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Augustus Wolo Quotes Motivational times This is where u get inspire n motivated to do greatness


Listen to be great God does not need your identity he needs your patience and your willingness to understand his ways.


U don't need the world to believe in you all u need is u to believe in yourself.


distance your thoughts from failure n fear create a fighting mind n don't Juz fight but learn from those that are fighting n winning, learn the winning tactics so that when you start fighting u can use the winning tactics to win n learn from those that are losing so that u won't be a loser.


Never fight because someone insulted ur mother never fight bcuz u got into arguments with someone n never fight for anything that is not worth fighting for always fight bcuz u want to see the change in your country n the world at large cuz these are fight u built ur legacy on.


No matter how often circumstances come the will always be many chances do don't be afraid of problem cuz u can over ride some of ur problems n bcome victorious.


If ur vision does not have the ability to make u rich or transform lives positively then the is no need to get a vision..


Poverty is not only when u are financially disabled but is when u are mentally poor though u have money but ur ideas are not fruitful towards the lives that around u n the world.


Never allow ur mistakes ruin ur happiness n ur efforts toward success.


Always fight to be victorious cuz within ur victories the exist another person destiny's.


The strength of a lion does not exist in the teeth or claw it exist in the mind that's the reason it can not be threaten by fear whenever ur source of power exist in ur mind u can not be threaten by failure but u can be moved by achievement.


Everyday pepo praying for good health n long life but they still do things that will threaten the health like smoking, drinking n haven unsaved s*x stop that cuz to have a good health u must do good things for ur health. How u ever seen plane fly's without a pilot?


Beat these four thoughts off ur mind Poverty, Weakness, impossibility n fear n welcome these five thoughts in ur mind riches,strength, possibility, courage n action cuz u have to get a positive mind to achieve a positive goal.


The sizes of ur outfit does not determining how much knowledge u have acquired or will acquire so don't be carry away by what they say bout ur outfit keep gaining knowledge n keep winning.


Be thirsty to make positive impact cuz at the end pepo will be thirsty to hear ur testimony.


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Work! For nothing good come easy, even a horse walk 30 miles some time just to get water. Once you are on your hundred miles that will get you at your distinated area. Don't hesitate to walk, run, and to be swift with tireless effort.
If we really do our due diligent, it was woman who invented Math. Chai!! Addition + Multiplication + Subtraction+ Division = Woman. I'll explain later