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Operating as usual

Looking For Love

Here is the Winning film from West Potomac's 2013 Film Festival! Its MINE!!! Hope you like it :)

An Action Comedy about a computer programmer for the CIA whose job is at risk. If he does not find this top secret program it may be a threat to the CIA and ...

The Letter


We worked our little editing fingers to the bone! We hope you all like it and are happy with the results :) Check out all your hard work ! This was fun and we are so proud of you guys! If you have any questions or if we spelled something wrong( LOL) Contact us :)
Until next time... HAVE AN AWESOMIZED APRIL :)



Margaritte Ghram is a verry good student. She gets A's and does other things that make her mother exceptionally proud, which the mother overly brags about to...


Tik tok on the clock! The finishing touches are being put on the latest film, " the letter" ! Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking back to see the thumbnail posting! It looks really good :)


And thats a wrap!!

Ahh thank you to all who showed up and showed out today, we finally finished " the letter" WOOT WOOT, everyone was fantastic and im proud of you all! So what is next for Take 2 u ask? hmmm well Take 2 is on hiatus for a little while and will focus on the Film festival! Congratulations to people who got a spot in the film festival! you earned it :) So i will be talking to those people and giving you more info about the love themed film festival :) Take 2 will resume sometime in may for its farewell project and then the debate for the officers for next year :) So keep ur eyes opened for updates and information on our page. Also "the letter" will hopefully be fully edited and finished and on-line by April 1st !! Can't wait to let you all see your hard work come together, so far the footage looks good :) Until next time, Take care and enjoy spring break !


Hello all! Just a quick reminder that TAke 2 is having it's last film day for this project Tommrow @ 2:15 pm n room 128 . Make sure ur there on time and the quicker u all come the quicker we can get this done. Hope to c u there!


Hey everyone practice is cancelled today! We will try for next Thursday , but not for sure, we will give you more info wen we no.


Hello! Tomorrow, the 14th we will be filming the rest of our skit! Please be there on time and be ready to go so we can be out of there as soon as possible. Same time same place.


Hello everyone. Today we filmed SOME of our skit, it took us about 2 hours to do, due to the lack of commitment, maturity, and patience from our team. We could have gotten everything done in one day, but now we will have to push it off until who knows when. Please, if you are not committed let us know. We could have been talking about our next project by now. I will be updating you guys on when the next time we are filming but just as a heads up, Our next meeting is in two weeks and we can discuss where we go from here.


Attention all! LIGHTS * CAMERA* ACTION!

Take 2 will be filming Tomorrow from 2:15 pm in room 128! This is the day we have been preparing weeks for! Hopefully you know all your lines because me, my script supervisor, and Director of Photography are going to be ruthless! lol So prove us wrong, show us you can be on time , know your lines and are up for the challenge! Also although we are sad the see one of our own go for a while, don't you worry! The part of Uncle Marsellus has been filled once again! Yep! You will meet him tomorrow! So show him what stellar actors/actresses you are! If you plan to change into your costume and haven't just been wearing it all day please arrive early so you can get dressed. TA TA until tomorrow, see you on set! :)


OK you guys are Relatively good practice, not where a pre-shoot rehearsal should have went but pretty much a good one. Next Practice We Film! And if you walk on my set unprepared/late(with out proper excuse) you will b asked leave or sit out. I really need a 120% on this. Know your lines and cues and movements. We will work on blocking a little more. YOu need to be focused and serious no goofing off or getting off topic, because we are not wasting camera time! Also come with your costume! or already dressed for the part. Character Costume assignments are as flowed:

Margerite(Kaya)- Normal teen look, maybe a sweatshirt and jeans, not alot of jewelry, Make sure to bring a srunchie
Kira(hafso)- Kinda "uppity", High class clothing, lots of jewlery, and nice outfit, like kinda business casual.
Sasha(Priscilla)- Not to teen look, kinda colorful shirt, maybe with a character face or something ( ie spongebob, scoooby doo.. ect) No jewelry.
Aunt Rosa ( Kaylynn) - Above average clothing, not to dressy, but not that dressed down either, like dress casual aswell.
Mother (Kristisha)- Rock your runway stuff girl LOL wear pretty much what you already wear.
Uncle M. - (Jackson/TBD If BB) um blazer jacket, ooh maybe a collard shirt, kinda like how you looked for the science fair, but u dnt have to worry about like shoes or dress pants, basically above waste is what the camer is focusing on.
Grandma Jackie ( Mookie) - Um wear like a nitted sweater, maybe a older flowery dress, kinda like madea wears lol. See you u have access to a grey wig, if you don't ill c if i can work something out, but let me know.

If you have any other Questions post below and or talk to me. Next Meeting is February 28th @ 2:15, Cameras will be rolling no later than 2:35! Hope to see you all there!!

Highlight of practice - Randa's enlightened information ;)


Well i hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Eve, As you go out and finish shopping for that special someone, or ponder what you are going to get, just remember that you are special just the way you are and that you are beautiful, you don't need anyone and if you have someone then make sure that they are telling you and making you feel the same way. So Tommrow when everyone will b in their "feelings" , be it peppy or grouchy, just dnt forget about TAKE 2!!! This is our final meeting B4 we film. If you are not at this meeting (or absent with out notifying me), You will be pulled from the film, regardless if you've showed up to previous rehearsals or not. Don't take this lightly, because the behavior you show and professionalism you express will be noted and will further determine ur role in the upcoming project(s) and the film festival. We will be discussing costumes so make sure you bring something to write on and with. Also there might be some talk about the upcoming musical project :) Meeting will start @ 2:15 in Room 128. Hope to C you all There, and remember we LOVE U! HAPPY V -DAY


Please text "Take 2" to 330-538-8469 to receive text updates!


