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Venture Wisconsin Venture Wisconsin is a media source. We entertain on and off the screen we create and showcase great events and local things to do in Northeast Wisconsin.

We entertain on and off the phone screen by creating and showcasing things to do in Northeast Wisconsin.

We entertain on and off the phone screen by creating and showcasing things to do in Northeast Wisconsin.

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Happy Monday, Munchie bunch! Who here LOVES steak like we do?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ TJ's Highland Steakhouse in Oshkosh features some o...

Happy Monday, Munchie bunch! Who here LOVES steak like we do?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ TJ's Highland Steakhouse in Oshkosh features some of the best dry-aged steaks in the area. They have USDA Prime dry-aged steaks that they broil to perfection. Beyond their delicious steaks, they also feature fresh seafood and other premium dishes that are both familiar yet unique.😋

Pictured below is one of their steak selections, with a side of their black garlic mashed potatoes and freshly baked asparagus, topped with crispy fried onions. 🤤🥩

Their environment feels like a vacation high class Scottish hideout, where you have access to a decadent kitchen and amazing cocktails.

Their lunch and dinner menu have many different selections, and they have house made cocktails, plenty of local tap beers, and an extensive wine list. Have you been out to visit TJ’s Highland yet?!

💥Oshkosh Lovers!💥We made these stickers and here is the deal👇We're giving away 10 of these, just answer one of the follo...

💥Oshkosh Lovers!💥

We made these stickers and here is the deal👇

We're giving away 10 of these, just answer one of the following questions to be entered to win:

1. Would you like to see this design on a tshirt/sweatshirt?
2. Which Oshkosh landmarks do you see in the image?
3. What's your favorite Oshkosh landmark?

You can also support a small local business by buying them Downtown. We dropped off a very limited supply of stickers at each of the following in Downtown Oshkosh:
- Caramel Crisp Corner
- Wagner Market

We're also selling 10 of these online! You can grab one here:

Limited supply (less than 50 total)! Hopefully you like it! More updates soon. 😁

But Why Not? - Alyssa Jones Ep. 54

Tonight we're chatting with talented young entrepreneur and jewelry designer Alyssa Jones. We're talking at Alyssa & Anna Fine Jewelry's newest location in Willow in the River Heath development in Appleton.

💎This Monday Munchies is a Fox Valley gem - Wilder's Bistro💎Wilder's was one of the first restaurants in the Valley to i...

💎This Monday Munchies is a Fox Valley gem - Wilder's Bistro💎

Wilder's was one of the first restaurants in the Valley to introduce house-smoked-meats. They bring an authentic southern inspired menu along with down-to-earth staff to The Valley.

Terrance, the head chef and co-owner, has been in love with cooking since he was a little boy. He learned most of the southern style cooking techniques from his grandparents, and hasn't been able to stay out of the kitchen since. There's a full write up on Terence and Wilder's in our 2021 Northeast Wisconsin Dining Guide we recently released.

Pictured below is their southern BBQ platter; featuring a half rack of ribs, a foot long Andouille sausage link and Smoky Fig BBQ smoked prime rib served with house-made mac-n-cheese, Wilder’s slaw, cornbread and honey butter. As they would say, "You’re gonna need a bib!"😋

We took a brief break from Monday Munchies to finish and release our 2021 Northeast Wisconsin Dining Guide. You can download the free e-book here: 😁

Most of the Monday Munchies we've been posting have been pulled from content and photos we've captured for the guide!

Have you ever tried Wilder's before?!


Brewing Tshirt Giveaway (From Valentine's Day promotion)

A little behind schedule, but we drew 10 names to win a free "Brewing" t-shirt!

If you bought a WI Brew Deck online between Jan 1st and Feb 12th, 2021, check it out and see if you or a friend won!! If you won, please send us your desired size between Small and XL.

Cheers 🍻


Since 1962, Butch's Pizza Inc., Kimberly has been serving the same delicious recipes. A cozy staple, they are known for their pizza as well as their sandwiches.🍕

You have to try the Butch's special or one of their unique pizza concoctions like their rueben or bacon cheese burger.😋

What's your favorite Butch's entree?

We are not sharing this to be political, this is "cancel culture" working its way into Northeast Wisconsin. A place that...
WAPL morning show co-host Len Nelson fired after suspension over Rush Limbaugh comments

We are not sharing this to be political, this is "cancel culture" working its way into Northeast Wisconsin. A place that we have, maybe naively, seen as better than that.

