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Here are some of the varying factors affecting how and when you retire.
Seven Trends Changing Retirement - Life Money Stuff

Here are some of the varying factors affecting how and when you retire.

As obstacles confronting those in and near retirement change, the trends affecting your sunset years inevitably shift, but there are surefire ways you can. Here are some of the varying factors affecting how and when you retire. Per Farm Bureau Financial Services: Increasing Retirement Age Starting i...

Some might consider the disease embarrassing, but the courageous reporter has decided to share all of the details to bat...
Fox Host Reveals Cancer Diagnosis | American Action News

Some might consider the disease embarrassing, but the courageous reporter has decided to share all of the details to battle the stigma of her diagnosis and facilitate a dialogue that encourages people to seek preventative treatment, instead of surrendering to guilt or shame.

Battling Disease and Stigma...

NEWSFLASH: Letting paroled murderers visit brothels ain't a good idea.
Murderer Strikes Again After Being Paroled to Satisfy 'Sexual Needs' | American Action News

NEWSFLASH: Letting paroled murderers visit brothels ain't a good idea.

Eustachio Gallese, 51, turned himself in on January 22 and confessed to the murder of Marylène Lévesque in a Sainte-Foy district hotel room. He had been banned from visiting an erotic massage parlor where Lévesque worked after he had behaved violently with other women, but Lévesque agreed to mee...

So, love Trump, hate Trump - the fact is: his administration made it clear to the financial world that their objective w...
Look at the Economic Data, and Remember Why CNN is Fake News - Life Money Stuff

So, love Trump, hate Trump - the fact is: his administration made it clear to the financial world that their objective was to create jobs and create a climate beneficial to capital markets.

It appears that the liberal literati seek to continue denigrating the accomplishments of this administration – and seek to prop up the massive failure of the left during the economic doldrums of the Obama years. It is often mentioned that Trump “inherited” an improving economy from Obama – a...


