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Visage Media Production Video Production Services Your business, product, brand, or service is one of a kind. Your next video video should be too. Our main concern is to produce content that communicates the unique qualities you provide.

We do this by highlighting the elements of your business that demonstrate these unique qualities. By the end of this process, you will have a beautiful, dynamic video that is a reflection of these ideals that distinguish your business

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🤑TAX ADVICE FOR FREELANCERS🤑It's that time again...Tax Time...What can you do to make sure you don't get screwed at tax ...


It's that time again...

Tax Time...

What can you do to make sure you don't get screwed at tax time?

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

If you make less than $100,000 per year as a freelancer, take 30% off of every invoice.

Put that 30% into a separate high yield savings account and let it sit.


When it's time to pay taxes you will have the money set aside ready to go.

Pay your taxes with the money in this account.

Move it to a checking account to avoid penalties.

Fool me once.
Shame on you.

Fool me twice.
Shame on me.

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🤑 Do you smell that? What is that? I smell money. 🤑 Want to watch your bank accounts grow?Learn how to manage your money...

🤑 Do you smell that? What is that? I smell money. 🤑

Want to watch your bank accounts grow?

Learn how to manage your money better.

1️⃣ Pay into your business
Take 10% off of every invoice.
Put it back into a bank account designated for your business.
Use this to pay your business expenses (adobe, invoicing software, etc.)

2️⃣ Plan for taxes
Take 30% off of every invoice and set it aside for taxes.
Put it in a high yield savings account and let it sit.

3️⃣ Use the rest for bills
The rest is yours to use as needed.
You invested in your business.
You paid Uncle Sam.
Go Nuts.

It's going to be tight at first.
Stick to a system.
Your bank accounts will grow 🤑

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The job of the artist is to recognize the heart of the material and work with it.Our job is to guide the project to comp...

The job of the artist is to recognize the heart of the material and work with it.

Our job is to guide the project to completion.

To use our skills to meet the needs of those around us.

❌Do not ask, how does this project help me?

✅ Ask, what does this project need to be to help those around me?

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What is your reason for being?Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being".It consists of finding the ba...

What is your reason for being?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being".

It consists of finding the balance between four ideas.

1️⃣ What do you love?
2️⃣ What are you good at?
3️⃣ What can you be paid for?
4️⃣ What does the world need?

I'm tempted to focus on the first three ideas because they benefit me the most.

I've made the biggest strides in my career when I've focused on the fourth idea...

What does the world need?
How can I help?
Who can I help?
Who needs my help?

Balance begins when we take the focus off of ourselves and place it on serving others.

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3 Things I wish I knew BEFORE I quit my job and started freelancing.Save yourself a lot of heartache, stress, and anxiet...

3 Things I wish I knew BEFORE I quit my job and started freelancing.

Save yourself a lot of heartache, stress, and anxiety.

1️⃣ - 3 months of Expenses Saved up in the Bank

It can take anywhere from 1-3 months to land your first job as a freelancer.

It's a grind in the beginning.

Having some cash to keep you afloat while your business Takes off will help you sleep at night.


2️⃣ - A Network of Potential Clients

Finding clients is the grittiest part of being a freelancer.

Having a network of people to reach out to when you make the switch will help jumpstart your career.

Whether it's people you know who can hire you OR people who CAN CONNECT YOU with people who can hire you, a network is INVALUABLE to the budding freelancer.


3️⃣ - A Killer Portfolio


A portfolio shows potential clients that you know what you're doing. It shows that you can handle your business.

Your portfolio can be on a website or an Instagram page and needs to show at least 3 completed projects.

The best websites are WordPress, Squarespace, Wix.

🎯 3 months of savings
🎯 A strong network (around 10 people)
🎯 A killer portfolio (with at least 3 projects)

Yes? Then take a deep breath and take the plunge!

Need help getting started?

SEND ME A DM - I want to help! 🤘🤘🤘

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You're thinking backwards and that's why YOUR BRANDING SUCKS

Rank these questions in order of importance to you:

- Who are you?
- What do you do?
- Can you help someone else solve their problem?

If you're a creative, I'd put money down that you ranked them in this order.

1) Who are you?
2) What do you do?
3) Can you help someone else solve their problem?

Now here's how a client will rank them:
1) Can you help someone else solve their problem?
2) What do you do?
3) Who are you?

