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Today's headlines include: "Robie asks court for sentence reduction," "Despite setback, search continues for Maura Murray," "Valley Vista wants permit change," and "Ghost with the most gets revival." Lots of Good Local News! Pick yours up today.

Journal Opinion's cover photo

Journal Opinion's cover photo


Good Local News Day - read about area high school graduations; why the selectboard is 'appalled' at the Clifford Building; the Haverhill man held without bail; and much, much more. Pick yours up today.


It's JO Day and it's a beautiful day out there! Pick up this week's JO for all the Good Local News as well as the pictures of the seniors from three area high schools.


We will be publishing the pictures of the seniors from Oxbow, Rivendell and Thetford Academy in the upcoming issue. Any parents, grandparents etc. who would like to put in a personal congratulations ad should contact us at [email protected].


The JO is out with lots of Good Local News! Plus the winners of the pet contest. Pick yours up today. P.S. Is anyone else sick of the gloomy, cloudy, rainy days?


The JO will be on the newsstands this morning. Coverage of the accident in Woodsville involving a cruiser, a high speed chase started in VT went to NH and back to VT, and lots more Good Local News! Winners of the pet parade announced in next week's edition. Stay tuned.


The JO is making the newsstands this morning in spite of illness decimating the staff here. Read all the Good Local News and check out the awesome picture of a bobcat on the front page!


The JO is out now. Unfortunately, one story is incomplete, "New board meets for first time." For those who would like to read the "whole" story, go to and you will find it there. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It's JO Day! Pick up your copy today, lots of good local news. Send us those pet photos- deadline is now. Look for them in next week's edition.


It's JO Day! Read about the health order on a village home in Bradford; Powderhouse Hill has been sold in Haverhill; how Cottage Hospital is meeting the challenges of money shortfalls; what's happening with the the new Bradford and Newbury school district; and lots more. Don't forget to get those pet pictures in -- deadline is fast approaching and we have some great prizes for the winners.


Get those pet pictures to us - deadline is coming up. Great prizes for the winners!

Journal Opinion's cover photo

Journal Opinion's cover photo


The JO is on the newsstands this morning. Honor rolls, car care and much more in this issue. Have you sent your pet pictures yet? Deadline is May 8.


The JO is hitting the newsstands now. Read about the traffic lights in Woodsville; the water tank in Fairlee; a new principal for Rivendell and much more. And get those pet pictures to us -- pick up this week's edition for all the details.

Journal Opinion's cover photo

Journal Opinion's cover photo


It rained a little this morning. Here's the Waits River tumbling over the falls in Bradford about five hours after thunderstorms passed through the area.


It's JO Day and the papers are out now. It's also time to think about the JO Cutest Pet Contest. Pick up this week's edition to get the scoop.


Beautiful day and the JO is out on the newsstands. Read about the shooting in St. J; Haverhill's new town manager; a zoning appeal in Bradford and much more. And for all who receive the paper in your mail, please read the editorial. We are trying to get delivery problems worked out but a a solution in the meantime if you are affected by the post office mailing problems.


It's JO Day! School budgets pass, but are up; Bradford and Newbury have formed a new school district in response to Act 46; and much more. Get your Good Local News today.

Journal Opinion's cover photo

Journal Opinion's cover photo


Did you know Warren snuffed out the fireworks, someone got lucky in Fairlee,and voters said lights out for the beacon? You can read all about these issues and much, much more in this week's edition of the JO! On your newsstands now.


Vermont town meetings are over and we have the results for you in this week's edition. Also, the Haverhill Selectboard has halted the beacon; an Orford town meeting preview; and news on BMU and TES annual meetings. Get yours today.

The JO will soon be out on the newsstands. We have some VT town meeting previews this week along with news on Powderhous...

The JO will soon be out on the newsstands. We have some VT town meeting previews this week along with news on Powderhouse Hill in Haverhill, the disappointment of the Orford Police chief and much more. Make sure you get yours today!


This week's JO is heading to newsstands now. Did you hear about the indoor track champions at Oxbow? We've got the scoop. Also news on who now owns the former Notch Above, a couple town meeting previews and much more. For a quick look at headlines, head to our website,


The JO is running late this morning due to the storm. It should be on the stands by late morning.


This week's JO is on newsstands now. The 15th anniversary of the disappearance of Maura Murray is coming up and we have an update on what's going on now. Also read about the deer crashing through a storefront door on Main Street in Bradford, and whole lot more. Pick up your GOOD LOCAL NEWS today!


The JO will be making it to the newsstands on this snowy Wednesday. Read about the longtime selectman ready to step down; the frozen Connecticut River; the end of a longtime shopper's print edition and much more. Pick yours up today. And oh yes, the selectboard minutes are back every week per our readers' requests.


The JO is out with an update on the accused kidnapper, the Piermont lawsuit, the Haverhill town manager search and much, much more. Make sure you pick one up today and read all the Good Local News!

Journal Opinion's cover photo

Journal Opinion's cover photo


The Wednesday before Christmas and the JO is hitting the streets and the post office. Lots of "Good Local News" this week.


The special Haverhill School District meeting will be held on Saturday (12/15) at 10 a.m. after judge approved petition this morning, per superintendent's office.


The JO is hitting the newsstands this morning with stories on the fire in Warren that claimed a life; the hearing on the WHS bond vote; Act 46 challenge; and the Giving Fair. Also have your kids get those letters to Santa in.


We are hard at work putting this week's JO to bed. However, due to the National Day of Mourning tomorrow, the post offices will be closed. So delivery of this week's paper will most likely be a day later than usual. However, the newsstands will be stocked tomorrow morning as usual.


The National Guard armory in Bradford is open as a warming center. Close to 300 customers in Chelsea, Corinth, Topsham, and Washington remain without power after this week's storm.


The JO is accepting letters to Santa. See this week's issue for details.


The JO is out and about for this week. Read about exciting news on the Newbury Common; Bradford's new police chief; what's happening in Haverhill; Oxbow's revenue shortfall and lots more! Pick yours up today.

Journal Opinion's cover photo

Journal Opinion's cover photo


It's JO Day! Lots of stories on area happenings and election results as well. Get yours today!


Do you know why state police were searching the CT River in Wells River last week? Pick up this week's JO. Also read about the beacon light at the Dean Memorial Airport, the deadly crash in Groton, the Warren man charged with child sexual abuse, finding Sgt. York, and another In Times Past column.


It's a rainy JO day, but it's out on the newsstands with breaking news in Haverhill, good news for BMU, and much more. Pick yours up today.


It's JO Day! The new edition is on the newsstands now - check it out. Also read about the changes that will be happening here at the JO. All feedback welcome.


The Good Local News is out and about. Stay in the know and pick yours up today.


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