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4L Films Atlanta based Film Production Company with over 60 years combined experience in the entertainment industry.

Technology is changing everything in entertainment so fast… How can you keep up? Go with what is tried and true? Go with the completely new idea? How about going with the one thing that never changes? How about the best idea, production and post available with the creativity to be fresh and cutting edge and the technology to make it happen? See? Wasn’t that easy? With wide and varied experience in the entertainment industry through all of the changes and challenges on countless productions from commercials, TV and features, Director Wes Llewellyn and Producer Amanda Llewellyn can turn your idea into the next “Big Thing."

Zoom meeting led by John Ware with Brian Bird!!

Zoom meeting led by John Ware with Brian Bird!!


It has been a while since I posted. So many things have gone on...We stopped doing "It's Supernatural" for a year now. We moved to Thomasville, GA. Wes is finishing up the feature he directed "The Farmer and the Belle." We have a few projects at the start that are pretty exciting and when there is something to really talk about, I will talk about it. We are trying to find "normal" or at the least "normal for us." It has been a VERY hard year as there have been so many huge changes in our lives but, we are trusting our Sovereign Father in Heaven with the plan, Jesus for guiding us and Holy Spirit for giving us the power to do the impossible.


Hey there, people! Wes and I have completed our Phase One of our move. We closed our studio and are now moving out of our loft space. Looking for some time to write and concentrate on other projects but, that does not mean "no work!" If you have a project that needs a highly experienced production team, message us!


We are in the process of changing his we have been doing business in ATL. We are still s production company but we are giving up our studio space for a shared space and only we need it.

ANNOUNCING THE NEW WEBSITEWe’re pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Do visit us on https://www.4lfilms.co...

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Do visit us on https://www.4lfilms.com
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Sid Roth's It's Supernatural

This particular episode's reenactments were shot in Bend, Oregon with our amazing guest, Kim Meeder at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch (https://www.crystalpeaksyouthranch.org) which is the passion ministry of Kim and her husband, Troy. The cast in Oregon were friends of Kim and Troy and they were all amazing! Such a love of God coming from everyone there. I cast myself as the veterinarian as a matter of expediency but I thought it turned out well. Thank you to Wes Llewellyn, Matt Gwynne, Kim, Troy, Cassie and Rebecca. Enjoy the clip but check out the rest of the story on sidroth.org. Can't miss Kim vs mountain lion!

Please share!

My call meant to end a life was used by God to save a life instead.


Wes is about to finish up directing "The Farmer and The Belle" in Chickamauga, GA! Yay! Congratulations, baby! You are making it through!


I have not been writing a lot on our page recently mostly because, most everyone meets me at my private page. I want to start to change it up a little this year but I will need some help. If you are on a shoot with us, please message me with any set and off set pics you may have of us working. You would be surprised at how many pictures I DON'T have!

Second, we are planning on doing a few interesting project this coming year. Stay tuned on how you can help!

Thirdly, I keep our projects fairly close to the vest. Why? It was something that Michael Ironside said to me years ago and it stuck..."I don't want to be that guy to keep talking about doing a project that never happens." I thought that was good advice. It isn't so much a "secret" as it is, I don't want to get people all excited about a project that is delayed or not funded...so, there's that!

When it gets real, y'all will know! Big things planned...Let's see how it all shakes out!


Hey folks! Well, "Under Water" took home FIVE 168 Film Festival awards! Not bad out of 15 nominations! 2nd Runner Up Best Speed Film, Best Director: Wes Llewellyn, Best Screenplay, Best Scriptural Integration (My Favorite Award and my 4th win in this category) and Best Supporting Actress: Amy Sutherland! Yay!!


Today is Mr Wes' BIRTHDAY! We are leaving for Los Angeles in a couple of days to attend the 168 Hour Film Festival. We have 15 nominations for "Under Water" a short that we made in a week! What were we thinking? It is a powerful film with so many wonderful performances, beautiful visuals and a strong message about forgiveness that I hope we do well. I'll post the results after we get them!


