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sample problems on Electric field;
1 find the electric field, if a charge of 2nc attracts another charge with the same magnitude when it is put in the field at a distance of 2cm.
Soln, data
E=F(on q)/q' or E=kq/(d² or r²)
We can use the second formula


# Topic electric field (mathematical)
in terms of test charge(q');
E=F(on q)/q' unit=N/C or E
such that E= electric field(unit-N/C), F=force(unt-N), q=source charge(unit-C) & q'=test charge(unit-C)
But note that the force=kqq'/r²
K=electrostatic constant (9×10^9Nm²/C²), r=the distance between the charges(unit-m).
in terms of the source charge (q); If E=F/q' & F=kqq'/r², then if we substitute F as kqq'/r² in E=F/q'
We will have;
E=(kqq'/r²)÷(q')---(kqq'/r²)×(1/q'), such that q' will cancel q' algebraically, then we will now have
(E=kq/r²), [away from q if q>0]
[ towards q ifq


Topic electric field(literature)
Definition; is the region around a charge where the force is experienced.
def; is the way of conceptualizing and mapping the force experienced by an object that is distance apart from another object without apparent physical connection.
points about electric field;
1 a group of charges called the source charge alter space around them by creating the field.
2 the test or probe charge experienced a force exerted by the field.
3 if the test charge is positive the field goes in the direction of the force but negative test charge, the field goes in opposite direction of the force.
4 The field is dependent of the source charge which create them and independent of the test charge which probes the field.
5 there is a vector exist in every point space in the field.
6Also note that the field goes away from a positive charge and goes towards a negative charge.
def; the field lines are symbols used to visualize and analyze electric fields.
points about electric field lines
1 field lines must begin on a positive charge and terminate on a negative charge.
2 the numbers of field lines leaving a positive charge or entering a negative charge is directly proportional to the magnitude of the charges
3 the strength of the field is directly proportional to the closeness of the lines or more precisely to the number of lines perpendicular to the lines.
4 the direction of the field is tangent to the field line at any point in space.
5 field lines can never cross.


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