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The Motley Fool: Financial Sector Coverage The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial-services company dedicated to building the world's greatest investment community. The Fool's Financial Sector prides itself on providing straight-forward, digestible, and amusing insight on all things financial.

The Motley Fool's Financial Sector team covers financial topics and how they relate to individual investors of banks, insurance companies, real estate investment trusts, etc. The team also covers macroeconomic events and topics which impact everything from the world's largest banks to the everyday-consumer. The financial industry can be a unknown area for many investors, and the Financial Sector team prides itself on demystifying some concerns and explaining the topics in understandable and plain English! Meet the team! Matt Koppenheffer is the Bureau Chief for The Motley Fool's banking and financial services coverage, co-host of "Where the Money Is," and author of The StressTest column (@TMFStressTest). He also co-authored of the book The Astonishing Collapse of MF Global. Matt started his career in San Francisco as a technology-focused investment banker and also worked at a $15 billion private equity company. When he's not buried in a 10-K, you can usually find Matt running the trails of Washington DC. He's a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, but is a lifelong fan of Penn State football. Originally from Charlotte, NC, David Hanson joined the Fool in 2013 as a banking and financial services analyst. David's previous experience includes time at Bank of America. He is the co-host of the daily podcast/ video show "Where the Money Is". Although he favors "cheap" and "out of fashion" stocks, he doesn't mind picking up shares of companies that will change the way the world operates over the next decade.


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