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Avirett Creative Enterprises Every business has a story, let me tell yours! My name is Tim Avirett. I'm an independent videographer and producer based in Atlanta, Georgia for the past twenty five years.

I've done everything from bar mitzvahs to broadcast television and in between! I've freelanced for production companies large and small, several of the major networks, i.e. The Weather Channel, NBC News, CBS News, Bloomberg Television and others. I've done a ton of corporate video & even ventured out onto the Wild,Wild Web & produced a series of woodworking videos on YouTube that have over half a million hits. So whether your next video project is corporate, broadcast, or for the Internet, I have the experience & tools to give your videos that "broadcast look" for less.

Operating as usual


Did some tlking heads over the wkend at the GWCC for DSVP with True Value Hardware. Nice folks & I like their biz model. It's a cooperative rather than a franchise.

I'm so proud of my super smart daughter!
Spyglass Tutoring

I'm so proud of my super smart daughter!

Tutoring is never remedial -- it is essential to the learning process. ~Chelsea


Did 2 depositions today & have another dble header tomorrow. Always feast or famine!


Off to bed. Got to drive to Carrolton in the morning to cover a deposition.

Worked w Agora TV Friday to tape the inauguration of the new Pres of Morehouse & Sat on the Candle in the Dark Gala. One...
Morehouse College | Founders Week 2014 » Honorees

Worked w Agora TV Friday to tape the inauguration of the new Pres of Morehouse & Sat on the Candle in the Dark Gala. One of the honorees was Stevie Wonder, who performed a cple of songs for the event!


Dble dipping tomorrow. Working at 2nd Ponce in the morning & shooting a web video for Affordable Video Solutions in the afternoon.


Worked with Mike Epstein today doing some SOTS & b roll for a medical equipment supply company.


Shooting some SOTS & b roll at the Jewish Film Festival. Wld've been a good week had I not had 2 jobs cancel because of weather :-(


Kind of a slow week, as it is sometimes this time of year, I have production today & Fri. At least maybe I can avoid the bad weather in the middle of the week!


Doing AV tomorrow at the Braves 400 Club annual fundraiser.


Shot a short video message from Ron Bloomberg, the former Yankee & the first DH, to the Braves 400 Club for their upcoming yearly fundraiser.

To the victors go the spoils! With Producer Andrew Walker & Chef Rafih Benjelloun on location at Imperial Fez.

To the victors go the spoils! With Producer Andrew Walker & Chef Rafih Benjelloun on location at Imperial Fez.


Working at good ole 2nd Ponce this morning running cam for their AIB broadcast.


Shooting a lacrosse match today but the game's been delayed 3 hrs due to the weather. I'm all decked out in my old Weather Channel rain gear so I'm ready to go!


Worked on a 2 cam cooking show at the Imperial Fez yesterday for Internet Marketing Consultant Andrew Walker. Of course the best thing abt cooking shows is that u get to eat the props! In this case it was excellent!


Worked at good ole 2nd Ponce this morning taping the service for broadcast on AIB.


Just watching the shop at North Druid AV for a cple of days until everyone returns from the Holidays.


Back from my Holiday vacation. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


Shooting a presentation training video tomorrow in Decatur. Doing green screen so we can key in a cool bkground in post.


Shooting a luncheon presentation today for a professional speaker at Cafe Apres Diem. Get a gig & a free lunch!


Dble dipping today. Did cam at 2nd Ponce this morning & am shooting the BHead Girls Choir for North Druid AV this afternoon.


Went to Aiken, SC yesterday on a shoot w Mike Epstein for Maxim Healthcare. We did a short piece on one of their home health care nurses that's receiving an award for her excellent nursing skills. Easy gig, nice folks & a free lunch! Can't beat it.


Going to Macon today to make some bacon. Taping a deposition for Affordable Video Solutions.


Taping a live event for N. Druid AV tonight at Emory U. It's an acapella performance by a group of students called No Strings Attached. We taped their performance last yr also & they're really good!


Did the quarterly CLE seminar for The Daily Report this morning. Call time was 6AM! Doing a depo tomorrow but at least it's in the afternoon.


Covering a good ole fashioned 30 sec car commercial for my friend Glenn Spivey. Scott Forbes, another friend & colleague, dubbed him the "King of the 30 sec commercial!"


Another day, another depo.


Taping a good 'ole video deposition tomorrow. I'll bet I've been to more depositions than some attorneys have!


All right, I'm just abt caught up now. I need a new project so I can get behind again!


Benefits of Video for Small/Medium Business

Video Brings Your Business To Life, Regardless of Size

Information changes rapidly in today’s business environment. Being able to respond to competition and industry trends quickly, show value, and gain consumer trust can be key to running a successful business of any size, and is especially important for small and medium businesses.

Using video is a great way to reach out and grab your target audience, imparting personality and characteristics of your product or service in a way that static text just can’t do. Video engages more of your audience’s senses to deliver a powerful and lasting message.

Video Can:

-Put a face to your name, so that customers and prospects get to know you. Familiarity and trust are crucial to service businesses, and can mean the difference in someone choosing you, or choosing a competitor.

-Demonstrate a product so that people can see how it works and all of the benefits, bringing your product to life instead of relying on written descriptions.

-Be the personal touch when you can’t be there in person. Hearing a sales pitch on your product or service from you personally has much greater impact than reading it in a letter or email.

-Engage people to interact on your website with video clips, giving them more information in an easy to understand format, and reinforcing your written text.

-Be posted to or linked to other websites to increase awareness for your product or service, making excellent use of your investment in video.

-Do more with less. It can be the extra salesperson you need, your PR team, the tour guide to your facility, your product spokes model, the personal guide on your website and more. Video can be in a million places at once, even when you can’t.

-Set your product or service apart from the competition, giving your business the edge it needs for success.

-Fit nearly any budget, and one video shoot can be edited into several different uses, making it a very cost effective use of your budget.

Video is a flexible tool to help small and medium businesses meet the challenges they face in today’s competitive marketplace with innovation and style.

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Video Email Marketing: Effective And Easy To Implement
Video Email Marketing: Effective And Easy To Implement

Video Email Marketing: Effective And Easy To Implement

In the world we live in today, technology is continually growing and advancing. Between the internet, cell phones, there are a million ways to communicate.


Finishing up the Daily Report project over the nxt few days.


Got to dble dip yesterday doing cam on the 2nd Ponce AIB broadcast & a 2 cam live switch at a fashion show w Agora TV.


Shooting some web videos tomorrow for the Daily Report.


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ACE (Avirett Creative Enterprises) provides quality and affordable video production services to smail businesses and entrepreneurs. If you have a product or service to demonstrate video is the greatest show & tell medium ever invented. Video is also a great way to train employees, educate customers, market, promote & advertise your brand, establish your expertise & capture important meetings & events. ACE can also help you produce branded editorial content for the Internet that is relevant and optimized for keywords people are already using to search for businesses like yours. We can help you set up a YouTube channel & give u tips on how to reach a larger audience & drive traffic back to your website.


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