We hope this decision to fire Len doesn't set a precedent. We're all human and we all have opinions, the internet has graciously taught us this. If we can't handle an opinion as harmless as this, and employers let people go due to faceless comments on social media (many of which may not have even lived in the region) we're opening ourselves up to trouble.

Why Even Share This?
We're not the news, but what Venture Wisconsin is dedicated to is speaking for the culture in Northeast Wisconsin. This is not just cancel culture, this is a new mutation of it. Cancel culture has now mutated from mostly one political side and has taken on both sides of the same political game. It is now a battle that political loyalists from both sides are comfortable engaging in.

Are we going to be a place where petty and seemingly unsolvable national political issues divide our local communities to the point where we attack our neighbors? If the country or world falls apart, we will need our neighbors.

We dream of a Wisconsin where our communities are regarded as thought leaders. A place where our citizens are okay to be exposed to multiple points of view, even if some of them don't land well. This decision is certainly short sighted, if not simply immature.

The "anger" towards Len is not a reflection of most of the community, this is a false feeling of pressure that the internet creates in the meeting rooms of our employers and organizations. As a corporate culture and economic region we have to reflect on this, and hopefully not let it happen again to anyone. Especially the people who aren't well known in the community, and won't get a press release.

Edit: Haven't edited our original post, but wanted to add:

There is no fault here. There is a learning opportunity. The general public, including us doesn't have all the info, but the way this comes across without that info is one that sets a precedent. Due to this, we should have a discussion about what is the right way to deal with internet anger from a community stand point that impacts real lives, careers, etc. We are strong enough to sort through this.

Len Nelson and Rick McNeal first hit the air together at WAPL for mornings in 1985.

Lyle Sidney | But Why Not? Ep. 61

Did you know there's more opportunities for comics in Northeast Wisconsin currently than there is in Madison and Milwaukee? We're chatting with Lyle of Fox Valley-Comedy about the growing comedy scene.

🍴🤤Allow us to introduce the 2021 Northeast Wisconsin Dining Guide🤤🍴A Free E-Book available for download!What is it?A 26 ...

🍴🤤Allow us to introduce the 2021 Northeast Wisconsin Dining Guide🤤🍴
A Free E-Book available for download!

What is it?
A 26 page digital guide you can keep in your phone to plan day trips, dates, business meetings, and explore the region's best eats.

It's a tool to use to explore some of the best local eats in 10 communities around the region.😋

Download the Free Guide here:

Why a Dining Guide?
Truly, our goal in addition to promoting and creating things to do in Northeast Wisconsin is to connect the communities of our great region. Our first hope is that one day, everyone in Northeast Wisconsin sees the region as a giant local community.

Our second hope is that people use this as a catalyst to create memories and stories with the most important and even the newly discovered people in their lives.

What's Next?
We will be creating a physical version of the Dining Guide to distribute around the region to put more local voices in front of more community members. We will finalize this in the next couple weeks. The physical guide will have a couple pages of bonus content, and will be printed in Wisconsin 😁💥

We plan to create a new Dining Guide each year and to improve as we go, and help to tell the story of our unique culture through delicious food.

Other Interesting Facts:
- This project began at the end of 2019, it took us over one year due to COVID.
- This is our first e-book and magazine.
- There are no "AD" pages.
- This ENTIRE project was undertaken by our very own Camille (shout outs!)

Download the Free 2021 Dining Guide here:

Who are you exploring the regional food scene with?! 😋

😯Local Foodies!😯If you like exploring local eateries around Northeast Wisconsin, you'll want to 👀tune in tomorrow👀 for a...

😯Local Foodies!😯

If you like exploring local eateries around Northeast Wisconsin, you'll want to 👀tune in tomorrow👀 for a big new product launch.

We've been working on this since before the quarantine, and after over a year it's finally ready to be released to the world! 😁

This will be a fun tool to explore some of the best local restaurants in the area!🍻

See you tomorrow!

The River Domes in Appleton & Oshkosh | Fox River Brewing & Fratello's

🤯🔥Have you explored the new domes at Fox River Brewing Company - Oshkosh or Fratellos Waterfront Restaurant Appleton?🤯🔥

The two sister businesses added domes to create a unique personal experience. Both locations have some of the best river views in Northeast Wisconsin! 🌊🍾

They really decked them out and made it a fun total experience by creating fun beverage packages and party boards with themes like mimosa, bloody mary, s'mores, and more!😁🍻

In addition to a fun experience, at both places you can order off their delicious full menus. 😋🍽

We have seen tons of photos of people trying out the domes, if you have any pics let us see them!

