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Mount Vernon News Regular updates on happenings in the Mount Vernon area - with a slight sense of humor My name is Ron Fitzsimmons, the founder of this page. I am not a newsperson.

I'm just a person. I started this with the idea of keeping folks informed of events in MV and to solicit opinions. It then evolved into something a little more "fun" with the addition of silly questions (that often got more responses than serious ones). As the founder, I reserve the right to opine as I wish, to promote anything, to remove anyone who over steps the bounds of decent behavior and to take any other actions I deem necessary. Thanks!!

Like most sequels, it looks like MVN 2 is tanking.  Sorry I couldn't get it going again, folks.  Too much going on with ...
Alice's Kids

Like most sequels, it looks like MVN 2 is tanking. Sorry I couldn't get it going again, folks. Too much going on with my charity (blatant plug), Alice's Kids at See ya soon! Ron

Alice’s Kids is a non-profit organization that will provide short term financial assistance to children with an immediate need. Alice's Kids - A Little Help Goes A Long Way.


We are thinking of having another child. What pediatrician in MV would you recommend?


So much talk these days about the police. What's your general impression of the Fairfax County police?


Delegate Dave Albo has just announced he is retiring. Should set up an interesting race in that district.


Should the Senate Democrats filibuster the Gorsuch nomination?


On April 18 at 6:30 - 8:30 there will be a presentation at MVHS cafeteria about the expansion of Route One from four to six lanes from Jeff Todd Way to Napper Road.


I'm so boring these days. I can't even come up with a good April Fool's joke. I apologize to our loyal readers.


How do I stop these squirrels from eating all of the food in the bird feeder? P.S. - I do not own a gun.

Road paving schedule
Will VDOT Pave Your Road? Check This Map

Road paving schedule

Through June 2017, the Virginia Department of Transportation will be abuzz paving roads in Fairfax County. An interactive map shows roads to be paved.

Burke & Herbert has pledged $100 for every goal a Caps scores to the local charity, Alice's Kids.
Alice's Kids

Burke & Herbert has pledged $100 for every goal a Caps scores to the local charity, Alice's Kids.

Phenomenal support from Burke and Herbert and the Washington Capitals for Alice's Kids! $100 for every goal and the tally is up to $24,000 with 8 games to go! #rockthered


Have you used Uber? What's been your experience?


We've got a new famous neighbor! Reince Priebus, Donald Trump's chief of staff, has bought a house on Whiteoaks Drive (just off Sherwood Hall Lane). We should bring him a Bundt Cake!


So, was yesterday's defeat of the American Healthcare Act a good day for America or a bad day?


If you had one last trip in you, what city would you visit?


Delegate Paul Krizek thinks school buses should have seat belts. Do you agree or disagree? (he reads this page!)


My dream has come true. Looks like a "Bob and Edyth's Diner" is going into the shopping center across from the Huntington Upper Metro exit. As a New Yorker, however, I will be very critical. Sign says "Coming Soon."


Dear Dr MV: have had arthritic knee pain for two weeks. Slowly improving but...have you had experience with same? Any suggestions? Pills? Surgery? Stretches? Very frustrating. Please help and send me the bill.


"Two Brothers Soul Food" will be opening up in early April. Run by two WestPo grads, the restaurant is at the site near the corner of Richmond Highway at Dart Drive (just south of North Hill). In the past, the site has housed Shakey's Pizza Parlor, Captain White’s Crab House, and El Ranchon. The restaurant will have a large indoor dining area and a covered outdoor patio. There’s also two 8-seat bars, a DJ booth and an area for performers. I will be the opening act.


Watched "Fences" last night. Why is it that African Americans can use the N word but whites can't? Interesting...


Does anyone actually celebrate St Patty's Day anymore?


Do you think felons who have served their time should be able to vote?


17 inches over here in the fashionable Wessynton neighborhood. Power lines down, alcohol depleted. How are others doing?


Where do you work out? MV Health & Racquet Club? Gold's Gym? Mamma's Kitchen? Give us your reasons.


Self-serving ad: Our charity, Alice's Kids, is receiving $100 for every goal a Wash Capital scores this year from Burke and Herbert. We're over $21,000 right now. And between periods on Tuesday, AK's Exec Dir (me) will be interviewed at the game! Last year we helped 683 children and we're expanding rapidly.


