K-Dence Blending Hip Hop, Electronic, NuJazz, & NeoSoul. For all business inquiries contact: [email protected] Over 9 years of incubation in L.A.’s rugged underground music scene and heir to a bloodline of skilled musicians; Hip Hop producer K-Dence has slowly developed into a surging, one man creative force.

This East Los Angeles native also adds DJ and audio engineer to his title. His time for unfolding and shedding the “behind the scenes” obscurity is now. "...and his beatsmith [K-Dence] is a baaaaad man. Wowzers." - Abraham Beltran; Host for Soundwaves (KPFK, Los Angeles, CA) "[K-Dence] Maaad slept on producer" - Bubski; Host (O.G. Huskey Radio, Los Angeles, CA) INFLUENCES Putting countless hours of select Hip Hop under a microscope, K-Dence tempers his production style to a carefully chosen few Hip Hop producers, which include; J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Nicolay, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dwele, and Black Milk. His arsenal of inspiration is expansive and encompasses Modern Jazz, House music, Latin, Electronica, and Neo-Soul. Packing his utility belt of audio ammunition, K-Dence aims to deliver a gritty, yet soulful vibe. Listen to “Stranger In My Town” off his latest project titled, “The Assembly Line EP,” for a mind boggling example of soulful Hip Hop, incredibly clever sample chopping, and hard knocking drums. (http://kdence.bandcamp.com/track/stranger-in-my-town) Music Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=163NDnGEt7g WORK ON DECK K-Dence is currently constructing a full length album titled, “Movers and Shakers Vol. 1,” featuring the most prominent Hip Hop artists buzzing throughout Los Angeles’ music community. Both digital and hard copies are slated to release mid-October 2012. K-Dence maintains his production and audio engineering chops razor sharp as owner and operator of Beats Afterdark. A vocal studio, which has achieved a reputation for quality productions and superior post-production work. Beats Afterdark recently added health club, LAFitness, to its client list. View LAFitness’ Hip Hop class promo video with K-Dence on the beat! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzS4F6VnHpI) THE K-DENCE PROCESS Every kick, every snare, every hihat, and every sound is each meticulously analyzed and checked for cohesiveness. A scientific approach. Only after completing this ear numbing process does K-Dence finally shape and cement the sounds in the mix. His constant push for sonic clarity, Jazzy harmony, and neck snapping drum patterns, create a mind-blowing musical experience. Listen carefully to “Cinematic,” off The Assembly Line EP and prepare to encounter the power of his artistry. (http://kdence.bandcamp.com/track/cinematic) EARLY LIFE God given gifts often surface early in a prodigy’s life and K-Dence is no exception. At only 8 months old, his mother describes him whistling a faint melody during a cab ride through Mexico; to the astonishment of both driver and passengers. During family gatherings, K-Dence was often sought after to play percussion for private performances. In the late 80s and early 90s, Los Angeles saw the worst gang violence in the nation and to endure, he found solace in listening and following Hip Hop groups from the opposite coast, such as “A Tribe Called Quest” and “De La Soul.” In college, he bought his first pair of Technics 1200s and plunged into scratching and DJing Hip Hop house parties, when dragging milk crates and playing with vinyl was the norm. Continuing his unfoldment, K-Dence ditched software programming and an electronics degree to pursue audio engineering and electronic music production in college. Upon graduation, his production and DJ career began. K-Dence’s talents were not born in isolation. His father and uncles produced and released a Bolero vinyl album, a cousin launched a Latin Soft Rock CD, and a nephew currently sings, dances, and acts throughout festivals in Los Angeles. “It’s in the blood,” K-Dence says. EXPANSION Collaborations in the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene are alluring and likened to a venus fly trap, but having kept a reasonable distance, K-Dence circulated in other locations such as; Phoenix, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, New York, Moscow, London, and the Philippines. “The excitement of working with new people in new places is invigorating and inspiring,” says K-Dence. INSTRUMENTATION K-Dence is a man that wears many hats. Musically, he plays the keyboard, programs drums, DJs, and scratches. DISCOGRAPHY Culture Chemistry Re-Mixtape - (October, 22, 2006) The Assembly Line EP - (September 17, 2010) COMPILATIONS Homegrown - (April 20, 2010) Hired 2 Kill Vol. 2 - (August 3, 2010) The High Class Mixtape - (August 23, 2010) Long Time Coming EP - (October 8, 2010) AbSoulute - (December 16, 2010) Payback - (August 10, 2011) The Meridian of Rhyme - (December 6, 2011) LINKS Alborde Article "Torino, Caminando al Futuro con Pasos "Retro" Jan. 11, 2006 http://alborde.com/content/view/1812/1/

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: While working at a MANHATTAN RECORDING STUDIO, I had the rare opportunity to interact with GRAMMY ...
Drake - Replacement Girl (K-Dence Remix)

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: While working at a MANHATTAN RECORDING STUDIO, I had the rare opportunity to interact with GRAMMY NOMINATED and "up and coming" PRODUCERS. Here is the culmination of all the influences I've absorbed...

