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Happy JoyLY: Independence in Your New FIScal Year & hopeMORE's 2014 Flashback

Independence has a cost. But at the end of the day, it is freeing to OWN your choices and not live someone else's concept of how you should live your life. In this new FIScal year, take the opportunity to take center in your own life.

Also, celebrating 7 years as hopeMORE and appreciating the hopeMORE family that has come along for the ride!


The celebration for hopeMORE's 7th Anniversary and Audience Appreciation continues all JoyLY! Watch, post comments, and get a chance to week a weekly $cashapp prize as an hopeMORE audience member!

Happy JoyLY! Celebrating hopeMORE's 7th Anniversary & Audience Appreciation Month

It's been 7 years since hopeMORE Innovations Media3 began. Our reach and success on the hopeMORE page and/or hopeMORE Youtube Channel have all been made possible through YOU - our hopeMORE family! Tonight, we say thanks, give you a chance to win a prize, and invite you to join our production, while looking back at our very first talk show segment. This is our first of four JULY + joy episodes, called JoyLY!

In JoyLY, we will walk down memory lane with hopeMORE's production projects. Starting next week, we also will highlight places of JOY in this new FIScal Year (F for Fitness, I for Independence, and S for Surrender).

Watch and post a COMMENT live or REPLAY within 24 hours (Thursday 5:30pm ET) to be eligible for a weekly $cashapp drawing and more.


0.00 Anniversary and Audience Appreciation Introduction/ 4 Goals in the Month of JoyLY

12:35 Opening Monologue - The HOPE Show (First Talk Show Segment 2014)

14:52 Roundtable with Recording Artist Naomi Cross and Pastor Corey O'Neal

28:08 Mary Mary Show Clip/ Roundtable


Taylor County High School was the backdrop of a group of the coolest and most beautiful girls to ever grace her halls. We were black girl magic, before we knew what to call it and before others widely recognized or celebrated it. Despite often being "othered," Gigi, Sonja, Kiwanis, Greer, and Casilda were standouts in my eyes and I felt honored to be included in this group photo during the last night of our 1992 Spring Break - Senior Bahamas Cruise. NOW almost 30 years later, I get to catch up with them to discuss growing up in the 1990s, the impact of race and colorism in a small town high school, our dreams after graduation, and reality lessons of adulthood.


You can always learn from your past relationships even when the lessons outlives the love. Join us for a frank and fun reunion!


Years ago, Charles was in jail for 5 years awaiting a trial for a murder he did not commit. He also spent a year in prison. Charles is now an Entrepreneur.

Corey was a teenager who hit a lick with some friends for some money. After 14 months in jail, he won a special pretrial release and an opportunity to avoid a mandatory minimum 10 year sentence for armed robbery. He broke curfew and ended up spending almost his entire 20s behind bars. No free from prison physically, he is free in mind and exemplifies strength as a Role Model.

I was appointed as their defense attorney by the courts... and by divine intervention. They forever impacted me, and they never forget me as well - even if all the memories are not so good. I am GLAD to see them tonight!

Besides reuniting with the two extraordinary clients in horrible circumstances, I also will reconnect with two heroes of the struggle to end the prison pipeline and helped me believe that better is possible as a village. These heroes are Gwen Sands, founder Visions Unlimited and the Visions Peace Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and her son, who inspired the mission, Leonard Dungee, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, life coach, and author.


hopeMORE Host, Hope Demps

THE AFTERSHOW: Loving Like Jesus? A Pastor's Relationship with Her Gay Son

After listening to the journeys of our Jesus-Loving LGBTQIA+ sisters and brothers, how do you respond, especially if a Christian with traditional biblio-centric perspectives on homosexuality? Do you ignore the bible? Do you require changed or hidden "behavior" for fellowship or inclusion of Queer Christians? Do you deny their identity or proclamation as fellow believers unless they become "ex-gay"? Do you cast stones as judge and jury? Do you post a rainbow flag on your door and attend PRIDE parades to show allyship? Do you adopt a don't ask, don't tell, so I act like I don't know attitude? Should you respond in "Live and let live" frame of mind?

