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Boosting the immune system, especially during a pandemic, is crucial. It’s human nature to want a quick fix for one’s health, but in the end, we are the ones in control of getting and staying healthy.
While the body knows exactly how to protect itself and is resilient when under attack, it functions best when the immune system is fully charged and healthy.


Nutrition supplies the building blocks for peak performance as well as feeds gut microbiome. Restoring nutraceuticals through pharmaceutical grade organic vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics provides key support for a strong immune system. The health of gut microbiome influences the health of the intestinal wall which is a physical first line of defense against disease.


Micro deficiencies of zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, as well as a void in vitamins A, C, D and E, are all linked to a weakened immune system. Research has shown that low vitamin D levels may lead to a multitude of autoimmune diseases that develop when the body attacks itself from the inside. These diseases impact different areas in the body, and commonly result in inflammation, chronic pain, organ or tissue damage, and overwhelming fatigue.

Sleep & Relaxation

Sleep is important part of boosting the immune system, strengthening digestion and calming the autonomic nervous system. During sleep the body produces and releases cytokines (proteins that target inflammation). Research has also shown that relaxation through meditation decreases inflammation and bolsters immune function.

Natural Immune Boosting

Even beyond a pandemic, boosting the immune system is essential for a healthy life, and can be accomplished naturally through proper nutrition, essential nutraceuticals, proper balance of vitamins and minerals, restful sleep and stress reduction.

Dr. Peter Amato, founder of Inner Harmony Wellness Center, is board-certified in Natural Medicine, holds a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine, MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and BA in Nutrition.

Location: 131 Reynolds Rd., Dalton, PA. 570-319-6073.


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Have you seen this?

Have you seen this?

Passing this on so that others like myself that did not know this, will know…

The 9/11 Memorial "Tear Drop" sits directly across from NYC, in Bayonne New Jersey, just the other side of the Statue of Liberty, yet we hear nothing about it. This absolutely beautiful, 100 ft. tall monument was gifted to the people of the United States by the people of Russia in 2006, in memory of all those who lost their lives on that fateful day, September 11, 2001.

The breaking in the cracked facade forms the shape of the two towers. The giant suspended tear drop signifies the tears of the entire world that day.

Maybe it's something that needs to be known, starting today.


Try Foot Reflexology After Heart Surgery

A brief, hands-on reflexology treatment after a major heart operation can have a significant impact, scientists at Iran’s Tabriz University of Medical Sciences report. Immediately following coronary bypass surgery, 60 of 120 male patients received a 15-minute foot reflexology treatment from nurses. The researchers found that foot reflexology decreased patient agitation and reduced the average amount of time spent on a ventilator.


Studies show that when we see the positive more often, we’re happier and kinder to ourselves and to those around us. Luckily, we’re not locked into one way of viewing the world. We can choose to see things in a more positive fashion. Here are some steps we can take to teach ourselves to look for the positive more often. Eventually, the brain can get into the habit of doing this without any prodding.

Compliment at least one person every day. Maybe we can begin the day by sending a short email or text telling someone why we appreciate them. Besides reshaping how we see the world, we might make someone’s day.

Keep a gratitude journal. Every night, write down three things to be grateful for. Researchers have found that people that regularly keep track of what they’re grateful for are happier. We can also have a nightly family discussion about what happened that day that we’re thankful for.

Perform a daily act of kindness. When we perform a kind act every day, we start noticing other opportunities to be kind, creating a cycle of positivity in our minds. Think small—a thank-you note or letting someone cut in front of us in traffic.

Be mindful of who and what we expose ourselves to. The people we spend time with and what we watch, listen to and read all send messages to our brain that influence how we see the world.

Train the brain for positivity. Here is a simple 10-minute exercise that can train the mind to think differently:

• Get a pen and paper. Take only three seconds to look around the room and remember everything that’s red. Then take only a few seconds to write a list of everything you remember that’s red. Finish this step before continuing.

• Now write down everything that is blue. Chances are that like most people, we won’t remember the blue things nearly as well because we weren’t looking for them. We see what we look for, and that’s as much an asset as a shortcoming.

Training the brain to be more positive takes time, but it’s a priceless opportunity to change our perspective and become happier.


Jose Cuervo, the bestselling tequila maker globally, has initiated an eco-friendly process of salvaging the leftover agave fibers from its distilling process and upcycling them into a more sustainable alternative to regular plastic straws. The biodegradable drinking straw will decompose up to 200 times faster than regular plastic. Made with an agave bio-based and U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved composite, the new straws replace about a third of the polymers used in traditional straw production, and at the end of its lifecycle a straw can be consumed by microorganisms to fully biodegrade within one to five years in landfill conditions. The company plans to distribute millions of the straws this year at bars, restaurants and Jose Cuervo events across the U.S. and Mexico.