After a stunning 15 nominations for "Under Water" at the 168 Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles, we will be traveling there August 26 and 27th to experience the wonderful world of shorts based on a Bible Verse! Will it be another win for us? Who knows? At least we gave it our best shot! Hope to see our LA friends while we are there. Perhaps a dinner at the Knight Restaurant in Burbank is in order!

So, before you head out for the weekend and spend your money on non-essentials :~) Please consider a donation to our 168...
168 - Bethel Atlanta

So, before you head out for the weekend and spend your money on non-essentials :~) Please consider a donation to our 168 FILM PROJECT that we will be doing at the end of this month (May 26th to June 2nd)! We have a PROMISE OF MATCHING FUNDS after $2500 and we need to make that goal!
Please use this link and help us make the Best 168 Film we can giving your TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION covering our hard costs of locations, food, equipment and crew!

168 - Bethel Atlanta

We are coming out of 168 Retirement and doing a project this year May 26-June 2 for the 2017 168 Film Project! Yay! We are doing this through our media church group BACA: Bethel Atlanta Cinema Arts! Please donate to help us cover our hard costs of locations, food and crew!

Join us for this exciting adventure!

Founded in 2003, the 168 Film Project is an incubator for writers and filmmakers to explore scripture and to practice their craft. The 168 Film Project challenge to filmmakers worldwide is to draw a random scripture and in just 168 hours (7 days) shoot and edit a short film. These short films are cr...

We are making improvements at the studio/home at The Metropolitan. It has been such a process but, in the moment we real...

We are making improvements at the studio/home at The Metropolitan. It has been such a process but, in the moment we realized that some of our products might be "low budget." Hey, at least we are inclusive as we are "poly"urethane as opposed to "mono"urethane.


I wanted to make a brief comment in solidarity with friends in Orlando, my former "home town" for many years...Our hearts are broken for your loss and we mourn with you. Violence is a terrible thing and it is also a "heart problem." Let's concentrate on fixing the heart.


The wait is over! BIRTHDAY for a "Founder!" Amanda says, "Thank you for all of you that have come to play and hang out and work with us since our arrival nearly six years ago. You make birthdays so much fun!


Tomorrow is a special day here at 4L Films. It is Amanda Llewellyn's Birthday! The countdown has begun!


Wanted to post some pics!


Wow! THANKS TO ALL OF OUR CAST AND CREW for CHAUNCEY CRANDALL episode shoot yesterday! EVERYONE was "A Quality" top to bottom! We're so proud of the work you gave yesterday. Perfect cast, perfect crew! Thank you for the day where we ended on time and all of it in the can!


Hey there! We are shooting another episode for "Its Supernatural" this Thursday (May 26th) for guest Chauncy Crandall. Going full on medical for this one folks. Full on!


Shooting today on the TJC project! Doing the narration...Only one more day of shooting on this in about a week. Getting close to being done! Yay!


Okay folks...This is a list of episodes from the start. I'm trying to get REAL episode numbers and work on the whole IMDB thing for everyone! I know...years in the making but, what I need is PRAYER to see this thing through. I want to bless my folks who have come and participated in all of our shoots and by doing this, credits can actually be assigned to IMDBPro. Just need that prayer support for a good outcome! STAY TUNED!!


I know...it has been a while but there was not too terribly much to post. That may be changing! Please keep apprised of what is happening in our neck of the woods here in the ol ATL! Looking to put some really fun projects together soon!


NEW EPISODE of "Sid Roth's, It's Supernatural!" Hank Kunneman is the guess and I am looking for a classic car from about 1965 to 1970 that someone living in Guam would drive. No clue but thought maybe a VW Bug? Shooting July 29-30th. Thanks y'all!


Last week was busy. We went to ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) and ICVM (International Christian Visual Media) Met and talked with old friends and made new ones! Maybe some interesting things coming by the end of the year. Will post and keep informed. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we forge ahead!

Producer: Amanda Llewellyn

Producer: Amanda Llewellyn

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