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Without Barbara Walters there wouldn’t have been me—nor any other woman you see on evening, morning, and daily news. She was indeed a Trailblazer. I did my very first television audition with her in mind the whole time.

Grateful that she was such a powerful and gracious role model.

Grateful to have known her.

Grateful to have followed in her Light.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

The party doesn't have to stop now.

The Best Man, The Best Man Holiday, Bel-Air, Grand Crew, The Game, New York, I Love You, Young Rock, Everything I Know About Love, and Before 'I Do' are streaming now on Peacock.


100 years ago, Stanley Martin Lieber a.k.a. Stan Lee was born in New York City. We commemorate the man behind most of the beloved comic book characters of all time. We also celebrate Spider-Man's 60th anniversary. Excelsior!



Little man that does big business

Ant-Man 3's Next Trailer Release Date Officially Revealed
Ant-Man 3's Next Trailer Release Date Officially Revealed

Ant-Man 3's Next Trailer Release Date Officially Revealed

Fans recently learned when to expect the next full trailer for the MCU’s first Phase 5 entry, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Ant-Man 3 will be Marvel Studios’ first new outing in...


"Midnight Shadow" (1939) is an all-black cast that is a noir mystery part of the era of black filmmaking called Race Films. The movie was written, directed, and produced by George Randol. And according to The Pittsburgh Courier, an African-American newspaper, from May 27, 1939, "It is the first all-race film studio to finance a film with all sepia capital." I'm not exactly sure how true that is because of Oscar Micheaux's productions, and I have realized that these old-school black newspapers would magnify every black film that came out. I'm not mad at it, either.

The film does feature a cast of seasoned actors such as Buck Woods, Jesse Lee Brooks, and Laurance Criner. The film also features Dorothy Dandridge's mother, Ruby Dandridge. However, Randol marketed the movie with Frances Redd as the feature, even though much of the film followed Buck Woods and his partner Richard Bates throughout. Frances Redd landed her role by writing a letter to Randol expressing her desire to be an actress. In her wildest dreams, she landed a part and found herself heading to Hollywood to film the movie. In addition, the news article continues, "It goes to show that if you support sepia films or films that are kind to your race, that it opens new avenues of employment." Powerful.

By today's standards, this film has its struggles. However, Redd is a new actress, which shows when she is up against the seasoned ones. The editing and audio also had troubles, as the editor battled poorly cut scenes, and the audio technician could not keep a consistent volume. Nevertheless, this film is a glance at what black filmmaking looked like back then.

Director: George Randol
Writer: George Randol

Starring Frances Redd, Buck Woods, Richard Bates, Laurance Criner, Jesse Lee Brooks, Ollie Ann Robinson, Clinton Rosemond, Edward Brandon, Pete Webster, Ruby Dandridge

Prince Alihabad visits the home of the Wilsons, where he takes attraction to their only daughter, Margaret. Mr. Wilson encourages the marriage between the two and shows Alihabad some of his valuables. However, one morning when Margaret wakes up, she finds her father murdered and her home burglarized. With a call for help, two lofty detectives are on the case to solve the mystery.

Available on DVD and streaming services.


Merry Christmas! 🎁
Love, The Wilson’s


Spice It Up With Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry. Pick Up Yours Before It's Gone.

A Deleted Die Hard Scene Explains One Major Plot Hole
A Deleted Die Hard Scene Explains One Major Plot Hole

A Deleted Die Hard Scene Explains One Major Plot Hole

In one of Die Hard's most memorable scenes, John McClane stumbles upon criminal mastermind Hans Gruber, who puts on a pretty good American accent and pretends to be a hostage. McClane realizes Gruber is up to no good, though—but how?


“ -Had his car and his sons car broken into several times
- Didn't receive bonus from school (won SWAC champ)
- Alumni won't donate
- School didn't feed the student/players well
- City of Jackson doesn't support school properly
- Jackson State Salary: $300k/Year Colorado Salary: $5 Million/Year “

Don’t judge this man for taking this opportunity with Colorado. He invested everything he could into an organization while getting almost no support from the school itself, nor it’s alumni. He took them to the next level and opened doors for himself and others. He deserves this opportunity. He’s earned it. 💯



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