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The name of Woodrow Wilson was recently taken off of a school in California, and the name of Michelle Obama was put on the school. It sounds like a good idea. Michelle Obama is probably a lot better than Woodrow Wilson since I've heard stories about Woodrow Wilson that indicated that Wilson was an evil progressive who agreed with eugenics and Social Darwinism and other policies of Adolph Hitler and Margaret Sanger and the KKK, so it seems that Woodrow Wilson may have been one of the most evil presidents we have ever had. I wouldn't vote for Obama in any election, but she still is probably a lot more acceptable than Woodrow Wilson since Woodrow Wilson seemed to be a Diabolical Demonic Monster From Hell. Although the Malignant Progressivism of Woodrow Wilson may be often seen in the Democratic Party I've not seen any indication so far that Michelle Obama would have those kinds of disturbing attitudes. She may be basically a good person while being a bit naive. The Obamas are still Democrats, so they probably don't oppose the radical abortion agenda, but I often wonder if some especially younger and less experienced Democrats are fully aware of how evil Abortion is and how evil Margaret Sanger was. I'm glad that there is no more Woodrow Wilson Park in Birmingham as there was 45 years ago since I've come to dislike Woodrow Wilson. I've also read something that said that FDR also was a Progressive who approved of eugenics. That may be a reason that FDR was so slow to declare war against Hitler. FDR may have been in agreement with Hitler's genocidal ideas. The infamous Tuskegee Experiment was going on during the term of FDR. The Progressives who promoted Eugenics were horrible people. Social Darwinism Margaret Sanger Hitler Eugenics Promoters are evil. It's better to be ProLife and against Eugenics and Euthanasia. Evil Progressive Policies still seem to abound in the Democratic Party, so I hope that the Democratic Party will turn away from those wicked Progressive Frankenstein Policies. I don't have to be dragged to the Democrats in the belly of a fish to try to convince Democrats that they should see the light.
There are a lot of people trying to be the Modern New Hitler since they are very likely to be highly visible right now. The new modern Hitler won't be wearing the old costume since the old one is too obvious. People often think that the New Modern Hitler has to be identical to the earlier Hitler and should at least look German but evil demons can change into whatever works. The evil demon would become the person who could never be the host of that ghost but he or she would be since evil demons are pragmatists. They will use anything that works. Anyone of these could be the New Modern Hitler. Even Bernard (Bernie) Sanders. Elizabeth Ann Warren Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg Michael Rubens Bloomberg Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Tulsi Gabbard Amy Jean Klobuchar Thomas Fahr Steyer Cory Anthony (Spartacus) Booker Julián Castro Bill de Blasio John Kevin Delaney Kamala Devi_ Harris Marianne Deborah Williamson Stacey Yvonne Abrams Many who dropped out and are out of consideration. RINO Willard Mitt Romney and his other Back Stabbing Turncoat RINO Weasel Accomplices. The New Modern Hitler could be any one of them since a typical Hitler is a shape shifter. Hitlers and Stalins are typical generic homicidal dictators who can alter themselves to adapt to their new environments. They lie to get power. Then they use that power selfishly to only help themselves at the expense of everybody else.
Hitler is back and using a newer kind of message that can deceive modern people. He plays around with names labels descriptions and definitions to create confusion about meanings. The New Modern Hitler spins the table to make everyone dizzy. Hitler's new identity may resemble his Mid Twentieth Century Victims & Enemies since Hitler is a spiritual demon who can possess anyone who is vulnerable, but he's still using Socialism and still is full of hate. It's like one of those horror movies about demons, but it's real.
Socialist Leaders eventually start killing their low income supporters when the supporters find out that they have been scammed by the Socialist Ponzi Scheme. YouTube Video Death Squads Printed Artical About Death Squads Left Wing Elites always call Death Squads "Right Wing" due to the myth that "Left Wing does not use Death Squads" but Left Wing is Socialist while Socialism is a Ponzi Scheme, so the Socialist Elites have to eliminate the people who find out that the Socialist Elites are scamming the people with a Ponzi Scheme to party hardy on the treasury money while poor people live and go hungry in slums. The Leading Elite USA Socialist Democrats Will Party Hardy and be living lives of the rich and famous with the money from the public treasury since they and the Socialist News Media will party together while being careful with the cameras since it has to be reported as an "Official Government Business Trip" on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea? They will live in fancy neighborhoods behind high walls that will be called High Security Residences for Party Leaders since they will claim to need extra security as protection from their political enemies. The low income supporters of those Socialist Democrats will actually be secretly considered to be the enemies of the Socialist Democrat Leaders since the supporters would rise up and fight if they ever find out that they are being swindled. Anyone who tries to expose the dirty truth will disappear and be killed or put on a criminal show trial on phony charges and then officially killed or sent to a work torture camp North Of The Arctic Circle. The Political Exterminations are probably already going on where people are killed murdered apparently with random unknown motives, but I think Rom Emanuel knows the real motives and is the intentional catalyst of those mysterious random murders. Democratic Party Office Holders are the secret leaders of Organized Street Crime. Those criminal organizations are used to coerce people into staying loyal to the Democratic Socialist Leaders. The Socialist Elites are causing those murders as warnings to their low income supporters. The warnings imply in a subtle indirect way "look out and don't be demanding too much from the Democrat leaders and don't be criticizing Democrat leaders or you will be next." Democratic Party Leaders are secretly ruling over those criminal gangs with some go-betweens or proxies who provide distance and plausible deniability by and for the Democratic Party Elites who secretly indirectly pull the strings and triggers of those puppets on the street. I wish there was a way to condense and shorten this more while having the most important messages as near as possible to the top. It seems to me that these are commonly known ideas that are in the public domain and usable by everybody. All I want is to see them circulate instead of it merely preaching to the choir.
When all of the sources of information are in the same little clique. Entertainment Publicity News Unanimously Announces that 99% of Teenagers agree that Tony Tonedeaf is their favorite singer. The news quotes by name some fictitious teenagers who "said it." It's a lie. The fictitious teenager is fictional and does not exist and is a product of the imagination of the celebrity news personality who delivers the information. Tony Tonedeaf is a product of computer animation. Tony looks real on the screen. Tony's voice is electronically synthesized. Tony is no more real than Alexa. Millions of teenagers are in love with Tony and want to marry him. The publicity agency made up those statistics, but large numbers of teenagers believed it and started saying that they agree since they want to be like the rest of the made up people. It's important to have a large number of independent sources available for providing information on these topics. Sources of information about current events. Sources of information about history. Sources of information about public opinion. There are only a few laws in USA to compel sources to be accurate or truthful, but places that have strong regulations of accuracy and truthfulness in information seem not to have better accuracy and truthfulness and may turn out to be less accurate and truthful since the enforcement may be provided by a corrupt government. How many separate independent sources of political and government leaders are available in our cities counties states and nation? If all of the sources are in the same clique they will all be saying the same thing. People have to be interviewed separately to find out what is true and what is a lie. They all may be coordinating and synchronizing themselves in rehearsal sessions at frequent regular meetings. In the twenty first century we see and hear more people electronically while using our radios televisions and computers. Some information may be printed on paper for us to read. The information goes to billions of people, but the information may be put in by a very small number of people. A very small number of people are able to control many billions of people with information that may not be accurate and truthful information. A small handful of liars can take over the world with their lies. What do we do about this?
Bloomberg's campaign ad is accurate about him being fired when he was 39 years old, but he was given 10 Million Dollars and Fired. Poor Fellow was on the street with only 10 Million Dollars in his pocket. I know now why Bloomberg is a Nanny State Control Freak. His father was an accountant. His mother was a secretary. It's a perfect background for a highly organized rational person who will not tolerate irrational decision making. Bloomberg has a lot of experience with computers. He's determined to make the whole world rational by brute force. Quote: "Bloomberg’s father, a Polish immigrant, was a bookkeeper and his mother a secretary. After studying engineering at Johns Hopkins University (B.S., 1964), he attended Harvard University (M.B.A., 1966) and took an entry-level position with Salomon Brothers investment bank. Within 15 years he had achieved the level of partner and was leading the firm’s block trading operations. When Salomon’s acquisition by another firm in 1981 left him without a job, Bloomberg’s $10 million partnership buyout provided the funding he needed to create Innovative Market Systems, a financial data-services firm, in 1982. Twenty years later the renamed Bloomberg LP had become a global leader in financial data services. Central to the company’s success was the Bloomberg computer terminal, a comprehensive financial news and information source. The company’s other holdings included the Bloomberg Business News wire service, news radio station WBBR in New York City, and Bloomberg Television." Quote From This Link: I'm sure that Bloomberg makes the trains run on time since he will throw them up against the wall for being late. Bloomberg is a perfectionist who is determined to make his world and everybody in it Perfect In Every Way. Bloomberg is a Fanatical Perfectionist & Nanny State Control Freak who needs to be put on medication. If any particular actor ever plays the role of Michael Bloomberg I believe that Woody Allen would be perfect. Woody Allen: Psychoanalysis and Therapy Bloomberg will be snatching barbecued ribs out of people's hands, for being an unhealthy food.