DRAKE FEAT. TREY SONGZ - REPLACEMENT GIRL (K-DENCE REMIX): https://soundcloud.com/kdencebeats/drake-replacement-girl-k-dence-remix

Here's the original version of the song: http://youtu.be/bALk7WdD4e8

A fresh facelift for Drake's "Replacement Girl," off his Comeback Season mixtape. Remixed by yours truly, K-Dence.

Monty C. Benjamin - The Main Ingredient


Khimera records presents: Monty C. Benjamin's "The Main Ingredient." Produced and directed by Arkane Beats, co- directed/shot/edited by Brett Sopher. (My main man, ProFound with the "ok, ok, alright, ok" video cameo)

Like, comment, and share with all your friends! #KHIMERAONTHERISE

Music Video by Monty C. Benjamin "The Main Ingredient" (Explicit) Producer - Arkane Beats Director - Arkane Beats Shot/Editor - Brett Sopher © 2013 Khimera R...

Aaliyah - One in A Million (K-Dence Remix)

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF WHEN I SAY, "YOUR LOVE IS A ONE IN A MILLION?" That's right!...Aaliyah Haughton's 1996 R&B classic, which I just remixed the F*&K out of! You don't believe me? PRESS PLAY!

An intense remix of this 1996 R&B classic!


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone and especially YOU, reading this post, for showing your warmest support. As of April 9th 2013, I relocated to New York City and now work within its music community. However, I will continue to faithfully represent Los Angeles and serve its music community REMOTELY, providing dope beats. Much love to YOU and everyone from the Los Angeles music community for continually supporting my music and my movement. Thank you! Peace, Love, and Fun!


OLDIE BUT GOODIE: Black Brown Love by K-Dence (Feat. Riyqo). Video released in 2005.

Black Brown Love featuring rapper Riyqo on vocals and K-Dence on second verse. Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered at Beats Afterdark Studio by K-Dence. ...

DESTRUCT & KDENCE Live Show Tue Sep 7 2010 10:15:01 PM

Check Out Destruct RebelEmcee & K-Dence's Radio Interview on O.G. Huskey Radio - Sept. 7th, 2010

DESTRUCT & KDENCE Live Show Tue Sep 7 2010 10:15:01 PM on OG HUSKEYRADIO on Livestream - Watch live streaming Internet TV. Broadcast your own live streaming videos, like OG HUSKEYRADIO in Widescreen HD. Livestream, Be There.

TUNE IN TONIGHT, 9PM PST ---> http://www.oghuskeyradio.com Destruct RebelEmcee and K-Dence will be interviewed and selec...

TUNE IN TONIGHT, 9PM PST ---> http://www.oghuskeyradio.com Destruct RebelEmcee and K-Dence will be interviewed and selections from "The Assembly Line EP" will be played.

Dedicated to the memory of Xavier OGHUSKEY Guerrero

IN 4 HOURS---> TUNE IN TO: KPFK 90.7 FM - Break Beats & Rhymes Radio http://kpfk.org/ (2am-4am) TONITE ...I'll be premie...
KPFK 90.7 FM

IN 4 HOURS---> TUNE IN TO: KPFK 90.7 FM - Break
Beats & Rhymes Radio http://kpfk.org/ (2am-4am) TONITE ...I'll be
premiering tracks from the new EP "The Assembly Line," droppin Sept

KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara. Pacifica Radio for Southern California


I successfully mixed BOSSA NOVA with SOUTHERN STYLE beats...This sh*t is Bananas!!!!


Friends and fans have been asking, "When is K-Dence gonna drop a project?" It's been 4 years since my last project. Put 2 n 2 together...


OH YEAH...I got my beat mojo back!! Line 'em up!


Damn, some people posted comments that span 2 full screens...GTFOH!!!!!


Deleting comments from my myspace page of people I never met, spam my page, and/or don't address me personally.... #wastemanagement


Shout out to all local Hip Hop artists, producers, DJs, clothing lines, B-Boys/girls, fans, & anybody else...For keeping Hip Hop going...


Chea!!! I just broke through my producer's block...


Sometimes you just gotta tear sh*t up...


GOD is in the details....


Download @kapital's Homegrown Mixtape here ---> http://bit.ly/aiodsl I produced 3 tracks, mixed, and mastered the whole project. Eargasms!


We're down to the wire. Hold on to your seats...About 24 hours left for #homegrown to drop....


off to the Airliner, to go see @kapitalj and @ANTAnthm perform....one of my tracks, "A to the Kapital J."


Just came back from the Airliner with @ANTAnthm ...Belly full from eating @ The Pantry...oh yeah!


Hell yeah...After a week without internet, we're back on! Tech support replaced an outdoor rusted DSL connection, we're good to go!


Take a deep breathe...Exhale...Close my eyes and mix.... #homegrown


Is in the mix.


Bronx, NY


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