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The King's DaughtersEpisode SevenWritten By Jerry Smith.As the native doctor poured the blood on the body of the twins. ...

The King's Daughters
Episode Seven
Written By Jerry Smith.

As the native doctor poured the blood on the body of the twins. Immediately the twins began to scream in pain as they then began to shake vigorously. Lisa then fell down immediately but Lizzy was still shaking.

Then blood began to remove from Lizzy's eyes, nose and mouth including all parts of her body, and the Lizzy also fell down on the floor. The twins regained consciousness with a strong aching headache.

They looked around and saw that they were actually in their room. The twins woke up at the same time as they kept looking at themselves. The headache was so painful it was as if hell was put inside their brains.

Then Lizzy said with her hand placed on her head 'What happened?'. Lisa who was also looking surprised didn't answer the question as they both stood up from the bed they found theirselves laying on bed.

The both of them then left their room, heading to the kitchen, where they can get a glass of cold water that they can pour on their head in order to at least reduce the pain and burning sensation that they were feeling.

They opened the door to their room and there, they saw Queen Amaka and Princess Kate standing in front of their door. The Twins tried to ignore them and head to where they were heading to, but Queen Amaka and Princess Kate blocked the way.

The Lisa who was getting pi**ed by the doings of the Queen and the Princess then said 'Look the both of you, we don't want any problem, we are currently going through a lot at the last thing we want is unnecessary stress'.

Then Queen Amaka said 'Well, well well take a look at who is talking. You girls just arrived at this kingdom and it's not even up to a week and you both have already start causing potential problems for this kingdom'.

'I told the king my husband but he won't listen. The both of you are just good for nothing, the only thing you both know is to go around and break sacred idols to bring problem for this kingdom' The queen said.

Then Princess Kate said 'I don't know wh

LOVE ME ONCE:{FINAL EPISODE}✓STORY! STORY!! STORY!!!GEORGE’S POVI wake up to found myself in hospital bed, I look around...




I wake up to found myself in hospital bed, I look around my mum was at my right hand side, a drip was fixed in my left hand. The news of Amelia’s dêåth rings again in my head, I found tears rolling down my cheeks like a child.

“Mum, tell me is not true”, I said making my mum to turn to me.

“Son, you’re awake”, she said as she came and sat beside me.

“Mum, Amelia is not dëãd, isn’t it?”, I asked, she close her eyes tight allowing her tears to poured out.

“I wish it’s a līê, I wish it’s not true but is true she is dêåd”, she said with høt tears rolling down her cheeks.

“No oh!! Amelia! Why? Why did Clara shøt her?”, I Screamed in tears, my mum held my hands trying to calm me down.

“Don’t worry, Clara won’t go unpunished”, she said

“Mum, I caused it all, I brought Clara here, I’d never forgive myself”, I said still crying like a baby.

“Stop saying that son”, my mum said when the door fling opened, John came in smiling.
I wonder why he is smiling at this point of time.

“George, wipe your tears, Amelia is not dêåd”, he said

“What are you talking about?”, I asked

“The doctor confirmed it, she is not dëãd. It was another patient that dīêd in OPT not Amelia”, he said

My mum quickly stands up, I tried to stand up forgetting I had drip in my hand.

“Hope you’re saying the truth?”, My mum asked

“Yes but…..”,

“But what?”, I asked

“She is in cømå”, he said

“Co what?”, I and my mum chorused

“Cømå, the doctor said she will wake up after one month but if she doesn’t that means she didn’t make it alive, all we have to do now is to pray for her”, John said

My mum breathe down heavily and sat back next to me, I look up as tears roll down from the corner of my eyes then I remembered the dream.

It was Amelia that said she will come for me and Clara was the one after me.

[Oh Lord please save the love of my life from dêåth] I pray sliently in hot tears.


For over this one month, Jeremy and I never left Amelia’s side. We were alwa

A lizard was out taking a Sunday afternoon stroll through the jungle when he paused underneath a huge tree and, looking ...

