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Cummings Gets More Endorsement Promised Better Health, Education Systems.By Deltin DorleyThe political leader and standa...

Cummings Gets More Endorsement Promised Better Health, Education Systems.

By Deltin Dorley

The political leader and standard bearer of the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP) Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, has received more endorsement for Liberia Presidency from citizens and residents of Electoral District 4 and 6 Montserrado County.

Speaking to partisans,and supporters of the CPP over the weekend the CPP political Leader noted that over the years had managed Billions of Dollars companies all over the world and have achieved better results.

Mr. Cummings added that the Liberian economy can create more jobs opportunities For Liberians and improve the Health, Education and security sectors.

The CPP political Leader said many politicians have lied to the people of Liberia over the years calling on them to be very careful in the upcoming Elections, He added that he will work to introduce a National Youth Service that will help the country and its people.

" No Body Stupid Here ,” Mr. Cummings repeatedly told the gathering.
The CPP Political Leader also assured the Women of Liberia that under his administration the Business Community will be given loans so they can grow their businesses and we will also try to make sure that Liberian produce are exported as that will help to grow the Economy of Liberia.

He told the residents that when elected as President of Liberia in 2023, he will make sure that tha the President Weah government is audited and he will also empower the LACC, IAA and other auditing agencies for accountability to the people.

"There will be zero tolerance for impunity under my Administration as I can tell you for sure the rule of law will be high on my agenda.” CPP political Leader added

He pointed out that teachers in Public and Private schools,his Administration will make sure to invest in teachers and every Liberian who works for the government as well as in the private sector by subsidizing all private schools.

According to the CPP political leader Security and the rule of law is the Foundation for any Nation adding that his administration will train and pay security at all times.

"Land we will make sure that the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) is funded to help them do their jobs well by doing that it will help put end to the illegal sale of lands in Liberia.” CPP political Leader added

Speaking at Worship Service at the Christ Embassy Church on Duport Road, Mr. Cummings acknowledged the critical role the Church play in providing skills to many young women and expressed his commitment to work with the Church by pledging L$100,000 to the church Vocational School project.
During the Districts tour, hundreds of Residents came in their numbers to welcome the CPP political Leader and his team at the Duport Road Baptist sport pitch and other points in district 6 Montserrado County.

Also speaking some young people from the National Patriotic Movement in district 6 also endorsed the Presidential Bid of Mr. Cummings and Representative Aspirant Martian Saye Kollah for the upcoming election selected for next year.
According to Leadership of the movement they are working in six counties in Liberia that is presenting the key of the District to both Cummings and Kollah.

CPP Standard Bearer thanks the young people and said the youth represent the future of Liberia. He also presented 20 pieces solar light to the community for the smooth operation of the Community.

At District Six Central Mosque, Mr. Cummings encouraged Muslims to pray for the nation as Liberians gear up for the 2023 presidential and legislative elections because Liberia needs real change.

For his part Mr. Ansu Bility called on the CPP Standard Bearer not to compromise the hopes of the young people in when he is elected President of Liberia.

The CDC Royal Guard chairman added that his group was not liability to the CDC of President George Weah in 201, and will not be a liability to the CPP in 2023 as they presented the amount of 10,000 LRD toward the efforts of CPP.


CPP Political Leader Speaks To Liberian After Endorsement at the Right-To-Play Junction


IV. Drive-through visit to the District 6 Central Mosque to greet Muslim leaders and inspect renovation works on the mosque that he contributed to


CPP Receive two major endorsements at the Balawala Field on GSA Road


Brief Rally and Commissioning of 750 campaign mobilizers at the Du-Port Road Baptist Church Football Field



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Amb.Togar G. McIntosh Speak To The Press


Remarks By Daniel Nyakonah After SWAL Endorsement Of His Press Union-of Liberia Presidency


Hon. Yekeh Kulobah speaks to the media on nation issues


One Day Stakeholders Consultantion Meeting On Safe Homes


Special Interview With Post And Telecommunication Minister Of Liberia Hon. Cooper Kruah


Monrovia City Government Employed Over 1,000 Contractors After Intensive Training


Special Interview With Rev. Joseph T. Lampkins, Principal Of The Maggie Lampkins Institute

President Weah Arrives in Tangier for MEDays Forum 2022Tangier, Morocco – His Excellency, Dr. George Manneh Weah has arr...

President Weah Arrives in Tangier for MEDays Forum 2022

Tangier, Morocco – His Excellency, Dr. George Manneh Weah has arrived in the Moroccan City of Tangier for the MEdays International Forum’s 14th Edition. President Weah arrived at the Ibn Battouta International Airport on the evening of Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

The Liberian Leader was invited by the King of Morocco, King Mohamed VI, to attend and address the MEdays International Forum.