You see clients want their problems solved. That's the most important thing to them. If you can do that, then they'll be interested in who you are and your amazing service.

Take the focus off of yourself.


If you focus on how you can help people I guarantee you will get hired more!

Am I full of it? Let me know what you think!


I have NO PROBLEM with Jeff Bezos making $13 million per day.

Here's why.

He makes life BETTER for BILLIONS of people.

My mentality changed when I hired my first editor.

I now had more time AND my editor was MAKING MONEY.

So I created more money for my editor and more time for me.

That's literally how you build wealth.

How can we build wealth for those around us using our creative skills?

That's the million-dollar question!

Am I full of it? Let me know what you think!



Just because you say you're a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, web designer, or artist DOES NOT MEAN YOU DESERVE TO GET PAID.

Just because you graduated with a degree DOES NOT MEAN YOU DESERVE TO GET PAID.

You deserve to get paid when you demonstrate that you can be responsible for a project that solves other people's problems.

Clients pay money to have their problems solved. If you demonstrate that you can solve their problems, then you will get paid.

If you build a reputation of doing that consistently you will get paid consistently.

If you solve problems at a high level, you will be paid at a high level.

You can do it! Start now!

Am I full of it? Let me know what you think!



It's not your skills as a craftsman.

If you're hard to work with, you may find it difficult to get hired consistently.

If you are not able to understand other people's problems and solve those problems, you may find it hard to get hired consistently.

The people I see succeeding the most are great to hang out with, super-nice, respectful of themselves and others, and they HELP advance OTHER CAREERS.

Being a good hang, and helping others is how you get remembered, and therefore rehired.

Am I full of it? Let me know what do you think!

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Here are your options"
Good + Cheap ≠ Fast
Good + Fast ≠ Cheap

Fast + Cheap ≠ Good

Am I full of it? Let me know what do you think!


Using a camera is not hard.

Using Adobe is not hard.

Building a website is not hard.

Knowing how to use a camera, Adobe, or building a website to solve a client's problem is a whole different story.

Anyone can do creative work. I 100% believe that.

But not everyone can do creative work that solves other people's problems.

If you want to stop getting taken advantage of, learn the value of solving other people's problems and be able to communicate that to your clients.

Am I talking nonsense? What do you think?


Sending money on PayPal friends and family for paid services is what cheap people do.

Paypal's fee is 2.9% + $0.30

So a $2000 invoice gets $58.30 taken out.

So you only make $1,941.70.

Cool story bro...

Why would I spend my time chasing $50 when I can focus on landing another $2-5k job?

Your time is more valuable than that. YOU are more valuable than that.

Am I full of it? Let me know what do you think!

MONEY is NOT the only form of VALUE

Money is just one way we measure value?

What are some other ways we can get value out of a project?

What are other resources that you can use to advance your creative career?

I've learned that relationships and opportunities are 2 other very viable forms of value.

If you're a creative, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, musician, audio engineer, you name it, consider the possibility that the right RELATIONSHIPS can lead to BETTER OPPORTUNITIES.

I've taken pay cuts on jobs and as a result, been exposed to people to ended up hiring me more than the original job.

Money is just ONE form of value.

Am I full of it? Let me know what do you think!


Yeah, I said the "S" word. Not $#!t but Sales. Why is that a bad word?

Why don't we want to seem pushy, slimy, or greasy?

Why are we afraid of rejection?

I'm still working on this out. But that doesn't change the fact that, if you're a creative, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, musician, audio engineer, you name it, you have to know how to sell to get jobs.

What can we do about this?

Accept that you are a salesman. You are there to help them improve their lives and their business. Be proud of that. You're adding value.

If we get rejected it's nothing personal. We are way more than what we do as a job.

Am I full of it? Let me know what do you think!

Visage Media Production – Business Development For Creatives

Edit: Updated website here

Hello Everyone! It is Jerald. It’s been way too long!

For those who don't know, I stepped away from video production for a while. I did not work in video for about six months. Some of that was due to COVID, but surprisingly by most of it was by choice. Let me explain.

I remember the day all of my projects evaporated. I was driving up from North Carolina to Virginia for a shoot on Friday, March 13. The comedy is hitting me as I write this. My phone rang about an hour into a 5-hour drive. It was the client. They needed to cancel the shoot due to uncertainty around COVID. Luckily, I was only an hour down the road. So I turned around and went home, content to chill for the weekend before my next project. By the time I got home, all of my work for the year was gone. Not a single one of those shoots ever rescheduled.