A lizard was out taking a Sunday afternoon stroll through the jungle when he paused underneath a huge tree and, looking up, saw a monkey in the very top smoking a joint. He yelled out, "Hey, what are you doing?" The monkey confirmed the obvious and added, "Come on up and I'll share." So, the lizard climbs up, up and up until he reaches the limb where the monkey is and the two of them spend the next twenty minutes passing this thing back and forth until the both of them are thoroughly wasted. After an hour or so of sitting there surveying the surrounding scenery with silly smiles on their faces, as one does, the lizard says, "You know, my mouth is really dry. I'm going down to the river and get myself a drink." So, he carefully makes his way down out of the tree and stumbles to the water, only he's affected to the point that when he leans over the edge to get a sip, he falls in and the current starts carrying him downstream. Try as he might, he was unable to get back to the bank. Lucky for him a huge crocodile noticed that one of his fellow reptilians was in trouble and he swam over to the lizard and helped him back to the riverbank. A few minutes passed and the croc asked him how he managed to fall in. Upon hearing the story about the monkey in the tree he said, "I gotta check this out." Leaving the lizard there on shore, the crocodile found the tree with the monkey in it, stopped and yelled up to him, "Hey you!"
The monkey looked down and said, "Whoa, dude! How much water did you drink?"

EVERY WOMAN'S DREAMCHAPTER 1© GAMBO ELVIS.Every woman and everyone have to read this story for our daughters or children...



Every woman and everyone have to read this story for our daughters or children's safety, future and destiny.

I cannot say my name now but i will use a nickname; I am recounting this story to save many girls and souls from destroying their destiny for a one night stand and to warn girls who like flashy things and wealth.

I was the most handsome dude in town, very rich and every woman's dream because i drove the latest jeeps, traveled to and fro to any country of my choice and lived in a villa. No woman could resist my wealth and charms, because i was a charming handsome guy, who was extremely rich but the darkest side of me was untold except for members of my sect who knew what i was. Today i could be riding a Ferrari and tomorrow a lamboguini; A few days later i was cruising on a prado and in a fortnight could be found in a hummer jeep; it could be a red one today and tomorrow a white colored flashy one.

I wore golden wrist watches and chains but i was the devil incarnate living in a mansion that was worth millions. I never slept with the same woman twice because it was useless, i had no right to fall in love. I was the devil's incarnate because after sleeping with a lady i rendered her useless with my powers and stole her star. That was how i was becoming richer while tmany girl, lady or woman i slept with became useless because i stole their destinies and stars. Especially when she was a , i reaped every star and good luck she was born with and useless her forever. Who didn't like the richest-fine boy in town. I was the guy cruising and changing expensive cars like pair of shoes and women came flirting around me. After sleeping with them in my house or hotel, i asked my body guards to never let any woman close to me or my house if i didn't authorize them.

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When I broke the news that I've gained admission into one of the prestigious University in our country; everyone was ove...

When I broke the news that I've gained admission into one of the prestigious University in our country; everyone was overly excited except my Dad who kept mute and wore a long face.

My Mom sneered at him before enveloping me in her ample b...m.

Her tender embrace shooed away the bad feelings which I was beginning to glean from my Dad.

She pointed out that Dad was indifferent to my achievement because he was too poor sponsor my education.

Indeed, Dad was a poor vulcanizer who couldn't eke out a living from his toiling.

I guess it was his financial status which staled his relationship with Mom who wontly taunts and castigate him at the slightest provocation.

Dad called me aside on the eve of my departure.

He started by lamenting his torturous marriage with Mom which kick off the moment he lost all his fortunes in a fire incident.

He emphasized that Mom was once an Angel sent from above until his life took another dimension.

He earnestly pleaded with me to be a good ambassador of our family who will lift the lid of penury and light up the dreary atmosphere.

I was taken aback when he broke a wooden box containing his entire life savings and we counted out an unbelievable amount.

He handed everything to me and prayed vigorously for my success and elevation in life.

