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Islam On Demand is a legal and fully authorized service that allows you to purchase high quality Islamic lectures for streaming or download. All lectures are professionally produced. Our catalog includes such speakers as Hamza Yusuf, Siraj Wahhaj, Abdullah Hakim Quick, Jeffrey Lang, Jamal Badawi, Mokhtar Maghraoui and many others. Please visit our website to get started: Formerly known as MeccaCentric Da'wah Group

Mission: To produce high quality educational and inspirational content about Islam that can be accessed instantly from anywhere at anytime utilizing cutting edge web technologies.


BRAND NEW RELEASE... Never Lose Hope For Paradise! Let Imam Siraj Wahhaj inspire you! Watch... then like and share with others.


JUST RELEASED: He Asked For a Sign From God... and Got It!

Ayden Zayn tells the compelling true story of a man who asked Allah (or God) to show him a sign that Islam is the truth, and how he immediately received that sign -- but not in the way that he expected!! Watch... Then like, share and subscribe!

Just received a plaque from YouTube in recognition of surpassing 100,000 subscribers. While we don't do this work for wo...

Just received a plaque from YouTube in recognition of surpassing 100,000 subscribers. While we don't do this work for worldly rewards, this token is a reminder of the growth our channel has experienced over the years and of the many people (like you!) who have contributed to that growth. Thank you for your support!!

We pray that our work has a positive effect for all people, regardless of religion, culture or background. Our mission since 1995 has been education because we believe that true knowledge and education is the solution to every problem of the world.

May we be guided to knowledge that is authentic and beneficial, and may we be given the courage and determination to act upon that knowledge in the best way. Ameen.

Imbalanced Media Coverage, Islamophobia, Violence Against Muslims: What’s the Solution? - Ayden Zayn

Muslims are imbalanced in their career choices!... Doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. But what about journalists and media professionals? This needless imbalance has an unintended and drastic consequence in that it ultimately contributes to ISLAMOPHOBIA. We can change the tide by encouraging our youth to get involved in media and by encouraging our adults to support them, and to support Islamic media organizations everywhere! For an impassioned plea on this critical issue please watch this video! Then share it with others!

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Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept our fasting, our good deeds and our sacrifices! And may you and your loved ones have a wonderful and blessed Eid! Ameen! Get free Eid greeting cards at Islamogram!


Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept our fasting, our good deeds and our sacrifices! May Allah unite our hearts and grant us the best of this life and the best of the hereafter! And may you and your loved ones have a wonderful and blessed Eid! Ameen! Get free Eid greeting cards at Islamogram!

Seeing Allah in Jannah!

YOU ARE A PART OF ISLAM ON DEMAND HISTORY! This video is our very first effort at producing content beyond the typical "talking head" lecture. We pray that it benefits and that you enjoy. Please like, share and subscribe. If you want to see more videos like this visit our LaunchGood page to make a small contribution towards the many production costs:

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Since 1996 Islam On Demand has been producing “talking head” lecture videos only. This video is our very first effort at producing more dy...

He Asked For a Sign From God… and Got It! - Ayden Zayn

Ayden Zayn tells the compelling true story of a man who asked God to show him a sign that Islam is the truth, and how he immediately received that sign in the Qur’an. Many Muslim scholars point out that this is one of the many miracles of the Qur’an; that its message oftentimes speaks to us, or to our current situation, in a profoundly relevant way. Please watch, like and share this video!

This is chapter 3. Watch the full lecture here: iTunes/Apple Music: Audio CD: http://www.aydenz...

How to Transform Our Islamic Faith Into Action - Ayden Zayn

BRAND NEW FULL KHUTBAH JUST POSTED: “How to Transform Our Islamic Faith Into Action” by Ayden Zayn. When it comes to Islam many of us are just going through the motions. Even for those who are striving to perform the required acts, something seems to be missing. Allah and Prophet Muhammad (P) instruct us one way, but oftentimes we behave in another. It seems as if the teachings of Islam are having very little affect on our hearts. We think and say that we believe in Islam but we struggle to live by Islam. How can we fix this? What can we do to ensure that our self-professed "sincere beliefs" are transformed into a real and genuine practice of our faith? Ayden Zayn lends a very personal perspective by relating his deeply spiritual journey that took him from a "party-hard" Jewish teenager to a striving Muslim. Please like, share and subscribe!