So cool!

So cool!

The Bago Tracks & Trails crew crossed Lake Winnebago today!

📸: Adam Steineke & Marc Salm



Little Siam | Neenah's new Thai restaurant

🍛🍜Little Siam is the master at curries and stir fry. 🍜🍛

The new Thai restaurant is located in Downtown Neenah!😋

Little Siam's food is tasty and very consistent. They are still developing in a few ways. They opened DURING the "stay at home order" last April... Can you believe that? They have been slowly crafting a name for themselves and adding new menus, drinks, and other offers as they settle in.

Have you tried Little Siam yet? What did you think?

Bes McGee - But Why Not?

Talking with Bes McGee, of Bes Knows Best, about an upcoming spoken word/comedy show "Words Left Unsaid" at Appleton Beer Factory.

The event is on Saturday March 6th and is being produced by Bes with Fox Valley Comedy.

We're discussing poetry, power of dialogue, community, and diversity & inclusion in the Fox Valley.

Appleton Beer Factory excels in both the world of beer AND food - truly a double whammy! 🤯ABF is a local brewery in Appl...

Appleton Beer Factory excels in both the world of beer AND food - truly a double whammy! 🤯

ABF is a local brewery in Appleton. An urban, industrial atmosphere dresses the brew pub & restaurant. From their juicy IPA's to their deliciously dark stout's - ABF has mastered their beer-making craft. Along with a beer.. you need some good food. 😋 Whether you're looking for a little munchie like a basket of cheese curds or pretzel bites, or something more filling like their flatbread pizzas or fish tacos.

Pictured below is their "Garbage Grilled Cheese" Sandwich made with WI white cheddar, gouda, pepperjack, mayo, tomato, bacon, lettuce, and jalapenos between Breadsmith rustic Italian bread encrusted in shredded parmesan cheese, topped with a green olive skewer on top. A sandwich that is truly bursting with flavors all over the board! 🤤

Have you visited Appleton Beer Factory before?!🍻


A very special coffeehouse thrives in small town Chilton. Terra Verde Coffeehouse and Roastery brought coffee culture to Chilton in the mid 2000s, and they are one of the only coffeehouses in Wisconsin that produce only 100% organic coffees.

Terra Verde is very community minded and they have a fun approach to their business. You'll always see them pushing forward with new, creative ideas and flavors both in their coffees and their food options.

Who would you visit Terra Verde with?

313 Dodge's Innovative Approach to Winter

If you love delicious cocktails or charcuterie, you've probably heard of 313 Dodge. They're a relatively new cocktail lounge and they've been very innovative with their offerings and response to everything.

313 Dodge turned their operations inside out this winter. They turned their driveway/walkway into a very cozy and attractive outdoor patio space. There's a ton of heating elements to keep the space winter-friendly. They serve the food and drinks right out of the windows. You can get anything to go, or enjoy it on the patio.

They had an extra room inside that they couldn't utilize for large general public operations, so they started renting it to single parties. The room is closed off, safe, and has private access to their second patio.

In short, 313 Dodge in Kaukauna has been extremely innovative, and quite honestly, it's fun and inspiring!

Who would you bring to 313?

Aaron Armstrong | But Why Not Ep. 59

Today we're in Oshkosh for the podcast. Talking with Aaron Armstrong who's putting together @The Venture Project, a co-working space and business incubator.

We're exploring the Fox Valley startup scene and making things happen in Northeast Wisconsin.

🥰Valentine's Brew Deck Sale Starts Now!🥰From now until Friday February 12th, 2021 Brew Decks purchased on our website wi...

🥰Valentine's Brew Deck Sale Starts Now!🥰

From now until Friday February 12th, 2021 Brew Decks purchased on our website will be $2 off. We'll also be drawing 10 "BREWING" shirts to give away on February 10th at 7pm.

Anyone who purchased a deck between January 1, 2021 and February 10th by 6:59pm will be in the drawing for the 10 brewing shirts.👕 We have 14 shirts left after the giveaway.