My goal since getting into the industry was to shoot for a big brand. The best Cinematographers I knew all excelled at their craft. More importantly, they were fantastic leaders. After three years of working in the industry, I was trending upwards. I had a handful of WONDERFUL clients and the list was growing. We did great work together, but more importantly, we had great relationships! Working with them felt more like hanging out. We had mutually beneficial relationships, a rising tide that lifted all ships.

Fast-forward to September, after not working for almost six months, I got a referral for a shoot. They needed a PA and a DP for a shoot with Nikon. I knew this was my chance. I was rusty but I wanted it. Everything went swimmingly and I was over the moon! I had finally made it. I led a shoot for a "big brand". But then I noticed that whatever ecstasy I was supposed to feel was fading. Why didn't I feel any different?

I realized that after all this time, I was only in the game to satisfy my ego. I wanted to be able to say that I had a cool job. I had met my goal, led the shoot for a “big brand”, and satisfied my ego. Why was I left wanting? What else was there to chase? If achieving my goals meant 30 minutes of a high, what was the point?

I realized the true value of a video or any creative for that matter. The videos I was most proud of was NOT THE ONES I helped create for big brands. I was most proud of the videos that helped my immediate community to grow their businesses. Without giving too much away, this led me to rethink my position. Video production is just one part of the business development process. I realized I needed to expand my services. More to come on that, but for now, making its debut is the updated Visage Media Production website!

Even now it's a work in progress, but it is ready enough. I would love some feedback. Design, copy, services, you name it. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Talk soon!

At Visage Media Production we believe that not only do you deserve to pursue your dreams, you should profit from them too, in a healthy way.

Homemade Labor Aid with Midwife Becky | Little Star Birth 2020

In this how to video with Midwife Becky Little Star Birth Services, we go step by step through the process of creating a homemade gator aid substitute.

Capturing and using sound effects such as of the knife cutting the lemon, the lemon juice dripping into the bowl, the mixture boiling on the stove top really took this video to the next level for me.

Moving forward, I am going to focus WAY more on capturing high quality sound effects to use in post-production.

Creating a How-To Video for your business is an excellent way to not only demonstrate your product or service, but also share your personality and brand on camera!

Let's get together and make something great!

🎥: @jeraldr2


Blank Tape Studios Promo 2020

We finally finished this promo video for Blank Tape Studios! We're really happy with how it turned out! Send us a message if you want to produce a promo video! Our schedule is open but filling up!

89 Ways to Give Charity Golf Tournament 2019

Back in May we were invited to film the 89 Ways To Give Charity Golf Tournament with Santana Moss in Loudoun County! This was a huge honor for us considering we were raised on Redskins football and #89 was one of our favorite players growing up! Santana is doing great things for the kids in theLoudoun community with his charity organization!


When we think Cotillion we think of a stiff, buttoned up, and boring social program for children from affluent familes. Fork in your left and your knife in your right, etc...

The Director of the NOVA Chapter of NLJC wanted to create a piece that showed how her chapter was different. Their program is modern and exciting, and the kids have fun while still learning valuable social skills that their parents can get behind.

We filmed some interviews with the students and let them tell their side of the story. Then we used the event coverage as an opportunity to weave in their personal brand and story.

The result was a pieace that the director of the NOVA chapter can show to parents AND kids to get them excited for future enrollment in the program! Bonus points for the great reviews from her contemporaries!

Director | Cinematographer | Editor: Jerald Roberts II
Gaffer | 2nd Camera: @Mauricio Cimino Campodonico
Titles | Motion Graphics: Christina Smith Roberts of PairTree Studios

Visage Media Production Reel 2019

2019 Reel

Shot and Edited by Jerald Roberts II

Custom Music Composed by Kevin Butler of Blackbird Music

Logo by Christina Smith Roberts of PairTree Studios

Visage Media Production

Visage Media Production

Inside Loudoun

Another great piece shot and edited with Inside Loudoun! Monk's BBQ was great and had excellent variety and flavor!

Monk's BBQ: The Man, the Meat and the Menu.🍗 Read more: 💥WIN💥 We're giving away 5 gift cards. 👉🏻Share this video, comment below and enter your email using the above link.

Thanks to our contributor Suzanne Peterson.


Ashburn, VA


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