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The Medical Cannabis Report is a News and Information network for Medical Cannabis, it's use and the growing industry and acceptance worldwide. The flagship, MedCannReport, is our web-based video series, which presents viewers with engaging content regarding the state's medical cannabis program and the people and culture behind this movement. Our program will also focus on efforts for legalization around the country and the world. We bring you the science and industry of medical cannabis.

Operating as usual

New Year new meetings.

New Year new meetings.

Looks like out of state patients will be discussed!

Looks like out of state patients will be discussed!

Today's offerings at Kannavis

Today's offerings at Kannavis

Awaiting the opening of Kannavis...

Awaiting the opening of Kannavis...

Wellness Institute in Frederick is telling patients meds will arrive the 27th of this month. Since we are oh so close to...

Wellness Institute in Frederick is telling patients meds will arrive the 27th of this month. Since we are oh so close to having a working program i want to list some if the open houses going on. Feel free to add any you see. I will post more in the comments as I grab them!




So I am writing this to bring a light to the end of the tunnel. I am hearing from multiple dispensaries here in western MD that meds should be available by the end of the month.

I know what you are thinking. "We've heard this all before". Here is why I actual am hopeful it's real this time:

1. Alleghany is giving patients gram prices (15-19). As you know EVERYTHING has been so hush hush on price I think this is a promising sign.

2. Alleghany and wellness institute have delivery dates! While the availability of meds has also been hush hush, the fact that they have an actual date as opposed to guessing is a good sign.
3. Several dispensaries, including wellness institute are talking about strains that will be available. As you know, this has also been very hush hush (see a pattern lol).
4. The dispensaries here have given previews of what some of the non flower options that will be available are. I am told flowers and concentrates, topicals etc, should all be on the shelf at the same time.

When you add up all these good signs, it's easy to believe this maybe really it! Now that being said another delay of whatever sort wouldn't surprise me. I am however hopeful by the progress that is being made and the fact that some of the many "secrets" are finally being revealed.

Cross your fingers folks, relief is on the way ~Jen


Honest question for Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission: How much money would we have to pay the state and current commissioners TODAY to make cannabis available to patients in Maryland TOMORROW? Asking for some friends...

Here is an opportunity for locals.

Here is an opportunity for locals.


Can we discuss the latest MMCC moves towards out of state patients?

I hate having to repeat myself, but I find the MMCC completely inept. The newest push is the definition of a qualifying patient. In their ignorance, flying in the face of our law AND legislative intent, they have decided to allow out of state patients who are in patient to have treatment for the duration of their stay. These facilities must have a special accreditation.

If you have been following the laws since the beginning, you may have a sense of deja vu here. If not here is a quick history lesson. In 2013 the governor signed legislation creating a medical cannabis program in MD. It was originally going to be designed similar to what they are trying to do to out of state patients. Yet it didn't work, why? Well thanks to the hypocritical federal law, no one wanted to take that risk. What has changed in 2017? Absolutely nothing!

Is this a way for them to kill out of state participation? I think it is. This is not a done deal yet, we still can comment publically when published. We also need to start commenting with our votes. It is not ok to keep voting in the people who won't help us. We have had 2 governors while this state has had a program and still as of today, no access to LEGAL meds. Hogan has spent his term appointing these commissioners, then appointing new ones. The level of incompetence is staggering. Picture going to McDonald's for lunch. You order a cheeseburger, how long do you wait for that burger before you leave? 1 hour? 4 hours? 4 years? While regulating an industry is a bit more complex than a burger, it is not as complex as they are making it seem.

I propose the commission needs another shake up. This time shake it up to include both industry and activists on the commission. Restrict the commission from rewriting laws, if there is an issue it should be bumped to our lawmakers. I also hope we shake up the politicians job security for ignoring us at both a federal and state level as well.

As for meds the rumors say anywhere from a couple weeks to next year. It would be nice to have more transparency as this state has a history of missed deadlines and shady dealings.