The perfect answers are NOT in THE AFTERSHOW, but the questions and discussion are open. With honesty and respect are the ground rules, we will get real in this often uncomfortable intersection of Christianity and sexual expressions/ gender identity/sexual orientation. The special guest is Prophetess (Mommy) Adrianne Spain of Freedom Ministries in Perry, Florida. She will share her testimony about her relationship with her gay son, and the lessons she has learned about loving like Jesus. And who knows? Her son may join us! #hopeMORE #ReJUNEions #HOPEDAY #QueerChristians #GayChristians #Pride2021 #SaucySantana #ParentsofLGBTQIA


Getting ready for that summer fun we’ve all been waiting for? That’s right. It’s June. It’s Reunion season. Every Wednesday hopeMORE will be celebrating ReJUNEions and reconnecting with great people, starting on June 9th. #hopeMORE #ReJUNEions


Reconnect & Refresh
Starting June 9th * Every Wednesday
on hopeMORE


Overextended? Bad Credit? Underemployed? No legacy to leave or inherit? If that is you or you someone you know, join us in this live frank discussion at 5:30pm ET, Wednesday, May 19, 2021 about broken economic integrity hidden under the appearances of "riches" through the preoccupation of displaying expensive clothes, cars, and jewelry. Why not get real and build financial foundations for asset creation and business to transfer to our children, and our children's children to come? Today's special guest is finance educator, Justin DeFoor, and he will help expose ways we can fearless triumph over a mentality of living paycheck to paycheck or of poverty hustling.


Join in this May 5th discussion on whether this is a holiday to celebrate or mourn. Mexican food, Mexican culture, Mexican music, Mexican labor, Mexican appropriation, Mexican border detention camps for children. This is the first episode of this month’s #MayWE series.

May 5th Party Invite>>> If you want to appear on the show this Hope Happy Hour, you are invited! All you need is a laptop w/ a camera or smartphone, decent lighting, and a stable wifi - plus clean conversation and a point to make. During the show, post your email or telephone number for the link.

Happy May 5th!


As April 2021 closes, the world spirals, and the Devil appears to be doing a victory lap - hope still abounds. Join in today's Hope Happy Hour as we discuss the power of Jesus Christ to pierce the bloody hell and how we MAY walk in triumph. #BloodyHell #SpringTimeMassacre #WeMAY #HopeHappyHour #HOPEDay #hopeMORE


hopeMORE is on SPRING BREAK - April 19 - 23, 2021!
Enjoy the REPLAYS!


Reflections and Short Replays on the #7DaysRezPraise - Resurrection Interviews and preview of the new themes for the rest of the month of April

Resurrected Love: Joyce Mayberry

When is it ever too long for love to be rebirthed from a past relationship that died? One year? Five? How about 20 years? Join our discussion with the remarkable journey of Joyce Mayberry and the resurrected love that she didn’t even know was coming her way! Be inspired!

Victory Resurrected: Worship Warfare The Fourth Watch is known as THE DAWN OR EARLY MORNING (3:00am - 6:00am)This is the...
William McDowell - Sounds Of Revival (OFFICIAL FILM)

Victory Resurrected: Worship Warfare

The Fourth Watch is known as THE DAWN OR EARLY MORNING (3:00am - 6:00am)

This is the time of deliverance.
This is the time of rise and shine.
This in the time of resurrection.

This is also the time I have been waking up daily for over a week. If you are up, join me in Fourth Watch worship. Or watch on the replay. #hopeMORE #FourthWatch #Resurrection2021 #WorshipWarfare


One night of worship that produced 2 full length cd’s to give you an entire 2+ hour experience in the presence of God. The Sounds of Revival. 'Sounds Of Revi...

Sobriety Resurrection: Brandi Turner

Join me in the Special Weekend Edition of hopeMORE this Resurrection 2021! Saturday’s special guest, Brandi Turner, brings transparency about the secret destruction of substance abuse and her 20 year plus victory in sobriety. Now a mighty advocate for sexual assault victims, Brandi empowers others to be free and safe as she has experienced the same. Saturday, April 3, 2021 at 5:30pm ET on hopeMORE page or YouTube Channel. #hopeMORE #Resurrection2021 #7DaysRezDays #SobrietyResurrected #BrandiTurner

“Whatsoever things are LOVELY... meditate on these things.” Philippians 4:8 is my aspiration for April. I want to keep m...
Paintings by Christina

“Whatsoever things are LOVELY... meditate on these things.” Philippians 4:8 is my aspiration for April. I want to keep my mind on the beauty of life and rehab from the trauma porn that bombards my timeline and TV. Art is a much needed therapy to counter the violence and pain strangling the world right now. Art gives me hope.

Take a preview of these beautiful creations of Christina Robinson and book your own art “treatment” session (aka buy buy buy aka hire commission repeat). The doctor, she’s in.

