Logicprohacks IT Engineer, electronic musician and FOH sound-man; to express my love for sound design through vari Hi my name is Bryan, (aka FadedShadows).

I am professional IT Engineer, electronic musician and FOH sound man. My goal is to express my love for sound design and IT through various hacks with Digital Audio and IT related OS's. I have over 20 years composing and playing the piano and I love to employ my classical piano skills to a wide array of digitally created music in genres like: EDM, Classical, Heavy Metal, Dubstep to Ambient. I al

so manage the YouTube channel "LogicProHacks" It is for those who like to experiment with Music and Technology. Tutorials include: DAWs like Ableton, Reason and Logic Pro X, Synthesis, EQs, Amps, Reverbs, VSTs, Plugins, Computer builds and Website designs on the cheap using OS X, Linux and Windows. The main goal is to show the inspiring musician how to embrace the technology of tomorrow through Out-of-the-Box Music Design and IT Hacks! You can check it out here:

I also design and manage websites servers that can host multiple solution based sites in Wordpress, Drupal and or Magento. I can create any kind of system needed at any budget level; from custom servers at LogicProHacks US based office or a rented Virtual private servers, like Amazon's AWS, Digital Ocean or Linode. I have over 12 years in the IT field and the experience with the latest in VMware, Linux and Amazons very powerful AWS cloud technology. If interested, please contact me here:

Operating as usual

I took a picture at Starbucks in Target

I took a picture at Starbucks in Target

macOS AU Component Plugin - No Restart Trick

YouTube again! Decided to focus more on Command Line / Music Hacking stuff with this great trick! How to bypass restarting your Mac, after a plugin install.

Simple Trick on how to avoid restarting your mac when you install AU Component Plugins for Logic Pro X in High Sierra. The command used: killall -9 AudioComp...

The Internet is under attack. This is the Battle for the Net.

The FCC is trying to kill the Internet again. This time, it’s even worse.

Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T want to end net neutrality so they can control what we see & do online. First, they want to gut FCC rules in a December 14 vote. Then, they plan to pass bad legislation that allows extra fees, throttling & censorship. But Congress can put a stop to all of this.

The FCC wants to let companies like Verizon and Comcast censor and throttle the Internet. This is how we fight back. Battle for the Net Fight…


10 Hardcore Rules to the Secrets of Making Big Money in Music

Pachelbel's Canon in D - EDM Classical Crossover - FadedShadows Remix

Let's see if Facebook blocks a Youtube Remix of Pachelbel's Canon. Funny to me that we are over 14,000 followers from various music page accounts Logicprohacks | Faded Shadows and anytime we post something, it is dead. There are better ways than FB to keep the music flowing! I think it's time to start deleting/boycotting FB for good!
Don't' be surprised you don't see us on FB anymore, this is BS! I have to put in useless keywords like: baby pictures, engagement, break up, s*x tape, divorce, transgender, Obama care and Hillary, for this stupid post to get past FB's annoying blacklisting code! I really hate FB! Ok, my rant is done!
Please enjoy a nice remix I made of Pachelbel's Please comment, share and like this post, And If this post gets's 1,000 likes, I'll edit this post and paste in a free iTunes MP3 download link of the song here.

Over 68 Tracks of Pianos, Rock Guitars, Cellos, Violins, Synth Arps, Pads, Bass, 808 Sub Kicks, plus 20 separate percussion elements. Designed with 15 differ...

Epic Synth Bass with EXS24 and Alchemy Synth - Logic Pro X Tutorial

One Mean-Ass EXS24/Alchemy Synth Bass hacked from a Didgeridoo Sample!

You can download the free didgeridoo sample used in this tutorial here:

Advanced Logic Pro X Tutorial on how to create an Epic Synth Bass with an old Didgeridoo Sample in EXS24 and Alchemy. Download Didgeridoo Sample here: https:...

