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Here you will find behind-the-scenes footage of artists, upcoming events & more!

George Powell

George Powell

A MUST SEE & HEAR!!! The George Floyd version of "A Change Is Gonna Come"!!!


To all my friends that are in this music game. Please don't allow anyone to pull wool over your eyes. If your producer is smoking w**d and drinking during your session. The song is going to be horrible. If your producer can't help with pitch and tone. Then your song will sound like s**t. If you are in a studio and you don't pay. Trust me,You will pay one or the other. I stepped back for a minute to get away from the B/S. Guess what. I'm back and Vacant Properties has some new songs and artist. Omg. It's more then music it's a life style for me.


Happy Holidays from the VP Music Group family! We thank you for supporting us in 2015 and we pray you will continue to do so next year! There are great things to come for us and we pray the same for you and your families as well! Thanks again everyone!


Announcing.. VP Music Group's next Artist in the showcase "Jasmine Nicole Boyd"! This young lady is beyond her years with her vocal ability and spirituality! She is very strong in gospel genre, but has the versatility to sing R&B also. Keep watching to see what she's up to! Recording will be starting soon! Give this sister a warm welcome!


More from Jasmine's audition! Give us your feedback! Is she an artist you would come support in the showcase? Show your love here!


Check out Miss Jasmine Nicole Boyd at her audition today for a spot in the showcase as one of our Gospel artists! Pipes! Can you believe she's not even 20 yet? Does she have your vote?!


Auditioning today! Gospel in the showcase? Why yes, I'm glad you asked! Behind-the-scenes footage shortly!


Vocal demonstration Larry "Kip" Tucker


Vocal coaching w Larry "Kip" Tucker



For those artists that are interested in making payments via credit card (or bank card), we accept those via PayPal. You do NOT need to have your own PayPal account, in order to make a payment. If you have not received an invoice, no worries! You can always just send your payment by clicking the link below and using the following email to submit payment: [email protected]

Any questions, call/ text Constance 410-709-8999.

Thank you.


Good morning, I have given out days for recording times. Please be on time and ready to record. There's a change for the Thursday and Friday recording group. The days will now be Friday and Saturday. Thank you so much for being flexible and understanding.

~Larry "Kip" Tucker


Note from Our Executive Director: "I am so proud of the whole VPMG crew! My cousin Larry, husband Anthony, Magwood, and I are working hard to spotlight some of the amazingly talented artists in the DMV area! In just 6 weeks of making things "official", we've gotten showcase commitments from artists and loads of social media support! On the business side, things are running smoothly. I am blessed to be a part of this team!"


God we thank you for causing everything our hands touch to prosper!


Mix downs Larry "Kip" Tucker
Artist: Nabria


Mix downs Anthony "O'Neal" Mason
Artist: Eric


Mix downs Larry "Kip" Tucker
Artist: Jessica


All I can say hands up to Jessica and Nabria. That's all I can say. ~Kip


Hard work pays off. Last night studio was outstanding. Keep your head in the game and things will turn out for the best. I would like to thank everyone for putting their lives on hold for this showcase. Tonight is Family Night. (Food, Drinks and Songs.) ~Kip


Calls are continuing to pour in regarding the showcase opportunity! There's a lot of hard work going into this. The selected Artists are investing into themselves and this project! When we post the venue details in the coming weeks, you will be excited just as we are! You will NOT want to miss it! It will only hold between 100-250 people, so you'll want to get on it quick!


More behind-the-scenes footage..


on acoustic guitar


Welcome to our official page. Here you will find behind-the-scenes footage of artists, upcoming events & PLENTY more! We won't flood your timelines. We are excited about the progression of our company and the talented artists & musicians that we work with! We are preparing for a HUGE showcase in the coming months, so stay plugged in for details! Don't forget to visit our website too

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More behind-the-scenes studio footage with Larry "Kip" Tucker


and in the zone.. with
"Larry 'I know I'm good!' Tucker"



About last night.. Vocal coaching with Larry "Kip" Tucker. and on acoustic guitars.


Dedication to your craft is everything! We were going to cancel studio today, but the Artists insisted on coming in. I love it! The energy in here is great! Even got someone auditioning in the midst!


Like, click, share, post, tweet, follow, SUPPORT! Vacant Properties Music Group, LLC is a local music production company with experienced producers that specialize in artist development! The showcase is not just for entertainment value. We have industry connects and VIPs coming to help position these artists to do what they love AND make a living at it! Real deal, no games, let's WORK!


Announcing.. VP Music Group's Showcase Marketing Assistant "Phillip Michaelz"! This brother is determined to be a Music Producer one day, but he's willing to start from the ground up! He's eager and so supportive of the VPMG crew! He helps us get the word out! Welcome Phil


Announcing.. VP Music Group's next Artist in the showcase "Ferrod ROD Keener"! His lyrics are ridiculous and flow is sick!! Yup, we've got a lyricist in the crew! Welcome, Rod!


Announcing.. VP Music Group's next Artist in the showcase "Nick Pitts!! This brother has a "unique and eclectic sound"! He is also a self-taught guitar player with a laid-back vibe! Give this brother a warm welcome!


Announcing.. VP Music Group's next Artist in the showcase "Eric Solo Jones Sr"! This brother has that "old school vibe with a powerful sound"! Keep watching to see what we're up to! Recording will be starting soon! Give this brother a warm welcome!


Announcing.. VP Music Group's Showcase Director of Music Operations "Richard Fortune"! He goes by Dee and he also happens to be a talented Barber! He has his ear to the streets and helps us find talent! He's also helping us to find the perfect venue for our showcase! Give this brother a warm welcome!


Baltimore, MD


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Now I'm waiting to see you on t.v....still sound good as back in the day....💝💝💝💝💝💝💝