Scientists report that some vitamin and mineral deficiencies appear to be linked to poor COVID-19 outcomes, while adequate levels help combat other viruses. Consumer Lab, which provides comprehensive research overviews and information on nutritional products, lists these natural supplements as potential aids against COVID-19, although at this early stage, none have been proven to work:

Vitamin D: According to Galland, vitamin D “stimulates your immune system to produce factors called defensins and cathelicidins that kill viruses.” People with levels below 30 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) were 45 percent more likely to test positive for the coronavirus and 95 percent more likely to be hospitalized, Israeli researchers found. Getting three 30-minute sessions of sun exposure a week and eating D-fortified foods raise levels, and supplementing with up to 2,000 international units daily is generally considered safe.

Zinc: “Zinc throws a wrench in the viral replication machine and helps fight infections by boosting the production of antibodies,” says Nicole DeMasi, an integrative dietitian nutritionist in Los Angeles. Zinc lozenges may ward off the coronavirus in the upper respiratory tract. The recommended dosage is 15 to 30 milligrams (mg) a day for up to two weeks.

Vitamin C: A cup of orange juice, tomato juice or a kiwi supplies most of the minimum recommended intake of vitamin C, a vital supplement for white blood cells that fight viral infections. Supplementing with 1,000 mg daily is also safe. Intravenous megadoses are being studied for critically ill COVID-19 patients, but no evidence exists so far that higher levels prevent infections, reports Consumer Lab.

Potassium: A critical antiviral mineral and electrolyte, low levels of potassium were found in 61 percent of 175 Chinese patients hospitalized with COVID-19, making them more prone to heart damage, reports the Journal of the American Medical Association. Foods that boost levels include potatoes, squash, lentils, spinach, avocados, bananas and raisins.


Nurses, the most numerous and trusted health profession in the world, have organized the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and partnered with Project Drawdown to significantly impact climate change. Together, they are working to help decrease greenhouse gas emissions and create a healthier future for humans and the planet. Nurses from all specialties and in all practice settings are encouraged to take action in five key areas.

Energy: Supporting a clean energy future by promoting energy efficiency and advocating for a transition to renewable energy.

Food: Committing to a plant-based diet, use of clean cook stoves and reduced food waste.

Mobility: Supporting bike infrastructure, walkable cities and mass transit.

Gender equity: Educating girls and family planning.

Nature-based solutions: Planting trees, protecting tropical forests and forest protection.

Founded in 2014, nonprofit Project Drawdown seeks to help the world reach “drawdown”, the point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline.


Last month I wrote about acceptance, tolerance, understanding, empathy, listening and patience. In my world—and most likely yours too—busy is every day. My day flows through work, and work dominates my thinking. I work longer hours into the night and my balance slips. Engrossed in the details of running a magazine and running a company, I allow my time to slip away, and with it the harmony of balance. This, of course, totally affects my self-care.

My balance reflects in my behavior, my patience, my understanding. When neglected, I act differently. I am not as tolerant. When my balance is off, I am off. This shift also has an effect on others. Self-care is my solution to balance. I know this. In my collection of quotes, there is one that follows me everywhere: “I can have excuses, or I can have success, but I cannot have both.” I have no excuse for not taking care of myself. Meditation, exercise, nutrition, spending time on the lake or ocean—the list goes on. Self-care has an enormous reward attached to it. For much of my life, I never knew how to take care of myself on any level. Now that I do, there is no excuse.

Experiencing contentment, joy and peace is only achieved when I am in balance, when I accept things as they are. When in balance, my mind, my work, my life, my thinking, my behavior have a rhythm. I can see the results in the family, smiling happens, appreciation, gratitude, creativity happens. I am a better person. When in balance I get to experience the good stuff. I see the good in everything. Why would I let this state of well-being slip away, allowing tired and stressed to rob me of contentment and calm? Again, there is no excuse. Self-care is more than important. It is required.

In peace, love and laughter, Joe Dunne, Publisher




-Chop onion and cilantro.
-Cut pepper.
-Juice lime.


-Melt coconut oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
-Add salmon filets skin side up and sear filets until they remove easily from the skillet, about 5 minutes. -Remove from skillet.
-To sauté pan, add onion and cook until soft.
-Add pepper, zucchini, broth, lime juice, cilantro, and chili flakes to skillet and bring to a boil.
-Reduce to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes.
-Add coconut milk and coconut aminos and simmer for an additional 5 minutes.
-Return salmon to skillet and nestle into vegetables.
-Simmer until fillets are completely cooked through - about another 5-7 minutes.
-Remove from heat.
-Add chopped spinach to skillet and cover for a few minutes until softened.
-Serve with extra lime wedges.