Reaching Stars - Brand New Synthwave FutureSynth Electro Template using the wonderful chord progressions of F# Minor/B M...
Reaching Stars - Logic Pro X EDM Retro Electronica Synth Template | LogicProHacks

Reaching Stars - Brand New Synthwave FutureSynth Electro Template using the wonderful chord progressions of F# Minor/B Minor.

Contains a five-minute Synthwave, Futuresynth, Retro, Electro set with over 40 unique Midi Instrument channels, using the filters, reverbs, delays. Custom Drum Kits, using Ultrabeat with multi-outputs and unique settings to give that over the top punchy sound.

Two different sidechains patterns are used with two Ghost sidechain gate tracks to get a very special ducking sound on the pads and reverbs. Includes powerful lush layered pads, made from Logic's amazing new Alchemy Synth. Multiple custom reverb combos, for those special airy atmosphere sound FX. Over 14 different synth instruments.

Finally, we tune it all in with some custom settings on the master to give it that punchy loud radio quality sound. Rare one-of-a-kind Music composition by Francois Gagnon and Bryan Little.

All for Apple Logic Pro X, which includes all synthesizer presets, samples and all the mixing and mastering chains in place for you to study and utilize as the ultimate educational tool.

This project includes the full arrangement with all MIDI data, synthesizer presets, mixing/leveling, FX chains, and automation in place. All mixing is performed natively using only internal Apple Logic Pro X native FX chains. No 3rd Party Plugins were used in this template.

Explore the arrangement, find out how the basslines, leads, pads and FX delays have been made and put together, expand your synth preset library and discover specific mixing and mastering techniques used.

Plans are in the works to remix this into a massive Orchestral Metal Version using plugins from Native Instruments, u-he Zebra, Sylenth1, Serum, Audio Damage EOS and Slate Digital mastering suite. Please Like our page and subscribe for updates.

Remember: If you send us a screenshot showing how you shared and spread the word about LogicProHacks, we will send you a free LogicProHacks Template of your choosing. Yes, that is right, but it has to be good...

Reaching Stars - Music composition by Francois Gagnon and Bryan Little. Please leave a like and subscribe for updates. All Instruments and Sounds are from Logic Pro X, No 3rd Party Plugins. This version was tweaked and pre-mastered by LogicProHacks using only native tools found within the Logic Pro…

Xfer Serum Morpheus Matrix Pad Ambient Atmospheric Modulation LFO Filters tutorial

LOL! Funny New Tutorial on an easy way to master Serum by using the Mod Matrix. I show a very simple way on how to build a complex Ambient Synth Pad with tons of modulations and LFOs and filters, that can be used with anything.
XFER Serum Xfer Records

New Tutorial series on how to build a complex Ambient Pad synth with tons of modulations and LFOs and filters. Xfer's Serum has defined itself as the new ind...

Despacito (Piano Cover) - Peter Bence

Being one who took piano lessons from an early age into college and also learning the art of studio production. This is amazing and so inspiring! The technical details and artistry are so fascinating and impressive! I now hear a nice upright piano and a loop station from Craig's List calling my name.

Messing around with Despacito with my piano and a loop station. Spotify: iTunes / Apple Music: Amazon: http:/...

How to Create Enigma Chillstep in Logic Pro X with Deep Moving Pads

Take a journey with me into the fascinating world of Deep Moving Cosmic Pads, Heavy Floor Shaking Subs, Enigmatic Distorted Guitar Leads and some powerful Hard Hitting LoFi Dirty Beats. We start with a simple Massive track and a simple filter automation and turn into an intense Enigma Chillstep like Track. Check out the Video Playlist Below:

Bonus! Download full Logic Pro X Project at Splice or Blend Here:

Free 320kbs Soundcloud Download:

