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✨ How To Feel Confident on Instagram StoriesShowing up on Instagram Stories changed my life. Seriously! 🙌🏼⠀⠀...

✨ How To Feel Confident on Instagram Stories

Showing up on Instagram Stories changed my life. Seriously! 🙌🏼
You know how I'm always talking about community? Well, it's because without this supportive, talented, and knowledgeable community full of amazing mentors, clients, and friends, my little business would have never grown the way it has.
And it all happened because one day I started hopping on Stories and talking directly to my audience 🤳🏼
Stories are an INCREDIBLE way establish meaningful connections…and these connections lead to a more engaged audience, tons of DMs, and…SALES! 🤗
And that’s because Stories...
〰️ Differentiate you from others
〰️ Humanize your brand
〰️ Make you approachable
Will it feel scary to show your face at first? Of course! But as the saying goes, great things never come from comfort zones 💓
Ready to get face-to-face with your Insta-friends?! Here’s how to do it:
1️⃣) PLAN AHEAD: While you shouldn’t overthink stories, having a game plan for what you’re going to talk about will help you feel more confident. Pick a topic (a tip, something you’re working on, etc), then write out some bullet points and keep them close.
2️⃣) PRACTICE: Stories shouldn’t be super polished, but if you aren’t happy with the first try, try again! I like to make sure I got all my thoughts out so I record Stories on Instagram, save them to my camera roll, and then upload after I add text. This is a good process to adopt because 80% of people watch video with no sound. (Let that be an encouragement to those of us who hate the sound of our voice 🙉)
3️⃣) PUMP YOURSELF UP: One of the BEST things you can do is get in a good mood. So…get excited and let your personality shine! Act like you are Facetiming your best friend 💞 Sit somewhere you feel comfortable and be sure there is good lighting. Then get PUMPED because you are about to make some amazing connections, friend.
It’s worth the knot in your stomach 😳 And I promise you’ll get more comfortable & confident the more you do them 💃🏼
Still nervous? Tag me in your video so I can cheer you on!! I cannot wait to watch.
What has helped you show up on Stories?!

📸: Jamie Sutera Photography

Boutique Social DC

Boutique Social DC

🎶 God is great. Beer is good. The Instagram algorithm is crazy 🎶⠀⠀I talked a lot about the algorithm yesterday...

🎶 God is great. Beer is good. The Instagram algorithm is crazy 🎶
I talked a lot about the algorithm yesterday on Stories because Instagram has switched it up yet again 🙃 But instead of boring you with how it’s changed & how it works, this is all you need to know…
The algorithm isn’t actually that crazy 💁🏼‍♀️ Here’s why…
Instagram was NOT created for us to sell our products and services 🙊
It was created to bring people together and share their lives through pretty little squares 💞
So…if you want to grow your business on Instagram…DON’T SELL!
That’s right…you heard me.
And I’m saying this because I have grown a business that has reached milestones I NEVER thought possible and yet I SUCK at sales 🤦🏼‍♀️ Seriously. I am legit the worst sales person of all time.
After I left my dream job at CNN, I was in a transition period & took a sales job. I had anxiety attacks every day because I was so bad at it 😩
And when I got back into marketing and started my social media biz, I networked from my couch and started connecting with people and like-minded biz owners 🤳🏼 I started sharing my day and social media tips on thing I know, my business was thriving 🙌🏼
This wasn’t a marketing strategy…I just love social media and used it for what it was intended.
Think about it...people log on to Instagram to be entertained, to be inspired, and to connect 🤝
So…is Instagram an amazing tool that allows us to get in front of ideal clients and grow your biz like crazy?! Heck yeah it is!
But we need to STOP selling and telling our audiences they need to improve & level up all. day. long.
It’s time to get back to basics and just be REAL people & be social 💞 Because Instagram favors accounts with an engaged audience and the magic is in the community you build 💫
And if the worst sales person of all time can grow a business, you can too.
So stop overthinking it! Simply share who you are because YOU are your brand. Just...
💫 Be Consistent
💫 Be Real
💫 Be Social
Don’t stress about the algorithm. Instead, stay focused on growing your community.

So stop selling & start selling! Ready…set…GROW!
📸: Jamie Sutera Photography

INTRODUCING (drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁) ...THE SOCIAL SQUAD SOCIETYYYYY!You may know that in addition to social medi...
Social Squad Society


You may know that in addition to social media management and coaching, I run a Facebook Group with my girl Emily Schwalbach called The Social Squad

10 new business hashtags to add to your Hashtag Vault 1 hour long Masterclass a month (Including Q&A, expert guests, etc.) Content Calendar with picture and post prompts Your very own Instagram Cheerleaders, Shannon & Emily Access to Masterclass Database Monthly Bonus Gram Task

How to engage on the ‘Gram 💞🤳🏼🗯When it comes to Instagram, there are 3 keys to success:1. Post to your fee...

