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Robert Johnson's Videography I am a freelance videographer with several years of experience. I make all kinds of content for all kinds of clients. I have worked in media for a while now.

Commercials, event coverage, online content, even news- I have had a hand in all of these things. My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, and I am open to many projects. If you have a video project in the works, I could help you get it done. Contact me for more information!

Operating as usual

This is the year of film festivals. Live by the Sword is set to screen at Gen Con in a week, and I'll be there myself to...

This is the year of film festivals. Live by the Sword is set to screen at Gen Con in a week, and I'll be there myself to present it.
So I can create good content, but the question is what can I do for you? #gencon #filmfest #videoproduction #takingclients


Looking to take a new client! Event coverage, training videos, promotions- I'm your guy. Let me know what you need, and we will make something happen. #videowork #atl #mediaproduction


Happy fourth of July! Hope you are having an explosive good time! #independenceday


Know someone getting married soon? Are they looking for someone to help capture the moment? Look no further! Tell them to call 803 767-6017. I film all kind of live events for a living, and I'm ready to immortalize your special day!


Again, still accepting clients! Since my business is still kinda new to the Atlanta area, I'm offering specials. Contact me to learn more!


Now accepting clients! If you or someone you know needs a videographer, steer them here. I can make it happen.


Live by the Sword will be screened during the Roswell Film Festival at the end of the month! Things are picking up!


Still working on two documentaries, one of which may involve a Harry Potter themed burlesque show...

Hema version of the Live by the Sword poster!

Hema version of the Live by the Sword poster!

And now we have a movie poster!#documentary #mbiff #LivebytheSword #livingthedream

And now we have a movie poster!

#documentary #mbiff #LivebytheSword #livingthedream


My goal is to get to a place where I can start taking clients now. If you need a video produced in the Atlanta area, stay tuned.

I am proud to say that Live by the Sword is officially going to screen at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival s...

I am proud to say that Live by the Sword is officially going to screen at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival sometime between April 20th to 23rd. I would like to thank the Palmetto Knights and Atlanta Freifechter for allowing me to film them and all the people who were nice enough to talk to me.

#mbiff #HEMA #Bohurts #Documentary #Firstofmany #LivingTheDream


Done with Live by the Sword! Editing complete, now sending off submissions to festivals. Highlights include:

-Sky Kight breaking his blade on an opponent's helmet
-Rich Elswick drop kicking an armored foe in the shield
-Dr. Steel inviting audience members to strike him in the stomach with a sword and taking it like a boss
-Sandra Lagnese going toe to toe with fighters in multiple disciplines

A trailer is on the way, as well as possible movie posters. Please like and share!

#hema #bohurts #steelfighting #documentary #livingthedream


I have one last section to edit of this film, and then end credits. Just have to make the climatic ending appropriately climatic.

#LiveByTheSword #documentary #livingthedream


as I wrap up this documentary, I may be able to take on clients soon. I have to square some stuff away first, but stay tuned.



If I've seemed quiet for a while, its only because I'm making a big push to get Live by the Sword finished. It's getting there too! I'll still have my profile pieces and even a trailer before too long, but its time to finish the thing once and for all. With any luck, you guys can see it come to life in a film festival near you.

#livingthedream #swordfighting #documentary

Rose Mallow

it has been a lot of fun making it to all of these film festivals this past year. I've decided to post Rose Mallow to my YouTube! If you have been curious at all about seeing it, now you can.

#documentary #filmfestival #mbiff #scuff #livingthedream

This film got into three film festivals! Its not long, nor does it have high production value, but it was produced almsto entirely by me on a shoe string bud...


I've interviewed a wide variety of people over the years. Keith McHenry (founder of Food Not Bombs), Spiryt tha Tattoopoet, That Godzilla Guy, Larry and Sandra Lagnese of the Palmetto Knights...and now Persephone Phoenix, executive director of nerlesque group Hysteria Machines!

I asked her about her views about pop culture and high art as part of a new documentary I am making as I finish up Live By the Sword. Stay tuned!

#burlesque #nerdlesque #popculture #documentary #livingthedream #geekculture

Blue Steel

Bohurts fighter and marshal Larry Lagnese talks about what it takes to make steel shine blue!

#steelcombat #smithing #nicesword #documentary #livingthedream

Bohurts expert Larry Lagnese discusses one of his favorite weapons, and the weaponsmith who taught him how to give his metal that sweet blue hue. Stay tuned ...


Rosemallow is sent off for screening at SCUFF November 14th! I'm working on arrangements to be there in person. Its always better when the guy that filmed the thing is there, wouldn't you agree?

#SCUFF #documentary #filmfest #livingthedream


Rosemallow has been accepted by another film festival! What a surprise! More information is on the way.


If you are going to Anime Weekend Atlanta, say hi if you see me- I'm working for the convention as one of their videographers all weekend! #AWA #livingthedream #livecoverage


Big stuff coming up! Finished filming the last major part of one doc, the start of another, using this week to edit as much as possible. #livingthedream #documentary


Getting ready to film at Dragon Con this weekend. It's arguably the most crucial thing to get right for this documentary!


Officially all clear for filming at Dragon Con to complete my documentary! It will be the biggest tourney I film for the project!

#swordfighting #steelcombat #palmetto_knights #Dragon_Con #documentary #livebythesword


Looking for a graphic artist to help with some title design and possibly a movie poster for my medieval warriors documentary! If you are interested in helping me make this happen, please send me a message or email [email protected]. #graphicarts #movieposter #documentary #shortfilm


Things have been very busy since I've come to Atlanta. In addition to the medieval knight documentary I've been working on for months now, two more possible projects have come to light, including the possibility of me doing post production work for a feature.

If all goes well, I may even be filming at Dragon Con. It's been a while since I've posted news, but its only because I had to take a break from doing any kind of client work. That will change soon, and pictures will come soon.

A Man and His Gauntlets

This is one of my favorite shots from the documentary I'm filming, if for no other reason than it just turned into a great candid interview about equipment. This guy was awesome.

#gauntlets #bohurts #medievalcombat #swordfighting #documentary #steelarmor

A brief snippet of unedited footage from the medieval combat documentary I am making, Live By the Sword.


Setting up shop in Atlanta, just recorded my first thing since moving here a couple days ago! I will be posting videos from my adventures with the USA Knights at the Georgia Ren Faire pretty soon!
#GeorgiaRenFaire #SteelCombat #Documentary


You may have noticed I haven't been advertising for clients for a while. The reason for this is I've been focusing on my relocation to Atlanta. I make the move at the end of the week. Its been fun operating in Columbia, the right now I need a change. Thanks for the memories, everyone!


Rose Mallow made a pretty good showing in both venues! We even got about 450 votes in the audience awards competition. I was pretty humbled when i saw the work others did in the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. With any luck, the Live by the Sword documentary will do much better.
#documentary #MBIFF #AudienceAwards


Rose Mallow debuts on Friday at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival! It will be in the 12:00-2:00pm block. If you are coming to MBIFF, please check us out!

#MBIFF #Documentary #RoseMallow #EvelynWong

Fightin' Words with Allen Johnson

Here's some behind the scenes stuff I put together about the documentary I'm making about steel combat! I'm tentatively calling the final product Live by the Sword. Please share this with your friends! Enjoy!

I have spent some time getting footage for a documentary on Medieval combat. While that video will take a while to put together, I figured I could upload som...


Atlanta, GA


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