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Bout to be a hot 🔥 winter 🥶

Part Duece ✌🏾 with the legendary @miyabailey

Part Duece ✌🏾 with the legendary @miyabailey

Days like this make everything better

Days like this make everything better

Private fine art 🖼 🎨 events with your day ones #ARTAFFILIATES📸 @robyn_elicia  @ ATL

Private fine art 🖼 🎨 events with your day ones #ARTAFFILIATES

📸 @robyn_elicia @ ATL


A lot of y’all quit cause you have a Plan B. For me, Plan A is THE PLAN. #RICHGANG

If you ain’t heard it, you’re welcome.

If you ain’t heard it, you’re welcome.

Beautiful night in ATL. #RICHGANG

Beautiful night in ATL. #RICHGANG

Excited to connect with and help the Celebrity Credit GOAT 🐐 @whoisjameshunt create a profitable, automated digital mark...

Excited to connect with and help the Celebrity Credit GOAT 🐐 @whoisjameshunt create a profitable, automated digital marketing asset for his big time business! #RICHGANG

Child abuse.

Child abuse.

I’m coming. #ArtAffiliates

I’m coming. #ArtAffiliates


Came to Vegas to get some face time with some friends, make some new ones and start the conversation to make some WIN/WIN/WIN deals....

And I ended up helping produce a dope new show coming out called BEYOND PERCEPTION.

And I got to spend some time with Trey Johnson and MY GUY Anthony Harris the #GOAT 🐐🏀 while hearing more of his basketball story!

Outside of my family and friends, my two favorite things are business 💰 and basketball 🏀

Should be illegal to have this much fun 😈


Gs only. And the man behind him got him forever 💯 #RICHGANG

Gs only. And the man behind him got him forever 💯 #RICHGANG

#KnowNewFriends #RICHGANG

#KnowNewFriends #RICHGANG

Thought I wanted one of these🏆 before I dropped out of college and starting playing around on the Internet 🏀😈

Thought I wanted one of these🏆 before I dropped out of college and starting playing around on the Internet 🏀😈


Forgot to post this! Me and my fly nephew celebrating my good friend @drgarnerscott baby boy Azai’s first birthday! 🎁

Was reading 📖 this on the plane ✈️ to Vegas, and a GANG of quotes struck me, but this one was a monster:“The man (or wom...

Was reading 📖 this on the plane ✈️ to Vegas, and a GANG of quotes struck me, but this one was a monster:

“The man (or woman) who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Never despise humble beginnings.

Stay focused. Keep going. #RICHGANG




Simple example explaining OPPORTUNITY COST and why you are really LOSING money 💰 by not hiring people for your business:

Lets say you "think" you don't have the cash flow to pay someone to do some of the things you're doing in your business.

Fair enough.

This causes you to do EVERYTHING:

respond to emails, FB messages, website updates, accounting, sales, marketing, write copy, publish blogs, shoot videos, ship product, etc.

I could go on and on.

Now let's assume some of this can be outsourced to a contractor or an employee for $10/hr.

Let's also assume that you value your time at $100/hr.

If you are new to entrepreneurship and you still work a job, insert your hourly rate [here].

If it takes you 10 hours to do your own $10/hr tasks (responding to emails, publishing blogs, scheduling calls), that would "cost" you $100 to hire someone to do it ($10/hr x 10 hours).


And here is where OPPORTUNITY COST comes into play:

If you value your time at $100/hr (or whatever your number is), if you focused on revenue generating activities during those same 10 hours, you could have made $1,000 ($100/hr x 10 hours)!

But since you focused on executing $10/hr work yourself, instead of saving $100 by not hiring someone, you actually LOST $900.

That math is:

$1,000 you could have earned if you focused on revenue generating activities (minus) the $100 you "saved" by not hiring someone.

So many entrepreneurs do not account for this for the money they are actually LOSING by not making hiring decisions.

Some of you may say "but Suresh, I still don't have the money on hand to pay someone to do this work for me."


But here is the solution:

When you hire an employee, you have 1 to 2 weeks before you have to pay them.

This gives you the opportunity to BUY YOUR TIME BACK and free yourself from $10/hr work so you can focus on $100/hr work.

During this time, you need to be getting something SOLD so you can pay your employee.

If the work will cost you $100 to get outsourced, and you make $100/hr, then all you need is ONE hour to make the money to pay your employee.

See how simple that is?

I thought you'd understand 😊

Comment below and tell me:

What will you begin to outsource in your business?


How fast can I get a brand new business to $10,000/MO in revenue WITHOUT spending a dime?


Back in 2017, I had a simple goal driven by a POWERFUL question:

"How fast can I get a brand new business to $10,000/MO in revenue WITHOUT spending a dime?"