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The Miracle of the Qur'an That Happens Time and Time Again - Ayden Zayn

The miracle of the Qur’an (as I described in this khutbah) happened to my children and I AGAIN this morning during sahoor. And not only did it happen once but TWICE, subhan’ Allah! First… context: In our nightly Islamic lesson (last night) I stressed to my kids that no matter how long you live on Earth, when you die and look back at your life it will seem like THE BLINK OF AN EYE. I told them this completely extemporaneously, with no preparation and no reference to the Qur’an or any other text. Now fast-forward a few hours later… We all get up for sahoor and start eating. Our conversation naturally and randomly centers around birds, and how it’s fascinating that they all start awakening and chirping just as fajr is beginning. Then I opened the Qur’an to read while I eat, and a few iyahs into my reading I stumble upon the iyah that says “The coming of the Hour is only as the TWINKLING OF AN EYE.” (16:77). And then just two iyahs later I read "Have they not seen the birds, flying in the midst of the sky?” (16:79). Tears came to my eyes, subhan’ Allah! I pray my kids and anyone reading this realizes and appreciates the MIRACLE OF THE QUR’AN, ameen!! Please watch, like and share this video!

This is chapter 4. Watch the full lecture here: Why is Islam Better?: Australian convert video: htt...


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Beautiful Bayan by Abdal Hakim Murad and Imam Siraj and Hamza Yusuf....
Ramadan started on Monday and most Zakat (mandatory Islamic charitable donations) is given during Ramadan. ZAKAT FUNDS TERRORISM Most Muslims, like most people are basically good. Unfortunately good intentions do not always guarantee good results. For example, Zakat, or Islamic tithing, one of the pillars of Islam, requires that one eighth of tithes go to “those who fight in the cause of Allah,” which often includes those most of the world would consider terrorists. Equally unfortunately there is little accountability and transparency in the distribution of Zakat funds, making it even more likely that Zakat will be used to fund terrorists and terrorism. Because of the lack of transparency it is not always possible to trace Zakat that has funded terrorism, examples are not always easy to obtain. Despite the difficulty, however, there have been several recent examples including both 9/11 and the Holyland Foundation Terrorist financing case: On May 20th, a Dallas Federal District Court Judge Jorge Solis sentenced five defendants, officials of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) to more than 145 years for funneling more than $12 million to Hamas, designated a foreign terrorist organization by our State Department. In a press release The FBI noted: “For many years, the Holy Land Foundation used the guise of charity to raise and funnel millions of dollars to the infrastructure of the Hamas terror organization,” said Patrick Rowan, Assistant Attorney General for National Security. This prosecution demonstrates our resolve to ensure that humanitarian relief efforts are not used as a mechanism to disguise and enable support for terrorist groups.” Pages 170 and 372 of the Congressional 9/11 report notes that: “Al Qaeda and its friends took advantage of Islam’s strong calls for charitable giving, zakat. These financial facilitators also appeared to rely heavily on certain imams at mosques who were willing to divert zakat donations to al Qaeda’s cause. Al Qaeda also collected money from employees of corrupt charities. It took two approaches to using charities for fundraising.One was to rely on al Qaeda sympathizers in specific foreign branch offices of large, international charities–particularly those with lax external oversight and ineffective internal controls, such as the Saudi-based al Haramain Islamic Foundation. Smaller charities in various parts of the globe were funded by these large Gulf charities and had employees who would siphon the money to al Qaeda. In addition, entire charities, such as the al Wafa organization may have wittingly participated in funneling money to al Qaeda. In those cases al Qaeda operatives controlled the entire organization, including access to bank accounts. Charities were a source of money and also provided significant cover, which enabled operatives to travel undetected under the guise of working for a humanitarian organization…. ….Charitable giving, or zakat, is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is broader and more pervasive than Western ideas of charity–functioning also as a form of income tax, educational assistance, foreign aid, and a source of political influence. The Western notion of the separation of civic and religious duty does not exist in Islamic cultures….”
Adam was not created on heaven.And he was not created as caliph,he was actually selected from the people who was living on the earth.Otherwise what is the meaning of existing of devil inside the heaven.