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My friends,

It has been an exhilarating and fruitful year but I'm afraid that changes are coming.

When I started this press, it was with the intention to find the best, most transgressive, genuinely original voices that I could and champion them with all my might. Some of them -- like Will Viharo -- were old pros and favorites of mine, while others -- like Danny Gardner and Andrew Hilbert -- were new voices that, as soon as I heard them, I knew the world needed to hear them too. I love them all more than I could describe in a single post here.

Alas, however, the time has come that what they have to offer the world has exceeded what I have to offer them. Double Life Press will not be continuing. I have met with all of our authors and I am seeking for the best way to ensure that they are well taken care of. The spirit of DLP will live on in each of them as they continue to shape the literary landscape.

As for you, dear reader, know that there was never a moment that we all didn't appreciate you above everything. These doors are closing so that others can open. Remember, as long as you demand it, a better literary world is possible.

Keep reading and supporting those who make all these wonderful books happen. They, the dream makers, are the ones who really matter.


Everyone is raving about the best crime fiction debut of 2015 -- A Negro and an Ofay by Danny Gardner. Out now!

"This is a stunning debut! A powerful combination of brilliant storytelling and a breathtaking grasp of dialog subtext that strongly reminds of Mamet." - Les Edgerton, Author of The Bitch, and The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping

"Danny Gardner has written a fresh, smart, politically savvy and incorrect noir period piece rife with social injustice, racial nuance, high crimes and misdirections. A next-generation Walter Moseley, his characters are a hoot and a half and his story-telling a runaway train." - Craig Faustus Buck, Author of Go Down Hard

"Plenty of hardboiled patter and a dense plot with a great sense of place and wonderful dialogue." - Eric Beetner, Author of Rumrunners and Nine Toes in the Grave

"Elliot Caprice is a trouble magnet and that makes for a great character." - Simon Wood, Author of The One That Got Away

At the end of the day, we want to have fun when reading a book, but we also want to feel something. A Negro and an Ofay is one of those books that marry both pulp fiction and an emotional subtext." -- Scott Waldyn, Literary Orphans

A Negro and an Ofay is not only a fine debut, but a totally new, and important, take on the genre." -- Michael Pool, Crime Syndicate

A few times a year I start reading a book and realize that, besides being very entertaining and well researched, the narrative possesses a few elements that make it feel like a very welcome and absolutely necessary presence in contemporary crime fiction. In the case of Danny Gardner’s A Negro and an Ofay, the novel accomplished that and more; it had me asking “Who the hell is this guy and why don’t I have a few novels by him in my shelves already?” -- Gabino Iglesias, Out of the Gutter Online

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!


All of our authors, friends, readers and supporters wish Founder and Publisher Craig T. McNeely a most happy birthday! And Metal. And book sales. And more metal. And maybe some more books. But definitely metal.

Gabino Iglesias has a review of Danny Gardner's A Negro and an Ofay up over at Out of the Gutter Online. "It’s the kind ...
Gutter Review: Negro and an Ofay, by Danny Gardner ~ Out of the Gutter Online

Gabino Iglesias has a review of Danny Gardner's A Negro and an Ofay up over at Out of the Gutter Online. "It’s the kind of book that makes me want to reach out to the author and immediately start demanding more of his work. If this is any indication of what we can expect from Double Life Press, I strongly suggest grabbing a copy of anything they publish as soon as it comes out." Thanks, Gabino!

While you're awaiting your copy of A Negro and an Ofay, Danny Gardner has a short story over at Beat to a Pulp that is s...

While you're awaiting your copy of A Negro and an Ofay, Danny Gardner has a short story over at Beat to a Pulp that is set within the world of Elliot Caprice. Labor Day takes place somewhere between chapters 3-8, so get your fix while that beautiful paperback is on the way.

Ned grabbed a pencil, scribbled DEAD BASTARD on the desk blotter, and underlined it twice. The calendar on the page reminded him it was Labor Day.

The paperback edition of A Negro and an Ofay, by Double Life Press author Danny Gardner, is now available for sale on Am...
A Negro and an Ofay: The Tales of Elliot Caprice

The paperback edition of A Negro and an Ofay, by Double Life Press author Danny Gardner, is now available for sale on Amazon! If you prefer the Kindle edition, you can find it here:

All editions should be integrated shortly, but in the meantime, both links work and we're off to the races with this wonderful crime novel!

On the run after killing two crooked cops, Chicago PD Detective Elliot Caprice finds himself in a jailhouse in St. Louis on false charges. He enlists friends from his hometown of Southville, IL to secure his release and returns to find the family farm in foreclosure and the man who raised him dyi...

