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This is a great opportunity for a woman who is looking to save on living expenses.  Since this is a Molly's House initia...

This is a great opportunity for a woman who is looking to save on living expenses. Since this is a Molly's House initiative, the rent is tax deductible. Contact Molly's House at 470-745-0198 for more details.

We are looking for a young lady who would like to share space to cut down on housing expenses. The person must be at least 25 yrs, employed, no children, have transportation and want to live in the south Cobb County area (Atlanta, GA). Tag or tell someone who may be interested.



I'M Magazine is doing things a little differently in 2019. We'll be sharing individual stories for a while, as opposed to the magazine. We hope that you enjoy the reads! NOW READ ON AND BE INSPIRED!

By Sherell WoodAfter grad school, I moved to Hattiesburg, MS to work in my field. While the journey was rewarding, it wa...

By Sherell Wood

After grad school, I moved to Hattiesburg, MS to work in my field. While the journey was rewarding, it was not challenging for me and I became unhappy. I showed up and gave everything that I had, but I often felt like an eagle trapped in a parrot's cage. The talents and skills God has given me for this work were not being utilized the way I knew they could. Sure, I built relationships, created programs and legacies, inspired, and made students happy, but I felt that something was lacking.

Things became too predictable. It was like I was re-living the same day every day and I felt stagnant. Along the journey in MS, God has blessed me with an incredible student staff of 17. These individuals mean a lot to me and always will. We truly are a family. I am not going to go into depth, but they re-introduced me to love.

In MS, I was not living the life God has designed for me. How do I know this when we cannot predict God? I knew this because I still had a burning desire for more. I wanted more responsibility and we know that to whom much is given, much is required. I also knew that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think. My motto for the year was "love where you are at and grow where you've been planted." I was in a city where I could not thrive. I needed God to uproot me and plant me somewhere where I felt alive and where there is an exchange of power between myself and my community.

Sometimes you learn through experiences what is and what is not for you, and Hattiesburg was not for me. Of course God will place you where He wants you to be. To this day, I still don't know what my purpose was exactly for MS, but as I get settled here in Texas, I pray He continues to reveal to me what His plan was for me there. I know He has a reason for everything!

Here's where the good part start and I hope I did not lose you. God has been working on me for the past couple months as I became invested in a Bible-teaching church. I got soo involved in reading the WORD, and looking for ways to please Him. I kept my focus on Him and started to put literally everything into His hands. I eventually began to see His hand in everything including my job. One of my 17 student/family members is a true man of God who has helped enhance my faith during our 1:1s, so I do believe he was purposed in my journey.

I started to see people, things, and situations differently. It is like I had a power that I couldn't explain, until recently, all things started to make sense. I still cannot explain this feeling, but I do know that it was God. Before all of this started to unfold in my life, I took a vacation to the same school that now employs me to visit a friend ( I did not go up there planning to even apply for an open position there, but I believe God was giving me a sneak peek.). I also visited Houston where I said a powerful, personal prayer at the altar of this life-changing church, The Lighthouse Church of Houston (Bishop TD Jakes' mentee, Pastor Keion Henderson) and I remember feeling something where I knew God heard it and answered it right then and there! I prayed to God as boldly and confidently as I knew how, just KNOWING He could do it: "Move me!!" The single word, MOVE was all of my unhappiness, confusion, and frustration summed up into one word. I said it probably 20x, each time bolder than the previous, LOUDLY with force, arms outstretched, church goers looking at me wondering what is wrong with me.

When I left church that afternoon, I knew my life was about to change. I felt I had stepped into a new dimension. I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit like never before! It is because I asked, I believed, then I received it that same day. On the plane back to MS, I had this peace about me where nothing could vex my spirit. It was confirmation from God that He is about to PROVIDE and MOVE me. Within 4 weeks, God opened up the door for me to walk in with no red flags or hiccups. Everything from the travel, interviews, and move felt right. I have the responsibility I wanted, a city that is set up for my personality and lifestyle, I have the support of my family (thanks mom, dad and Derrick for helping me move), and most importantly!! I HAVE THE ANOINTING OF GOD OVER MY LIFE. I just have to say " Won't He do it?!"