Dr. Weah will be among 200 renowned speakers at this year's Forum dubbed "the DAVOS of Africa" and held November 2-5 under the theme, “From Crises to Crisis: Towards a New World Order?"

He will address the Forum on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.


The Liberian Chief Executive is expected to hold a series of bilateral and multilateral meetings with his counterparts and business executives including the President of Cape Verde, King of Morocco and the President of the Amadeus Institute, organizer of MEdays International Forum.

The 14th Edition brings together over 5000 participants and will create an opportunity to discuss the main geopolitical, economic and social issues facing the planet, including conflicts and instability in Africa, tensions in the Indo-Pacific, food and energy crises, inflation, and climate change.

Participants include other African and world leaders, members of government, business leaders, investors, researchers, journalists and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

The MEdays Investments Summit will also be launched during the forum.

While the President is out of the country, the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Musa Dean, will act as chair of the cabinet in collaboration with the Vice President, Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor and in touch with the President by phone.

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President George Weah Departs Liberia For Morocco

President Weah Accentuates Importance, Benefits of Africa Public Accounts ManagementFARMINGTON, MARGIBI COUNTY - The Pre...

President Weah Accentuates Importance, Benefits of Africa Public Accounts Management

FARMINGTON, MARGIBI COUNTY - The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has spoken highly of the importance of the Africa Organization of Public Accounts Committees (AFROPAC) and its benefits for citizens across the African Continent.

AFROPAC, which was founded about a decade ago, is holding its 4th Meeting and Symposium in Liberia to review progress and proffer fresh ideas and benchmarks as to how Africa conducts and manages public finances.

The 4th Meeting and Symposium is being held under the theme "Collect Comprehensively, Borrow Wisely, Spend Efficiently: Public Finance in the Pandemic Recovery."

Addressing the Symposium Monday, October 31, 2022, President Weah said like other countries, Liberia stands to accrue from the fair, transparent and accountable management of public accounts across the African Continent.

President Weah briefly reflected on the founding of the organization, stating, "I'm informed that AFROPAC was founded almost a decade ago with the vision to be the voice of all legislative and parliamentary public accounts Committees on the African Continent, for the purpose of promoting transparency and accountability through the PAN African network of parliamentary committee to structure budgets and other public accounts."

The Liberian Leader acknowledged the objective of creating a unified structure of public accounts across the Continent is to regulate all parliamentary oversights of public expenditure, describing it is an important undertaking that gives rise to opportunities to share knowledge benchmarks and best practices to African peer review and exchanges.

"This network leads to increased prosperity for all our citizens and as they stand to gain immense benefits from greater transparency and accountability in the management of public finances," the LIberian Chief Executive further noted.

He expressed profound gratitude to the Liberia's Public Accounts Committee for ensuring the hosting of the 4th Symposium in Liberia and inviting him to participate.

On behalf of the Government and people of Liberia and in my own name, I welcome you all to Liberia," President Weah stated, wishing the delegates well in their deliberations towards the fruitful holding of the 4th Meeting and Symposium in Liberia.
Credit Foxx TV


Special Interview With Friends of Hon. Nelson Siafa Kollie District Number 5, Montserrado County

LISGIS Training Facilitators Demand Benefits-Threaten To Halt Future ActivitiesMaryland, Liberia, October 30, 2022-Train...

LISGIS Training Facilitators Demand Benefits-Threaten To Halt Future Activities

Maryland, Liberia, October 30, 2022-Trainers of Traineeswho recently served as facilitators for the just ended training for enumerators ahead of the conduct of the controversial 2022 National Population and Housing CENSUS are demanding their benefits.

The secretary general and the chairman of the Maryland Chapter of the training of trainers of the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo -Information Services, Nicodemus C. Chuwah and Albert Seeka Jr. in a press statement frowned at the conduct of the upcoming Census.

"Trainers of Trainees-TOT( People who were trained by LISGIS to serve as facilitators to enumerators for the purpose of the CENSUS) of Maryland Chapter frowns at the conduct of this 2022 Population and Housing CENSUS, and want to speak to issues surrounding our benefits" the LISGIS TOT stated.

The Trainers of Trainees in Maryland County according to the statement, have met and concluded on several issues as mentioned below.

I. That Maryland as one of the host counties WILL NOT accept any amount order than the five hundred united states dollars (US500.00) we signed for as sitting fees
II. That the amount to be received as facilitators following the 5 days training of prospective enumerators be known and meet our expectation.