The rules were simple– I could not use any of my own money. I could only use cash that was generated by the business.

I grew up without having s**t, so I already knew I could make something from nothing, but I was wondering if I could PROCESS IT OUT so someone else could follow it.

I wanted to see how fast I could do it.


It took me 82 days (I would be pi**ed if it took me that long now).

The result?

I started this local mastermind event business called WEALTH WEEKLY LIVE.

I may know you from there.

What a ride (you'll see an improved version of this business again).

Anyone can start something from nothing.

Why not you?



Good morning! If you’re a new entrepreneur that recently FB friended me (or if you’re a vet that needs a refresher), I want to take some time to recondition your mindset and help you THINK like a success.

There are a lot of things people believe are true about running a business (specifically a digital one) that just flat out are not true.

NOTE: *I’m doing this off the top of my head, so I may miss some keys 🔑 (please add others in the comments)

1️⃣ 🗣It does NOT take 💰 to make 💰 (you can find money on the ground or you can get a paying client through DMs. Doesn’t cost a dime)

2️⃣ 🗣You do NOT need a huge email 📧 list or social media following to succeed (but clearly they are helpful, they can give you speed and you should be building one)

3️⃣ 🗣You CAN charge $1,000 or more for your course EVEN IF you are just getting started.

The ONLY important credentials you need are being able to deliver the results you promise. Period.

4️⃣ 🗣You do NOT need a degree 🎓 to succeed in this business (you can be a Southern college dropout from the Dirty South like me 😈)

5️⃣ 🗣You do NOT need any certifications that grant you permission to do this.

6️⃣ 🗣The opportunity cost of you trying to figure it out on your own is MUCH GREATER than investing in someone that can show you a step by step path to success.

🗣Ex: investing $1,000 in a mentor that can help you get the specific results you’re looking for NOW is much less expensive than taking the next 12 months tinkering around on YouTube and watching webinars looking for free s**t.

🗣If you go the “do it yourself” route, you THINK you are saving $1,000, but in REALITY you are MISSING MONTHS OF REVENUE 💰(to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars 💵) that you COULD have had if you followed a proven path.

🗣Figuring it out on your own is more expensive than you think.

If you get nothing else from this gem 💎, get in the habit of paying for SPEED. #OpportunityCosts

7️⃣ 🗣🗣🗣PAID SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING of ANY kind WORKS *IF* you know what you are doing.

I have the PERSONAL results to prove it, and if you doubt it because of your own poor experience, put your money 💰 up and we can log into these accounts and I’ll show you some heat 😈🔥🔑

8️⃣ 🗣Your email list of leads and customers is your most important asset. Build it early and often.

9️⃣ 🗣Do NOT make the mistake of *ONLY* building your social media following. We have a privilege to use these platforms, but DO NOT confuse that with ownership.

At any moment Facebook could say:

❌“You violated our terms and your account is shut down.”

❌“We are done with the “follow” feature.”

❌“We changed our mind on allowing people to have Facebook groups and pages.”

🗣Zuckerburg and company own this. We are renting and playing in the sand (this is why #8 is VITAL).

🗣If your business is 100% reliant on your social media following, your business foundation is on quick sand.

🔟 🗣 You DO NOT have to have your course completed BEFORE you make money! 💰 It’s actually better if it’s not completed, and almost all businesses do some form of pre-selling before they deliver the goods.

Its early, so i know I’m missing some good ones.

What other myths did I miss? Comment below!


Course Riches Replay – Wealth Weekly

(I’m making this up. Like right at this moment)

Let’s play a fun little game called “DAMN! That’s why I don’t have any money!”


How many times in the past 30 days have you asked someone for some money in exchange for your program?

The past 2 weeks?

The past 7 days?


❌ Comment below!!

Even if you don’t participate, if you haven’t been focusing on getting money, this realization will f**k with you mentally.

All good.

Recalibrate and focus on $10,000/hr activities.

Me? I ask everyday, and I’ll ask again so you know how serious it is:

Click below to learn how you can make well over $100,000/yr and live the life of your dreams by turning your knowledge into an automated online course 😊


Epic times with one of my many dads. Happy birthday pops.

Epic times with one of my many dads. Happy birthday pops.


With the right attitude, I can help a man on the streets get some money. #RICHGANG


You can ALWAYS make some more money no matter where you are...

Even if you have to borrow $4 to buy a 32 pack of water 💧 and sell them for $1ea.

Now that I do the math, that’s a great ROI on $4!

Gave these young brothers $10 for 4 ice cold waters just cause I don’t want them to redirect that hustlers spirit to something that could land them some jail time.

Figure it out so you can manifest the best version of your life.


