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Rose Johnson Hello. Welcome to my music page! I am a new experimental artist/music producer that creates instrumentals. I mix different types of genres together.

I was born in Birmingham, AL. I was raised in Bessemer, AL until 10 years old, then moved to Birmingham, AL and was raised for the majority of my childhood until my mid 20's. I am an only child, raised by my mother, grandmother, and aunt. I wasn't very close to my father. My mother and father divorced when I was a baby. I was very close to my grandmother. She taught me how to be strong and spiritual. My family went to church every Sunday. We were Primitive Baptists. That means communion and foot washing every 1st Sunday. Water baptism and old school gospel songs were standard practice. As a child, I knew I had certain gifts. I learned and knew how to dance very quickly. About 6 or 7 years old, in school, there was this square dance party and me and my classmate knew each step. Ever since then, I practiced dancing while watching certain movies or music videos. I loved music at an early age. My mother loved 60's and 70's R&B music. My grandmother loved gospel music. My aunt loved 80's R&B and hip hop. I loved everything they listened to. I had the radio on all the time, especially at night. I listened to Top 40 and easy listening music the majority of the day, then I listened to classical music before I went to bed at night. In elementary school, about the 7th or 8th grade, one of my classmates liked 80's classic and metal rock music. I read her rock magazines. I liked the big hair bands like Bon Jovi, Kiss, Poison, Ratt, Whitesnake, etc. In my later years, when I moved to my first apartment, I went to this club called "The Studio". Once a week, they would have goth night. I would dress casually, not in all black like everyone else did. I danced on the stage. I couldn't be on the dance floor like everyone else. All I did was dance. I never drinked alcohol or smoked anything. I danced then I went home. Eventually, I made new friends. That's when my popularity grew. I was a big fan of Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Massive Attack, etc. This sound wasn't as mainstream. I knew one day that it would be more popular as the years passed. I met a man that changed my life. He was a bouncer but also played the guitar in this local band called "Mecca's Groove". I checked out the music and I was very impressed. I was a devoted fan. They mixed genres together such as hip hop, rock, reggae, and R&B. I never thought in a million years that I would produce music. After the band split, I look back on their eclectic sound years later. They inspired me to make an eclectic style of music. I still keep in touch with some of the members. They will always be special to me. Briefly, my passion was poetry. I went to local poetry events and made new friends. Poetry was a release for me. My creativity was very high at the time. Poetry is like music. It's about creating a story and using a certain tone to make it sound well. You use your own unique style to reach others. Unfortunately, I lost interest due to personal and financial difficulties. I still keep in touch with my friends. As of today, after listening to the latest songs on the radio, I am not excited. I became bored and listened to old school music. Since July, 2016, I began to take music seriously. I've decided to create music that no one has heard before. I sound cliche' but I am passionate about what I do. I want to give back to people by providing good quality music. I am humbled and so appreciative when my fans listen to my music and comment. It means so much to me. Thank you!!!!

Produce experimental music from different genres such as hip hop, jazz, electronic, pop, rock, blues, etc.

General Manager: I manage everything.


Hello to everyone! I'm sorry for not responding to your messages. I'm on Twitter more than Facebook. Check out my Twitter page at 1012rosemusic. Anything involving artists that I like and the music I create is on that page. I respond quickly.

Any huge WWE wrestling fans, especially of The Shield and Roman Reigns can check out my Twitter page at 1012rose or shieldgirl1012. I rarely post music on these pages unless it's about Roman Reigns.

Thank you so much for supporting my music. It means so much to me. I'm working on two albums. I will keep you updated! You're awesome! Talk to you soon!


Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for leaving positive messages about my music! I'm sorry for not posting as much music as I usually do.

I have great news! I have an EP coming out this weekend! It is titled, "Rojo". Five of my favorite tracks! I'm so excited!
It's been a while to really get things going due to personal matters. Slowly but surely, gets are getting better. Thank you to all of the fans that have been patient with me. You are awesome!

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


Hello, everyone! To all my fans, thank you for the messages! I appreciate your support of my music! I'm sorry for not responding. I'm busy making music and sometimes it takes awhile before I respond.

This is a new year and I want to make this year a special and awesome year for me and you, the fans! I'm going to make some changes to this page as soon as I free my busy schedule. Again, I thank you so much!


Hello and Happy Halloween to my fans and followers of my music! Please check out my Halloween inspired music I posted. I hope you enjoy it!

Rose Johnson

Rose Johnson

This is a dark,intense, and sensual EDM/electronic song. It's not a nice or pleasant song unless you like dark music. I was inspired by the songs I listened to years ago at a local club in the late 90's called The Studio. Goth/new wave, and synth pop were genres of music that is so interesting to me. This video was fun to make. It will make you feel a certain type of way.


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Bessemer, AL


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