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What is all this talk about "holding space"

What does that even mean, really??

Are they referring to the "space" between what you want and the time it takes for it to manifest?

For example: the "space" between the time you make an offer and the moment someone actually sends payment

Is this the "space" everyone's always freaking out about??

Like you don't know what to do with yourself in the MEANTIME?

As if your life is gonna fall apart because you can't handle the SUSPENSE

and you're acting like your whole world is going to fall apart

As if your life will end if
they don't buy
they ghost you
they hire someone else.

Is this the space??

Because if that's the worst of your problems you're sitting pretty!

How about the SPACE you have to hold while you get a call from your doctor after going for routine bloodwork
and waiting for that follow-up appointment to be told you have an incurable disease??


staying up all night because your baby boy's fever won't go away after 2 days and now the doctor wants you to go to the hospital and find out one of his kidney's is failing


bithc, I could write a book on all the fughing space I've had to hold my entire life.

Except us grown ups don't call it "holding space"

We call it life

and that's what grown ass women do
day after day
year after year
crisis after crisis


We get on with our lives

We show up,
honor commitments
handle responsibilities
meet deadlines
and if we're lucky
we have some laughs along the way!

And the really wise ones make themselves a priority too.

I know how to "hold the space" - I've been doing it my whole life.

And so have you!

It's time to demystify all the BS around your dreams and what it takes to reach your goals.

It's not about holding space.

It's about not giving up the minute something doesn't go as planned.

It's about learning how to trust your insticts and
prioritizing the dialogue with your inner voice

Your Divine Muse

You are your own best mentor, healer, coach

You're just trying to do it all on your own.

That's the only difference

You don't need someone to "hold space"

You need a ride or die bicth by your side
to keep you from sabotaging your efforts
the keeper of your secrets
a trusted confidant
an intuitive advisor

Someone who has seen a thing or two
and lived to tell the story!


That's what you and I will do in THE VAULT

Bespoke 1 on 1 mentoring for
the doctors who are now energy healers
the attorneys who are now consultants
the engineers who are now success strategists

PM me for more info

I'm the hostess with the mostess.I'm Italian, Sicilian actually.  Born and raised in New York! It's my "job" when you co...

I'm the hostess with the mostess.

I'm Italian, Sicilian actually.
Born and raised in New York!

It's my "job" when you come to my house to make sure you have a great time.

I welcome you with open arms

I will feed you YOUR favorite foods
and introduce you to some of mine

I'll have your favorite drink on hand -
from water to wine to espresso, whatever you like

I just realized that
is pricely why I've had a hard time over the years building my business.

I was being taught or trained to be a freakin BOUNCER!

I wasn't born to be the burly security guy at a club.

I don't want to be the gatekeeper only letting a few "desireables" in
I let everyone in

(and before you panic over me co-mingling my energy with so many people...
relax, my boundaries are up and they are solid)

I welcome everyone into my world with open arms
And as long as you're not an A hole we're good 🙂

These gurus I've had over the years have been teaching me a strategy that is against my nature

Why do they teach this crap?

Because THEY are following an antiquated business model, the one where they teach you that "It's just business, not personal"

Well, my business is personal

They disregard the value of hospitality

They do not KNOW the beauty that comes from giving joyfully

They're not familiar with generosity and grace

But the deeper "truth" is that
they CANNOT handle your Power!

They KNOW that you will figure it out and call them on their BS
And THEY cannot afford that!

That's why they shame you publicly, even though they don't say your name
ghost you when you reach out and ask a question
accuse you of being demanding and remove you from the course
tell you "it's not something provided at this level"


they KNOW you are better, smarter, more advanced, more gifted than they will ever be

they KNOW deep down they can't mess with you because you are the real deal

they KNOW
that YOU

A force to be reckoned with

THAT is why they won't let you play with their friends

because their friends will like you better

their friends will come to see what a real friend is like

and then THEY TOO WILL KNOW how extraordinary you are

My question is...


Or are you still pretending to be a basic bish??


Welcome to my world

Come join me in The Vault

P M me for info

Me and my new bestie!! I love this book so much ❤️❤️

Me and my new bestie!! I love this book so much ❤️❤️

and then there were 3 Such a great day for Kismet Books

and then there were 3

Such a great day for Kismet Books

I've always been so headstrong.My thoughts = best thoughts!What I thought was coming from my head was also coming from m...