It was my first time of pitching a tent without my family and was caught up in another world and civilization whereby the good and bad dangled before me.

It wasn't long before I plunged into the path that seemed so easy.

That wide path which many trailed— which has become a pattern and was obviously full of fun.

My father shook his head in disappointment and rejected the expensive gifts I bought him when I visited home.

He cried like a child begging me to retrace my steps before it could be too late.

I tried feeding him with fabricated tales about working and studying but he blew up.

Mom was fast to delve into the situation.

She bought the case from me and the two bickered all through the night.

I hardened my heart against my father a

 # 𝑰 𝒔𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅 𝒎𝒚 𝒍𝒆𝒈𝒔 𝒘𝒊𝒅𝒆 𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒏 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝑯𝒊𝒎 #It was 6pm already. I have been back from lectures and stocked to my normal routi...

# 𝑰 𝒔𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅 𝒎𝒚 𝒍𝒆𝒈𝒔 𝒘𝒊𝒅𝒆 𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒏 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝑯𝒊𝒎 #

It was 6pm already. I have been back from lectures and stocked to my normal routine of selling oranges to raise money for my upkeep and my education. Business was slow and I had barely sold up to a 𝟭𝟬𝟬𝟬 . Feeling so bored and distressed, I found myself counting cars passing on the roadside differentiating the private cars from Taxis. Suddenly my eyes zoomed on one black Mercedes rolling down slowly and I could see a guy in his 40’s staring at me. He quickly stopped and pulled over close to the road. Walk back to me, bought oranges for 500 , gave me 5000 and asked me to keep the change. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I whispered a big thank you. He immediately left without any further approach. Few weeks passed by and I have been hoping he would come around to say hi to no avail. Business had become very slow and I needed to compromise and change my routine because I had endured debts. I also needed to finish my fees for exams were right at the corner. I started carrying oranges on a tray, walked around the town and sold them. One day as I entered a chilled bar searching for customers, there I met my good Samaritan who still bought my oranges for 500 and this time gave me 10,000. We chatted for a while and exchanged contacts.

That’s where it all started. This man encouraged me to keep up with my business mentality, supported my education, paid for my house rent and sent me feeding allowances occasionally. I had to stop selling Oranges and focus on my education because I was already receiving the help I needed. I have never received such care and have never been loved this much by anyone. Whenever I asked to see him, we will meet at a chilling spot and share a bottle or two, chat a little and part ways. He never brought up Making love topics or even showed any intentions of wanting my body.

He one day told me he was married and have two kids. I felt a little sad but then asked why he takes care of me as if I am his woman. He responded sayin

Her husband visited me in prison after I had been sentenced to d.eat.h by hanging I wept inconsolably while he stared at...

Her husband visited me in prison after I had been sentenced to d.eat.h by hanging

I wept inconsolably while he stared at me silently, without a drop of sympathy

I bowed my head in shame, fear and regret.

"I'm sorry sir, but I swear on my life, I didn't k.il.l your wife. I lov... I mean I couldn't, I simply went to use the bathroom and when I came out I found her like that."

"Which life?" He asked coldly

"I'm sorry sir, I don't understand."

"You said you swear on your life, I'm asking you, which life?"

I swallowed then I wiped my tears but it kept pouring

"So, you loved my wife, eh?"

"I'm sorry sir, I swear, I didn't mean to hurt anyone."

"After everything I did for her, she cheated on me with you, you, a nobody."

"I'm sorry sir, please help me."

"She was going to leave me and our children for a nobody like you, did you know that?" He smiled a cold smile

"Sir, please forgive me but believe me, I didn't do it, please, pity my old mother sir, I can't di.e like this, I'm innocent." I said, pleading and hoping for a miracle

He leaned into the bars and whispered softly.

"I know you didn't do it, I was there."

Then he smiled and walked out as the executioner came to take me out.


Ulomma and her wicked stepmotherChapter 1Once upon a time, there lived a woman called Ada. She was very beautiful, fair ...