Decks & Shirts can be found here:

The Brew Decks have 53 deals to 26 local breweries in Northeast Wisconsin. Over $250 in value. We have had great feedback from customers that they are very fun. They are $27, but during this sale will cost $25 (plus tax).

Shipping is free.

The list of represented breweries is included in the photos. 🍻

7000apart - But Why Not?

Back with our musical friends out of Green Bay, 7000apart. Talking about how the pandemic impacted local music and what the live events landscape will look like in 2021.🎤🎹

Today's Monday Munchies, brings us to the newly renovated ACOCA Coffee Downtown Appleton! ☕Located right off of College ...

Today's Monday Munchies, brings us to the newly renovated ACOCA Coffee Downtown Appleton! ☕

Located right off of College Avenue and across the street from the PAC, ACOCA is both a delicious place to grab breakfast (to-go only, currently) or to perk up your mornings with some house-roasted coffee. 😁

Known for their freshly roasted coffee and friendly staff, ACOCA is an Appleton staple. Their new food menu just got released in January of 2021 and the options are out of this world. Pictured below is their Big Apple breakfast burrito - made with scrambled eggs, Jacobs Meat Market pastrami, aged white cheddar cheese, roasted sweet peppers, and onions wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Served with a side of herbed home fries, house queso and hot cherry pepper vinaigrette. This breakfast burrito is LOADED with some of the classic favorite ingredients & combined to make something so tasty, it'll leave your tastebuds begging for more. 😋

Have you visited the newly renovated ACOCA Coffee yet?!

Josh Dukelow - But Why Not?

If you live in Northeast Wisconsin, and you want to know what's going on in politics, you have to know about Josh Dukelow.

We're excited to bring the live show back, "But Why Not?"

Tonight talking election and Leadership Fox Cities today with Josh.

Monday's have a tendency to put us in a Munchie Mood lately - Today, we're enjoying a juicy and spicy treat from Greene'...

Monday's have a tendency to put us in a Munchie Mood lately - Today, we're enjoying a juicy and spicy treat from Greene's Pour House in Neenah, WI. 😁

A neighborhood favorite with locations in both Neenah & Oshkosh (Greenes Pour House at the Granary). Greene's fits the description of a dive bar atmosphere with an elevated food menu. Known as the place that feels like home; somewhere you can bring the whole family, the waitstaff knows you by name, and the bartender remembers what you drink. Greene's is a treat for many who prefer the simpler things done right. 🍻

Pictured below is their "Richter Scale" burger made with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, house-made pico de gallo, and sriracha mayo on a toasted bun. The perfect sandwich to make your mouth burn with delicious flavors and flare. Served with their house chips and their famous Frankie's dip to complete your meal. Best enjoyed with one of their tap beers on the side and bam - your set for a delicious meal with one of the most friendly staff teams around!🤤

What's your go-to menu item from Greene's?!😋

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a night in Rome, without leaving beloved Northeast Wisconsin❕❔🤔Harry's Pizza Market in She...

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a night in Rome, without leaving beloved Northeast Wisconsin❕❔🤔

Harry's Pizza Market in Sheboygan brings the joys of Rome, including Roman-style pizza, to Wisconsin. Harry's is a modern Italian pizzeria with an authenticity of Roman style pizza. With a casual atmosphere, phenomenal food, and an excellent wine list, Harry's is the perfect spot to meet for a business lunch or a relaxing date night dinner. Harry's was the first to become a certified Roman pizzeria in Wisconsin. 🍕

There are two ways to order Roman styled pizza: Al Taglia (by the cut) or Pinsa (Stretched). They also have house made soups, delicious salads, and decadent desserts. 🤤 There is an extensive option of Wisconsin classic starters as well, to enjoy Rome and Wisconsin all in one place!🧀

Pictured below is their Marsala Beef Pinsa Pizza made with creme fresh, fresh basil, mozzarella, mushrooms, slow roasted beef, and topped with red onions. After it's cooked, it’s finished with a Demi Glaze sauce. MMM... Mama Mia our taste buds are tingling!😋

Have you tried the Roman styled pizza over at Harry's Pizza Market yet?!❔


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We provide tons of ways to find things to do, and we create a few events of our own! You can follow us on social media, join our email family, or check out our website for fun things to do in Northeast Wisconsin!

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Have a great day in Ice Age National Scientific Reserve.
Truly enjoy your enthusiastic and positive videos of our local gems. Keep them coming!
Visit Manitowoc, WI the first weekend in October!
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