How to engage on the ‘Gram 💞🤳🏼🗯

When it comes to Instagram, there are 3 keys to success:

1. Post to your feed 4-5 times per week.
2. Hop on stories daily.
3. Engage at least 30 minutes a day.

Engagement time is CRUCIAL because, to put it simply, if you aren’t actively engaging on Instagram, your content isn’t getting seen 🙈

But when you engage daily, people engage back! And the more someone interacts with your stories and posts, the more likely it is that they will will keep seeing your content 👀

So if you want to connect with more people and want more eyes on your account, you’ve got to get in there y’all!! 💃🏼

Ready to crush daily engagement and watch your growth skyrocket? All it takes is 30 minutes a day and here’s how to break it down:

⏰ Spend 10 mins engaging on your feed 🗯 Start scrolling and show your audience some love! Be sure to leave meaningful comments (more than 4 words) and start conversations.

⏰ Spend 10 minutes engaging with stories 🗯 Watch then and message it up. BONUS TIP: Work your way backwards! Chances are you are missing a lot of people’s stories because they are at the very end, so start with the last story and go backwards to check in with folks you have been MIA from.

⏰ Spend 10 minutes engaging with hashtags 🗯 Choose 2-3 niche hashtags that are relevant to you and your business. Click "Recent" so you are looking at the latest posts and choose a few posts that resonates with you and engage.

Done and done! In just 30 minutes you have connected with new people AND shown your audience love (and they will most likely give it right back) ❤️

And I promise, once you get into a rhythm and see how effective it is, you will love engagement time 🤗

I spend the first part of my day engaging with IG and genuinely look forward to it because of the amazing people I have connected with 💞 So make it a habit by getting a cup of coffee, turning on some good tunes, and get your scroll on ☕️🎶📱

How has engagement made a difference for you and your biz?!

📸: Jamie Sutera Photography

I left a job I loved to stay home with her.I left my job I loved to stay home with her and found myself in the process.I...

I left a job I loved to stay home with her.

I left my job I loved to stay home with her and found myself in the process.

I left my job and raised a baby and built a business I always dreamed of but never thought would come to existence.

She has been with me every single step of the way. When I stepped out of my comfort zone and forced myself to be confident for once in my life, this little girl was right by my side. Literally...on my hip...while meeting with clients.

And when she stands in front of the measurement wall at a play place I have brought her to since she was in diapers, and I see how much she has grown, I am in awe.

It all goes so fast and I am blown away by her and her kind and joyful spirit.

I fall to my knees and thank God that I was able to be there for all her tiny, little moments.

And that I was able to watch her reach every single milestone, and she has witnessed me reach mine.

Long story short...I will never forget the day I left a job I loved and the anxiety that followed. But wow, Cam. Look how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown ❤️

#mamapreneur #mamapreneurs #wifemomboss

PINCH ME MOMENT 🤗💕🙌🏼We were recently given the opportunity to teach an Instagram Class for real estate agent...


We were recently given the opportunity to teach an Instagram Class for real estate agents with Smart Settlements, LLC.

Nicole and I prepped like crazy, and to make a long story short, our nerves were shot 😬

We barely spoke on the way into the city because we were so nervous...but...WE DID IT! And it was awesome ❤️ And we cannot wait to do it again 👯‍♀️

But if you had told me back in the day that one day I would be standing in front of a jam-packed room talking about social media, I would have said “in my wildest dreams.” Welp, those dreams are coming true. And I am so incredibly thankful 🙏🏼

So, dear friend, whatever you are reaching for...keep reaching. Because one day you’ll be celebrating with happy hour margs in the sunshine 🍹☀️

Hope everyone had an amazing Monday! What goals are you reaching for this week?

When I started my business, passion was all I had.No website.No business cards.No branding.No business coach.No fancy ma...

When I started my business, passion was all I had.

No website.

No business cards.

No branding.

No business coach.

No fancy marketing materials.

And I sure as heck didn’t know where to begin.

Yet, I was determined to help others succeed on social, and it turns out that my passion was all it took to succeed. And sheer will.

So, if you are just starting a business and don’t know where to begin...just start. And as my girl Emily Schwalbach says...”Start messy!” Because you know what?! That person with more followers? That doesn’t mean they are slaying it. And that person with the perfect brand? That doesn’t mean a thing either.

Whatever you do, do not be distracted by shiny objects.

What will set you apart is your heart ❤️ I promise.

So, sweet friend, just know that you do not need fancy marketing materials. You do not need a perfect IG grid. You just need to love what you do and know that you are going to succeed.

And when you start growing, go invest in that pretty website and fun brand shoots and a cool logo. It will feel so great because you earned it!! What about your business sets your heart on fire?!

📷: Jamie Sutera Photography

This is what community over competition looks like.Last year I connected with Emily Schwalbach, a fellow social media co...

This is what community over competition looks like.

Last year I connected with Emily Schwalbach, a fellow social media coach from Indianapolis on Instagram, and we ended up becoming friends and decided to start a Facebook group for small biz owners called The Social Squad.

We had NO idea what adventure was about to begin. In just a few short months, we have been completely blown away by the community that has formed through our little Facebook group. So we thought it was time to meet, and we decided to host a networking event to bring small biz owners together and help them grow their social media presence.

So this past Saturday at Fostr Collaborative in Georgetown, 30 entrepreneurs joined us to clink, click, and curate.