Ulomma and her wicked stepmother
Chapter 1
Once upon a time, there lived a woman called Ada. She was very beautiful, fair and hard-working which made other people jealous of her.

Many suitors came for her hand in marriage but she rejected all because she loves Obinna.

She then married Obinna and gave birth to a baby girl. After the birth of Ulomma, she could not give birth to another child because she was warned by the doctor after the delivery of her first child almost took her life.

Ada was miserable, sad because she was labeled as a witch by her fellow woman.

One day, her mother inlaw came with a very beautiful damsel. Ada and her child came to welcome her but she shun them

" Don't touch your fishy hand on me. Ada since you have refused to give me a grand son, I have decided to get a new wife for my son" Mama said.

" Mama why, what I have done to you" Ada said.

" Everything since you have banned me from getting a child" Mama said.

" Adaeze " Mama said.

" Ma ".

" Such a good and respected girl, please stay comfortable until your husband come. Not like some who used her

Ada just stood there as tear wash down her face. When Obinna came, he was shocked to see Mama and a strange girl at his house.

He asked Mama who was she but he was told that she was his second wife. He was angry but kept quiet.

After a year, Adaeze gave birth to a twin and there was a big celebration in the house.

Adaeze insisted that Ada should be doing the house chores since was weak and tired after the delivery of the children. Ada did not mind initially that Adaeze should not be rude to her.

But Adaeze became very rude, she insulted her and called her names like barren, empty vessel who cannot give her husband a male child.

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faithful wife to cheating wife; will the husband stop her ?

A guy named Mike went to deliver a package to a house. He was met at the door by his girlfriend Lyly.He was surprised to...

A guy named Mike went to deliver a package to a house. He was met at the door by his girlfriend Lyly.

He was surprised to see her. To make it worse, a guy named Adam came and hug Lyly and take the package from Mike.

Before Mike could realize what was happening, Adam shut the door in front of him.

After the encounter, Lyly was devastated. And she couldn't help crying. Adam asked her why she was crying, but she couldn't say why.

When Mike walked away, he collapsed and started crying. He was also devastated.

Years later, Lyly was walking down the street. When she happen to bump into mike. Who at that time was successful and was with his newly pregnant wife.

Upon seeing Mike, Lyly suddenly stopped and stood starring at him. While mike walked up to her stopped for a while and said mockingly,
"I see much hadn't changed huh..."
After that, Mike walked passed her as if she was a total stranger.

She couldn't take it anymore and started crying.

There was one thing that Mike didn't know that hurt Lyly so much. Since she was born into a wealthy family. Her parents couldn't allow her to be with a poor guy like Mike.

They forced her to find a way to reak up with him. Her mom always said,
"You have to let go of Mike. He doesn't deserve you".

It hurt her so much to say goodbye. She opened her phone to see some pictures she had with Mike.

Her heart was broken being that she couldn't see him anymore. She felt really bad about her decision to not fight for their love.

But seeing him successful gave her some peace.

Sometimes, the silent sacrifice is the only way to love someone. Being happy sometimes have nothing to do with other people's ideas.

Kulayemen Joseph Aondowase

She refused to run when flre🔥came, Because she was protecting her eggs.This picture g0t me thinking 🤔Sure, she's a mothe...

She refused to run when flre🔥came, Because she was protecting her eggs.
This picture g0t me thinking 🤔
Sure, she's a mother! She had a chance to run away but couldn't leave the eggs.
Many times some women had the choice to quit risky situations and relationships including Brutal marriages that c0st their Iives, but their pain is either their unb0rn or b0rn but n0t grown-up chiIdren.

You got no idea what mothers goes through in life to present us to the world and protect us from its ànger!

May our Mothers Live long 🙏

How to inspire manners in your child.1. When entering the house, greet your children or even hug them. It will help deve...

How to inspire manners in your child.

1. When entering the house, greet your children or even hug them. It will help develop their sense of love and self worth.