We're growing! Thanks to our Digital Design and Marketing Maven, the great Diana Keeler, we now have a great new website...
Double Life Press

We're growing! Thanks to our Digital Design and Marketing Maven, the great Diana Keeler, we now have a great new website. Books, authors, events, links to purchase! Go take a gander, and, in the words of Will 'The Thrill' Viharo, Onward and Upward!

The best in transgressive, edgy literature

Find out all about Danny Gardner in this new interview by Steve W. Lauden.
Interrogation—Danny Gardner

Find out all about Danny Gardner in this new interview by Steve W. Lauden.

Who: Danny Gardner What: He impressed audiences with his performance on the 3rd season of HBO's Def Comedy Jam (All-Stars Vol. 12). He has enjoyed a career as an actor, director and screenwriter. H...


Everyone, don't forget to check out our own Danny Gardner at the Noir Slam tonight!! While you're there, be sure to stay to the end and see Eric Beetner locked in the Thunderdome with James Queally. Two men enter...

New Death Thing review
Death Thing | maxsheridanlit

New Death Thing review

Andrew Hilbert’s Death Thing is a short book that will make you sick for a long time. The closest analogy that comes to mind is seven hours of an early 80s sla...


Don't forget. If you're in Austin tonight at 7pm, go to the Death Thing release party and get weird.



Double Life Press strives to offer the best in unique, transgressive, no-boundaries literature today. However, we are also passionate readers and want to dig back into publishing's past and bring attention to the books and writers that we love through reprints of classic works that deserve Double Life.

Today, I am pleased to announce one such reprint:

Under various pseudonyms as well as his own name, he has written for Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan series, the Mark Stone: MIA Hunter series, the Cody's Army series, the Blaze! series and more. Stephen Mertz is one of my favorite writers of all time. His ability to write edge-of-your-seat razor sharp prose is almost without parallel today. But don't take my word for it. No less a figure than the great Joe Lansdale said, "Stephen Mertz writes a hard-edged, fast-paced thriller for those who like their tales straight and sharp and full of dark surprise." Double Life Press is proud to bring you FADE TO TOMORROW by Stephen Mertz.

FADE TO TOMORROW tells the story of Steve Madison, who saw action as an Army Ranger from Iraq to Central America, from Somalia to Kosovo. But with his discharge from military service, he thought he'd seen the last of violence, bloodshed and sudden death.

He was wrong.

As an "industrial consultant" to the music industry, Madison specializes in extricating pop stars from scandals that threaten to destroy multi-million-dollar careers. Johnny Willow is the hottest superstar of his generation; a young, gifted, blind musical genius whose addictions drove him into rehab and an extended hiatus at the height of his career. Now Johnny is back, clean and sober, with a new CD debuting at number one on the charts and a sold-out concert beginning a world tour. But one rainy night in St. Louis, Johnny's past returns with a vengeance and everything is threatened in a twisty maze of ghetto gang bangers, the Mafia, the DEA, a missing shipment of cocaine, kidnapping . . . and murder.

That's where Steve Madison comes in.

Happy Father's Day from Double Life Press. Don't forget to check out our sale on the Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection...
The Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection Volume Two

Happy Father's Day from Double Life Press. Don't forget to check out our sale on the Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection by Will Viharo, now on sale for $1.99 each.

The Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection is a series of “double features” reprinting the best work of underground literary legend Will Viharo in definitive editions. Volume Two: Lavender Blonde (a novel in dialogue) and the satirical crime thriller Down a Dark Alley present a dual do...



At Double Life Press, our motto is "no boundaries." We are dedicated to providing you with the best, bravest and strongest literature today. To that end, we could not be happier to announce a two book deal with Threasa Meads.

Threasa Meads was Emerging Writer in Residence at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre in 2012. She has been shortlisted for The Australian/Vogel's Literary Award in 2008 and then awarded a Varuna Fellowship in 2009. Meads' two releases through Double Life Press are a related but distinct companion pieces entitled NOBODY and MOTHSONG.

NOBODY invites you to closely share a young girl’s brave journey of growing up in Australia in the 1980s in a violent and abusive world. It transgresses the boundaries of literary traumatic representation to weave moments of sweetness and humor through a narrative where unexpected threads of beauty and darkness intersect, emphasizing the horrors of her environment.

