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Our publisher talks about how #DominiqueMag will Red Pill Next as we celebrate International Men's Day, International Me...
Counting Down to International Men’s Day: Dominique Magazine Red Pill Next on Men’s Issues

Our publisher talks about how #DominiqueMag will Red Pill Next as we celebrate International Men's Day, International Mens Day in November 2022! Every #man needs to celebrate and embrace #manhood #masculinity and each other! #InternationalMensDay #menhelpingmen #brotherhood

Publisher announces Dominique Magazine is ready to Red Pill Next to celebrate International Men's Day

Have you helped a fellow man lately just because?

Have you helped a fellow man lately just because?

it Matters ❤️ 💯 💯


Heathcliff premiered on this date in 1984 📺


This was such a full circle moment 🙏 TC Carson didn't know it, but he kept me company every morning during my first TV job. I was far from home (living in Idaho Falls) and a morning anchor/meteorologist, and every morning at 4am I'd be at work alone watching "Living Single" episodes while I made my weather graphics. To meet Mr. Carson today really meant a lot to me -- a reminder of that kid with big dreams. (Plus he was really nice AND brought that was good, too!!!)






Deion Sanders speaking facts🗣


Invest Early & Often.


Writing Cover letter


Masculine men can speak their mind.

Especially when it guarantees they will encounter pressure, pushback, and other negative repercussions.

Strength. Honor. Courage.

Uncage the Lion.

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The world is a giant book




Texas rapper Maxo Kream shares some advice on not falling into the trap of chasing a “fake” lifestyle 🗣