2. Be good to your neighbors and never backbite.
Never speak ill of other drivers when on the road. Your children would listen, absorb and enumerate.

3. When calling you parents, encourage you children to speak with them. When visiting your parents, take your children with you. The more they see you take care of your parents, the more they will take care of you.

4. When driving them to school, don't play albums or CD's in the car. Rather, tell them motivational stories yourself. This will have a greater impact. Trust me.

5. Read to them a short story or a scripture everyday. This doesn't take much time. But very impactive in creating strong bonds and wonderful memories.

6. Comb your hair, clean your teeth and wear presentable clothes even if sitting at home and not going out for the day. They need to know that, been clean and tidy has nothing to do with going out.

7. Try not to blame or comment on every word or action they take. Try to overlook and let go sometimes. This will build their self confidence.

8. Ask your children's permission before entering their room. Don't just knock and enter. Wait for a verbal permission. They will learn to do same while wanting to enter your room.

9. Apologize to your children if you make a mistake. Apologizing teaches them to be humble and polite.

10. Don't be sarcastic or make fun of their views and feelings, even if you don't mean it, it hurts.

11. Show respect to your children's privacy. It's important for their sense of value and self-esteem.

12. Don't expect your children to listen and understand the first time. Don't take it personal. Be patient and consistent. Pray with them, show them how to pray. Lead by example.

13. Appreciation remains the best kind of motivation. Always learn to say "Thank you" to them for their little efforts.

If you really appreciate this message, follow and say "Thank y

THE EVIL MOTHEREPISODE 2WRITTEN BY PALAY CEE"One day, Columbus's brother Joseph heard that his brother was back with his...


"One day, Columbus's brother Joseph heard that his brother was back with his family. He decided to visit them because it had been a long time since he had seen them.

When Joseph reached their house, he saw Columbus washing their plates outside the building. Joseph was shocked to see Columbus washing a plate.

Joseph: "My brother, are you back?"

Columbus: "Yes, I'm back."

Columbus welcomed him.

Joseph: "Why are you washing these plates by yourself? Isn't your wife or children around?"

Columbus: "Don't worry, I'll wash them. Never mind."

Joseph thought to himself, "What's going on? I don't understand why Columbus is washing their plates and where his wife and children are."

Joseph: "Where is your wife and children? I want to see them."

Columbus: "They are inside."

Joseph entered the house to see Columbus's family. Inside, Columbus's wife Linda and their three sons, Judas, Emenike, and Bethel, were watching a movie on Linda's phone. Chibueze was sitting alone, looking upset, as he and Linda were having an argument.

Joseph: "How are you doing, my brother's wife?"

Linda: "Not fine. Your brother is not treating me well."

Joseph: "Is he not providing food for you? Or is he mistreating you? What happened?"

Linda: "Columbus always leaves everything for me to do. Before I go to my shop to sell foodstuffs, I have to wash his clothes, fetch water, cook, and wash the dishes. It's affecting my health."

Chibueze looked at his mother and thought, "Why is my mother like this? Why does she lie to deceive people? She's not a good person."

Joseph: "But I saw Columbus washing the plates outside."

Linda: "Yes, he saw that the work I did last night was affecting me, so he decided to help. But I'm the one doing all the domestic work in this house."

Joseph: "What about your children? Can't they help with the chores?"

Linda: "These three here always help me, but Chibueze does nothing. He's lazy."

Joseph: "You guys should always help Columbus in this house. I don't want to

—Advice Needed—I dated Joeline for two years before our plan to travel abroad together, fortunately She was the only one...

—Advice Needed—

I dated Joeline for two years before our plan to travel abroad together, fortunately She was the only one who was granted the visa, I spent all to make the trip a success, our plans now changed to her staying over there while I stay here and work things together, with her over there, I paid all her tuition fee,we were going fine until a year later. Joeline called to tell me She's getting married, "getting what!!!!!? " I screamed, that wasn't our plan,we are to get married to each other after her studies and raising a substantial amount of money, I tried to persuade her that we are meant for each other, but She only said that it's the best thing for her,She asked me to name my price,that sounded insulting to me,love is not for sale, I love Joeline So much that I can stake anything in her name.

