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4th and Pain Football & pro wrestling radio show hosted & wrasslin' announcer / weight loss champion Chuck Carroll -- New shows 1pm ET M-F Hosted by and former pro wrasslin' announcer turned weight loss champion Chuck Carroll.

About 4th & Pain: Every day we talk football, wrestling, weight loss and weight lifting. New shows are released daily at 1pm ET on www.4thAndPain.com. About Chuck: At his heaviest he weighed 420lbs. Now, he's lost 260lbs and weighs 160lbs, making him a true #WeightLossChampion.

BREAKING: The Washington Redskins have announced Mike Shanahan has been fired as head coach and vice president of footba...
Redskins Fire Mike Shanahan - CBS DC

BREAKING: The Washington Redskins have announced Mike Shanahan has been fired as head coach and vice president of football operations after four seasons.

What began with so much promise and hype four years ago has come to halt today as the Washington Redskins have fired Mike Shanahan according to multiple reports.


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm about to head to FedEx Field to cover the game, but I want your prediction. Who wins tonight... Redskins or Giants? Predict the score! -Chuck


Fun Fact: On this day in 1979 Nolan Ryan became the highest paid player in baseball, signing a four-year contract for $4.5 million with the Astros. Today, embattled Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez takes top honors with an annual salary of nearly $30 million.

And in another 25 years the top salary will be???


I can confirm the NFL is investigating the allegations made by Trent Williams that an official cussed at him during Sunday's game. A league spokesperson tells me it's unclear how long the investigation will last. The NFL declined to comment on whether audio captured from Kory Lichtensteiger's microphone will be reviewed as part of the investigation.

Here's the latest: http://bit.ly/1aNalko


It's Wrestling Monday on 4th & Pain.

Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll reveal the Top 5 WWE vs. TNA Dream Matches.

Also, in a revealing segment, Chuck talks openly about his struggle as a 420-pound man and how he changed his life.

Watch and enjoy. It may just save your life! http://bit.ly/1dEbNg8

WWE Hell In A Cell 2013

TGIF! Start your weekend with 4th & Pain! Thanks for your questions!

On tap today: Hell In A Cell picks, Best matches in history, Angie Carriker ran a "shocking" race, Is organic food really better for you and the benefits of big trap muscles!

Enjoy, 4th & Pain family!

WWE Hell In A Cell 2013 Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and sports media personality turned Weight Loss Champion Chuck Carroll give their pre...


Shout out to Adam who is a little under the weather! Get well, my over-sized co-host! -Chuck


One of our best interviews EVER! Thanks, Roy Helu! Your question to Adam Carriker will live in infamy!

Watch and enjoy! The epic question is right around the 8:45 mark. http://bit.ly/1c0hKjE


Adam is going to be on National TV. He will be on the Fox Business Channel at 10:45am ET talking all things #NFL, be sure to tune in!


Redskins vs. Broncos Preview

Think RGIII can't hang with Peyton Manning? Think again. Here are 4 ways the Redskins can be victorious in Shanahan's return to Mile High.

Watch: http://bit.ly/17fJt1Q


Husker Tuesday! Adam gives out a mid-season report card for Nebraska. Plus, he and Chuck examine Taylor Martinez vs. Tommy Armstrong. Who should start?

Watch and possibly win a signed Carriker Nebraska card: http://bit.ly/160D2Ne


Will Josh Freeman be successful in Minnesota? #MNF #NFL -Adam


Give me your predictions for #Raw tonight. #WWE -Adam


Wrestling Monday! Is John Cena keeping other WWE wrestlers from becoming Superstars? What about AJ Styles winning the TNA World Title last night at Bound For Glory?!

Plus, fresh from his trip to the Whole Foods summit in Austin, Chuck has your weight loss tip of the week!

Watch: http://bit.ly/17c3nLj


"Best thing about this, one less lawyer" - Mark Cuban (Adam) LOL!


If you were the owner of the Colts and you had to choose, would you have kept #PeytonManning or drafted Andrew Luck? #SNF #NFL -Adam


#BoundForGlory is the #TNA version of Wrestlemania. Give me your predictions. What will be the big shocker of the night? #ImpactLive -Adam


I asked Chris Baker what the inspiration was for his sack dance today. He told me it was this kid. Watch and you'll see he definitely stole his "scoop" from Terio.

These vines made me laugh so hard so I put them all into one. Haha BUCKETS, OHHH OHHH KILL EM


Hail To The Redskins, Hail Victory! -Adam


4th Quarter Time Baby! Let's Do This!!! #HTTR #RedskinsNation -Adam


I love this running game we have going! #RedskinsNation #HTTR -Adam

Made some new friends while I was in Texas at the Whole Foods Market summit! Can't wait to get back to DC! Things were a...

Made some new friends while I was in Texas at the Whole Foods Market summit! Can't wait to get back to DC! Things were amazing and inspiring. Love that healthy living, brother!


Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain


Will #TeddyBridgewater be the No.1 Pick in the NFL draft? #Louisville #UCF -Adam


Is the #WWE better with or without John Cena? Plus, #Sting vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania? We answer and discuss both ---> http://bit.ly/16TUSlH #SmackDown


I actually love Vickie Guerrero. Team Bricky is back! #ExcuseMe #SmackDown #WWE -Adam


My wife Angie is running a 5K race tomorrow morning and then doing a 10-12 mile Tough Mudder race Sunday Morning. She will be covered in mud, ice water and get shocked by electrical wired all of her own choice. Man, I got me a great woman! 😃 -Adam

We answer your questions today!  Is WWE actually better WITH John Cena (gasp)?!  What are the odds of Sting being at Wre...
WWE Better With John Cena, Sting in WWE, Coffee and Weight Loss, 6-Pack Abs

We answer your questions today! Is WWE actually better WITH John Cena (gasp)?! What are the odds of Sting being at WrestleMania 30? Can coffee help you lose weight? What are 6-pack abs vs. a strong core? And a special appearance by Adam's wife Ange, who is one tough mudder!

Watch and enjoy! http://bit.ly/16TUSlH

On this edition of 4th & Pain with Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and former wrestling announcer Chuck Carroll, a listener writes in to ask...


No big deal but, I'm on a 2 game winning streak in Fantasy Football. Equally not a big deal, Chuck is on a -6 game winning streak. -Adam


Will AJ Styles beat Bully Ray for the #TNA Championship at #BoundForGlory? #ImpactLive -Adam


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