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Adventure With Montana

Tony Montana is a changed man, from having it all, to going broke. Let's see if it's Tony's downfall, or Uprise, back from the dead. As his stunt double was killed in 1983 inside Tony's mansion, by his ex boss Sosa's hit man. 2016 Tony final is back, new time, new era, will he succeed in his new life adapt to change in today's world, or go back to his old ways. Find out and have some fun on.
" Adventure With Montana " MTV VH1 BET Comedy Central HBO AlPacino

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" Cruin "

Takes place in Kabul Afghanistan, were Military Lieutenant James Vigger and his younger brother Sargent Ricen Vigger gets stationed for a year, parting from North Carolina there home. For the first six months it was
a very hostile living and stationed were no marine would get much sleep. During the six month mark, Lieutenant James Vigger is diseased by a terrorist a father and son together in a su***de bombing on a sunny day, while Lt. James was in the company of Ricen and a few other Marines. James left behind a wife and two children, also brother Sargent Ricen Vigger, who now is squad leader after the death of his brother James. After a month gone by from James passing, Ricen's mind grew crazy with thoughts of vengeance on all Afghanistan soldiers and civilians.
Suddenly Ricen would manipulate his Marines to straight Mayhem and destruction,
towards all Afghanistan. Ricen and squad of twenty started on Ricens plan one night and attacked
the city of Kabul, Sargent Ricen believed a terrorist was being harbored with in one of the units they attacked.
Ricen set no rules to his platoon so all rules were bent.
Ricens mind was at pure evil and taste for only revenge, so his soldiers became his reality maker
for revenge. Some of Ricens's squad even got away with r**e, Ricen was aware but heart filled with to much hate to even react toward mercy. Few nights after Ricen an squad conquers there mission, they rest and go at another town found by compass. With Ricen and still his twenty soldier and no casualties, this attack got deadly, there is a terrorist and small unit with him in these areas hidden among the civilians. Ricen and squad attacks, yet a battle begins as the enemy is awaking. Casualties were high on this one, five Marines down, yet the enemy was still attacking. Few hours into war the fighting is seized, due to Ricen blowing up two of the enemies tanks, and attacking, the casualties ended up eight U.S Marines down twelve still standing. After the small war, Ricen takes in P.O.W's and captures a wanted terrorist by the United States, Ricen also took in a civilian as a p.o.w cause he resembled his brother James, Ricen kept feeling funny vibes every time
he'd look at this p.o.w and would think to himself its a one an a billion thing with this p.o.w and his brother James resemblance. Ricen and his squad of twelve now, returned back to base with bad and good new for General, good new the capture of this notorious wanted terrorist, by a tip from some natives there excuse was, to attack the town, a tip from a higher source, the bad news eight U.S Marine deaths during the process.
Two weeks on base now Ricen begins to bond with the civilian p.o.w he arrested,
with in a month of the stranger who resembles Ricen's brother James, Ricen and the p.o.w
grew close. Seemed the p.o.w had an effect on Ricen, he felt it was either a curse, or weird blessing of enlightenment, regardless, kinda made Ricen listen to wisdom spoke by the strange man, cause it seemed to make sense. Eventually the Muslim p.o.w taught Ricen about prayer, belief, forgiveness, and again its not all Muslims that are wrong, there are bad in good in all religions and people. Bout month in a half passed, Ricen began to feel sorrow for whats been done by himself and a few soldiers. This prisoner made it so Ricen realizes its the individuals not all that due wicked work.
Two months in on base and a assignment is giving to Sargent Ricen Vigger and his squad, Ricen accepts long as its his twelve soldiers left that accompany him on this mission, also release of an innocent p.o.w arrested by Ricen. Permission is granted to Ricen, off to another journey, but before the mission begins, Ricen personally releases the p.o.w who resembles his brother James, and sees him off with an apology and hand shake, and thanked him for making him a better man, changed man through real knowledge. Day later Ricen and squad of twenty set off on there giving mission to capture another notorious low key terrorist. The village was small, so a few Marines felt hate as what was taught, yet Ricen was enlighten and his whole mind frame was changed, Ricen wanted to accomplish the mission and get out, some of his squad still felt different. They felt Sargent was as guilty as they were. So first day on there sting, two soldier, who was the only one's guilty of r**e immediately goes for another victim, her husband hidden in back of her, two shots, blew a shotgun right through both of them. Other soldiers was shooting at all who seemed sketchy.
Sargent repetitively yelled and signaled no civilians, his squad listens but for some of the others to late. They conquer and complete this mission and return to base with casualties also another notorious terrorist leader captured. His final months Ricen began to read more, reflecting of how his brother was as a leader, compared to what he done as a leader. Ricen felt guilty as his conscience keeps eating away at him. Ricen and squad eventually began to get question in the slaughter in Kabul on there last coming of months stationed in Afghanistan. Ricen conscience wont let him rest, will he give in to his conscience or will he live on in prayer.