The Best Picture of the Year by far was "Manchester by the Sea." Disagree with me at your peril.


Years ago we talked a lot about poor cell phone service. How is your service? Where do you live? Remember that our elected officials read this page so here's a good opportunity to ask them for help.


IMPORTANT: New study says married people are having less sex than they used to. For those over 65, it's 20 times a year. Please give me your feedback so we can rebut this study! Or not.


Congressman Don Beyer was one of many members who boycotted the Inauguration. Did he do the right thing?


The BOS has approved construction of the North Hill project. If the developer gets certain tax credits, they will construct 219 affordable and workforce apartments, 60 affordable independent living units for seniors, 175 market rate town homes and a 12 acre public park. In total, 61 percent of the housing units will be affordable.


Just to confirm: the Safeway in Hybla Valley will be closing. They are having a 30% off sale. No word on what would go in there but I think we need another Title Loan company, a pawn shop, a chicken BBQ restaurant and a satellite office of MVC Late Night Video.


In April 2015, the Quality Inn at Belvoir burnt down. When Dan Storck became Supervisor he learned the property had not been declared a "blight." He asked that is be done but it is taking a while. Meanwhile, someone came in and said they'd like to construct a storage facility but Storck said it did not comport with the historical nature of that area. This one could take a while folks.


Not to be a whiny baby but I have to admit I'm losing interest in posting when all I see are two or three responses per post. I'll try a few more times but that might be it. It's up to you, Mount Vernonzionites.


The Board of Supervisors yesterday took action assuring that there would be no increase in the property tax rate next fiscal year. Of course, if your assessment increased your taxes will go up. Fortunately, my $3.5 million house did not go up in value.


What are your thoughts about the MGM Casino over at National Harbor? Have you been there? Will you go see Barry Manilow when he performs?


The Bok (horse) Farm across from MV Hospital is for sale. Two options: senior housing or market rate town homes. Sup Storck will vote soon. What's your opinion?


Alexandria, VA


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Open Letter to the Publisher of the Mount Vernon News of Mount Vernon Ohio RE: Interview with Dennis Bates Curaotor of the Museum Of Bodybuilding A few quick notes come to mind about this interview. Right from the outset it was clear that Chuck Martin had a biased opinion before the interview even got rolling. I thought that it was a news reporter's responsibility to remain neutral regarding their own opinions on a particular subject or topic. As you listen to this interview you will quickly discern that Chuck Martin is not a believer in creationism. This flaws the entire idea of him writing the article. Furthermore, Chuck made it clear that he felt he didn't have enough information to write the article. How is that even possible? There's nearly 90 minutes of content! He too, hammered me about a precise opening date for the museum... commenting that he couldn't write an article about the Museum Of Bodybuilding because of no definitive date. He used the illustration of other businesses that were supposed to come to fruition in Mount Vernon but never happened. Chuck stated that he's been in this business long enough, that he doesn't get excited about too much because of too many rumors. Complete nonsense!!! I posed the question to him whether he had ever written an article about something that was to happen in the future? I also assured him that a museum such as the Ark Encounter in Kentucky received tons of press before its opening. This museum is just as important as the Ark Encounter, although as small as it be in scope of physical size, its content is what will be of most importance in tying in with creationism. I expect complete coverage of the Museum Of Bodybuilding by the Mount Vernon News and I know without a shadow of doubt that there are thousands of people, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that would take an interest in this story if properly written and covered. As I mentioned to Chuck in so many words... If this story were covered properly by a qualified writer, someone good enough to capture the human attention span, then this story... this coming event... the opening of the Museum of Bodybuilding would be worthy enough to be picked up and broadcast through the AP wire and potentially picked up and republished by many of the more than 1300 newspapers and broadcasters associated with the AP. I sincerely expect that to happen, if not by you, then certainly by someone more qualified. I have provided a link to the entire interview here: Sincerely, Dennis L. Bates Curator of The Museum Of Bodybuilding
so there's a ridiculous indentation in Old Towne that's worse than a pot hole. It's unavoidable whether you're traveling northbound or southbound on the main strip right around the King street intersection. Who should I contact?
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Who's this meth head ?