Membership shall also be granted to journalist who have practiced for five years with recognized and accredited media institutions, employed by or freelancing with either electronic or print media institutions.”

Troublingly also, we have found that the current Voter roll (Membership Register) is flooded with non-journalists and individuals who have not met the eligibility criteria to hold Full Membership of our Union. But also, the Fabine Kwiah Membership Committee is not aware of the latest Voter Roll.Fifth, in releasing the new Membership Register, the names of several eligible journalists, media workers and communication professional who have expressed their unflinching support to us, have been removed without due process. This an act intended to disenfranchise and suppress legitimate members of the PUL.But also, we have the case of several journalists whose ID cards have been seized by the PUL leadership because these journalists are deemed to be supporters of us and desirous for change.

Considering the above points and the repeated ignoring of our calls for an independent panel to audit the 2022 Membership Register of the PUL, we would like our supporters and members of the PUL to remain where they are until they can hear from us on the next steps. We should say we are exploring all available avenues to ensure the right thing is done in the interest of our Union. To this end, we call on relevant civil society organizations including the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) as well as the National Elections Commission to intervene by prevailing on the Coffey – Nyakonah leadership to do the right thing by refraining from hosting an illegitimate Congress. We are also asking the National Elections Commission (NEC) not to participate in facilitating the 2022 PUL Elections as doing so would amount to an assault on the democratic process and to condoning acts of fraud in the PUL which should be a democratic institution.

Thank you!

BayJay Sports NewsBy Bobby Z KorboiRivercess County Steering Committee  has appointed Sam Johnson as Sporting Director o...

BayJay Sports News
By Bobby Z Korboi

Rivercess County Steering Committee has appointed Sam Johnson as Sporting Director of Rivercess County ahead of the upcoming 2022-2023 NCSM.

Johnson was appointed early on Thursday, 17 November at the team's practice session.

Meanwhile, Sam Johnson said he feel proud to serve his County and use the medium to call on all Citizens of Rivercess County to support the team.

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Former LISGIS Deputy Director General for Statistics and Data Processing, G. Alex M. Williams  has alarmed over he and h...

Former LISGIS Deputy Director General for Statistics and Data Processing, G. Alex M. Williams has alarmed over he and his family safety amid his revelations about corruption at LISGIS.

Alex alleged that Finance Minister Samuel Tweah has intentionally stolen money intended for the operations of LISGiS, something he noted, stalled the ongoing census.

In an official post via his social media page, Alex called on the international community to ensure his safety along with his family.

“Dear Liberians and the International Community, Please permit me to inform you all that my family and kids lives are at risk. Our people and the International Community must come in and save them. I did nothing wrong and my family must not be targeted”.

Alex noted that unknown people are after his family including his kids life. “They are forcing my kids mom to show my whereabouts and speak ills about me otherwise she and the kids will be harmed. My own friend Eriah Gbah is being used in this process as he placed a call to her this morning to do so. A few minutes ago she just sent me the text message as seen in the screenshot. Her number is +231775942881 or 0886484861. Please reach out to her now and help save my innocent kids and family life", Alex noted.

The former LISGIS Deputy DG has been lately spewing what he termed as bomb of information relating to hardcore corruption currently ongoing as the Country’s Statistics house. He resigned two days before Pres George Weah sacked Him and Wilmot Smith, acting head of LISGIS on account of administrative reasons.

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Former Liberia's Vice has expressed dismay over the conduct of the 2022 National Population and Housing Census.Addressin...

Former Liberia's Vice has expressed dismay over the conduct of the 2022 National Population and Housing Census.

Addressing the nation in an Elaborate Press Statement, Ambassador Joseph Bokai said the National Population and Housing Census has being marred by controversies,characterized by outright corruption and lack of well defined policies.
He explained that acts of gross mismanagement and unaccountability of budgetary funds at LISGIS noting that such corrupt acts have undermined the process that is very crucial to the nation and its partners for national development purposes.

The Opposition Unity Party Political Leader then encouraged Liberians to cooperate with enumerators during the Counting process stating that two wrongs can't make a right and being counted is a patriotic duty.

VP Bokai however added that the dismissed officials should and all persons associated with fraudulent acts be immediately prosecuted and held accountable for funds misused.

