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Deficiit Gaming Full Time Business Dev. Exec and PT Twitch, YT & Fbk Streamer bringing Vlogs, Testimonies & Comedy Finishing the Fight…
09/29/2022 Finishing the Fight…

After almost a year later... I return to Miyazaki's absolute best unforgiving masterpiece ever created... Just to get my a** kicked by another Fromsoft creat...

Full Disclosure - It didn’t go as planned whatsoever.

Full Disclosure - It didn’t go as planned whatsoever.

Can I use Vampires, Danger! Skull Servants & Shinurai Engines all in 1 Deck Effectively???Every new seasons births a new annoying OTK Meta... after 8 months ...


Absolutely incredible stream tonight!

I don’t normally play Minecraft, but I’m glad it allowed me to meet new people and connect around the globe.

It should go without saying my streams are intended for a mature audience (18+) but I hope the content, moments of rage, success and laughter keep you entertained and coming back!

You can find a majority of my content here:

I am primarily streaming on twitch throughout the month and save all of my Blind first Playthroughs on highlights there!

I hope to meet more and more of you, and expand the Deficiit Den Family


Stream went crazy - all thanks to a great clickbait screen or something I swear. Thank you for those who popped in


Cheaters & Hackers honestly make me so sick man.. how is it remotely fun - CHEATCODES for old school GTA was fun - but competing and using a hack, taunting people for being “bad” while you cheat? Youre just terrible...


WARZONE TODAY EST - Come watch us Fry, Cry or Die


We’ve been absolutely crushing it on for the last 6-7 months, but the time has come to begin branchin...

We’ve been absolutely crushing it on for the last 6-7 months, but the time has come to begin branching out to a new audience here at home -! The first Facebook Stream shall begin March 31st! I’m somewhere between extremely excited and nervous to begin on a different platform to a new audience but I’m confident that I’ll see some of the same familiar family thats been around this entire time!

And of course a shoutout to the amazing Pipeline community that’s had all of us new content creators’ backs since day 1! I’ve gotten to 3000 followers in a few months from networking and amazing streams on twitch, and can’t wait to see what we can bring to facebook!

The current goal is to meet or exceed 100 Followers for this new page upon taking off!

Please help by liking and sharing! Catch me on twitch everyday @6:30pm EST before the 31st to see what you’re missing/ you’ll be getting here on Facebook!

26 | Variety Streamer & Black Santa | Executive Manager | Bouncer | Mod for 100T GM Muddawg | Spreading comedy & fun gameplay thru my No-Shame mentality; Weirdness, Positivitiy & Rage | No Toxicity | My goal is to cure your depression one stream at a time - Join the Family Daily @6:30pm EST


🥰Welcome to Deficiit Gaming - I appreciate your support and joining the family. I also stream for Twitch as well, with the sole mission to make you laugh, spread a positive atmosphere, and most importantly - cure depression one stream at a time. Please get to know the community I hope you'll be able to soon consider a second family🥰


Avon, CT


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