Two days later after I rejected her paying me off,She wired $30,000 USD into my domiciliary account, She said She's not paying me off, that She's giving me that to use it and establish myself, if I need more that I shouldn't hesitate to ask her.
I cried for months, but She's gone, I dusted my leg and carried on with life, I saw her wedding pictures on Facebook with a White man, was it all about marrying a white? I felt like I was used and dumped, but life has to go on.

It's a year plus after the breakup with Joeline and I, though her memories still flash my mind, no doubt I have to deal with it Co's I am getting married this December, I own a big plastic company and poultry farm,.cash is no longer my problem, I can travel abroad now and back without it affecting my pocket.
I can now look at myself in a mirror, smile and say “Yung Tygä, you're now a man.”!

Joeline called me at the beginning of this month saying her plans have worked, how was that supposed to be my business I asked her, She said she has finally divorced the man after setting him up with another gal, She took larger portion of his assets and liquid cash of over $80M, She has an estate for us, was counting lots of other things, that She wen

There's this popular junction in my street that sacrifices are being dropped weekly. This happens every friday.The sacri...

There's this popular junction in my street that sacrifices are being dropped weekly. This happens every friday.

The sacrifice could be food, cash, hot drinks or livestock.

So this afternoon, I was on my way back from work when I spotted another sacrifice at the junction. It was fanta, two eggs and five hundred naira note in a calabash.

I was very hungry so I took the items home, leaving the empty calabash behind.

In other to play safe, I had to gift one of the eggs to my friend Chidi. I wanted Chidi to eat it first so as to know if there would be any aftereffect.

I never told Chidi where I got the egg.

So after about an hour later, I had to call Chidi on phone to know if he had truly eaten the egg and he confirmed it. He even told me the egg was very delicious.

"So how do you feel now?" I asked him

"How do you mean?" He replied me

"Like is there any reaction on you? any strange feeling?" I quizzed further

"Not at all" He snapped "Any problem?"

"Not really" I lied "I thought the egg was bad"

Immediately the call dropped, I proceeded to the kitchen. I fried my own egg and used the five hundred naira to buy bread.

The egg and bread combo was indeed very delicious. I even had to step it down with the fanta.

I was still enjoying myself when I heard someone banging incessantly at my door, and before I could go get the door, it swung open and a little boy rushed in. He was Chidi's kid brother.

"Uncle! Uncle! come o something don happen to brother Chidi" He said tearfully, panting.

"Wetin? wetin happen to Chidi?" I stuttered and got up at once.

"Brother Chidi don turn to fowl" He announced bitterly "And him don even lay two eggs"

I collapse

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There was a guy whose mom was very sick. After been taken to the nearby clinic, the physician prescribed some drugs that...

There was a guy whose mom was very sick. After been taken to the nearby clinic, the physician prescribed some drugs that should be taken by his mom.

The family was too poor to the point that they were not able to provide the money for the drugs. The guy had no other option than to take his mom home and search for all means to get money in order to provide the drugs for his mom.

While at home, he asked the people he thought might care about his mom's health but, non had any assistance to render to him. And his mom's health was becoming worse day by day.

He decided to visit a friend and ask he could be of any help to him.

That morning, he went to his house and asked if he could lend him some cash. The friend felt touched after listening to his sad story and promised to help him. But, not that moment, he should come to his house in the evening. If possible, he will buy the drugs and take it to his house himself.

By exactly 5pm, there was no sign of his friend. He dialed his line but it was not connecting. The guy was so frustrated. He thought if everyone refuses to help him, he that was his friend will not forsake him. Especially when it was a matter of life and death.

He decided to go to his house and ask why he would switch off his phone inorder not to be reached. If he never wanted to help him, he would of said NO, and if possible, he would of looked for another way. Why deceive him when his mom was dying.