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" Plagued "

Takes place in the mid evil days when the Prince of Greece Adonis claims his fathers throne as the King of Greece. King Adonis who's father died from syphilis suffered a tormenting death which haunts the mind of King Adonis for the rest of his days. In the mid evil days mixing of race was rarely permitted, it was believed a chamber maid from Persia gave the disease to King Adonises father, which made King Adonis have a slight hate towards Persia and Persians. Eventually syphilis was breaking out a lot through the Greek empire, which caused a ton of commotion and k-oss among the kingdom. King Adonis's thoughts were revenge on the Persians for bringing a plague unto his home. His thoughts was war on the new King Ara and the Persian Kingdom, for as King Adonis felt took the life of his father and are killing his people of his kingdom. The Persian plague King Adonis titled the disease. He sets forth in preparing his soldiers for war against the Persians for plaguing his kingdom and killing his father. King Ara had no clue of the plot, or plague, nor war King Adonis is preparing. During the first attack King Adonis comes across the Persian Princess whom he captures holds prisoner and eventually falls for. But it gets difficult cause his Kingdom wants to kill her and yet there at war with the Persians, all as King Adonis requested. If King Adonis shows any remorse, or mercy he would bring dis honor and insult to his kingdom. Trapped, stuck between love and dishonor King Adonis has a choice to make, fall back, or retreat, making peace with King Ara, as King Adonis is tormented thinking a Persian Princess may be his death due to this Persian Plague..Nothing will be or come easy once war is set, for war is set and both Greek and Persians are taking no prisoners. For each are now blaming each other for the spread of syphilis. The Greeks calling it The Persian Plague as the Persians are calling it The Greek Plague. Once war is set war shall it be.

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" FunnYDream "

This story is based on three middle class friends that want to make it in the business of music and entertainment. Jenny who was a Causation female had a dream to be a singer, but couldn't sing, and had a great talent to act yet never knew. Dexter, Who was a mixed male wanted to be a rapper but like Jenny, he couldn't rap and had a great talent to act, also never knew. Last but not least, Chance, who was a African American male wanted to be the first big black country singer, but like the other two couldn't sing and had a great gift to act yet never knew. To get what they want, they have to be we're it's at, so all three go through life faking fame and faking rich, from renting Limousines sneaking in celebrity parties and clubs, from buying boot leg cloths also jewelry and pretending to be big shots, also big timers relatives, with many corny funny pick up lines to females, or female to males, these three were in it for the long run, until they succeed in there
dream. They met in college, and had the same dream, until one day Chance had the idea fake it till we make it. And in the end they find out there talents we're else where, not what they thought.

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United War

" United War "

All takes place in Compton CA, Jinx's who was a leader of a gang called bloods, who never got along with a man named Tavier who was a gang member also with a gang called crips, Jinx's enemies.
Tavier as time flew by eventually falls for a female named Yalonda forgetting the streets. Time continues on and Tavier becomes Yalonda's boyfriend, after periodic visits and good times but still not knowing Jinx's was her brother. Down the line Yalonda and Tavier has a baby on the way.
Tavier begins to lay low, and spend time with Yalonda often.
Eventually time for Tavier and Yolonda baby to be birthed. Jinx's and Tavier find out in the hospital while the babies being born, that Yalonda is the sister of Jinx's, leader of the Bloods.
Jinx's was beyond angry, ready to kill Tavier on the spot.
Jinx's and Tavier let go of there issues towards each other for Yalonda and the new born babies sake. 4 months after baby is birthed, Tavier is rarely on the street and more laying low then before, as Jinx's runs into trouble with a Mexican drug lord named Domingo owing 100k for narcotics.
Jinx's can't pay Domingo due to a raid by police at Jinx's stash house, the Police cleared all.
Domingo eventually sets out for his own payoff, he kid naps Yalonda and Taviers baby for rand some, knowing Jinx's was the only Uncle.
Jinx's and Tavier make mends and join forces as blood and crip to get the baby back, what will come of all as two enemies team up for one cause.

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The Protector

" The Protector "

It's about an evil empire, who was awaiting for a special son to be born, this wasn't an ordinary kid about to be born, he wore the marks of Haiti"s ruler of the under world, they say he was the last yet first of his kind, with the power that no man on earth could match the down fall of the human race was on the rise. Being born by Jahsilia Queen and ruler of an evil empire, her son Nathan was born. On the other side was a physic named nohvah who was always on the right hand side of General Conrad leader of the Hulbahn army, and closes to Layoas ( lae-os ) who was King and ruler of Hulbahn the biggest empire on earth. King Layoas who was aware of the new born son of Jahsilia, was feared the roomers may be true, a son born to cause destruction and mayhem to many conquering the world. So for years King Layoas would stay close with General Conrad to keep him informed on what the physic nohvah is saying about Nathan. For some odd reason Layoas believed there was a way to change Nathan. On the other side Queen Jahsilia would remain in the kingdom as her husband King Nathanol went around conquering and killing anything alive, slaughtering men women and children in quest of conquering the world. A servant of Queen Jahsilia always seen what King Nathanol would do to prisoners tormenting traumatizing tortured let alone the humble servant named Dillion knew what both Queen and King were capable of. But Dillion pretending often, inside he had a weak spot, that felt bad for the innocent being torchered and brutaly killed by both King and Queen, but struck by fear Dillion would remain how Queen Jahsilia and King Nathanol betray him as, a loyal humble servant and only served the them, the wicked. Eventually Dillion could not take no more filled with no more tolerance, his plot was to kidnap Nathan and bring him unto King Layoas ruler and King of the biggest empire on earth, who knew Nathan would only be raised to kill and harm anything living for the sake of Queen Jahsilia and King Nathanol plan to rule the world, and with Nathan's power giving unto him by the spirit world, they would rule over any King, Queen or any empire that they allow to stand. The physic Novah would alert King Layoas and General Conrad of Dillion the humble servants heart and action he's about to take. For Dillions task wont be easy, he would have numerous obstacles and alot of plotting ahead. As King Layoas would send out his soldiers to meet Dillion with Nathan through heavy obstacles and the steepest of mountains, as the physic Novah suggest the King to do. Through it all King Layoas always felt there is a way to change young Nathan, as he titled Dillion The Protector.

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