Judge Matt Rubenstein, from the Vogel's Literary Award panel, described NOBODY as ‘A choose-your-own-adventure from hell that puts you in the heart of the action and forces you to make impossible choices as you try to help a young girl from childhood to adolescence. A unique structure and a compelling voice lift this story of violence and abuse into a haunting and heartbreaking work that lingers in the mind.’

MOTHSONG, the sequel to NOBODY, is a magical realist labyrinth - a lyric essay that celebrates art’s capacity to facilitate and map post-traumatic growth. It is a testimony of healing from child abuse that peers into the chrysalis. In MOTHSONG, the stories of Lolah – who represents the author from the age of sixteen to the present – and January –her younger self–are entwined with the silken threads of ‘You’ and other voices to sing a song of transformation. MOTHSONG creates a new myth for the moth as a symbol of the soul’s urge to heal, and in so doing, goes far beyond elevating the beauty within darkness. Reading this work is a truly transcendent experience.

You have never before read anything like the works of Threasa Meads. Her writing stands above just about anything else being written today as representing unfettered and unbound artistic expression filtered through the written word. The companion pieces of NOBODY and MOTHSONG introduce you to an artist of unparalleled ability.


We at Double Life Press would like to wish you a Happy Father's Day. To that end, we are putting the THRILLVILLE PULP FICTION COLLECTION VOL. 1-3 by Will Viharo on sale for $1.99 each from now until Sunday!

Don't miss this opportunity to get the old man in your life all the madcap mad scientist pulp fiction that he has been waiting for!



Double Life Press is proud to announce that we will be releasing the paperback of BITTER WATER BLUES, Patrick Shawn Bagley's raw and pitch perfect noir. Here is what the great Laird Barron had to say about it...

"A glorious boilermaker of noir and East Coast gothic. The action is as taut as a sprung snare and Bagley tightens the screws with every page." -- Laird Barron, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

But wait, there's Moore!

Double Life Press will also be re-releasing a novel by one of our very favorite writers, the great Warren Moore. BROKEN GLASS WALTZES is a gutpunch of a crime thriller set in the Midwest's heavy metal club scene of the late 80's/early 90's.

We couldn't be more proud to have Mr. Bagley and Mr. Moore joining the Double Life family. Please welcome them. You're going to like what they have in store for you.


I've got three announcements for you and a cover reveal. Let's see how excited you guys are for more Double Life Press. Like this post and don't forget to share and invite the book lovers in your life to like the our page so they can stay up to date with the latest in books without boundaries.


For the foreseeable future, we will not be accepting submissions which feature white upper middle class unreliable narrators as protagonists. We get it. We don't trust them either.

Jessica McHugh

Words of wisdom from the great Jessica McHugh. McHugh is a part of the Double Life family because she understands this and, make no mistake, if you are unprofessional, you will not come into my house.

The reasons are many but perhaps the simplest is that if you are not smart enough to know you should show some respect and class in this business, I have a feeling your fiction is lacking too. Help ME help YOU.

We've discussed writers sh*t-talking other writers on this page before, and I'm pretty sure we all agreed it was a bad move personally and professionally back then. Well, that hasn't changed. It's still a bad move. Sooo...again, inky cohorts...


If you're angry at someone, and you claim to be a fiction writer, GO WRITE SOME DAMNHELLASS FICTION ABOUT YOUR ANGER. Do not craft negative, whiny tl;dr blog posts about your anger for all the world to see. Because, friendo, your potential publishers and allies also live in this wacky internet world, and some of us do not dig seeing members of the small press community dragged through the mud.

As Jack Wallen and I discussed recently on the #Hypergraphia podcast, you have to remain professional if you want people in this business to take you seriously. And yes, I spout off "cunt" this and "cunt" that, and "boy oh boy, I wish James Spader and I were trapped in a beautiful F**k Dimension for all time," but there's a difference between being a professional within your brand and just being a dick. And since writers should be doing significant research on their potential publishers, they should also realize publishers are doing research on writers vying to become part of their catalog. Or, if you're damn lucky, part of their family.

The best small presses are like that, and they sure as sh*t don't want a jerkface writer f**king up their family dynamic. Bitter internet trolls are a dime a dozen these days. Dare to be different, dare to be forgiving, or at least tolerant. Or--and I know it sounds crazy--dare to be a f**king fiction writer who writes f**king fiction instead of pissy diary entries.

Whew. Okay. Now that we're clear, I'm off to write some pissy diary entries from the POV of a fictional 13 year old who's seconds away from getting her first period. Those kinds of pissy diary entries are fine. ;)

#McTruth #InThisTogether #BeCool #theWriteLife


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