I've always been so headstrong.
My thoughts = best thoughts!
What I thought was coming from my head was also coming from my gut, my inner knowing!
my unwavering beliefs would deem me "stubborn"
(I am a Ta**us after all)
my willful disposition made me a force to be reckoned with
but here's the thing:
"Heartstrong people are full of heart and are governed by their passion and compassion."
My whole life they've accused me of being a non-conformist (as if that's a bad thing!
Always asking questions, reading everything I could get my hands on.
A "creating queen" one of my beloved mentors called me.
Every time I'd see something I liked and wanted, it would be mine in no time.
That's when I was NOT aware of my powerful manifesting skills;
I had no idea what I was doing, I was just being ME
It was when I started learning about manifesting secrets and rules and the law of attraction that I got completely turned around trying to follow other's people's interpretations of what came so naturally to me
I gave my power to others and lost sight of the powerful
healer/witch/psychic/goddess that I am
I got sucked into everyone else's BS about formulas and processes and timing and all the other convoluted teachings designed to complicate something that requires no thought or effort, like watching the sun rise and set
I am going back to basics
I will be following what my head and my heart concoct
Heartstrong -
patient and kind, willing to have compassion for others
directed by love in all actions
"...we are in a position to access our heart strength invigorating the power of love in a way that allows our hearts to speak through our every action. Being heartstrong should be something we strive for and are proud of; our very actions of kindness and compassion to one another and to our own well-being would make us so."

credit: Oberonsky

photo credit: Megan Wagner

I just put the finishing touches on my new guide:"How to write your bookbecome abestselling authorand make lots of money...

I just put the finishing touches on my new guide:
"How to write your book
become a
bestselling author
and make lots of money with it"
I share how easy it is
to actually write your book
(in just 5 minutes a day)
the real reason you have
writer's block and what to do about it
{if you're a coach, mentor, consultant, advisor of any kind}
how you can use your book to
amplify your authority
your business
and your impact and income!
the ONE THING you must look out for when looking for a publisher
and the 3 THINGS to do ASAP when getting ready to publish
the UGLY TRUTH ABOUT ROYALTIES and other secrets the industry does not want you to know about

PM me and I'll send it over ASAP

The savviest and most successful online, service-based creative entrepreneurs KNOW the power of being seen and heard and...

The savviest and most successful
creative entrepreneurs
KNOW the power of being seen and heard
they harness it every chance they get.

They are the
energy workers,

Part of their mission is to share their message with as many people as possible.

Making "friends" on Facebook is not enough.

They know people need to SEE you
and then they need to HEAR you

Your voice is powerful


It activates

and it repels (and that's OK too)

Want to know MY secret to
standing out
being seen
and heard

I learned how to create my own opportunities


I didn't wait around for people to INVITE ME

I invited them:

💎 the mentors to other high-performance mentors
💎the leaders for other natural born leaders
💎the rebels and revolutionaries

Learn the SECRETS of these sassy and successful entrepreneurs:

Kari Russell
Demi Jacobs
Christine Michelle
Leah Steele
Malgosia Stanislawski
Harriet Castle
Jess Quigley
Hollie Renea
Geraldine Spurway
Brooke Allison
and our special guest:
Sue Fitzmaurice


click here for ALL the info

PS check out this beautiful banner my dear soulsister and VA Mieke made for me. Want one too? Reach out to her

✨Banner credit: Mieke [email protected]

Who is in your front row?So many incredible women over the yearshave reached out to me because they have a dream of shar...

Who is in your front row?
So many incredible women over the years
have reached out to me because they have a dream of sharing their unique gifts and talents with more people
From doctors turned energy practitioners
to engineers turned intuitive mentors;
healers of all kinds.
It's something that has come naturally for them their whole lives
and they've been doing "sessions" with family and friends for years
They are aware of how beneficial and life-changing their skills are and they see how lucrative it can be so they reach out for help in getting started with an online presence.
But then they get all caught up in...
How much should I charge?
What will people say or think?
So they stop themselves before they even get started,
all to avoid failure and disappointment.
Sound familiar?
Well, if this is something you're struggling with,
here's a quick process I share with my clients.
"Who is in your front row?"
Visualize yourself standing on a stage
(see photo below)
You see the rows and rows of seats from
the mezzanine to the balcony section.
Look down in front?
Who is sitting there?
Whenever we live our lives out of fear
of what others would say
we are giving them a front row seat to our life.
THAT is not where the naysayers and negative Nellys belong.
Their seat is up in the nosebleed section.
Instead, visualize your loved ones sitting there.
Your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, cousins,
dear friends that are like family.
Because THEY are the only people that belong there
Whenever you're feeling anxious about your next step or going all in on your dreams
visualize your ride or die tribe sitting there
cheering you on
Feel the shift in your body
Then take action from that vibe!
You got this

THE POWER OF ONE~one story~one strategy~one offerThat's all you need to stand out and scale!What story do you want to sh...

~one story
~one strategy
~one offer

That's all you need to stand out and scale!

What story do you want to share?

How much of it should you tell?

Why does it matter??

Find out how you can double your sales in 30 days or less
just by telling your story!

Join me today at 2pm Eastern

for my new MasterClass

"The Power of One"


Babylon, NY


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