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Operating as usual - in a return to the fore, ModState relea...
Ukraine and Russia ModState Podcast Episode 270 - in a return to the fore, ModState releases this episode, a de facto farewell to their Denver studio. Host Nate Wellein steers the podcast through a litany of grave topics with the assistance of frequent cohost (and resident Hellraiser) DeViney; however, we know that it's all about the ignominious slaughter between alleged brethren in Eastern Europe, but sadly it is THE topic and thusly warrants this discussion. Surely Slobodan Milošević wouldn't have started things off this way!

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. As always wherever you are listening we appreciate you.On this episode the ongoing conflict in Ukraine dominates the discussion. John and Nate discuss the geopolitical perspective, potential outcomes and how this is different from other conflicts as the world ha...

Anticlimactic and bathetic as the result of the tilt in the House is, it has served up a steady diet of controversy and ...
IMPEACHED! ModState Podcast Episode 211

Anticlimactic and bathetic as the result of the tilt in the House is, it has served up a steady diet of controversy and bloodless blood-feuding amidst the voluminous backdrop of The Donald on social media; the POTUS tweeted over a hundred times in a day regarding this fiasco and the 3 million caveats to it.

No matter, as this delightful duo of...these are the people to bring you this. Don't go sideways; go straightaway and listen to these two dissect, digest and ultimately put paid to a huge swathe of the "bipartisan horse hockey" (which DeViney assured me he "might've accidentally" invented that phrase all by himself) emanating from the filth in that swamp. Not discouraged, he said in reply to my email on their return to the studio this week.

"I touch on it a bit, but there's plenty about America and Her Republic to be positive about. Positive and clear-eyed, however, because 'The Filthy HAVE inherited the Earth,' but I'd remind anyone, on any side, anyone that needs reminding, that my kindness isn't to be mistaken for weakness. Not all Millennials are going to get all misty-eyed and shriek about avocado toast and single-use water bottles when faced with the possibility of collapse by America's Republic and the immense suffering of Her people caused by the same."

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. In a historic vote the 116th Congress has impeached the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Now, it's on to the Senate... ...but maybe not so fast. We all know how this will play out, but how will history describe this time? What is the average Amer... as the U.S. House careens towards a pre-X...
Impeachment Perspective ModState Podcast Episode 210 as the U.S. House careens towards a pre-XMas conclusion to their proceedings on impeachment and the Senate readies for the maelstrom of a trial to conclude matters one way or another, chaos continues to wield its strangehold over the narrative. Here to parse through matters is your host, Nate, and his oft-counterpart, DeViney. Try though as they may, they make a strong case that, no matter who prevails in the aforementioned proceedings, the American people are the inevitable losers of this debacle.

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. As the impeachment saga continues Nate (and co.) slow down and offer some perspective. Often what we hear are the perspectives of the those who yell the loudest. Is this the full American perspective? What do the polls show? How does the team think this will pan... first week of a to-be-fabled impeachment ...
11/23/2019 first week of a to-be-fabled impeachment inquiry, synopsised by the duo that is beyond survival; full speed ahead, vibrant with the colours of THRIVING, it's a vast expanse they occupy in the centre. Who's quibbling? Not these two, holding down the "Radical Centre" with great aplomb. Impeachment Inquiry, Week 1. The festering unrest continues, as does t...
Hong Kong and Impeachment ModState Podcast Episode 208 The festering unrest continues, as does the relative unease of your hosts...

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. On this episode Nate and DeViney talk about the continuing protest in Hong Kong. The catalyst to this episode was the NPR series on Hong Kong. What would you do to fight for Democracy? The duo explore this idea. At the end of the podcast episode Nate and John tu... Early internet treats like "The End of th...
USA, Israel, UK: ModState Podcast Episode 207 Early internet treats like "The End of the World" went viral due to scenarios not thoroughly dissimilar from present, no offence meant. From the public abortion Brexit has devolved into, to the fringes colouring much of the whole of American discourse with fear and hate, to existentialism running higher than tensions and temperatures in Israel and Saudi Arabia, as that aforementioned early viral hit would quip, 'WTF*, mate?'

* = and yes, it said "WTF", not "what the f**k." It felt of importance to ensure we accompanied such a reference with organised clarity; the video was innocent enough to say 'wtf, mate' and not 'what the f**k, mate.' Because it is critical our teetering society not be plunged into some abyss out of happenstance all because we shared something that said 'what the f**k' when a perfectly harmless, Kosher, Puritan 'wtf' would do.

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. On this episode John and Nate go around the horn geo-politically discussing what is happening in Israel, the UK and eventually domestic issues in the United States. Nate goes on a stream of consciousness discussing President Trump. Tune in and have a listen. With respect to the Kurdish people and al...
Foreign Policy Horror: The Kurds ModState Podcast Episode 206 With respect to the Kurdish people and all they have withstood in the Global War on Terrorism, your hosts, both Veterans (respective branches of the Department of Defence), have a heartfelt message for those very same Allies: "We're sorry."

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. As the impeachment inquiry drives on President Trump's personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani has deepened the scrutiny and made it harder for his supporters to go to bat for him. What will be the tipping point? Is there a tipping point? What event could make the dominos... As impeachment and the inquiries along it...
Impeachment Inquiry Continues ModState Podcast Episode 205 As impeachment and the inquiries along its lines might imply, the POTUS continues to burn up the oxygen for nearly any other subject in the room. Far from immune, your host, Nate Wellein, has his frequent counterpart DeViney on again. The former manages to keep his composure and control of the discussion when the latter offers what certainly sounds like defence of the Trump Administration. Yours to decide, but regardless follows a fine series of civil exchanges between these two, as per usual. [P.S. Photo credit: The Huffington Post. HuffPo, even!]

