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Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine. LA Times says "oldest, most prestigious CA wine publication". SF Chron says "The Guide has no peer".

The Authoritative Voice of the California Wine Consumer, one of the oldest wine publications in California.


When Steve Heimoff mentioned in his blog that discussions of terroir were the equivalent of the "winewriter's full employment program", it got me to thinking. And it turns out that there are lots of topics that bloggists rehash time and time again. Have a look at the the Connoisseurs' Wine Blog ( ) to learn more. CHARLIE


If you have not read the Connoisseurs' Wine Blog on our home page, www,, you might enjoy (or disagree with) our takes on the new sommelier breed and our love for experienced, thoughtful service that sta
nds in contrast to the new order.


Today, the 100-Point rating system for wine is under attack--again. It is an old story these days, but one that will not go away. My comments are published today on our website, and basically, they examine why ratings systems and explain why there will always be comparative analysis in wine evaluation.


Where in the wine world are you? Take the quiz at Test your knowledge of wine locales--or my ability to describe those places.


petite sirah. I used to love it. Then I didn't. But its back and it's got a whole new bag. Read ten reasons why at


Cat fight about SF Chron re RRV Pinot now on Chron critical of RRV on Sunday. Connoisseurs' Blog objected on Monday.


Plain talk about "natural" wines. Read about it at What isn't "natural" about grapes?


What's a natural wine discussed at When is a tomato natural and a grape not?


The truth about overripeness in CA wines revealed. Read about it at The finger-pointing has been going on for forty years.


You know what you can do with your cult Cabernets. Try this on for size.
#Wine lovers, time to fight back.


In response to criticism over elevated alcohol, the wine biz fires back hard. Read about it Monday morning at


Tasted 3 sets of older Zins, 2000/01/02. Ripe wines from Rosenblum surprised by being pretty good, especially Monte Rosso 2002 at 16.6% ABV.


How to judge a wine by the label. See advice on the blog at


Recent look at Cab Franc has Lang & Reed coming close to Chinon with North Coast 2009 CF. I wish others would go that route as well.


Re Vertical tastings. Poster on S. Heimoff says not to do it, Can't compare 82 vs 03. OK, but learning how wine matures is a good thing.


Pinot Noir and alcohol. The debate goes on. Read my take on the inside story. My blog on the topic goes live on Thursday at


What is TNBT in wine? There will be THE NEXT BIG THING, but will it be Muscat, Torrontes, Nero D'Avola or something else. See


New Rule: Wines w/ residual sugar are not dry. You are not Mary Poppins. We can taste RS & we can test for it. And Medium Dry is an oxymoron


New Rule for Wineries: Robert Parker is dead. Well, not dead, exactly but gone. You can now go back to making wine to satisfy wine drinkers.


Hank Rubin began the Berkeley foodie movement. He edited Bon Appetit and wine for the SF Chron. Learn more about his life at


New Rule For CA Wineries: Lose the critters. What do the Aussies know anyhow? Don't blame us for the bad jokes. The target is just too easy.


New rules for winemakers: No more talk of terroir.
No terroir in California. Only Europe has terroir. They invented it and aren’t sharing.


Rules for winemakers. If you want us to believe that alcohol labeling has meaning, it is time to tell the Gov’t that its rules are too lax.


wine rules. Today we have new rules for winemakers from the wine writers. It is not just Gov't who has a say. See the rules at


There is an not so subtle attack on tasting notes these days. I respond with a "Prescription" for getting it right at


The NY Times says people who tweet don't read wine blogs--at least if you are under 34. I have something to say about that at


Ten President's have served BV Pri Res. That's good enough for me. So is the 93 pt review in Connoisseurs Guide. I know what to drink today.


# Wine blogging debate gets hot at Will it survive? To quote Monty Python, "I'm not dead yet". (from Holy Grail and Spamalot).


Looking for Chardonnay that goes with food? Look no further. We found two that were spectacular with dinner at Nizza La Bella.


R. Parker stepped down and a collective sigh of relief was heard from CA wine biz. Then reality set in. Read about it at


Connoisseurs' Guide Bargain of the Day PEACHY CANYON Incredible Red, $12. Zin-based, hearty red wine for pastas/stews. Try it.

Union de Grand Cru 2011

Union de Grand Cru 2011


See the blog entry, My Running Argument With Dan Berger, at Dan says "the blanding of American wine is complete". I disagree.


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