Today the cannabis community mourns the loss of a beautiful soul taken from us too soon. Corrine Rutner-Malanca, along s...

Today the cannabis community mourns the loss of a beautiful soul taken from us too soon. Corrine Rutner-Malanca, along side her husband made it their mission to educate about Cannabis and other alternative therapies and United Patients Group was born.

Here are Dawn Marie's moving words

"The world has lost one of the most beautiful souls we have ever been blessed to know. Corinne Rutner-Malanca, dear sweet Corinne, your legacy WILL carry on in every life you touched. John Malanca, our hearts are broken, please know the love and caring compassion we all have for you and your families, now and always❤ Each of us have been honored to work beside you in your mission to educate the world."

The Medical Cannabis Report

Maryland, it appears that it is only a matter of time before patients will have safe, legal access to medical cannabis. But, how do you register? Will you need an ID card? Who can recommend cannabis to patients? Well, The Medical Cannabis Report teamed up with to give you a brief look at the program, and how to access it. Stay Tuned for more on medical cannabis for Marylanders.


Well, it looks like the Maryland Medical Cannabis industry is frothing at the mouth, ready to open doors. Sadly, there has been little to no community and patient engagement.

Cheers of how many patients, physicians, and caregivers have registered with the commission are qu**ky assumed to be due to the presence of an industry. In reality, these enrollment numbers are due to the efforts of INDIVIDUALS, Volunteera like WECANN MD, and consulting groups like CannaCare Docs and Greenway Consultants... not the disengaged industry players.

In fact, with 12,400 patients registered in the program, the industry could very well fail. Estimates of industry viability, based on other state's experience and adjusted per capita, indicate that 20,000 Maryland patients would be needed to sustain the Maryland industry. Low physician enrollment isn't helping, either.

The current Maryland Dispensary trend of charging prospective patients to come in and "pre-order" medicine is ludicrous. Pharmacies do not act in this way. Nor do they demand consultations (for a fee), in exchange for the promise of being "first in line."

Not all industry businesses are taking this line, of course. Southern Maryland Relief seems to be reaching out in genuine and effective ways. Sugarloaf Wellness has also made their single attempt at community engagement.

Rethink your strategy, Maryland industry players. Patients and caregivers often know more about their medical needs and goals than anyone. They have already worked with their physician. They do not need to go over it again with a Dispensary, for a fee.

Some patients in Maryland have been getting their medicine for YEARS through other means. Just because Dispensaries open, does NOT guarantee conversion to a customer.

If you build it... don't assume they will come.

The Maryland Cannabis Industry isn't going to like this... But they should probably read it anyway!http://www.medcannrep...
The Maryland Cannabis Industry isn’t going to like this… But they should probably read it anyway!

The Maryland Cannabis Industry isn't going to like this... But they should probably read it anyway!

Wow! The first “click-bait” title for MedCannReport! Let’s see how this goes… In Maryland, the medical cannabis program is poised to open up shop, with plants being grown, p…

Windy Borman and her team have been working hard on "MARY JANES: The WOMEN of W**D" and have some exciting news and upda...

Windy Borman and her team have been working hard on "MARY JANES: The WOMEN of W**D" and have some exciting news and updates to share. Can't wait to check it out!


If you are interested in working in Maryland's first cannabis cultivation facility, and have experience in janitorial work, looks like they are searching for the right person:

From: [email protected]

"Good afternoon,

We are currently seeking someone to fill a janitorial position in our facility. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in this role please reply with a resume and compensation requirements.

Thank you in advance for your interest!

Thank you,

Human Resources"

Congratulations, Tracy Ryan!  Well deserved!

Congratulations, Tracy Ryan! Well deserved!