The group indicated that failure on the part of LISGIS to acknowledge their concerns, they can promise thatthere will be no training for enumerators in the county,there will be no CENSUS conducted in the Countyno LISGIS vehicle will leave Maryland County until their demands are met.

That both the TOT training fees and the Enumerators training fees for facilitators should be paid at once before the post-test is administered a legal contract should be signed between LISGIS and all assigned facilitators in Maryland County to ascertain their wages or benefits.

Therefore, the TOT Maryland chapter has called on the central and/or the head office of LISGIS through the local office in the county to probe into the matter of serious concern.

"As we aspire to conduct a successful NPHC, which has been shown in our commitment, and level of high work. It is our wish that the requisite LISGIS authority will timely and speedily address our plight" the group warned.

Credit. DC TV


72nd Political Party SPP Political Leader Speaks To The Press


Lofa County District Number #3 Representative Clarence Massaquio Hembeh Clan Development Association (HCDA) Induction And Fund Raising Program


Lofa County Senator Stephen Zargo Remarks At The Hembeh Clan Development Association (HCDA) Induction And Fund Raising Program


Induction And Fund Raising Program Of Hembeh Clan Development Association (HCDA)

Lawmaker Denies Money Laundering -Threatens Legal, Legislative Actions CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA – A Liberian lawmaker has ...

Lawmaker Denies Money Laundering
-Threatens Legal, Legislative Actions

CAPITOL HILL, MONROVIA – A Liberian lawmaker has denied being a money launderer, terming publication from a local daily as damaging to his character, threatening to take legal and legislative actions against his accuser.

“I have never been involved in money-laundering, and I am not involved in money-laundering,” Representative Gunpue Kargon of Nimba County District#4, boiling with anger, said to a team of legislative reporters at a news conference in Monrovia a fortnight ago.

“I have no idea on what has been reported in the newspaper. This story is false and misleading, and we have already consulted our lawyer on the steps we intend to take in this matter.”

The Nimba legislator also claimed he was never contacted prior to the publication of the story. “They never contacted me. I don’t even know this newspaper; neither do I know their location. It is my first time hearing about them.”

But when contacted, Kargon’s accuser stood firm by its publication, rejecting his claim that he was never contacted prior to the release of the mouthwatering story.

“We called him (Representative Kargon) many times but he did not pick our calls. We called him last week’s Tuesday and Wednesday. We also texted him but he did not respond to our queries,” said Chester Smith, Managing Editor of the Independent Probe Newspaper which now sits in the middle of the money-laundering publication fracas.

Liberian Network did see evidence (whatsApp text messages) of the newspaper’s contact with the lawmaker prior to its publication.

Smith also insisted his institution stands by its story, insisting, “We have the facts. In fact, we have more revelations coming out on this lawmaker soon.”

Nimba County District#4 Lawmaker Gunpue Kargon addresses legislative reporters at
a news Conference on Monday, 24, October 2022. Liberian Network/Varney Kamara

On October 21, 2022, Independent Probe’s report linked Representative Kargon to a money-laundering spree. The paper said its leaked audio from an accomplice detailed how the lawmaker has procured four containers of Liberian counterfeits from Dubai, leaving the northeastern Liberian legislator shattered.

“This issue borders on my credibility and hard-earned reputation. We are going to officially write the Press Union of Liberia to do an investigation into this matter. We are giving the Union a five-day ultimatum to look into this matter to be able to render justice,” he said, warning, “If nothing is done about it, we will seek legal course in order to end this media blackmail.”

The publication came barely a week after the government arrested a huge sum of counterfeit Liberian banknotes. On 14 October 2022, custom officers at the Robert International Airport (RIA) confiscated LD1.3 million counterfeit Liberian banknotes involving a local official of the government, sending out troubling signals and worries about the vulnerability of the country’s newly printed banknotes.

Following the report, criminal investigators of the Liberia National Police are said to be gathering preliminary findings into the matter, according to a police source who asked not to be named because of the nature of the matter.

Money laundering is the camouflage of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by means of transfers involving foreign banks or underground business institutions. It is a crime under the Liberian banking law (financial institutions act).

If found culpable, Representative Kargon risks paying a huge fine or may face a jail sentence. The law debars any unlicensed business or individuals from transferring money outside of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) legally prescribed banking system, setting aside LD100, 000 fines for a person convicted, or are imprisoned for a term of up to four years, including confiscating the unlawfully acquired money.

On the other hand, the newspaper could be sued for label, or blackmail, among other charges, if it fails to produce evidence establishing the lawmaker’s involvement in the reported money laundering, and its consequence can range from payment of damage for character assassination to years of jail sentence, according to legal scholars.

