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Audition for Zong Pha Xiong #NEW #MV
This Sat Sunday May 11 & 12
Time: 10am-2pm
Location: Creative Results 2489 Rice St #270
Roseville MN 55113
Will Yang

What we are looking for
1 Male
1 Female

Have a youthful high school look.
Particularly age 16-18 but no age limit.
No experience necessary
Any question please contact
Super-Seng Stage III

Actors will be compensated
If you or anyone you that maybe interested please tag them or share.
Only for Minnesota residents.

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Paj Ntaub Therosecloth is FREE on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!
Onlove Online

Paj Ntaub Therosecloth is FREE on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

In celebration of Hmong-American films Toj Siab Entertainment & has released Paj Ntaub Therosecloth onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure. This film is directed by our own Super-Seng Yang stage iii. He's also a creative producer for upcoming film project Spirits Dawn. We hope you'll enjoy watching Paj Ntaub Therosecloth and please share, like and subscribe.

click to watch

Onlove Online

Onlove Online

Holiday Sale 40% off DVD & soundtrack combo! Online purchase only, ends Jan. 1st.

Peng deletes the women from his dating app profile.

WY Real Estate Team Will Yang & Papaya Sauce LLC Floating Tables are proud sponsors of OnLove Online the film. Starring Yasmi Pajyi Yang, Gideon Xiong and Txos Lauj. Produced by Seng Yang. Filmed by Ntxawg Moua. Production Assistant Ntxhoo Marie Music by Yangko Yang Ali Chang John Ramsey Yang Lionel Li Musiv Records Rain Vue. Special credits from "Deleting Girls" scene, in order of apearance: Mary Vang Zoo Kue Suab Cua Thoj Rain Vue . This film was made possible by the generous contributions and donations from

c.2017 Toj Siab Entertainment

Onlove Online

Onlove Online

On Love Online, John Ramsey Yang "Mob Siab" song Musiv Records, feat. Rain Vue

"OnLove Online" a romantic comedy. A young woman in search of love through a dating app is torn between her best friend and the man of her dreams. Will she trust in the app or follow her heart?

The amazing international singer Yasmi Pajyi Yang is featuring in her first film with the talented Gideon Xiong (director) and also starring Chao (Txos Lauj) Lor.

In association with Seng Yang

sponsored by Will Yang with Creative Results WY Real Estate Team

Showing at:

Aug. 26
Aurora Cineplex
Atlanta, Ga.

Sept. 2 – 4
Marcus Hollywood Cinema
Appleton, WI.

Sept. 9 – 10
New Vision Oakdale 20
Oakdale, MN.

Sept. 16
AMC Hickory 15
Hickory, NC.

Onlove Online

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LIVE with Gideon Xiong and Seng Yang

Photos from Toj Siab Entertainment's post

Photos from Toj Siab Entertainment's post

Cheers to a successful weekend!

Cheers to a successful weekend!

Troopers!  All day shooting!

Troopers! All day shooting!

Awarded "Captivating Cinematography" Qhia Dab NeegWinner "Award of Recognition" The Indie Fest

Awarded "Captivating Cinematography" Qhia Dab Neeg
Winner "Award of Recognition" The Indie Fest

Toj Siab Entertainment's cover photo

Toj Siab Entertainment's cover photo

the " T " in Toj Siab is in the shape of the most famous hMong instrument called the "QEEJ"  or "khaene"

the " T " in Toj Siab is in the shape of the most famous hMong instrument called the "QEEJ" or "khaene"

If you enjoyed our film you can now purchase it at our online store!
Paj Ntaub ~ The Rose Cloth DVD/CD Combo | tojsiabentertainment

If you enjoyed our film you can now purchase it at our online store!

A love triangle between two good friends Nraug Hli Xiong aka "X" (Steve Moua,) Tou Lee (Gideon Xiong) and a nameless dream girl (Nancy Vang.) X is every woman’s dream man. He’s successful, intelligent and beyond gorgeous, but even with all his good fortune X is empty knowing and sensing that his lif...

Found this article so refreshing and on point about the struggles, pains, blood, sweat and tears that goes with being an...
Five Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From 'Joy' Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Found this article so refreshing and on point about the struggles, pains, blood, sweat and tears that goes with being an entrepreneur.

The movie was packed with a lot of great and positive lessons for entrepreneurs, but I want waste your time with the obvious ones like Joy didn't quit. I am going to share with you 5 lessons from the movie that are usually kept in the dark. Joy shined a light on them.


"I remember the idea of a nameless girl existing in a guy's dream sprouted around the year of 08/09 or at least it was brought to my attention at the time. By Fall of 2010 brain storming and script writing was born and constant revision was made till the end of filming early Spring of 2012. I'm honored to have been chosen to be one of the writers. It was tough and hard finding people to act, not only that! Support from the community financially nor encouragement. Paj Ntaub was against all odds! I remember asking close friends and families and then even reaching out to people I didn't know personally if they were interested in acting for a "Hmong Movie". Everyone turn down the offer because it was a "Hmong Movie" and to even think of a "Hmong Movie" at the time, it was embarrassing and cheesy to even claim that. There was no audition for this movie because there was no-one interested in "Hmong Movies". No option left the decision was made in a short period of time because The Rose Cloth needed to be put out there. The intent of this movie was never to rival anyone nor to out do anyone, but! To give the chance of "what if" we strayed away from the typical Hmong Movie? And really change the direction of the typical made Hmong Movies. All BS to the side, none of us had any experience in the filming industry other than the director Seng Yang. We went into this project blind folded letting faith lead us. I have to say... My vision of Paj Ntaub was definitely blurry but I took the leap of faith in Seng's cinematography work that we can be different, we can stand out and lead the youth in America to believing doing better. I could go on and on and this would all be a documentary within itself so I'll leave it here. Hehehe... To the younger generations... Have faith and take that step!! I believe Paj Ntaub isn't the best Hmong Movie ever, but it has definitely change the course of Hmong Movies onto a different path of reaching for the Stars of awesome Hmong Movies being made!" - Gideon Xiong (writer, actor)


"It was a real pleasure to make Paj Ntaub the movie and to have such an amazing team! Looking back, we've invested so much energy into this piece and now seeing it out there gives me great joy. To share our devoted work with the world. I know Paj Ntaub Therosecloth isn't for everyone but the idea of elevating the Hmong people serves as a greater purpose. The purpose of Paj Ntaub is raising the status quo of Hmong films. It serves a new direction for future Hmong film makers. Acknowledging our youths as Hmong-Americans (who may not speak Hmong very well or at all.) It will be a huge compliment if someday Hmong films would be compared to Paj Ntaub. As Grand Torino starring Doua Moua is directly associated to Hmong. - Seng Yang

Green screen moments!#pajntaub #pajntaubtherosecloth #therosecloth #hmongmovie

Green screen moments!

#pajntaub #pajntaubtherosecloth #therosecloth #hmongmovie


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Atlanta, GA


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