Congratulations to our CEO and Founder Tracy Ryan for winning Cannabis Activist of The Year Award at Dope Magazine's 1st Annual Industry Awards!! We couldn't be more proud!! 🌱🙌🏼🎉

Canna Care Docs of Maryland and DC

Thank you Canna Care Docs. Contact the commission, stay engaged with your representatives. This is a major issue and patients are suffering the consequences of inefficiency.

What is really up with out of state residents and Maryland’s cannabis program?
In the face of a lot of misinformation out there, here is what is actually going on.
Maryland law allows for out of state residents to register with their program so long as they are receiving medical care in Maryland. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) is allowing patients to register in their system prior to seeing a physician.
However, the MMCC has ALL out of state registrations on hold and will NOT let a physician complete the certification. So effectively, out of state residents are not able to be patients at this time, even though it is written into the law. With the MMCC not effectively communicating to the public that it has these applications on hold, several problems surface.
First problem being that unsuspecting patients can be misled into thinking that out of state patients are being accepted into the program at this time.
The larger problem however is this lack of clarity is causing people to be unaware of the rejection of this portion of the law. If patients are not aware of these things they cannot make their voices heard.
Well here is a call to action! Please contact the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and tell them you would like the law implemented the way it was written. They are expected to make decisions on this in the coming weeks. Help guide their decisions! Speak up for this healing program!
The MMCC can be reached by calling 844-421-2571, or emailing [email protected].

A small respite for medical cannabis patients and providers, in light of all the doom and gloom at the federal level. Ke...
UPDATE: Congressional Budget Deal Extends Medical Ma*****na Protections - MPP Blog

A small respite for medical cannabis patients and providers, in light of all the doom and gloom at the federal level. Keep contacting your representatives at the federal and state level! Thank you Lynette and MPP-*****na/update-congressional-budget-deal-extends-medical-ma*****na-protections/

A budget deal approved in Congress on Friday extended federal protections for state-legal medical ma*****na patients and providers until Dec. 8, potentially creating another opportunity to ensure they are inluded in the FY 2018 budget. Earlier this week, the House Rules Committee blocked an amendmen...

Alexis Bortell

Thank you Alexis Bortell for this update! You and the co-complainants are pushing this revolution forward!

Today, the Court denied the government's motion to dismiss our case, granted us discovery, and ordered an expedited trial date.

Although Alexis's trip to D.C. will have to wait a few months, we remain as confident as ever, as the case moves forward.

Great day today.

Are you a Maryland Medical Professional who wants to learn more about the states Medical Cannabis Program?  Perhaps you ...

Are you a Maryland Medical Professional who wants to learn more about the states Medical Cannabis Program? Perhaps you are a patient or caregiver that is having difficulty discussing medical cannabis with your health care provider. In either case, here is a great opportunity for medical professionals to get some great medical cannabis info, AND CE credit!

Schedule of Events
7:00-8:00 a.m. Registration, Breakfast, and Exhibitor Visits
8:00-9:00 a.m. The Legal Aspects of Medical Cannabis Certification presented by William Askinazi, Esq.
9:00-10:00 a.m. Examining the Clinical Elements of Medical Cannabis presented by Michael Lewis, MD
10:00-10:30 a.m. Break with Exhibitors
10:30-11:30 a.m. A Practical Overview of Medical Cannabis presented by Rahul Khare, MD
11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Panel Presentation on Various Topics Relating to Medical Cannabis

Please visit for details and to register.

Growers and dispensaries, click here to view the sponsorship prospectus.

Rylie's Smile Foundation
Rylie's Smile Foundation

Rylie's Smile Foundation

Join us for Rylie's 2nd Annual Dog Days of Summer 5K. $25 Registration until August 31st at noon. Location is at the American Legion Post 17 in Lewes, Delaware. Our race course is beautiful and scenic, running to the Children's Beach House and back to the American Legion where we willl have drinks and refreshments for participants.