People we’ve never met before flew, traveled by train, and drove to attend and I am still in awe.

The message we kept hearing from people was how thankful they are to have a "safe" space to connect and grow. And watching everyone celebrate their passions and new friendships in real life was incredible, to say the least.

To everyone who attended or cheered us on, we can’t thank you enough. We can't wait to do this again! Get ready, Indianapolis...we are coming for you!

#socialmedia #networking #socialmediamarketing

Smiling’s my favorite 💗 And so is helping small businesses grow and succeed on social media.Marketing on social is ...

Smiling’s my favorite 💗 And so is helping small businesses grow and succeed on social media.

Marketing on social is all about finding the right kind of followers and building an engaged community around your brand so you can grow organically.

Sure it takes work, but the reward is BEYOND worth it, my friend. And I'm here to help you 💁🏼‍♀️

After months of planning, I am SO SO SO excited to announce I now offer coaching services!! 🤗

I rolled out my coaching packages a few weeks ago and have been blown away by the positive response ❤️

In one hour we will create a customized strategy for your business, and you’ll receive a curated hashtag vault, content calendar, and more 🙌🏼 Because ain't no half steppin’ when it comes to your social media game 💃🏼

Ready to crush it on social and attract your ideal clients? Schedule your coaching call and let's do this...together →

📸: Jamie Sutera Photography

“Above all, you want to create something you’re proud of.” - Richard BransonWhen I first started my business I had...

“Above all, you want to create something you’re proud of.” - Richard Branson

When I first started my business I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I knew I loved social media and wanted to help small business owners I gave it a shot.

I never ever once thought my little biz would become what it is now, and I truly believe it has grown the way it has because I was never focused on the money or the numbers. I simply wanted to help.

And I promise, when your mindset is focused on how you help people rather than what you sell, magic happens ✨

So, dear friend, if you find yourself getting caught up in the numbers, it’s time to flip the script 🙃 Because it will only restrict you from reaching your full potential 💃🏼

Instead, go be a resource, tell your story, share your journey, work hard, find your tribe, and don’t stop until you’re so freaking proud of yourself that you can’t stop smiling the biggest and most ridiculous smile because you are living out your purpose.

Keep hustlin’ and working long nights because you have SO got this boo, and I am here to cheer you on 🎉

Tell me what makes you so passionate about your business!

Boutique Social DC

Boutique Social DC

Excuse my Jessie Spano moment but I’M SO EXCITED & I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!!!Because (drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁) my...

Excuse my Jessie Spano moment but I’M SO EXCITED & I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!!!

Because (drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁) my girl Emily Schwalbach is flying into DC and we are hosting a Happy Hour at Fostr Collaborative in Georgetown 📍 And you’re invited!

We created this event to bring small business owners together and help you build content for your website and social media platforms.

So come clink 🥂 click 📸 and curate 📝with us on Saturday, March 2, from 5-7pm!

I amazing is this venue?!?

We will have drinks, food, and jams 💃 AND Jamie Sutera Photography & Mario Mineros Photography will be there to snap your branded photos🖤

You will leave with:
•a full customized content calendar
•headshots and brand photos
•customized flatlays
•advice from a personal stylist and social media consultants
•a clear vision for your brand
•and (of course) new friends 🙂

I’ve been pinching myself for weeks that this is happening and we cannot wait to collab with (and hug) you all!

Only a few spots are left!

Click here for your ticket 👉🏼

Go fill up a big cup of coffee because it’s time to secure your Instagram, friends ☕️💕📲On Monday I woke up t...

Go fill up a big cup of coffee because it’s time to secure your Instagram, friends ☕️💕📲

On Monday I woke up to find out an Instagram account was impersonating me and it was a huge eye-opener. It was quickly removed thanks to everyone who reported it, but it was a great reminder that we need to take more steps to protect ourselves...a lot more.

Social media accounts are getting hacked left and right, bots are getting bolder every day, and all of this got me thinking...what would happen if you woke up and your Instagram disappeared? 👀 Because we don't own our Instagram accounts it could happen any second, so we have to have back up plans.

Here are some actions to take to protect yourself and back it on up like a U-Haul truck 🚛:

1) BUMP UP SECURITY 💪🏼 If there is ONE thing you do today, take a moment to change your password and install Two-Factor Authentication 👊🏼 This feature adds an extra layer of security to your Instagram account by requiring a code whenever you log in. Go to your Settings, scroll down to Privacy and Security & tap “Two-Factor Authentication” to lock it down.

2) SAVE YOUR CONTENT 💾 If you don’t have your photos and captions backed up somewhere already, it’s time to get your copy & paste on 💁🏼‍♀️ And don’t look at it as a chore because you can even turn them into blog posts for extra backup!

3) BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST 💌 You may not own your social media accounts, but you do own your email list. And no matter what changes these platforms make, you have full control over email campaigns. So start a newsletter, create freebies, start a blog, & collect email addresses to further reach your audience.

I encourage you to take some time today to protect all your hard work and keep those connections safe. Because you never know when you may find your account has been compromised.

What steps do you take to protect your social media platforms? 💕

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