He walked to his house with the aim of asking why he deceived him. But when he got to his house, his door was locked and he was nowhere to be found. Been frustrated about the whole issue, he walked home with many unanswered questions in his mind.

He became hopeless while battling with the fear of loosing his sweet mom in his heart while walking home.

When he got home, he walked to his mom's sick bed to look at her beautiful face and apologize to her for not doing his best when she needed him most.

But when he got to her, there were drugs enclosed in a pack on the table. He was like, how did this dru

ACCIDENTAL LOVE  --  ContinuationEPISODE 3Leyla reassured her sister that no matter what "she's going to be there for he...

ACCIDENTAL LOVE -- Continuation


Leyla reassured her sister that no matter what "she's going to be there for her" Leyla took her home before she left for work. She's a fashion designer and own a fashion house.

__At work__

Good morning ma! She was greated by her employees and apprentice.

Leyla:Good morning to you all, how was your night? And hope you all slept well?

Yes we did ma; they responded in chorus.

Leyla: alright then you can all go back to your work. Her phone rang, so she went to her office beaming a smile. "Hakeem her U.K boyfriend was the caller".

Leyla: hello darling.
Keem: Good morning, sugar.
Leyla: Good morning dear, how was your day?
Keem: today was hectic! We had a lot of busy schedule to handle. You know patients here and there to attend to.
Leyla: awnnn, too bad I'm not there to give you a thorough massage.
Keem: I think what I really need now, is just hold you by side.
Leyla: don't worry, we will get to do that often very soon.
Keem: I can't wait to have you, babe.
Leyla: same here.
Keem: can we do video call?
Leyla: that will be later "I just got to work" and I have a lot on my table.
Keem: so you mean I can't see your pretty face even if is just for a minute, please." I missed you so much."
Leyla: I missed you too, hubby💕but i'm sorry I can't for now.
Keem: sighed! What was I thinking trying to convince you, when I know how stubborn you could be when your mind fixtate on something.When you're through, let me know.
Leyla: okay dear, I love you.
Keem: I love you more

Leyla: least I forget! Ehhm guess what.
Keem: what ? Any good news??
Leyla: yes! A very good one.
Keem: I'm all ears!
Leyla: we are expecting a baby, my sister is pregnant.
Keem: what?? For who???or is she married???
Leyla: for her boyfriend, she's not married... He went out of town for call of duty 2months ego, you know he's a military guy.
Keem: O.M.G! But hope she's good?
Leyla: not really, she's a bit depressed because she have not been able to reach him. But I'm trying to cheer her up.
Keem: please send my regards to her, can I talk to her when you get home.
Leyla: No, there's no need.

Keem: but why don't you want me to get to know your sister except when I return back .
Leyla : Because I don't want her to BumBazz you with a lot of questions. It's preferable you meet her in person.
Keem: if you said so.
Leyla: I have to go now, later.
Keem : alright love, take care.
Leyla: I will, bye 💋💋💋
Keem: bye💖

Call ended....

She dropped her phone on the table and have a seat, trying to get through some of her new sketches she draw when a message popped up on her phone. She checked it, and it was an alert. Hakeem sent her $2000 . She beam a smile and said to herself, this guy have start again. She decided to call him back and he picked.

Leyla: what's the money for?
Keem : for your upkeep... And please try get some baby items and give it to my sister in-law to be. Feel free to tell me if the money it's not enough.
Leyla: it's there really need for that
Keem : of course yes, I'm your boyfriend so you're my responsibility. I just don't understand why its so difficult for you to ask for money when you're in need.
Leyla: I just don't want to stress my man.
Keem : you're not a stress to me...

Leyla: thanks a lot my love... I really do appreciate all you've been doing and still doing for me.
Keem : you're welcome, you better get use to this.
Leyla: I will, I have to go for now.
Keem: okay sugar, take care of yourself for me.
Leyla: I will, bye💖
Keen: bye💋.

She hanged the call......

To be continue....



Boston, MA



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