The new Netflix comedy "Disjointed" has gotten it's share of so-so reviews. Attempted to check out the first episode, and was met with the opening scene: The shop employees attempting to create their own "web presence" via youtube video. The video was overly bad, and failed to get the message of the shop across, but the crew was satisfied with the results and made silly "stoner" jokes throughout.

Are you a Maryland cultivator, processor, dispensary, or lab? Would you like an EFFECTIVE and APPROPRIATE way to engage with the patients and communities of Maryland? Let The Medical Cannabis Report work with you to develop well-crafted and worthwhile video-based content for our community.

Maryland law requires that we review a patient's previous medical records prior to issuing a certification into the medical cannabis program. However many patients who have been in chronic pain stop going to doctors to treat it, as they know pharmaceuticals have been the main option provided; and they don't want to go down that road.

Chiropractic care may be a better solution. York Road Chiropractic has a very affordable option for receiving care, and proper medical records; even if you don't have insurance. For only $27 you will receive a comprehensive exam and X-rays if needed!
Stop into our office on your way over to York Road Chiropractic to pick up this Gift of Health Certificate.


Baltimore, MD


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Tell the FDA to remove Schedule 1 classification for cannabis to support reducing opioid use and addiction.

The FDA is seeking comments on a new policy entitled, “Opioid Policy Steering Committee: Prescribing Intervention—Exploring a Strategy for Implementation.” The purpose is to receive input on how FDA might improve the safe use of opioid analgesics by curbing overprescribing to decrease the occurrence of new addictions and limit misuse and abuse of opioid analgesics. Electronic or written comments will be accepted until March 16, 2018.

Here’s a link to learn more:

If this is true, every patient must write in and have their stories heard. This could be the beginning of the tide finally rolling in!
Progress towards patient protections
We now have a dispensary on the eastern shore of Maryland and I have not seen any doctors on the eastern shore yet . Are there any doctors on the shore yet ???
Thanks for the share! 😎
Founder of Patients Out of Time added to Speaker List!
Native Grow?*****na/ma*****na-safe-effective-medicine

Finally. Studies from NIDA admit benefit on opioid reduction!
Dear friends:
This summer, Scott Negron, medical cannabis advocate, might be playing Steeley Dan with his band, The Hard Donuts in Atlanta, surfing at the beach or be in the bosom of his son and family,. Or he may be in prison where the State of Georgia will dictate his shower and bathroom regimen each day.

His trial starts May 8 in Cobb County Superior Court, Marietta, Georgia. The attorneys, Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson and Catherine Bernard, founder of Spartacus Legal, will represent Scott at the Motion hearing on May 4. The Honorable Judge, Kimberly Childs, is presiding.

Your love and support has sustained and strengthened Scott since his arrest in Atlanta in February 2015. Scott has been in jail 7 months now and his body is sick and he is in pain, but his mind and spirit are on full thrusters. The fees for the attorneys are high but worth every penny. We can lighten the financial burden of Scott's trial by sharing the legal fund with family, friends and medical cannabis advocates. We are selling medical cannabis decals, cars, music equipment, tools and having a brownie cake sale. Please contribute to and share, Scott's legal fund.

The petition to release Scott has over 665 adherents and has been rising exponentially - search - Scott Negron. Just like Tommy Chong, Scott is neither violent nor has he caused harm to any person or place. The comments in the petition will touch your heart.

Scott, a former firefighter, has been an outstanding public servant. He has numerous accolades from Senator Gary Hart, fire officials, and others.

Many of you have written a letter to the District Attorney expressing support for Scott. If I were in charge, I would certainly pay heed to these letters for they touch upon Scott's character and his service to others.

"Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.' Ultimately Scott submits to the will of the Grand Architect of the Universe. He holds no grudge against the authorities but please let wisdom dictate their actions.

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it." - Unknown

I am David Mazurek, caregiver to Scott Negron. I would not be posting each week if I did not believe in Scott Negron and Medical Cannabis 100 percent.

Google Scott Negron for our decal and garage sales . Please write us at [email protected] if we can assist you.

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