Recipe courtesy Living Plate Nutrition Education and Counseling Center @livingplate


5 tips to prevent bloating
1. Eat good ingredients: When choosing what to eat, you want to pick good ingredients. That means picking foods that are non-GMO or heavy in pesticides because those types of foods can lead to bloating. The more natural the ingredients are, the better you will feel after eating it.

2. Eat slowly: Many of us are in a hurry or eat when we are at the point of “starving,” so when it comes to eating, we scarf down our entire meal. Shoving food down our throats delays digestion, so it takes longer to break down food. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal that your stomach is full, so if you eat slowly and reach that mark, you will feel full and stop eating. Eating slower is also a great way to lose weight.

3. Chew more: This tip compliments the previous one. Aside from eating slower, you should also take more time to chew your food. If you’re chewing more, it will take you longer to eat, so tip two and three really go hand-in-hand.

4. Avoid drinking while eating: We previously told you that drinking water or fluids with a meal can contribute to bloating. This is because drinking fills up your stomach more than food. Additionally, when you drink too much water with your meal, you are diluting your stomachs pH levels, which are necessary for proper digestion. If food can’t be properly broken down, it simply sits in the digestive tract, contributing to bloating.

5. Be mindful: You may have heard of mindful eating, but maybe you don’t fully understand what it is. Mindful eating refers to being present when eating. Many of us eat in front of a TV, check our emails, or even eat while on the go. This mindless eating can contribute to overeating, less chewing, and above all, bloating.

Mindful eating also refers to reducing stress and anxiety, which can further wreak havoc on your digestive system. Therefore, ensure that when you are having a meal, you are really in the moment, you are taking in the smells, experiencing the textures and flavors, and that you are focused on eating.

Look at all that fresh butter lettuce‼️Gotta love fresh organic greens grown on the tower gardens by @fortisfarms 😃🙌🏽

Look at all that fresh butter lettuce‼️Gotta love fresh organic greens grown on the tower gardens by @fortisfarms 😃🙌🏽


Children, four-legged family members, Thanksgiving overeaters and the occasional squirrel on a branch have mastered an art that eludes most of us, and they engage in it without a shred of guilt.

Defying our cultural habit of constantly being on the go and embracing the respite can be an active meditation, an invitation to cultivate uncommon stillness. Answering the siren’s call of a nap might very well be one of the most beneficial acts of self-care we can give ourselves. Both body and psyche crave chill-out times for good reasons. Using study subjects ranging from NASA pilots to emergency room staff, curling up for a 20- to 30-minute siesta has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure, boost immunity, improve motor skills and enhance job performance and creativity.

Power naps—the short-but-sweet kind—give us the opportunity to nourish the most neglected part of life, the inner life. Rest-fueled “me-time” can be a daily ritual punctuated with both practical and aesthetic inspiration. Choosing a spot drenched in inviting natural light or close-curtained tranquility and reserving a favored pillow, chair or luxurious coverlet can usher in blissful time-out. Adding the presence of aromatherapeutic essential oils like lavender, Roman chamomile or tangerine or a vase of simple fresh flowers can signal the ever-diligent sympathetic nervous system to cut back on overtime. Dropping down into unhurriedness like an anchor into port can prompt deeper and longer breaths and offer us the shameless chance to invest in quality daydreaming. Playing recorded sounds from nature—ocean waves, soft rain or gentle wind in the trees—can set the stage for a satisfying nap. Inviting your pet for a sleep-spell can also effect release of beneficial endorphins.

Scheduling a nap into the day like any other appointment not only ensures follow-through, but presents a succulent slice of something to look forward to. Putting the computer on sleep mode and turning off the phone signals the brain that it’s time to recharge. Social media interaction and phone chats can wait. The pursuit of well-being does not need explanation, apology or, most of all, guilt. Pleasant dreams.


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This meditation breathing technique will help you to remove toxins from your body.
The BUCK MOON. Find out how this moon's energies can work for you.
This breathing technique is called Bellows Breathing Technique. It is for increasing alertness and energy. It can take some practice to perfect but once you do, you’ll feel energized and refreshed. People are known to become completely addicted to the way this technique makes them feel.
Alternate Nostril Breathing is a breathing technique used during meditation. This technique has been before for yoga and strength training as well. It is also known as Kabbalistic Breathing Technique. You use your fingers to help you alternate inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Doing this technique will reenergize you.
Meditation Monday Technique 5, This is a breathing technique that’s will help you feel calm. It will calm your mind, body and soul is called Equal Breathing.
Abdominal breathing is a great technique for everyone particularly beginners. It’s a meditation in itself. Everyone can use this one. It's easy but also a powerful way to reduce stress anywhere and at any given time and only takes a couple of minutes to do.
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