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Operating as usual

DEATH SENTENCE updated "music video"!

Guess who's back! I'm here to get sh*t rolling on Headbang Nation again! Give me some ideas to keep this Alive! What bands should I try to go for? Any song challenges? Vocal lessons? Spotify podcast even?
What would you guys like to see from us? -J Rosco

To get my music back up and running, I updated my latest "single". I hope this hyped you guys up for some more 🔥🎤 because I got PROJECTS coming up!!

Oh whats this? Are we back? Well that answer is YES! But we are in a blog form now and not a magazine and we are please ...
Interviews: Kragen Lum (Live Guitarist of Exodus)

Oh whats this? Are we back? Well that answer is YES! But we are in a blog form now and not a magazine and we are please to say we have an awesome interview for you all!
(Live Guitarist of Exodus)" by HeadbangNation on Wattpad https://my.w.tt/JkKl3OqGD5

This is an interview conducted by Damian Gibson and Jesse Rosten For interviews in your language email: headbangnationm...

alright last time I'll post my covers on here. buut Heres the latest "single" out on YouTube music!!
Death Sentence - YouTube Music

alright last time I'll post my covers on here. buut Heres the latest "single" out on YouTube music!!

Check this out on YouTube Music. A new music service with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances and more for Android, iOS and desktop....


So here's the latest project! It's a sick sample for Death sentence by spite!


Okay, soo... Who wants to listen to my final cover production of Die Without Hope by Carnifex?!?!!~ jesse

Never been into much self promotion, but I've been mixing my own covers! If your into any Carnifex check this shizz ouut...
J-Rosco: Die Without Hope(Progress sample) by Carnifex

Never been into much self promotion, but I've been mixing my own covers! If your into any Carnifex check this shizz ouut. And if this gets a good response, ya'll might get to hear the full cover coming soon

Just because it's been soo long since I've posted anything. Here is my last sample of the second cover. Just so you know I've gotten serious. More mixing and time been brought to this one. so let me k


Hey guys,
We have decided that we are turning into a blog so we can do more with you guys. The magazine has been an amazing experience but we are becoming quite busy with our own lives as well. Headbang Nation will live on and we continue to support the local scene. We can now promote, book and blog and or anything else to help you guys. Thank you all that have either sent in music, done interviews, have written for us or just supported us by buying the magazine. We love all of you and hope that we can be more help.
Rock On 🤘❤


Alright ladies and gents! To celebrate the 1,700 mark. I will leak my latest interview!! I had a great time talking with the band The Ogre Packet Slammers. We talked about a lot including their special features like this big one with Greg Gilbert from Shrine of Malice! _Jesse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Ha1TdAcFA

Album: Giant Green Destruction Releases: 2018 Genre: Slamming Deathcore Location: Bay Area, California Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theogrepacketslamme...


Big day today!! Gonna do a huuge interview with another band. Should i leak the band that's gonna be on the 5th Issue??? _Jesse


Who would want to pay for all of 2020s mags in 1 go?


Should we do a live QnA?
Send in questions and say who its for
Damian (Owner/Photographer/ Writer/Interviewer)
Andrew (Writer/Editer)
Ronald (Writer)
Jesse (Writer/Interviewer)


Seen a great concert last night with ELSIE BINX and Gabriel and the Apocalypse had a good time seeing some friends there like Rick the owner of DRH Entertainment Ean of Blue Felix Keegan of Select 22


So big news from a KILLER local band from Texas! EVALE just recently played at the House of Rock! Go check em' out and give them hella props! _Jesse

Android 17

Android 17

I'm so sorry for this


While the 4th issue is being finalized, I've got some BRUTAL bands up for interviews already with the 5th! Stay tuned, because things only getting bigger and better! _Jesse

Fairweather Friends - The Flatlander Sessions Vol . 1

Fairweather Friends - The Flatlander Sessions Vol . 1

This song was a collaboration between Anthony Lee, Nichalous Dolph, and Milo Drio. These 3 gentleman have been in the music scene for quite a while, and brin...


How many people here would be interested in buying every issue that's been made so far?


In order to pack more metal content into the magazine we'll be releasing every other month starting with Issue 4!


Hey guys its 2020!
As of this year it would be amazing to hit a goal of selling 5,000 issues of the magazine! Reminder that the magazine is only $10 and the digital is even cheaper at $2! We appreciate each and everyone of you have an amazing 2020

This is why Christmas is awesome

This is why Christmas is awesome

Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Merry Kwanzaa Happy Yule

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Kwanzaa
Happy Yule

.... damn......

Upright Ape- The Nihilist Live

Check out Upright Ape
They're an old school style punk band from Michigan

Live at the The Music Factory in Battle Creek Mi. A big thanks to the one dude who was really getting into it!


Thank you so much for 1,300 likes! Just about a week ago we were at 1,100


Crobot Handsome Pete and '68 tonight

Yay or nay?Love for yayMad for nay

Yay or nay?
Love for yay
Mad for nay



‼️SPECIAL WEDNESDAY POSITIVITY VIDEO‼️ Justin, Christopher, David, and Levi joined in on the positivity train this week to give a special thank you to all of you that SOLD OUT THE PARTY BUS!!!


What countries are you all from?
Post the top 5 local bands we should check out from your country


Almost to 1100 likes! The support on here is crazy keep it up!! I'm so glad to be a part of a fast growing Mag. Stay metal mo'fos! _Jesse

We still have some in stock!Paypal: headbangnationmagazine@gmail.com Venmo: Headbang-Nation$10 each+ shipping

We still have some in stock!

Paypal: [email protected]

Venmo: Headbang-Nation
$10 each+ shipping


Any bands want to be on the cover of issue 4? DM for Details


Hey who can we count on to sign a petition to change flints music laws to make venues in the area most notably Machine Shop all ages?


Albion, MI


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Hey guys, everyone whom ordered issue 2 and got those messed up ones. The new issue 2 was just shipped out to us, so we will get them in mail as soon as they get here.
Here's a li'l sneak peak / review of my October issue of Headbang Nation; A fun read that highlights upcoming and local music. I'm looking forward to how the magazine continues to develop and change!
Heyo! I have been writing about the metal (and sub-genres) scene for quite a while now and am wondering: Are you guys looking for review/article writers? I would be very pleased to contribute. Please comment or message if you are interested.
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