2:04 - Old Project Clean up.
4:06 - Redo old ES2 Saw Synth Pad and show some cool and new synthesis Programming Tips and Tricks
8:59 - Add New ES2 Sub Preset and tweak to fit
11:15 - Work on ES2 Sub Compressor and tweak the Sidechain pump
12:13 - Do a short play though with to hear how it sounds with the new changes
13:38 - Add in some nice LoFi Dirty Beats from Logic's Loop Library
14:34 - Add a rest / pause before the beat hits, to make a nice drop
15:52 - Add in more energy by adding new hats track for Bar 17
16:38 - EQ new Hat track
17:59 - Add in another rest/pause before the the hats hit, plus cut up and add in more beats for a quick transition break
20:49 - Add in new Track and try to find new Serum Lead
24:18 - I don't like the First serum lead and decide to go back to a different preset I made called cool guitar.
22:40 - add in some nice distortion settings on the Track, will be used later on for the Cool Guitar Serum lead
25:25 - Add in another level of distortion on the cool Serum guitar Lead
26:30 - MIDI editing the notes on the Cool Guitar Lead Track, adding 5ths
28:29 - Change Serum to Poly and found some interesting leakage. :-)
29:19 - More MIDI editing on the Cool Guitar Lead.
33:30 - Going Minimal, getting the Leads and Pads to quiet back down
35:20 - Another short play-through to see how it sounds like with the guitar lead
35:50 - Even More MIDI Note editing on the Cool Serum guitar Lead and do another play-through
38:55 - Let's do something, something, something with the SAWs by editing the MIDI notes.
41:16 - Listen to the new Saw Pads with the new MIDI notes changes, WOW! Then clean up some automation lines
43:22 - Add pause break for transition to outro
44:08 - Final EQ and Compression settings on the main Kick/Snare - Dirty LoFi Beats, Make even more Dirtier!
47:06 - Add a new Reverb for the Drums
47:40 - EQ and Compress the hell out of the Drum Beat
49:31 - Bring all the Drums back in and balance them out, add a touch of Reverb on the Hats
50:17 - Do a short final play-through and say good night!
Faded Shadows

Logic Pro X Tutorial on how to make some Cool Groovy Enigma like cosmic, deep moving pads and leads to some chill out LoFi Dirty Beats. Download full Logic P...

Freakshow Industries Chaotic Reverser DAW VST Plugin Playthrough

Audio effects for the end times, new company Freakshow Industries has introduced Backmask a chaotic reverser plugin that uses government approved paradox processing technologies to expose the hidden terrors of music! ;-)

Audio effects for the end times, new plugin company Freakshow Industries has introduced Backmask for OS X & Windows. Backmask is described as ‘a chaotic reve...

Soundcloud is going down in flames! They sold out their biggest fan base by letting the labels run their market and then...
SoundCloud Is Going Bankrupt & There's Nothing You Can Do About It

Soundcloud is going down in flames! They sold out their biggest fan base by letting the labels run their market and then got greedy and tried to push a paid streaming service that sounds like crap. They never bothered to fix their streaming quality where they will re-encoded your MP3 uploads to 128 kbps, which generally makes tracks sound like s**t as it neuters the higher end of the spectrum. They never offered any kind of higher resolution to stream HD audio, like Spotify who can stream 320 kbps, which is the main reason why Spotify reached 50 million paying subscribers. This is a perfect case example of what happens when you fail to see where the technology of music streaming is going too. And to never p**s off your fan base and selling out to greedy labels who forces copy right protection on a common chord progression found in most music arrangements.

As a way to bring in new users, SoundCloud is quietly offering its Go+ service for three months at the low, low price of $1.

Waves Codex Synth Arp Play through Logic Pro X Tutorial

Testing out the Waves Codex wave table synth and messing with the norm of music by cursing Logic for giving us such crap for drum loops. Then creating something weird and stupid in 3/4 time from a cheesy piano waltz midi loop

Testing out the Waves Codex wave table synth and messing with the norm of music by cursing Logic for giving us such crap for drum loops. Then creating someth...


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