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Southland's Full Throttle Magazine for Motorcycle Enthusiasts is a free monthly publication dedicated to the people that ride, the events they attend, the charities they support and the world in which they live.



Let's see Heineke in 4th quarter


It's fall y'all. Dew on the vehicle at 10pm.


Does any station ever show the old beach movies with Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Buddy Hackett? Those were so funny


This Sunday's going to be another beautiful day to ride. Plan is to get out at noon SHARP so we can do more extensive ride before returning for music with JB and Rob.


A top former organizer of Thunder Beach Rally has been arrested after allegedly writing more than $500,000 in worthless checks.


Ok Falcons, where is all the new talent today?

Very cool of Boston College to do this.

Very cool of Boston College to do this.

Boston College is wearing all-white uniforms with "For Welles" on the nameplate vs. Florida State on Saturday, September 16, 2023. Here's why.


Turn on your headlights people


I am looking for full sound protection for an event Oct 7. Austell area. Just sound protection. The company doing it tell me they had full stage and lighting already in place


Where were you on 09/11/2001? I had just walked into our office at Britt Alderman Associates Engineering Firm. No one was in the rest of the office. I got to the conference room and everybody was there, the first planet had already hit. About the time I asked what was going on the second one hit. We sat in silence. Some of the guys decided to go home and a few of us sat there in shock the rest of the day.


Aaron Rodgers injured first series? WTH? Let all these starters sit out all preseason games n then damn not be ready when it come to time to play


8:46am, 9/11/2001
Never Forget

How many times have I said bring back the potato cakes

How many times have I said bring back the potato cakes

Eating like kings on a peasant's budget, it's the Arby's way. But how did such staggering bargains come to define this scrappy fast food underdog? Now we know.


Been informed bike down at Bells Ferry and Barrett Parkway. Don't know anything other than black bike appeared to be a cruiser and a SUV. Rider was being loaded into the ambulance.


CALL 706-655-2463


Join Randy for karaoke tonight. He'll be hanging out and doing his best to not destroy every sing he attempts!!! Lol


A country music legend hits the Roadhouse stage tonight. Mike Brookshire 14 time music director of the CMA awards, singer and songwriter, performs at 8pm.


It's being posted another bike down , Ridge Rd. T-boned a van.


This the number and Facebook of El Tio whose truck is still blocking the parking lot easement. Message and call them please.


we have fresh meat always cut and peppered to the customers desires. our vegetables and fruits are always fresh and clean. we have the best meat in town


Karaoke tonight 7pm. Wings n Wheels Bike Night starts 6pm with .75 cent wings!!!


In the South Cobb Austell road there is a lot of traffic even getting off veterans memorial heading up onto Austell just be careful in the area apparently power is out in some places


Everyone should already know this……. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the shopping app TEMU ...
Radio talk show hostess, Kim Komando, did some digging about TEMU and this is what she found!
Seemingly overnight, everyone’s talking about Temu (pronounced “tee-moo”), an online shopping app that boasts deals that seem too good to be true, like $17 wireless earbuds, $1 “gold” necklaces and $23 wedding dresses.
Over 50 million Americans have downloaded Temu since it launched state-side in September 2022, after it gained traction with expensive Super Bowl ads promising to let you “shop like a billionaire.”
Today, Temu is the most popular shopping app in the U.S. behind Amazon. But most of us don’t know much about the app’s true origins. Reader Daniel Mayer asked an important question, “Is [Temu] something we should be concerned about?”
So, I did some digging. And as it turns out, yes, you absolutely should be. Here’s what I found:
Where did Temu come from?
This isn’t some fly-by-night operation. Temu is based in Boston, Massachusetts, by PDD Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: PDD). PDD is headquartered in Shanghai, China.
PDD also owns the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo headquartered in — you guessed it — China. So, Temu is a Communist China-based app and site.
What you need to know before using Temu
First, you’re buying goods directly from manufacturers in China and other parts of the world. That’s why shipping times are often 12 days or longer. The prices are low because the goods are cheap. The pictures of what you see advertised may not be what you actually get.
Temu’s BBB rating is 2.21/5. Reviews at TrustPilot are interesting, with 38% 5-star reviews and 41% 1-star reviews.
But that’s not the worst of it.
Temu is downright dangerous.
The app is a clever, pervasive digital stalker. As you shop, Temu monitors your activity on other apps, tracks your notifications and location and changes settings.
🛑 It gets worse. Temu gains full access to all your contacts, calendars and photo albums, plus all your social media accounts, chats and texts. In other words, literally everything on your phone.
No shopping app needs this much control, especially one tied to Communist China. If you’re using Temu, delete the app from your phone ASAP.
On iPhone, Long-press an app, then tap Remove App > Delete App. Tap Delete to confirm.
On Android, touch and hold an app, then tap Remove App > Delete App > Delete.
Pro tip: If you downloaded Temu, to be safe from Chinese spies, you really need to do a full factory reset.
But wait, there’s more! Temu’s sister app was removed from Google Play because of malware.
Do not buy from this company, or use their app!


Send a message to learn more

Looks to be a mild Polar Bear Ride, once again a Solar Bear Ride. We'll take it. Always fun, back for hot toddys. Music ...

Looks to be a mild Polar Bear Ride, once again a Solar Bear Ride. We'll take it. Always fun, back for hot toddys. Music w/ JB n Rob, then the big game! Full Throttle Roadhouse in Mableton GA


This Sunday the One More Time Tour kicks off in Mableton,GA at Full Throttle Roadhouse on Veterans Highway with JB Walker the king of the Biker Bands. Come see the original Roadhouse Atlanta


Hamburger Hump Day at the Roadhouse


This is very last minute but we are postponing going to CCYA until next Sunday the 18th. You can come drop off items today and all next week. Sorry for such last minute but Mother Nature wins today.


Atlanta, GA


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We still have a few 20% off tickets left for this Sunday’s NASCAR race….

Recent cover/centerfold feature published with Southland's Full Throttle Magazine March edition
featuring Holly Lawter
If you get a chance join Chris Martin, Chris Anderson & Jeff Howell of Once an Outlaw tonight for an online chatroom interview with Scott M. Reece & Scott Plowman of The Plowzone Radio Show @ 9:00PM EST 🎸🎸🎸

Tune in and get to know the band and have some fun.
We are at Hooligans H- D in oxford all help Munford fire Department rise a little money great time and turn out
Nov. 9 Tallapoosa, GA. 15th Annual Veterans Freedom Ride. Benefits Veterans Memorial Park on North Hwy 100.
Register 9am/Depart 10:30am. $35 bike/$10 passenger includes T- Shirt, American flag & lunch. Tax deductible. 80 mile police escorted ride begins at Veterans Park, goes through Veterans Day Parade route downtown Tallapoosa & begins a scenic loop of Haralson Co. Live music & door prizes to follow. Located just before the Alabama line on I-20. Take exit 5 (Ga. Highway 100) north to Tallapoosa. Top off tank. No gas at rest stop. Rain or shine. Information, call Robert Smith @ 770-537-4708
Daytona area hurricane footage
Get ready for CAVE SPRING RALLY. Have you made your plans???? It's gonna rock on BIG CEDAR CREEK.