The Uncensored Healthcare Project

The Uncensored Healthcare Project A brutally honest yet compassionate look at healthcare Americas healthcare system

An ongoing interactive multimedia documentary about navigating healthcare as a Registered Nurse Patient Advocate

This is part of an ongoing effort by Patient Advocate For you to implement change to healhcare by communicating issue and implementing solutions. Eventually we all get to the point of being at the mercy of the healthcare system. The Uncensored Healthcare Projects goal is to take you a

s close as possible to understanding the struggles faced by Patients caught in the system. The closer we get to that place of understanding the more empathy we will have for everyone caught in the current healthcare system.


83 year old client in the emergency department at St Francis hospital, walked in to her on a bedside commode in the hall ways with all the others waiting around to deficate. I was outraged; asked in whose world is this acceptable?? YEt they all continue to have bill boards on the high that encourages the most expensive door in medicine lying that the wait is only 15 minutes...its not maybe if you are lucky you will get registered in that will sit for hours and sometimes days in the ER with few paying attention. Its deplorable and unacceptable on every level of decency...


This bill Raised Bill No. 5001 covers several items regarding home care agencies; welcome everyone in having DPH not controlling you. Perhaps they should get to the over 3000 complaints first before taking on yet another task, they don't do their job and evryone is trusting that they are. DON"T TRUST anything in healthcare, questions, monitor follow up because you are at their mercy. One of the requirements is to have a visible name tag with first and last name. Resistance? shouldn't be. I don't recall any client/elderly person stealing from an aide, shooting and killing an aide or taking things from the house. NEVER. So there should be NO resistance but there is. Names of nurses absolutely not other than first name because one was killed who should have NEVER been in that man's home. Shame on the agency first of all taking him on as a client and not know what she was walking into. Hope there is a verey large lawsuit with this case. Healthcare is not safe, anywhere, emergency departments, hospitals, homecare agencies and others.



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