***UPDATE***BEING VULNERABLE......Naked and Not Ashamed The first picture is me at a low point, the second picture is me...


BEING VULNERABLE......Naked and Not Ashamed

The first picture is me at a low point, the second picture is me at a high point!

By JT HudBEING VULNERABLE.......Naked and Not AshamedI admit that I was spoiled as a Christian.  At an early age, around...

By JT Hud

BEING VULNERABLE.......Naked and Not Ashamed

I admit that I was spoiled as a Christian. At an early age, around 7 yrs old, the Lord showed me visions and dreams that came to pass exactly as I had seen them. As time went on, the Lord warned me about things to come with accuracy. My discernment was always on point.

When I committed my life to Christ, I was a homeowner at the age of 23 with lots of disposable income. I thought I knew the Lord well, until 3 years ago. The Lord told me to leave education in 1999. I obeyed, then my money got funny and I asked the Lord for permission to return to education. He granted my request. When I could no longer "kick against the prick", I left education and started Molly's House. Things started out well, then hell broke loose!!!

The Lord assigned people to help me on the journey, but you better believe that no one is going to help you for 3 years! I worked jobs, but nothing was permanent. My last job ended on July 20 and the Lord moved on the owner's heart to pay me for a few weeks beyond my last day. He even touched a friend's heart to send me a financial blessing right in the nic of time! I know that some of my friends wanted me to return to education because they didn't want to see me suffer any longer. I finally, started listening and tried to return to education. God blocked it! I found myself down to my last $50. I cried for two nights straight asking the Lord why had he forsaken me. He let me get it all off of my chest, then the Lord rebuked me! He told me that I asked for His permissive will the first time and His perfect will this time!

Hear me and hear me clearly..............you don't have to understand it. I will not be controlled by you because you offer me help. Keep your help or keep your feelings when I don't follow your lead/advise. I 'm good! There are still a few people in my life who may not understand what the Lord is doing is in my life, but they know that I serve and trust the Lord!

I took this picture yesterday when I was near my low. I will do a comparison once my breakthrough comes!


40 represents a time of probation and preparation. We have had 40 days of a new year. Now you can expect a few tests (or maybe they have already begun)! When ever the tests and trials come remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength! Instead of focusing on your tests and trials today, reflect on your past victories and celebrate. The best you is yet to be! What will you celebrate today?


Love is patient, kind, long suffering, enduring, selfless, optimistic and hopeful in addition to a few other things. What area(s) of love do you need to work on?


Your past can be an indicator of your future. Think back over your life and how you have reached this point in your life. Now, what do you see it taking to get you to the next phase of your life?


To be content is to be appreciative of what you have, yet at the same time knowing that what you have may only be a glimpse of what is yet to come! Do you appreciate where you are?


Having false pride can lead to a state of disillusionment. It's alright to have a great self esteem, but do you ever confer with anyone besides yourself to get confirmation of how you see yourself?


Make a list of your normal monthly activities and include the percentage of time you spend on each per month. Do you need to decrease or increase the amount of time you spend on certain things?


Before you make any decisions today, pray about it right NOW! Let all of your decisions today be made in a proactive manner and not reactive. At the end of the day, ask yourself if your decisions where more sound or not because you prepared your mind ahead of time. If it doesn't work for you, then what's another strategy that you can use?


You are fearfully and wonderfully made! How do you express your uniqueness to the world?


Integrity is a personal matter. What matters most is not what you do when others are around, but what you do when no one is looking. How do you take the time to question your private decisions?


You have to be patient when you are making moves on purpose. How do you prepare yourself to wait for right opportunities?


Each of us have a uniqueness that this world needs. Do you know what is your gift to the world?


God, your creator, says in Psalms 139:14 that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! I would say that you are a force to be reckoned with. What do you have to say about it?


Don't allow the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things to enter into your heart. What can you do to keep this from happening?


Atlanta, GA


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