Shipping these hand written thank you notes and 📝 gift 🎁 giveaways for Malika, Metria and Alicia. Scaling is such a BIG ...

Shipping these hand written thank you notes and 📝 gift 🎁 giveaways for Malika, Metria and Alicia.

Scaling is such a BIG buzzword in marketing, but some of y’all really need to scale your generosity 🤭

But you ain’t hear that from me 😴

Congrats ladies! Gifts on the way!



After Brian wrote his book, he wanted to create a course so he could serve MORE people.

I helped him make over $15K in a WEEK so he could use that capital to serve MORE people in a MORE TRANSFORMATIVE WAY.

Listen to his story, and I look forward to seeing you in the Course Riches Program!


Love ❤️ this one right here. Even when I dropped out of college ❌🎓 (I know you hated it), didn’t have a dime 💴 to my nam...

Love ❤️ this one right here.

Even when I dropped out of college ❌🎓 (I know you hated it), didn’t have a dime 💴 to my name (pockets turned inside out 🤷🏽‍♂️) and I wasn’t quite sure about what the hell I was gonna do with my life 🙃 (I just knew I’d figure it out. I always do 💪🏾), you always supported me and let me #FOCUS on the long game.

Instead of working jobs for a little paper, I was staying up until the ☀️ came up reading books 📚 fooling with this computer 💻 sending letters 📝 snail-mail 📬 to multi-millionaires 💰💰💰 and practicing copywriting ✍🏾 — I think you thought I was crazy 😜 — but you let me find my way.

I love you mama.

Cue @TI “you can have whatever you like....” 🎶

#RICHGANG before it was even a thang

If you love yo mommyyyyy, drop that young selfie in the comments and tell us why 😊

I’m the most legendary copywriter in the world 🌎 checked out 💀 or alive 😍Don’t believe me? 😳Click this link and find out...

I’m the most legendary copywriter in the world 🌎 checked out 💀 or alive 😍

Don’t believe me? 😳

Click this link and find out why you’s NUTTY 🙃

*nothing to 👀 here*






If you're an entrepreneur at heart and you want to build an automated 💰$1M/year online course business around your knowledge, passion and expertise, rock with me.

Every 1000th member gets a secret prize for their business 🤑

Get a bag here

If you're a #RICHGANG member, like, comment and share this post to show your love!

This memory popped up on my FB TL so I’d thought I’d share AND challenge you to do this powerful exercise yourself...Rea...

This memory popped up on my FB TL so I’d thought I’d share AND challenge you to do this powerful exercise yourself...

Read this, then take the time to really write out Your own “Perfect Life with Zero Limitations” and post it in the comments.

I would love to read it!


So I wrote this "perfect life" document YEARSSSSSSSS ago when I was dead broke trying to figure this thang all out.

It's interesting to see how close I am to my perfect lifestyle, and even how I live directly next door to the building where I will buy a penthouse.

I just read it again for the first time this year, and I'm going to share it in hopes that you'll write your own vision as plainly as possible, with zero limitations on your life.

No matter where you are, there is a path that will take you everywhere you want to go.

*asterisks denote something I added for FB


My Perfect Life: Zero limitations and consequences

I live in the W Downtown Atlanta on Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd (*I live next door to this building now. I can see it from my balcony).

My penthouse is on the top floor. I have helipad access for my helicopter. I have 24 hour maid and butler service. My penthouse condo has a north view of the breathtaking downtown Atlanta skyline.

My penthouse has 2-3 levels, 4+ bedrooms, my walls are made of glass, my floors are a beautiful light colored wood, and it is 5,000+ square feet.

It will have a place for the fellas to hang out, a family room, conference room, and an entertainment room. The walls that aren't glass will be covered with the most amazing artwork from the famous masters, the new greats, and of my own personal art. My home has a contemporary minimalist design. It has all of the latest high tech electronics in the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas.

My penthouse has all of the latest fixtures and contemporary furniture. All of my counter tops are marble. My bathroom has the bowl sinks. My bathroom doors have the fog glass that are slightly translucent. The base of my walls are lined with lights that change to various colors on my command (*now I have some dope lights in the condo that change 16M colors. Didn't even know this existed when I originally wrote this).

I have a huge living area where me, my family, and all of my friends entertain one another. I have a big kitchen area. When guests enter my home, they are immediately WOW'd by the beauty and simplicity. Syre has his own bedroom and he loves his space. He can paint on his walls and play with his endless toys.

The master bedroom has a huge custom or California King bed, possibly a fireplace, a coffee table area to sit and read, a small bookshelf to keep the cued books, and open glass walls to overlook the city. My master bedroom is at least 1,000 square feet. The Master bathroom has a huge Jetted shower with sitting benches and a huge jetted tub.

