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7 most popular business life hacks
7 most popular business life hacks
On request "business life hacks" search sites give out many articles, but in none of them you will not find really necessary life hacks. As business life hacks, they drill out useful tips, but this is not what you need. A life hack should demonstrate some kind of trick that simplifies the process or saves time. In most cases, life hacks should be simple with the participation of improvised means that you have not thought of before.

1. Use Google Drive instead of your local computer to store important files. This will give you the ability to have access to your files anytime from any device. If you suddenly need to make changes to a working file on your home computer, you can easily download it for edits outside the office, even after working hours.

2. Always keep a blank sheet of paper and a pen / pencil on your desk. They can be used to quickly write down current tasks or necessary operational information (phones, addresses, emails, names of people). All this information will be at hand at the right time, and you will no longer waste your "couple of minutes" looking for a place where you can write.

3. Recharge your smartphone via a laptop or computer. This will allow you to keep your phone near you while you work, and not look for an outlet to connect a charger and not run every 10 minutes to the phone checking for notifications or missed calls.

4. Conduct video presentations in real time using Skype. This program makes it possible to demonstrate your desktop during a call between users. Participants in the conversation can simultaneously view documents, edit them and watch the movement of the interlocutor's mouse cursor.

5. For quick currency conversions or calculating numeric values, use the address bar of your Google browser instead of a calculator. After entering the outgoing data and keywords, you will receive the digital result that you requested.

6. To protect your data from hacking, enable double authentication to access your accounts. To do this, you need to download the code generator program to your phone and each time you log into your account, the program will generate a new additional password (key) to enter.

7. Synchronize simultaneously all mail accounts that you use (personal email, corporate mail) to your smartphone. You can avoid wasting time on regular access to each of the mailboxes, remembering long passwords to enter. Moreover, notifications about new letters will come to your phone immediately without wasting time on checking your mail.

The organization of the entire business process directly depends on the self-organization of its head. The use of business life hacks will help simplify work processes and save time for any manager and his subordinates.



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