Meantime, the social costs of money laundering can be immense. These include allowing drug traffickers, smugglers, and other criminal to expand operations and the transfer of economic power from the market, government, and citizens to criminals, experts say. In extreme cases, money laundering can lead to a complete collapse of democratic systems.

Money laundering can also result to the undermining of the legitimate private sector, integrity of financial markers, loss of control of economic policy, economic distortion and instability, loss of revenue, as well as posing risks to privatization efforts, according to analysis by the US Department of Justice.

Note: This is story is trending. We will continue to update the public as it unfolds.

Credit. By Varney Kamara


Lawrence Dayougar Speaks To Press At The End Of Paynesville Youth Summit


Rep. Thomas Goshua - Grand Bassa County, District #5 Representative Speak to the Press on Drugs abuse


Liberia President George Weah Remarks At The Paynesville Youth Summit


'Do not Be Complacent', Amin Modad Admonishes T-SAP Graduates

The administration of the Salvation Army Polytechnic in Sinkor Monrovia has graduated scores of students with both Associate degrees and Diplomas.

Some of the students obtained diplomas in Technical and Vocational Education while others obtained associate degrees in various disciplines.

The event took place Friday, November 21 at the Army Command office on 17th street Sinkor .

Liberian Businessman turned Politician Amin Modad told graduates that their graduation from the polytechnic should not make them feel that their time of challenges in life is over, instead they have just begun the struggle.

He said they are going into a Liberia where getting a Job for employment is difficult and as search, they need to be strong and fight for their space in life.

He disclosed that life is about choices people make and if the graduates have made up their minds for a specific career they need to be focused.

Mr. Modad however praised the parents of the graduates for their efforts in supporting their children at the polytechnic, adding that the choices made by their parents were in the right direction.

“I however admonished you not to be complacent about your graduation today. You have just only crossed the first major hurt in your life. Now you have the support of your parents family and friends. I will not stand here and tell you that life will be easy as it has been for you thus far.

Liberia is at a crossroads once again. The economy is declining, quality education and healthcare are scarce and costly, good-paying jobs are hard to find and the cost of living is increasing every day.

As you become more and more responsible for yourself and others you will be confronted by setbacks, failure and disappointments, but I assure you today your graduation is a testament to the many possibilities, and your capacity to see them as challenges”, he said.

Modad wants the government of Liberia to build the capacities of the younger generation by providing and building their technical capacities.

“Why there are many issues affecting our educational system, we need to understand that at this period in our lives and our nation's history academy of former education is a small part of our nation, we need to build the more viable, vibrant and technical skills workforce and provide opportunities for you to grow beyond these certificates, diplomas and associate degrees.

We have a lot of former academy degree holders in our society, many people who are aging without jobs who are not contributing anything to our growth and transformation.

Many of these degrees have no relevance to where we are as a people and where we want to be as a people”, He disclosed.

The former ruling Unity Party Chairman wonders why not many Liberians focus on other developmental courses but rather study public administration and other courses that are not “relevance” to the growth of the country.

“Why is everyone pursuing law and public administration degrees when we don’t have skills engineers, electricians, carpenters, agriculturists, hotel managers, teachers, until our national cautiousness and our aspirations are in line with our long terms national agenda we are not going anywhere and poverty will be in the trench.

We need to understand that our comparative advantage lies in our society and our economy in our resources, we have armory, rainfall, fertile soil and enough fishes in our waters. Now we don’t have farms and improved value addition sites.

We are still inputting rice, edible oil and other things that can be locally produced here in Liberia.

Our economy is still in the hands of foreigners, why do we anticipate an increase in a building when the economy improves, an increase in road works and an expansion of service industries, we are still inputting manpower from neighboring countries to address the skills and professional gap in our society.

This is why I am so pleased to see you graduating with degrees and training in technical areas., he praised graduates of the polytechnic.

This graduation is not only celebrating your passages, but it is also celebrating the decision each of you has made to be more than ordinary and to play a relevant role in your country.

As you go out there, I challenge you to search for personal and professional goals beyond your expectations and continue to pursue that, but the key lesson that I will leave you with today is that in order to achieve all your goals you must also be mindful of value for yourselves”.

For his part, the president of the Salvation Army Polytechnic, Dr. Emmanuel Urey Yarkpawolo congratulated the graduates and admonished them to remain focused on their careers as they go all out into society.

Prof. Urey Yarkpawolo at the same time lorded parents of the graduates for their efforts in supporting their children, adding that their graduation was just the beginning of their joining to a greater level in life.







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