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For Immediate Release Monrovia, November 17, 2022: The Government's attention has been drawn to a story in the online pu...

For Immediate Release

Monrovia, November 17, 2022: The Government's attention has been drawn to a story in the online publication Smart News, which reports that some Liberians have threatened to stage a protest action targeted specifically at U.S. Ambassador Michael McCarthy.

According to the objectionable story, callers on a radio program voiced sentiments that were deemed inciteful and insolent against the U.S. diplomat. The Liberian government strongly denounces any action that will threaten violence or hurt the strong diplomatic and historic ties that exist between both nations, and herewith distances itself from all such comments and intended actions.

While the Weah-led administration is an ardent promoter of free speech and freedom of the press, for which it has pushed through legislations to guarantee this fundamental right, there are clear safeguards intended to protect the public's interest.

The government therefore wants to make it categorically clear that it will not condone any such protest action and insolent comments, regardless who the organizers are, as its ultimate intention is to incite certain segments of the population for parochial reasons.

Liberia has always welcomed alternative views on the state of governance of the country, including those from its international and diplomatic partners which have helped in improving the country's democratic credentials. Therefore, the government sees any such protest or insolent comments against the U.S. diplomat as inimical to the national and international interest of Liberia.

The government urges the media to help champion an all-inclusive approach towards the promotion of the concept of global governance, instead of serving as a conduit to rile up the public against well-intentioned international and diplomatic counsel about the governance issues of the country.

Ledgerhood J.Rennie

Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism (MICAT)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPJSL wishes to announce and introduce its standard Professional Journalism Lecture and Research Boo...


PJSL wishes to announce and introduce its standard Professional Journalism Lecture and Research Book.

PJSL JOURNALISM ART ( Book of Journalism)

The Professional Journalism School of Liberia a (PJSL), announced and introduce its standard Journalism and Research Lecture book for students and practicing Journalists in and out of the Country..

The Lectures are in there (3) categories:

Freshman content the following..
★ Introduction to Journalism
★ Broadcast Journalism
★ Writing and Reporting for radio ( The ears)
★ Judicial Reporting I
★ Legislative Reporting
★ News Writing and Reporting

Junior Lecture Content the following:

★ Investigate Journalism
★ Public Relations (PR)
★ Media Law and Ethics
★ Judicial Reporting II
★ Television Production
★ News Editing
★ Health Journalism

Senior Lecture content the following:
★ Political Reporting
★ Health Journalism II
★ Multimedia Journalism
★ Feature News Writing and Reporting
★ Photo Journalism.

PJSL appreciates the follow instructors for their contribution towards this successful Journalism ART:

† Adam Togba
† Caesar Slapeh
† K Siaka Stevens
† Courage JC Mulbah
† P Simom Ribarcess
†Jimmy Brimah
† Rachel Gbeangbay Kollie

At the same time, the Board of Directors through its chairman Togba is pleased to announce 50 copies of this ( Standard Professional Journalism Lecture Books) to 15 Radio stations in the 15 Counties

This Standard Professional Journalism Lecture Book will be distributed through the Press Union of Libraria(PUL) to enable rural Journalists live up with the standard of Journalism..

Meanwhile, There will be a one day special training for Journalists covering the upcoming (2023) General and Presidency Election in Liberia under the Theme" Knowing the law and Media Ethics".

The Lecture Books is sale us$20

Professional Journalism School of Liberia, PJSL
Morning Star Compound.
Email: [email protected]
Contact# 0770279406/0886105905

Breaking NewsSenate  Confirmed  Chief Justice Designate The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has unanimously confirmed Her...

Breaking News

Senate Confirmed Chief Justice Designate

The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has unanimously confirmed Her Honor, Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh as ChiefJustice of the Republic of Liberia

Twenty (20) Memebers of the Senate voted for Justice Yuoh to be confirmed, Five (5) Senators voted against, one with abstaining.

The Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims and Petition recommended the nominee to be confirmed based on her unquestionable character, qualification and experience.

Following the vote count, Grand Gedeh County Senator, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue filed in a motion for reconsideration to be tried before the final decision of the Liberian Senate.

Source: The Liberian Senate







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