All rooms have the best technology, flat screens for Syre and the entertainment areas. I have a home office that has an iMac desktop computer, a glass desk, the most comfortable chair money can buy, and a Macbook Pro.

I drive a Ferrari F430 or a 458 Italia, a CL65 AMG Benz, and I am driven in a Maybach 67S. I also have a G wagon for my lady, our kids and their friends. I can feel what it is like as I drive my cars down the street. I can feel the wind on my face when the top is dropped on my Ferrari.

Whether I have an amazing wife or not at this point, I/we would wake up around 7:00a every morning and lay in my California bed and think of all of the things we are grateful for.

We then proceed to meditate/study personal development, and discuss the main points that stand out.

After that, we pray and give thanks to the Most High.

We then proceed to do our morning ritual which is centered around creating transformation for ourselves. This consist of working out and eating a healthy breakfast on the balcony of our Master Suite.

At 9:30 my workday starts as I walk down the hallway to my amazing home office.

My family is trained as to what work time is and I enjoy non stop un-interrupted work chunks of time. My office has shelves of the best cultured and business books ever written.

My desk has the best technology known to man including a desktop Mac and a Macbook Pro. I have the best and most comfortable office chair, a reading chair, and chairs for guest business people.

For the next 2 1/2 hours I focus on the highest leveraged Items of my business. During this morning work ritual I feel empowered and energized knowing I am helping people change their personal and business lives for the better.

My business is fun, easy, highly leveraged, and lucrative. My main job is to come up with ideas that make me, my associates, family, friends, and all of my clients tons of money and free time to do the things they love.

I am in the internet and niche marketing business, but I sell things in tons of industries because I am a creator and an Angel and Venture Capitalist investor.

I invest in other people, but I mainly invest in my projects. I am viewed as a Guru in many fields, and I have helped millions of people create wealth for themselves. I have a virtual assistant that keeps track of my projects and daily schedule.

I know that my Life Purpose is to:


At 12:00 I have a sit down lunch in my kitchen with a business associate. The meal is healthy and energizing.

My personal chef is an amazing cook.

The conversation is one of catching up with what has happened in our lives since last seeing one another, and then we move on to what we are working on together.

My friends and Associates are people of high character and emotional fitness.

They are straight shooters with no passive-aggressive behavior. We are able to debate, argue, fight, love and still have strong relationships. (**One of my favorite lines. I love straight shooting people.)

Many of my friends are much more successful than I am and I enjoy being mentored by them. Many of my other friends are on their way up and I enjoy helping them jump over ladders in their lives.

It's now 1:30 and I'm roaring and ready to start my second work chunk of the day. From now until 5:00 I'm full force tearing up the business world and making tons of money for my business, clients, and myself.

At 5:00 I lay down for a 30 minute nap. I'm releasing myself from the rest of the day and can feel myself getting ready to spend time with my family and friends.

At 5:30 I awaken fully energized and ready to go! It's family time.

I spend quality time with Syre teaching him all the things to prepare him to be the best he can be. We have a family dinner and enjoy conversation with one another. We talk about business, politics, education, and our lives. I'm completely focused on my family and friends from now until 8:30 at night.

At 8:30 I retreat to my home office for 45 minutes to plan for the next day. I finish up work and plan for my next day in detail. at 9:15, I work on improving another skill- this may be painting or drawing, playing an instrument, or learning another language.

At 10:00 I am relaxed with my lover. We watch movies or just enjoy conversation. I also read for pleasure for 15-30 minutes.

At 11:30-12:00 I'm in bed and asleep rejuvenating my body for the next day.

Outside of my business and family life I travel the world to Poker Tournaments and I am known as one of the great poker players in the world.

I spend one to two evenings per week for 5-8 hours playing poker, not only as a hobby but as a business that I study, refine, and enjoy. This is a very profitable hobby for me; however, I never allow it to ruin the balance in my life. I've also aligned myself with the top poker pros and enjoy a very successful online poker business.

Also, I am world renowned as one of the greatest painters and poets. If I'm not playing poker, I working on my artistic abilities and showing my work in galleries all around the world.

In my spare time I'm always learning new stuff– whether it's a language, improving my art skills, traveling to distant lands, and doing adventurous and athletic things such as BJJ, playing basketball and boating. I am also learning to enjoy games with my family.

I give to the community through volunteering to teach all the life and business skills I possess to those that will use it.

I also am passionate about my physical fitness and learning new self defense skills. I am in the process of creating an amateur athletic basketball league. I enjoy these things very much.

I have the power to do and be whatever I wish to do and be.

What's your perfect life?

Please share it in the comments so I can read it!



400 W Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA


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