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If you have some extra spending cash, JC Penny, have great deals.


Just read about the passing of Rose Caccamise, owner of Roxy's music store. I didn't know her personally, but we associated with each other throughout, the years. From a guitar pick a thon at The Genesee County fair, to a purchase of a guitar and amp, and recently, a guitar tuner and strings. I asked, the clerk to tell Rose, i said hello, before i left. Batavia New York, has lost, one of the best, business women and a truly, nice person. Thank You Rose, my Condolences.


Just returned from the protest march in Batavia, New York. Diverse crowd no trouble at all. will have photo's , video's posted later.


Getting some photo's and soundbites from the scheduled protest and march.


From the beginning to present, it looks like, things are beginning to wind down, with the George Floyd story although, it's not over. I was surprised to see more than it was a black issue. All the diversity of age, race, even more than Rodney King. It took a tragedy, but, it brought about a small change, that will influence generations, to come.


Space x, ready to take off, to the international space station. If we can work together in space, why can't we do the same thing on earth?


After being kept inside, through winter and a virus, covid-19 you would expect large mass gatherings, for the beach, family gatherings, also you would expect many in these groups, not social distancing, not wearing a mask. I say and believe, let them have their fun, it is well earned and deserved. For those whom are on the other side of the coin who listen to authority, keep an eye out for numbers, around a month from now. Hopefully things will not have spiked, but if they do, it will be because of Memorial Day Weekend.


Have a safe Memorial Day.


Have a safe Memorial Day.


Batavia, Ny is in a State of Emergency, until, June 8, 2020. What is supposed to take place, and who's in charge?


Seeing, how your holding up, i hope well. As we get set for Memorial Day, Remember, be careful, play it cautiously, and don't forget what, this holiday is about.


Where in Genesee County, or, the City of Batavia, Ny, can i get a COVID-19 test?


Batavia, New York, is not the Western New York region, it is the Finger Lakes Region, and yes, their is a big difference.


Anyone in the Finger Lakes Region been out yet, has anyone noticed, if any shops, have opened, also, are people still following guidelines?


What's going on in the gcasa parking lot? looks like some sort of hand out, i can't believe all the cars.


Starting May 15, 2020, the state will begin to reopen, what are your thoughts? join me today, 5/5/2020, let me know. see you then.


Seen Bill Cappiello today, "pray for me Jason, and i did. Where are all his so called friends?


Today marks the last day of April 2020. This month was snowy, grey and rainy. Goodbye.


American Pop Culture 101, with Jason Reese. My era starts in the 1960's-present. In music, the highlight goes from 1967- woodstock. It was a slow transition, from folk, to harder rock music. Folk, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, Arlo Guthrie Pete Seger, Peter, Paul and Mary ect, this would slowly transition into the, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin,Jjimi Hendrix more electric, than acoustic music. The music was changing, just like the times. The music would be a reflection of what was beginning to take place. Children of the wwll generation were growing up, and they wanted their own, slice of the pie


Good Morning Batavia. As we begin another week. I want to thank the staff and management of 400 towers, for putting guidelines in place to keep residents safe during this crisis. They closed, the kitchen, exercise room, the library advised residents to wear mask, when, the leave their apartments, limited number of guest. They were well prepared That's why i like living here.


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