Photos from The Six Sigma Guy's post

Photos from The Six Sigma Guy's post


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I have a birth defect. I've been pranked by girls before. And even I'm not as insecure as the fakers on red pill social media. The guys who try to plant doubts in men who have a relationship. The guys who spend hours gossiping about body counts, women's preferences, and Tinder profiles, and starting online fights with women. I especially love when they nitpick a couple's looks. Meanwhile, they're lonely. Criticizing a stranger's relationship. While apparently being a better catch than that guy. And their imaginary girlfriend is hotter. Here's something the fake red pill pages will never tell you: it's not that women don't like short, fat, skinny, etc. guys. The women you've met just don't like YOU. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can do something about it. As far as looks go, I have lower chances than the guys I'm talking about. I'd be open to it, but I don't have a specific attraction to women with birth defects. So why should I get offended at the fact that some women will reject me by default? Since those pages won't tell you any solutions, either, here you go: Unfollow all pages and groups where that crap is the majority of their content. Go where the focus is on self-improvement, like Dominique Magazine, @theroeshowpodcast (Instagram), The Healthy Male, and here. One thing that helps me be more confident in my looks is watching videos of people who are handicapped or have birth defects, and are cool with their situations. Some have girlfriends, some have wives. Squirmy and Grubs (muscle disease/wheelchair), and Nick Vujicic (no limbs), are good people to check out. And then there's the relationships I've summarized in previous posts, often involving women sticking with their man even after an accident disabled him. Look up phenoMENalActLove on Instagram. You can do the same with your insecurities and hobbies. I know fat men with thin girlfriends/wives. I've met guys with much taller girlfriends. There are nerdy women with nerdy boyfriends out there. It's just a matter of leaving your island to see the other 7 billion+ people. Here's Get More Confidence with "The 2 Lies That Keep You Seeking Approval." Type this into your browser to watch: And "How To Overcome Physical Symptoms Of Social Anxiety!" From The Fearless Man, here's "Are You Rejecting Women Without Realizing It?" #phenoMENalAct
“In school, if they'd have offered Wealth 1 and Wealth 2, I'd have taken both classes." - Jim Rohn ^That's the kind of thinking that can be considered MGTOW. Don't be fooled by pages that have been taken over by undercover simps who want to brainwash men into being like them. If you're on a red pill page that never posts solutions or personal development, and almost all of their content is complaining about women, you're in the wrong place. If you want to solve male issues, then hang out on pages like Fathers Rights & Resources, Jana Herde, Survivors UK, 1in6, Shrink4Men, HeadsUpGuys, Tough Talk, Rick Scarpello Therapy, Dominique Magazine, Therapy 4 Dads,, Dad Surviving Divorce, and Malevoiced. If you're serious about going your own way, then study men like Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown, T. Harv Eker, Jerry "DRhino" Clarke, and Eric Thomas. And then there's "How to Overcome Red Pill Rage -- The Right Way." Click this link to see the guide: #phenoMENalAct
Good article from Dominique Magazine Fellas, you are not alone! Su***de and depression are two things that men suffer through alone and we at #DominiqueMag want you to recognize the signs and get the help that you need and deserve. Why? Because you are worth it. #su***deprevention2021 #InternationalMensDay #mentalhealthmatters #menhelpingmen #menshealth #su***de
A look at who is working here at Club E Atlanta. We have a great diverse variety of businesses on our campus! Like them on Facebook, Ignite College Park Resource Center , Home Rule News, Be Ready Academy, Dominique Magazine. You can join us as well, let's bring your business to College Park.
"Like, come on, guys! Can't you see that nice guys like me should be getting waaay more laid than bad boys? Forget the court system; the friendzone is the real problem! And you're part of the problem if you don't use your platform to address it!" Don't you just love going to a male empowerment group, hoping to get away from s*xism and seeing everything cater to women at the expense of men, and all you see are posts about women? Not just false r**e accusers, etc. Women with/without makeup, a celebrity's s*x life, a collection of female selfies to worship under the guise of roasting them. All more important than posts meant to help men, according to the vast difference in feedback and frequency. It's fun seeing these guys tell others how to run a men's page, expecting to be taken seriously. If you'd rather promote solutions, self-improvement, good relationships, and helping men and boys, than some girl's OnlyFans, then you ain't red-pilled. GTFOH with that undercover simp s**t! Shout out to men who run pages that provide personal development, and who aren't afraid to call out the undercover simps who can turn the most positive topics into a complaint department about women. Pages like Rick Scarpello Therapy, @mensmindset (Instagram), Dominique Magazine, Fathers Rights & Resources, @markeithmonroe (Instagram), Thoughts Men Aren't Supposed To Think, and many more. Follow them all. Shout out to new red pill pages that don't just complain. My advice is to never cave in for undercover simps who tell you what to post. They don't want help; they want miserable company. Also, ask yourself the following questions: How can my page help men who are new to the red pill? If a newly red-pilled man saw my page right now, what would he learn? If he were to judge based on my content, why should he continue to follow red pill philosophy? There was a time where I went through red pill rage and did nothing but complain. This link will show you how to move past that phase. Might help you, might not. #phenoMENalAct
THE DRUGS, ALCOHOL OR GAMBLING: "Is No Longer The #1 Addiction" . if you don't think so, try NOT checking your facebook account for 1 week. . PERSONAL LIVES AND RELATIONSHIPS DEPEND UPON FACEBOOK . - why personal lives? because you have no life of your own and need facebook to exist. . - why relationships? because you chose the wrong person and facebook is your companion rather than him or her. . UNLIKE DRUGS, ALCOHOL OR GAMBLING, THIS ADDICTION IS FREE.
Since they aren't ready for that conversation, I won't bother talking about the misandrist cesspools on social media run by their sons' classmates. Or ask how their sons feel about the media's toxic masculinity narrative. Or bring up the fact that society's "acceptable" male role models, like Terry Crews, are a bunch of clowns. Those of you who do want change, I suggest directing the young men in your life to pages like Thoughts Men Aren't Supposed To Think, Dominique Magazine, The Art of Manliness, and yours truly. Proof of school bias against boys: Elementary schoolgirls get better grades than boys, despite performing worse on standardized tests. This is because teachers give higher marks to girls due to class behavior, as boys tend to be more fidgety and excitable. Source: Another experiment involved 1,200 8th graders across 29 schools in London, Manchester, and Liverpool. Students were given a sum of £4, and could keep it or bet on their performance on a test where grading was partly discretionary. Half of the classrooms were graded by an anonymous external examiner, and the other half was graded by a non-anonymous teacher. Male students generally bet less when graded by a female teacher than by an external examiner or male teacher. The female teachers actually did give lower grades to male students. Female pupils bet more when graded by a male teacher than by an external examiner or female teacher. Their belief was inconsistent with male teachers' grading practices. Source: At grade 4, 9 of the 17 states with an overall score decrease also had a score decrease for male students only, which reflects the decrease for male students only at the national level. At grade 8, 9 of the 31 states with an overall score decrease also had a score decrease for both males and females, which reflects the decrease at the national level for both genders. 12 of the 31 states showed a decrease for male students only. Source: #phenoMENalAct

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