Hello everyone. Our next meeting is this Thursday, Feb 14th same room same time. We will be rehearsing for our skit, & we will not be using our lines for half the time so make sure you go over your lines! We will be filming on Feb. 28th :)


Good job today for those who came, you all did a really exceptional job! Today we worked through the toughest part of the script: the improvisational table argument. Those that were there completed it and are fantastic at it! For those of you that missed it , tisk tisk tisk! Especially if you have a lead role and didn't bother letting anyone know. So Get it together People! Because its not fair that your fellow clubmates can show up and they have smaller parts than you and they have to sit and wait or read around your part; its completely and utterly disrespectful and inconsiderate and im very disappointed. Next Meeting will be February 14th in room 128 @ 2:15. This is the final meeting before we film! And if you are not at this meeting (or absent with out notifying me), You will be pulled from the film, regardless if you've showed up to previous rehearsals or not. Don't take this lightly, because the behavior you show and professionalism you express will be noted and will further determine ur role in the upcoming project(s) and the film festival. Next practice we will discuss costumes , be off book (aka with out script) and learn more about the next project. B ther or B out :P See you all soon, any questions post below or message us.

Highlight of practice : Chocolate-chip Pancakes & Grandma jackie's Song :)


Take 2 meeting Tommrow in room 128 @215
Dont miss out on the rehearsal because next practice we are filming! Also more info about the upcoming musical project will be discussed a little bit more tommrow. Keep in mind that the rules are being in-forced and if u miss five unexcused practices, you will not be able to participate in the film festival. Hope to see all your smiling faces Soon! :)


Hello all, Please text "Take 2" to 330-538-8469 to receive text updates!


Hope all of u are enjoying ur January! Don't forget our meeting Tommrow in room 128 @ 2:15! Make sure u have ur parts from ur script highlighted and somewhat memorized! Also make sure u have ur character analysis sheet filled out and bring it Tommrow , see u then :)


Hello everyone, some of you have said that you did not see a post saying that we had a meeting today. If you do not see a notification at the the top of your screen please look to the left where all the pages and groups you're in are, there should be a (1) there. There was barely anyone there today and we received our scripts and character analysis sheets which you will need to fill out next time we meet which is NEXT THURSDAY. The people who were there got to pick their parts. The characters that are left goes as follows:

- Aunt Julie
Mrs. Dimmick (neighbor)
Mr. Winnfield (neighbor)
Aunt Rosa
Uncle Marsellus
Grandma Jackie
*These characters have very small part*

Please attend to our meeting NEXT THURSDAY, the 17TH at 2:15 in room 128. We will be doing our first skit. Comment below for which character you will like to be.


Hey don't forget about the meeting today after skewl in room 128 @ 2:15 :) First meeting for the new year , hope to see u there !


Take 2 will be having a meeting this Thursday, Dec. 10th in room 128 at 2:15! We will be starting our first skit so make you're there! See you then :)


Awesome Meeting/ Party today You all, hope you all had a great time :) Having Holiday sweets and treats and basking in each others company really set a great tone for this time of season. Just sitting around eating and sharing stories is sometimes the best way to have fun. It brings us closer and warms one anothers hearts. This holiday season, be greatful for what you do have, and if you have a chance to be a blessing to someone, or help someone in need, don't pass it by because you never know when the script will be flipped. So be merry this holiday season, hold your love ones close, and invite an aura of peace, joy and laughter in to your home to last the whole year through. Happy Holidays From TAKE 2 , and see you all January 10th at 2:15 .

Quote of Meeting: "People need to have more heart and be glad to help those in need, especially during this time of year.."
(Holiday Table Talk)

Holiday Party!!!

Holiday Party!!!

Holiday Party!!!

TAKE 2 media production Club's cover photo

TAKE 2 media production Club's cover photo


Great job today Everyone! Welcome to all our New Commers that showed up today, i hope you had a blast and plan on coming back next week for our Holiday party! This is basically the "calm before the storm" because rite after winter break its going to be production, production, production! So to everyone who didn't come, Stop by Room 128, Next Thursday, December 20th @ 2:15 to get on board! Refreshments will be provided Hope to see you there. Now for members , please comment below to tell us what you are bringing, also let us no if you have any algergies or stuff that can cause you to have a reaction. Thanks again, and if you haven't already like the page, Enjoy the Weekend :)

Qoute of the meeting : " WE Got a problem???" LOL
(car dealership skit)


Hello all!

This is just a reminder that there is a meeting tomorrow in 128 at 2:15! We have more workshop and activities to prepare for our first play! Also, next week is our holiday party. Tomorrow we can make a list of food everyone can bring! See you all tomorrow! :) ** It is not to late to join yet please stop by!**


Great job today you guys! what a great improvement from from last week! By far a "jolly good show" LOL The Thanksgiving skit we performed will be under review for maybe a filmed series, we will have more info at next meeting! Next Meeting is Dec. 13th , hope to see you there. For those of you that missed it, its not too late to join the fun! Stop by room 128 @ 2:15 next thursday to have a blast :)

Quote of the meeting : " Well 18 is the magic number.." LOL


We have a meeting tomorrow in room 128 at 2:15! Refreshments will be served!!


Everyone come out tommrow to the Interest Meeting Of Take 2!!! its going to be awesome !!!! Interest meeting in room 128 @ 2:15
Hope to see yall there!!!!


6500 Quander Road, Guston Building Room 128
Alexandria, VA


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