CHRISTINA ACOSTA ROBINSON A first-generation Dominican-American actress, singer, poet, and painter. Youngest of five, mother of one, and wife to the love of my life. I paint to inspire kindness, and alegría—and to remind myself and others that we are here on this earth to love each other. Welcome...

Career Resurrected: Christal Jackson

Some years ago, Christal M. Jackson sacrificed her budding career to unexpectedly become a primary caregiver to a sick relative. What happened when Purpose sought her out, even when seemingly hidden behind a MAC make-up counter during a Christmas mall job? She got up with all power..... and her world changer calling too!

Be inspired by the remarkable personal and professional journey of creator of Mosaic Genius and founder & president of Hand and Heart Philanthropy during our 2nd day of Resurrection Praise. WATCH LIVE Today, Good Friday, April 2,2021 at 5:30pm ET/4:30pm CT on hopeMORE’s page or YouTube Channel. #hopeMORE #7DaysRezPraise #Resurrection2021 #ChristalJackon #CareerResurrected

See you today at 5:30pm/4:30pm right here! #hopeMORE #resurrection2021 #7daysrezpraise #christaljackson #tgif

See you today at 5:30pm/4:30pm right here! #hopeMORE #resurrection2021 #7daysrezpraise #christaljackson #tgif

See you today at 5:30pm/4:30pm right here! #hopeMORE #resurrection2021 #7daysrezpraise #christaljackson #tgif


A frank and fearless conversation with my brother-from-another-mother that is 16 years in the making! I never dared to directly ask Pastor Roy T Barrett about his devastation or what happened post- Easter Weekend 2005 until NOW. The pain of his surprise firing from full time staff as Maturity Director and the subsequent expulsion of his entire family from church membership, leadership, and even daycare services was palatable and pugnant.

Personally, the aftermath shattered my Christian utopian dream for me and my college best friends to forever serve under the same ministry, with the same people, and in the same weekly activities and outreaches - hand in hand and side by side. But when Roy was suddenly terminated without explanation, everything stood still and fell apart - at the same time- like a nightmare. I was so confused and angry as just a bystander. I could not begin to imagine Roy’s personal turmoil. But today, I get to pull back the curtain, unearth the buried box, and examine the death blow aimed at his ministry.

Resurrection power in Jesus is real! He’s still doing it! Watch, Listen, and Be Lifted. The most personal interview yet in the history of hopeMORE. #hopeMORE #Resurrection2021 #DeadandDying #RoyBarrett #MinistryResurrected


A wonderful bookend to the BelieveMORE March series is woman of faith, Jeannine Bradley. Once broken by life, she shares about her surrender to the love of Father God, herself, and the love He had for her at an appointed time. Only believe! #hopeMORE #BelieveMORE #J9 #JeannineBradley #LovelyLady


Take 15 during your lunch break at 12:15pm ET and join me LIVE on hopeMORE FB Page with worshipper, choreographer, singer-songwriter Quianna Crute as we talk about Her single “Oh Adonai” and her journey in music.


This week’s woman of faith, Amber Green is an MBA, owner of BeauTies Design, and creator of Alana Arabella Foundation. As a child, Amber was a prodigy inventor by 12 years old with a registered U.S. Patent and a teen mother by age 17 with shame and grief of an unexpected situation. Her girlhood plans were stalled in her journey but thankfully not derailed. Come listen to Amber’s testimony on Wednesday’s BelieveMORE March Segment, “HERStory - Girl Interrupted.” Be inspired!


Worship leader and songwriter Naomi Cross discusses her newest single and her musical aspirations.


Get inspired! This St. Patrick's Day join Hope Happy Hour Live with special guest Maya Dawson. This Becoming Eva podcaster and Creativaire, Inc. co-founder has battled cancer victoriously and suffered death of loved ones unexpectedly. Yet Maya’s testimony is that she gained much more in LIVING by faith through it all! This is the third installment of BelieveMORE March: HERStory, celebrating women’s history.

March Music Monday: Cal Reaves

Join in our discussion with singer-songwriter-pianist Cal Reaves about his debut single “Champion” and his musical journey. Lift you week with this uplifting live!

BelieveMORE: HERStory - Lady at Play

Special guest, Cycerli Ash is an actress, writer, coach, and founder of DAE Productions. But most impressively, she stands as a woman of faith. Join us for our 2nd installment of BelieveMORE March as we discuss her journey.


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