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. On this episode John and Nate dive deeper into the evolving impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. With mounting public sentiment endorsing an impeachment inquiry where does this lead us? Can public opinion sway the GOP? Would they abandon him altogether... Impeachment? Your host (Nate Wellein) wen...
Impeachment? ModState Podcast Episode 204 Impeachment? Your host (Nate Wellein) went on holiday to France for a few weeks while counterpart/co-host (J. DeViney) ventured back to his beloved "Babylon" (Washington D.C.) least a portion of Hell broke loose. Impeachment? That is where we find ourselves on Episode 204. This pair? These two men? Relentless.

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. On this episode John and Nate dive into the always tumultuous Trump Administration. Is it the media? Is it the left's utter distaste for the president? Or does the president manage to get into conversations and situations that defy precedent and possible ethical... Have you ever wanted to listen to a power...
Gun Control, Racism, and Free Speech: ModState Podcast Episode 201 Have you ever wanted to listen to a powerful, stirring debate (whilst remaining respect amidst the candour) about gun control and said to yourself, "Hey, and while they're at it I do so hope that 2nd Amendment debate bleeds over into an intense-yet-respectful back and forth over the 1st amendment, racism and hate speech"? If you have deary, then this candid series of exchanges (however snarled at points it proves these two men share an abiding love and respect for one another and the American people) is for you. Guns, freedom of speech, racism, President Trump, Louis Farrakhan. If it is a (potentially) incendiary fixture and can be woven into an angsty dialogue in less than an hour it is likely present.

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. Again, gun violence is the main topic of conversation in homes and in the media. US citizens are left wondering where we go from here. But where do we go from here? Where can we point fingers? Can we point fingers? Does mental health play a role in this or can s... titles can belie truths beyond their obvi...
Looming Recession? New Democratic Message? ModState Podcast Episode 200 titles can belie truths beyond their obvious limits. For instance, Mr. Wellein has Mr. DeViney on to discuss, yes, a looming slowdown in the American economy and the evolving message(s) of the Democratic Presidential Candidates. In a hurried bid not to be outdone, apparently, what begins as a discussion on immigration is expedited into full-blown debate on migrants, national healthcare and the national debt. The culprit of this plunge being Mr. DeViney, he could be argued as having won this pitched battle with a remarkably surgical array of responses to questions of immigration, healthcare and "the military industrial complex" (his words) by focusing on his greatest (political) strength: fiscal politics. A sleight of hand that, sure, allowed him to "win" here. Mr. Wellein hurried his acknowledgment, methinks, of said loss but then that's why there'll be more of these.

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. John and Nate have made it 200 episodes. Thank you for continue to listening and support the show. Much has happened since John and Nate last talked. The Federal Reserve leadership has officially dropped interest rates another 0.25%. What does this mean? What ca... "...not Zeppelin Field" and "...not the N...
Fomenting Racism? ModState Podcast Episode 199 "...not Zeppelin Field" and "...not the Nuremberg (Youth) Rally" DeViney states. But "gaslighting" and "indecorous" are qualifying labels, he contends, and not consistent with America's founding concepts as a rebel against oppressive monarchies and as a haven to those fleeing the same. Somehow remaining coolly above the fray and projecting a calm perhaps unbecoming circumstance, Mssr. DeViney redeems recent performances with the air of careful yet trenchant analysis; host, Mssr. Wellein, was transparent in the relief his counterpart's dialogue provided. "Cometh the hour cometh the man," the age-old epigram reads. Strong work from both my favourite political Yanks in what most assuredly is the most unbiased and upright assessment of the "Send Her Back" debacle available.

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. Well. President Trump had a rally in Greenville, North Carolina. Leading up to this rally "The Squad" and the POTUS went back and forth following some "gas-lighting" tweets over the weekend. During the rally and organic chant of "send her back" started. Is this.... Nate Wellein entered the stage fired up f...
The State of The United States: ModState Podcast Episode 198 Nate Wellein entered the stage fired up for a series of meaningful societal topical exchanges with his counterpart, DeViney, who acquitted himself well enough but seemed driven a bit back on his heels for some of their more contrasting exchanges. Veracity comes from the man himself in his addendum to the 198th episode's description: "[Note From the Managing Editor: "While we certainly didn't set out to do so, this episode finds Nate and I offering a prelude of what our 'RFK v. Nixon 2020' concept will look like. However unintentional, we backed into a good thing here. Nate came out more forcefully than usual and, quite honestly, it was awesome being a part of and I think it'll be beautiful for our audience to behold." - J. DeViney]" -- If that's the case, this round goes indisputably to Wellein as, per a house-favourite quote of football commentator Martin Tyler, The Force was with him.

Welcome back to the ModState Podcast! On this episode, Nate and Jon have a stream-of-consciousness discussion. Where is the unrest coming from? Why? What are the little things that create these festering issues? From wealth, Epstein, Trump, Tucker Carlson, Millennials, immigration, etc., Jon and Nat... in an ongoing tear of editorial splendour,...
Political Beast: Justin Amash & The Big Why in an ongoing tear of editorial splendour, Master Coker returns with a short on a recent defection from the House GOP best summarised by the writer himself: "Justin Amash, Representative, 3rd Congressional District, Michigan, announced in an open letter on Independence Day that he was exiting the Republican Party. He will finish his current term as an Independent. His short, well-written explanation in the Washington Post intrigued Political Beast, and has pushed us to respond."

Why did Representative Justin Amash (I-MI) call it quits with the Republican Party? Well...


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Comments - Your Congress may be avoiding the issues but never fear, Americans, your erstwhile favorite yin-and-yang duo, Mssrs. Wellein and DeViney, are back to sift through the dross for any sign of sterling in this mess of a crisis in "governing"...cheers!